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What to Serve with Corn Chowder: 13 Sides to Make Your Day

What to Serve with Corn Chowder: 13 Sides to Make Your Day

Corn Chowder is an American classic.

This is sweet, crunchy corn in a cream sauce with ingredients that vary as much as families in America.

Corn chowder has been a staple of the American dinner table for generations going back to before the arrival of Europeans.

Not only is it tasty, but it’s easy and inexpensive to make.

This chowder is filling and will keep you warm on the coldest winter night.


Then comes the question, “What to serve with corn chowder?”

The answer: the dishes that we’ve listed here.

They are all hand-picked to make your tastebuds sing and to turn your humble corn chowder into the star of a delicious food show.

We have chosen some sides that will enhance the subtle flavors in the soup and pair well with the texture of the soup.

The basic corn chowder contains only a few ingredients, but it can be changed and personalized so many ways.

Corn, onions, potatoes, and a little milk or cream and you have a dish.

Some folks add tomatoes for color or parsley for a little green.

Warning: Don’t bother with the commercial corn chowder on the market.

They’re usually thin and watery and don’t contain nearly enough corn or corn taste.

The goal of a corn chowder is to be a soup from one of the world’s greatest foods.

What Goes with Corn Chowder? Try these mind-blowing sides

Life’s too short for bad food. Here are a bunch of sides that go with corn chowder. Turn a bowl of soup into a sensation!

1. Bean and Kale Salad – A Salad You’ll Love

This recipe says homemade garlic croutons are optional. Not in our view.

With the corn chowder, the crunch of the croutons will be divine.

The beans are made to pop with the use of lemon and parsley.

The kale echos the beans with lemon, but adds garlic and maple syrup.

We recommend a Vermont maple syrup because it is both sweet and smokey.

It adds a nice layer of richness to the dish.

This salad is then topped with this wonderful tahini dressing with garlic, lemon, and maple syrup, so everything works together.

bean and kale salad

Dana, the Minimalist Baker, applies her considerable skills to making a salad that’s hearty and delish!

2. California Pasta Salad – Golden State Goodness!

A good pasta salad cannot be ignored!

Pops of juicy tomatoes, the richness of black olives, bursts from the green peppers, and, of course, the wonderful toothsomeness of well-cooked noodles.

Topped with some parmesan cheese and OMG YUM!

The beauty of a pasta salad is that it’s hearty and tasty, but it tends to not take over the dinner.

Place it next to the warm chowder and you have a complete meal.

Simplicity is a wonderful thing.

Pairing chowder with this salad is exactly that; two simple, easy-to-eat dishes that complement each other and make a wonderful meal.

california pasta salad

Holly writing on Life in the Lofthouse makes it easy to make this yummy dish.

3. Country Ham Biscuits – Because, yeah!

Ham in your biscuits anyone?

This is a Gooseberry Patch recipe that includes ham, buttermilk, butter, and… oh, who cares?

Ham, butter, and buttermilk are more than enough.

A little flour to hold it together and you’ve got a side that will add a whole new taste sensation to your dinner table.

The problem with a biscuit this good is that you have to keep everyone eating the main dish and not the biscuits.

Terri submitted the recipe to Gooseberry Patch and the ladies there made a video to make us really hungry!

Country Ham Biscuits recipe

4. Oil Cured Olive Fougasse – Hearty bread is happiness!

This is France’s answer to focaccia.

A fougasse is a lattice-shaped bread that comes from the Provence area of France.

Oil-cured olives may be a new item for you.

Your typical black olive is cured in a brine while the oil-cured ones are first dry-cured in salt and then cured in olive oil.

The use of these unusual olives makes this bread stand out.

The rosemary and lemon zest brighten up the earthiness of this bread.

Plain bread is, well, just plain.

This fougasse is a great way to bring new flavors to the table and light up your guests’ mouths with some interesting flavors.

Great to dip in your corn chowder.

oil cured olive fougasse

Caroline, the yum guru at Serious Eats, delivers a tour de force of taste with this recipe!

5. Loaded Cornbread – Hint: Bacon and Cheese!

Sure, people might say that cornbread next to corn chowder is too much.

Do you really need that kind of negativity in your life?

Make this for your next dinner party and prove them wrong.

Plus, corn is full of vitamin C, magnesium, and B vitamins which will help keep you healthy and happy in the colder months.

Not to be just a basic cornbread, this recipe adds cheddar cheese for unctuousness, bacon – ‘cuz, well, bacon – and green chilies for pops of green and a bit of spice.

You can’t even watch ten minutes of a cooking show without someone serving something “two ways”.

Well, it’s okay to serve corn two ways and show the versatility of this outstanding grain.

loaded cornbread

Stephanie from Plain Chicken gives us a recipe that’s anything but plain!

6. Jalapeno Popper Chicken – Evil genius!

There are jalapeno poppers. Then there’s this recipe!

Chicken breasts are used as a conveyance device for cheese, jalapenos, and green onion. Umm, yes. Please!

This is a simple recipe that will make your guests wonder how they lived without this dish.

In fact, don’t tell them how you made it. You can charge money to people for this spicy dish and the sweet, delicious chowder on the side.

The most amazing thing here is that the recipe is a simple stroke of genius, turning a snack food into an outstanding entrée.

Taylor, the Girl on the Bloor, makes this look like simple magic! This is what goes with corn chowder.

7. Avocado Black Bean Quesadillas

These are great. They have sauteed onion and bell peppers, black beans that are seasoned with taco seasoning, and mashed avocados.

The cilantro and lime juice add a bright pop to the dish. Topped with cheese, this is a delicious, spicy side for your corn chowder.

The earthiness of the beans, the unctuousness of the avocado, and the spices make this ideal dish to serve with the sweet and delicious corn chowder.

The thing that makes this great is that the quesadilla is usually so plain. A little cheese, a little chicken, and that’s how it’s served.

8. Pork and Chorizo Empanadas – Delicioso!

Pork and chorizo?!? Oh, yeah. That’s a lot of delicious and spiciness.

Here’s what’s really cool in this recipe: The empenda is actually made from wonton wrappers.

Talking about making empanadas easy. You can get wonton wrappers nearly everywhere.

There is onion, bell peppers, and black beans to round out the Hispanic flavor profile. Next to your sweet and warm corn chowder, this is a perfect dish.

There are a lot of choices of what to eat with corn chowder, but this might be the most complex and interesting so far.

pork and chorizo empanadas

Oriana – Mommy’s Home Cooking – makes empanadas easy and fun!

9. Grilled Cajun Shrimp Tacos

This is the ultimate spice rack workout.

The seven spices, including the sea salt, will give you a chance to give your tacos the flavor profile.

The addition of the crunchy ingredients make this a complete taste experience.

Corn tortillas are yet another way that this amazing grain can be used.

When you’re eating this delicious and complex taco, you’ll have the experience of enjoying the simple and sweet corn chowder with the lingering taste of onions, avocados, and especially the spices.

Another aspect of these tacos is there’s the spoon you use for chowder, but the tacos, you can eat with your hands.

Be sure and check out our list of what to serve with shrimp tacos!

grilled cajun shrimp tacos

Kay Nutrition’s Red gave us this awesome recipe that’s exactly what to serve with corn chowder.

10. Potato Pancakes – Another Classic

What do you eat with corn chowder? Potato Pancakes!

There are a few classic dishes that seem to work with every dish.

This is a great classic potato pancakes recipe.

This opens up the opportunity to add anything you want. Put a bit of zucchini in there and you have a new taste.

Now you can try a variety of salsas on top to make a new taste sensation.

Something with a bit of spice and fire or something a little vinegary will be awesome.

No matter what you do, this excellent potato pancake recipe is a great place to start.

Of course, there’s the classic, applesauce, to keep it as classic as your main dish.

potato pancakes

The Daring Gourmet, Kimberly, offers these amazing potato pancakes as what to eat with corn chowder.

11. OMG! Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Peppers!

Stuffed peppers are a classic, but this a unique recipe. Philly cheesesteak stuffed peppers!

That’s a lot of tasty words in one sentence.

Starting with a pepper, you stuff it with roast beef and more. Then you crown it with delicious provolone cheese.

The best part is that this recipe is that you can change up so many of the ingredients and create something new.

Trade the beef for shredded chicken.

Use cheddar for the provolone.

Replace the cheese with processed cheese spread just like the real Philly cheesesteak!

The smooth and sweet taste of the corn chowder will play nicely with the spice of the pepper and the powerful taste of the stuffing ingredients.

Don’t miss the chance to embrace this outstanding recipe!

philly cheese steak stuffed peppers

Have an Affair of the Heart with Micheala’s outstanding Philly CheeseSteak Stuffed Peppers.

12. Mushroom Ricotta Open-faced Sandwich


Ricotta cheese?

Together in an open-faced sandwich?

Heck, yeah!

The key to this recipe is great rustic bread. Don’t skimp on the bread. It’s literally the foundation of greatness.

You can choose portobellos, if that’s your favorite, but any mushroom will work.

The addition of chives in the cheese and garlic in the mushrooms elevate the flavor profile.

This, as a contrast to your sweet corn chowder, and you’ve got yourself a meal fit for a king.

mushroom ricotta open-faced sandwich

Looking for an addictive food? Ginnie at Hello Little Home delivers!

13. Broccoli Tomato Quiche – Yum!

Cherry tomatoes – that pop of sweetness – are one of the unique and fun features of this particular recipe.

One of the strokes of genius that Amy has come up with is to put the cheese at the bottom, under the veggies and the egg.

That will give you a great baked in a layer of cheese, rather than a layer floating on top.

The frozen pie crust and the way that this quiche is put together make it simple, fact, and idea to go with your corn chowder.

A bite of this quiche followed by the corn chowder creates dueling tastes that will be perfect together.

A classic meets a classic on the dinner table and in your mouth.

broccoli tomato quiche

Amy’s great recipe is at Sizzling Eats.

What to Serve with Corn Chowder – Cocktails that Rock!

The instinct is to serve a nice white wine with your corn chowder. In fact, a buttery chardonnay or nice pinot grigio is perfect.

A crisp Sauvignon Blanc will give a clean counterpoint to the chowder.

A red table wine will be great as well.

The tannic bite of a well-blended red wine is a great way to refresh in your mouth between bites of corn chowder and all of these wonderful dishes.

If you’re looking for a bolder beverage, try a vodka martini with a lemon twist.

The clean taste of the vodka and the astringent flavor of the lemon will cut the creaminess of the chowder.

moscow mule mug

On the list of trendy drinks that you can find everywhere, the Moscow Mule, made with vodka, ginger beer and lime, has the crispness that pairs well with a creamy dinner.

Serve it in the Moscow mule mug and your guests might fight over who pays the check.

The classic whiskey sour again offers a change of pace.

The earthiness of whiskey and the richness of lemon will bring out the sweetness of the chowder nicely.

Gin, with its herbaceousness, is an ideal pairing.

Add the lime juice of a gimlet and you have a great side for your chowder and any of these outstanding side dishes.

How to Make Corn Chowder Your Own

classic corn chowder

Compared to clam chowder, this is one easy chowder dish to make. But here’s the cool part…

Classic corn chowder is amazing, and like a potato soup it’s a perfect canvas for so many great additions. Here are some of our favorites:


This fatty bacon strip or cube will put a pop of richness that will act as a pleasant surprise for everyone. So much more than simple bacon, lardon is its own perfect bite.

Fried gnocchi

Skip the potatoes and add fried gnocchi just before serving. The crispiness on the gnocchi will add texture to the corn chowder, acting like a crunchy little dumpling in your soup.

Curry powder

Curry is one of the world’s classics and most popular tastes, and it deserves to be added to your chowder. Add it during cooking and it will put a whole new dimension to your chowder.

Now you know what to serve with corn chowder!

There are so many possibilities that you should let your imagination run wild and enjoy a hearty and delicious American classic.

corn chowder dishes side recipes

What to Serve with Corn Chowder

Ideas and side dish recipes to eat with Corn Chowder
Course: Side Dish


  • Kale Salad
  • Pasta Salad
  • Ham Biscuits
  • Olive Fougasse
  • Cornbread
  • Popper Chicken
  • Quesadillas
  • Chorizo Empanadas
  • Shrimp Tacos
  • Potato Pancakes
  • Cheese Steak
  • Open-faced Sandwich
  • Broccoli Tomato Quiche


  • Choose your desired Corn Chowder side dish recipe.
  • Gather and organize needed ingredients.
  • Create a tasty Corn Chowder side to complete your meal!

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