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Instapot Review and Multi Cooker Buying Guide
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Instapot Reviews: Best Instant Pots and Multi Cookers Buying Guide
You rush home to cook dinner. So much to do. What to make? Everything good will take too long... But wait, you have an instapot multi cooker. You plug it in, grab a roast from the fridge and pop it in the pot. Add some baby carrots and potatoes, then hit start and lock the lid. You feed the ...
best quesadilla makers Buying Guide
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10 Best Quesadilla Makers Reviewed and Tested
Quesadillas originate from Mexico, and while they’ve changed a bit north of the border, they’re still one of the most popular items on any Mexican restaurant’s menu. The first quesadillas were made from folded corn tortillas. Today, we usually see wheat tortillas used for this meal. Oaxaca chee...
best mini donut makers on the market! Buying Guide
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Best Mini Donut Makers Reviewed In Detail
There are a couple of ways you can eat donuts at their peak freshness. Stand outside your favorite donut shop ready for it to open, so you are first in line for donuts right out of the pan, or you could make them yourself. I am not sure everyone has the time or energy to wait for the open sign to li...
best electric skillets Buying Guide
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Best Electric Skillets Reviewed and Compared
Among the countless kitchen gadgets on the market today, you might not pay much attention to the electric skillet. In fact, it very possibly makes you think of the old days in your mom or grandma’s kitchen when that was one of the highest tech devices available. Things have changed: The mode...
best microwaves Buying Guide
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Best Microwaves - Reviews & Buyer's Guide
Microwave ovens are probably the most essential small appliance for almost every size household, lifestyle, and budget. Fast and efficient, this multi–purpose kitchen "workhorse" has many functions, which include, but are not limited to: Bake Reheat Warm Defrost Steam Cook Froz...
best waffle makers Buying Guide
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Best Waffle Makers Reviewed and Tested
There’s nothing quite like a fresh, warm waffle. There’s nothing like cooking them the old fashioned way, either, but that isn’t as enjoyable. Most people only enjoy fresh waffles when they’re staying at a hotel or visiting a restaurant for breakfast. The giant machines these venues use for waf...
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