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Best Bacon Cookers Reviewed

Best Bacon Cookers Reviewed

Best bacon cooker

Bacon is one of our favorite foods as a nation. We could eat it with anything!

But it can be a real chore cooking it to that crispy and delicious texture that we all know and love. Every bacon-lover knows that it all comes down to your tools.

You want something to cook your bacon just the way you like it, without all the fuss. But there are so many products out there that give different results.

How are you supposed to know which one to buy to get the perfect texture? That’s where we come in.

Instead of letting you spend hours researching products, we did it for you! We’ve listed different types of cookers and the pros and cons of the top candidates.

Learn about what makes a good bacon cooker, so you don’t regret your choice. We’ve laid out the top eleven bacon cookers and what features they have.

We even put in some ways to make your bacon cooking experience more comfortable. Read on to find out which product is ideal for you, and how you can use it.

# Model Item Weight Pros Price
1. Microwave Bacon Cookermicrowave bacon cooker 0.59 pounds
  • Cooks in less than 3 minutes
  • No grease splatters
  • Comes with large handles
2. Buffalo Electric Griddle
buffalo electric griddle
14.11 pounds
  • Adjustable heat and timer
  • Scratch-resistant for longer use
  • Monitor cooking with alarm
3. Roasting and Baking Sheet
roasting and baking sheet
1.51 pounds
  • Healthier bacon
  • Cook up to 15 strips
  • Won’t warp after constant oven use
4. Crunchy Cooking Mat
bacon cooker p5
0.50 pounds
  • Shelves easy to adjust
  • See-through door bins
  • Large fresh food storage
5. Bacon Cooker P5
bacon cooker p5
0.55 pounds
  • Bacon is suspended for healthier result
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Dishwasher safe

Types of Bacon Cookers

As most of you already know, there are a lot of ways to cook bacon. Not only that, some product types are more appealing because of efficiency or price.

Don’t worry, we’ve provided you with different bacon cooker options, along with some information on what you can expect from them.

Oven Bacon Cooker

Backing sheet for oven bacon cooker

This type of cooker provides a healthier version of bacon because it isn’t fried. Depending on the properties of the individual product, you could probably cook other food in this appliance.

It has to withstand high heat and may take longer to cook bacon. Most oven bacon cookers are large enough to cook a lot of bacon at once.

If you want to feed a large crowd, it’s definitely one to consider.

Countertop Appliance

Bacon cooker for the counter

A freestanding bacon cooker is efficient and handy. Think countertop toaster oven – you can plug it in quickly, press down the lid and get cooking.

Some products even have a light to tell you when your bacon is ready. A shortcoming is that the appliance can get dirty pretty quickly, and you’ll need a spare plug socket in your kitchen.

You may want to get a stainless steel version if you choose this product, as it can keep cleanup to a minimum.

Microwave Rack

Rack for microwave bacon

This is a small, microwavable rack that you hang bacon strips on before zapping it in the microwave. It’s great for quickly and easily cooking bacon.

Like a countertop appliance, this can get quite dirty as well, with bacon pieces getting stuck to the rack.

It also requires a pretty high microwave power to cook the bacon thoroughly. And depending on the size of your microwave, your cooker options might change.

Indoor Grill/Griddle

Electric bacon griddle

This appliance is the most versatile bacon cooker you can buy. It’s not a particularly specialist cooker for bacon, and you may not want to grill your bacon.

But it can be a good buy if you have other meat to grill, and wish for that smoky, barbecue flavor.

Definitely a good alternative to a full-blown outdoor barbecue, but there is a lot of smoke from indoor grills and griddles.

Be sure that you don’t mind the fumes and smell before investing in this type of bacon cooker. But then again, isn’t the smell of bacon one of it’s best qualities?

Top Eleven Bacon Cookers

If you’ve decided which type of bacon cooker you want, this section is for you! Have a look through this list. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Factors to Consider

Most of you might know exactly what you are looking for; however, we want to make sure you keep the following five factors in mind when purchasing your cooker.

We often oversee or forget certain important aspects that are necessary to consider in a rush to buy new products, not this time!


Depending on your weekly bacon consumption, your budget, and the number of mouths to feed your purchase options will vary. As with anything, you want to make sure that you get your money’s worth.


Presto Bacon Microwave Cooker, BlackCooking bacon should not be complicated or take longer than necessary.

You are buying this product to make your life easier, so if you need to follow ten instructions, build it, and then solve a riddle to cook bacon, it’s not the product for you.


No one wants their cupboards to be overflowing with kitchen appliances. Know how much space you have in your kitchen before you buy anything. No one will use the bacon cooker if it is up in the attic.

PerformanceSmart Planet BNB 1BM Smart Planet Bacon Nation Bacon Master, Stainless Steel

All bacon lovers have a certain level of crisp that they aspire to and your newest purchase should bring you this, with ease. Cooking your favorite side as quickly and crispy as possible needs to be in your top 5 priorities.

Clean up

The worst part of any meal is the cleanup. So make sure that whatever product you decide to purchase is dishwasher safe and easy to dismantle and clean.


There are certain features that bacon cookers come with that need to be kept in mind while making the big decision: what bacon cooker do I want?

Grease CatcherEaZy MealZ EZA-100B2 Perfectly Crisp, Less Fat, Nonstick Bacon Drip Rack + Bake Pan for oven, oberdome plus, BBQ, BBQ, Gray

No machine is complete without a grease catcher. An excellent feature for those after a healthier diet but who can’t resist a bit of bacon.

It is vital to make sure that your bacon is not drenched in unwanted grease. However, we have also provided options for anyone who feels that the oil gives it that extra flavor!


Not all bacon cookers come with a cover, and there are ways to mitigate the splatter (paper towels). However, cookers that come with lids are lifesavers for anyone who doesn’t want to spend ages on clean up duty!

A bonus is a clear lid so you can watch you bacon crisp-up and sizzle.


There is no limit on shape and size when it comes to buying a bacon cooker. Some appliances cook the bacon horizontally while others hang vertically to allow for grease to slide off.

Your kitchen space and the style of cooker you want to define the build that will best suit your needs.


No, we are not talking about how much space you have in your kitchen (though that is important). This feature relates to how much bacon you are looking to sizzle.

Again, the size of your appliance will define how many slices you get.

The Nordic Ware bacon rack is ideal for those after a small portion. Meanwhile, machines such as the Emson Bacon Wave will serve up to 14 slices!

Easy-to-clean equipment

We cannot emphasize this enough, given the messy nature of cooking bacon, this might be one of the essential features of a bacon cooker!

Most of the complaints come when people can’t properly clean their appliance or when they have to clean their kitchen after a messy cooking session.

Check out our FAQ section below on more tips on how to clean your appliance.

Buyer’s Guide

How to use your bacon cooker

This will depend entirely on which model you have selected. However, we have a few simple and easy to follow pointers for you.

When it comes to microwave cookers, using them is rather simple. Placing the bacon on the rack, you cover the bacon with paper towels or the lid that was included in your purchase and place it in the microwave for the advised time.

Oven cookers tend to lay your bacon strips horizontally, and so your jobs is practically done for you. Time-wise, you will have to wait longer, but the outcome will be worth the wait.

Use your microwave cooker for the perfect crisp

Put the bacon on the cooker and pop it in the microwave, right? Not quite.

While you’ve got the basic concept right, we have a few pointers to make sure you get the best use out of your new cooker.

Check what size bacon fits in the cooker.Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwavable Bacon Grill

This might sound strange, but some cookers cater to longer strips, others to thicker cuts and this can alter how long it takes for your bacon to cook and how many slices actually fit in your machine.

Do a test run

No complaints here! When you get your microwave cooker, buy some bacon, and test it out.

Getting that perfectly cooked bacon strip takes practice, so don’t be disappointed if your first batch doesn’t meet your expectations.

Tip: Most microwave cookers take 1 minute per slice, so you might want to start there.

Get your money’s worth

No matter how much money you spend on something, if you don’t look after it, you can say bye-bye to it sooner than anticipated.

Get to know your product

Read the instructions properly to make sure you use it right (there are different instructions for microwave bacon cookers and countertop appliances or grills)

We know, we know, nobody likes reading the instructions or terms and conditions.

But having a quick scan on how your appliance works will save you the stress of having to figure it out on your own or it breaking before you even get the hang of it.

Proper maintenance is key

Make sure you clean it right after use (don’t let it sit in grease for days!)

Avoid cooking your meat in old grease and bits of fat. Not only can that be bad for your health, but it’s also going to mean more work for you later with endless scrubbing.


Store it in a safe place, so it does not fall or get crushed by other appliances.

This seems like a pretty obvious point, but it needs to be said. If you use your cooker often, keep it clean and store it somewhere accessible.

For those who only eat bacon every once in a while, put it back in its box to keep it safe.

Stop your bacon from splattering

As we have mentioned, some bacon cookers come with lids/covers that prevent grease splatter. All the same, some do not.

In those cases, placing a paper towel over the top of your bacon mitigates the splatter while also soaking up any unwanted grease off the top.

Bacon cooker review by Keely with 3 lbs of bacon cooking test

Best Bacon Cooker Brands

bacon cooker presto


Founded in 1905, Presto has become a household name when it comes to cooking appliances.

Trying to stay classic while adapting to the modern-day consumer needs, they offer an ample selection of cookware; however, only one bacon cooker.

While it sounds limiting, the Presto microwave cooker has been regarded highly for many years. The company offers a 30-day return policy, and with their limited one-year warranty guarantee, you can use your appliance to your heart’s content.

Feel secure that your bacon cooker will be replaced or repaired in case of any issues.

A drawback is that damage to some of Presto’s appliances have been reported within the first six months so we would suggest trying it out to be sure everything is working properly.

Testing your product is a must, in any case, to make sure your new purchase has no defects.

bacon cooker emson


While they also have a limited range of bacon cookers available, their products are well known and regarded by customers.

However, Emson products are mostly promoted via television commercials and is therefore not possible for a pre-purchase viewing.

This might deter some buyers but rest assured that the cooker is exactly “as seen on TV.” As an investor and promoter of appliances sold on television, they also offer beauty and personal care, electronics, fitness, and more.

Additionally, due to the nature of their products, their warranty claims can be made online to avoid any in-store hassle.

bacon cooker lekue


Priding themselves on their health-oriented business, Lekues products are B.P.A. free.

Ensuring their customers are not only eating right through their food and health blog, but all of their products are also made with quality materials to ensure safe cooking.

Lekue offers a two-year warranty on their plastic products and a 14-day return policy in case their customers are not 100% satisfied with the product.

Their warranty guarantees are by far some of the best in addition to their dedication to selling safe cooking appliances.


What are the benefits of a bacon cooker?

Rather than using a pan and allowing your bacon to sit in burnt grease, bacon cookers bring you a healthier way to prepare your meal.

Made to reduce time and effort, your bacon needs will be satisfied without leaving your kitchen a mess and you smelling like grease.

What type of bacon cooker is best?

With so many options at your disposal, you need to think about what is best for you. If you are looking for a time-saver, then a microwave rack like the Presto microwave cooker is the best fit for you.

It offers a quick and easy way to cook your bacon without having to stand guard. But if you are looking for the healthiest way to cook bacon, put the microwave racks down and go for an oven cooker!

Can you use bacon cookers for other purposes?

Nordic Ware Oven Bacon Pan

This depends entirely on the cooker you have purchased. Depending on the space you have, we recommend buying an appliance that is also useful for other meats or cooking purposes such as the .

This is a more practical purchase for those who see bacon as more of a special treat than a way of life.

What is the best way to clean my appliance?

Soak your appliance in warm water for 10-15 minutes before placing it in the dishwasher (if it states that is is dishwasher safe!). Otherwise, using a soft sponge, you can wipe off any grease that is stuck to the cooker, post-soak.

Try not to let the grease and oil accumulate to increase the appliances life expectancy.

It’s Bacon Time!

After reading through our thorough bacon cooker manual, we hope you feel ready and prepared to buy your very own appliance. No matter which machine you choose to go with, you will now be able to cook delicious bacon any which way you prefer, any time you want.

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