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Best Electric Grills Reviewed and Tested

Best Electric Grills Reviewed and Tested

Electric grills a great option if you want to prepare mouth-watering food without flame or smoke. They are more close-packed than both charcoal and gas grills, meaning they are suitable for use in patios, balconies, and for outdoor cooking. But what should you consider when buying an electric grill?

Our Top 3 Picks

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You will find different types of electric grills in the market namely:

  1. Interchangeable grills
  2. Plate electric grill
  3. Outdoor/indoor grill
  4. Pen/table top grill
  5. Contact/clamshell grills
  6. Panini electric grills

With all these varieties and a huge number of electric grills manufacturers in the market, it might be hard to pick the right electric grills for your needs. In this article, we will give an in-depth review of the top 10 Best electric grills on the market today. Number one is our best pick, and in descending order, number 10 is the least superior. However, any of these grills will be a winning purchase. Just select the one that suits your needs.

10 Best Electric Grills


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Evaluation Criteria

There are thousands of electric grills out there and selecting the best depends on your preference along several key metrics. With that said, we used several criteria to evaluate electric grills and choose the 10 best.

These include:

  1. Size
  2. Heat
  3. Energy Consumption
  4. Ease of Use
  5. Consumer Reviews


When searching for the best option, one of the key considerations is the size of the grill. We determined that an average unit should have about 80 sq. inches cooking surface and often prepares four hamburgers at a go. This kind of grill is sufficient for small families, but you shouldn’t host a cookout with it. Larger units often feature about 120 sq. inches and makes about 8 hamburgers at a go. We found out that they were the best for a larger family. Some electric grills have over 250 sq inches, which is sufficient for preparing meals for family and friends gathering.

The exact measurement of these products varies depending on the model. The exact length, width, and height are usually listed on the unit’s package. When evaluating the best unit for your need, consider the number of people you will be cooking for at a go.


The heat was the other criteria that we used to rank these BBQs. The majority of these products heat up to 350-degree F. We found out that this heat is sufficient to cook almost any kind of food. Furthermore, some units have level and temperature controls that hit over 400-degree Fahrenheit. There are other grills that reach temperatures of 600-degree F. The optimal amount of heat will solely depend on the type of food you will be cooking.

Energy Consumption

Since electric grills use a heating element to heat their cooking area, energy consumption is one of the key factors in evaluating the electric grills. Generally, an electric unit will use more power than a charcoal or gas model.
With that said, manufacturers have invested in more efficient products. We found that small units use less energy than their bigger colleagues. Furthermore, some of these models have listed their wattage rating on the package. In short, the higher the wattage, the more energy your unit will use.

Ease of Use

This was the last factor that we looked at. Some units are basic and easy in their operation that they simply plug and play. Definitely, you aren’t playing with an electric grill. What we mean is that once you plug it in, it’s on and ready to cook.
Some models offer additional control that might make them easy to use. For instance, some units had options for low, medium, and high-temperature level as well as on/off control. Again, the choice will depend on who will be operating the unit. It also good to go for units with non-stick and removable cooking surface that is also angled to drain away grease and oil.

Consumer Reviews

There is no better way of telling how good an electric grill is than asking someone who has used it in the past. That said, we skimmed through online review sites and consumer forums to determine what people are saying about specific grills.


Q. Do electric grill prepare meats like traditional propane or charcoal grills?

Electric unit won’t barbeque your meat like a traditional model. It might leave grill marks on your steak and there are tricks to impart smoke-flavoring to enjoy a delicious meal. The trick is to frequently cook on your electric product (eventually, you will get there).

Q. My electric grill doesn’t grill like my charcoal brazier. Am I doing something the wrong way?

Just like propane and charcoal grills have differences, so do electric units. There are people who cannot do without electric grills while others don’t like them. However, your results will improve over time as you master the techniques of preparing meals on these grills.

Q. The manager of my apartment has rules banning charcoal/gas grills, saying that we should only use electric ones. Why is that?

Your manager is trying to minimise the fire risk. In addition, your local laws might have forbidden the use of open-flame BBQs on porches and balconies of multiple-unit residence. Electric grills are much safer than their propane or charcoal counterparts.

Q. Someone told me that electric grills might also flare like charcoal or gas grills. Is it true?

If you prepare fatty meats, the melting juices and fat might drip from your meat and collect on the reflector pan. If this surface gets hot enough, the fat and juices might flare-up but this rare with the grill we have listed in this article.

Q. I bought an electric grill because I am worried about CO2 emissions/climate change. Does it make any difference?

Your electric grill by itself doesn’t produce CO2 like the charcoal model. However, there might be CO2 from the power you have connected it to. Luckily, there are alternative power sources that you should try such as wind-power, nuclear power, and hydroelectric power.

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