Best Electric Grills Reviewed and Tested

Electric grills a great option if you want to prepare mouth-watering food without flame or smoke. They are more close-packed than both charcoal and gas grills, meaning they are suitable for use in patios, balconies, and for outdoor cooking. But what should you consider when buying an electric grill?

Our Top 3 Picks

Excelvan Portable
  • Excelvan Portable
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • portable
  • Price: See Here
Excelvan Indoor
  • Excelvan Indoor
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • multiple servings
  • Price: See Here
Tefal GC713D40
  • Tefal GC713D40
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • advanced electric grill
  • Price: See Here

You will find different types of electric grills in the market namely:

  1. Interchangeable grills
  2. Plate electric grill
  3. Outdoor/indoor grill
  4. Pen/table top grill
  5. Contact/clamshell grills
  6. Panini electric grills

With all these varieties and a huge number of electric grills manufacturers in the market, it might be hard to pick the right electric grills for your needs. In this article, we will give an in-depth review of the top 10 Best electric grills on the market today. Number one is our best pick, and in descending order, number 10 is the least superior. However, any of these grills will be a winning purchase. Just select the one that suits your needs.

10 Best Electric Grills


1. Excelvan Portable

The Excelvan Portable 1600W Electric Grill is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. The unit has a high domed, vented lid and cool-touch handle that helps to provide a circular flow of hot air thus allowing even cooking - this is particularly important for a whole chicken or large roast. Another thing you will love is that it has a pot hook which comes in handy for holding the grill as you cook. It features an S-type trolley frame with two wheels making it portable and easy to assemble. Its grilling surface has drainage holes that allow liquids, oil and grease from the food to drain away into a detachable tray below the surface. This makes cleaning the cooking surface easy.
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Features and Specifications

5-Setting Temperature Control: This electric cooker is fitted with a five-setting temperature controller to aid in adjusting temperature according to the type of food or your personal diet custom.
Large grilling surface area: This lets you make over 15 platefuls at a go. The grilling plate is uniquely designed with unique design to give a 1/3 flat hot plate and 2/3 ribbed griddle. The two plates make this electric grill suitable for preparing a variety of foods.
Die-casting aluminium and non-stick cooking surface: Only little oil is required for grilling
Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
Useful attachments and features for suitable cooking: The hanging baskets and pot hooks can both be used for holding and hanging some condiments and kitchen wares.


It has a large grilling surface area that allows you to serve over portions. It is also easy to clean and maintain owing to non-stick cooking surface. Available for both indoor and outdoor purposes making it a priceless gem in the house.
  • It is healthier and easier to clean
  • It has a large grilling surface area
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses
  • It has useful attachments and features for suitable cooking
  • It is ready to assemble and easy to use
  • Remarkably clever and well built
  • Fully plug the cord into the barbeque to allow it to heat up

2. Excelvan Indoor

This is one of the kitchen appliances you will always want to make sure is working properly all the time. If you are a protein lover, grilling chicken is always welcome any day and it grills it to perfection. This product has a large cooking surface which makes it ideal of cooking for a family in a single setup. Whenever your family need some juicy bites, it’s always possible to do it over this portable grill. It comes with a separate grilling and heating compartments. Its cooking surface has a ribbed design that’s customized to ensure heat penetrates through the food properly to facilitate even cooking. The grill plate is made of cast aluminum with a special channel design at the bottom side that protects the heater from damage.
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Features and Specifications

The cooking surface is 37∗23cm. This allows you to cook multiple servings at once.
It has a non-stick cooking surface that saves on the fat or butter used in cooking and which is also easy to clean.
It has a thermostat that allows you to set the maximum temperatures for different foods.
It has a cool-touch handle that makes it safe to handle the red-hot grill once the food is ready.
It has a non-stick removable drip tray where juices and oil trickle down to.
It weighs 2.5kg, making it ultra-portable.
It has a watt capacity of 1200-1400w and a voltage of 220-240v
It comes with one copy of user manual.


It’s affordable and many people can own it.


The main attraction to purchasing this product is the portability factor. Its ease of use as well as the large cooking surface.
  • It is light hence easily portable
  • The large cooking surface ensures that one can cook many servings
  • It is easy and safe to handle
  • The heater is separate from the grill plate
  • It’s ideal for several cooking methods such as stir frying, barbeque as well as grilling
  • It is smoke-free s
  • Hard to clean

3. Tefal GC713D40

This is the ideal upgrade from the ordinary electric grills in the market. It is not only classy but also one of the most advanced electric grills we have come across. With its LED cooking monitoring indicator and automated measurement sensor that adapts to the correct cooking cycle and temperature in relation to the size of the food, cooking with this electric will introduced you to a totally new grilling experience. The one thing people who have purchased this electric grill in the past really love is that it saves one the hassle of adjusting the temperature every time they are cooking. You will also love its LED cooking level indicator that allows you to monitor the cooking progress without lifting the lid.
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Features and Specifications

It has an adjustable grill height.
It weighs 5kg
Has a power voltage of 2000 W
Has six specific cooking programs that include fish, chicken, red meat, burger, bacon and sausage.
Has a drip tray where all fats and oil trickle down to.
Has removable cooking plates.


Though it is quite pricey, it is absolutely worth the money. Buying this product is a great upgrade from the ordinary grilling experience and a long-term investment.


The comfort of cooking with this electric grill is a huge reason you should buy it. It allows you to monitor cooking hands-off. This product is suitable for individual cooking, cooking for small numbers of people such as friends and family. It is better used indoors.
  • It has removable cooking plates and drip tray
  • It has a variety of cooking programs
  • It has a manual temperature control that allows one to grill vegetables, paninis and sandwiches
  • The drip tray has a 7 degree angle which ensures that all juices and fats drip well
  • The cooking level indicator allows one to monitor the progress of cooking without opening the grill
  • The automatic sensor allows for measuring of the thickness hence adjusting to the right temperature
  • It’s not convenient for big crowds

4. Andrew James Electric Teppanyaki

Do you worry about the quantity of grease or fat you are consuming but find it difficult to monitor your intake? There's no need to panic – The solution is right here. With its eight wooded spatulas and large cooking area, there is more than sufficient room for you to cook for your family. This electric grill is perfect for a variety of meals encompassing: hamburgers, steaks, pancakes, scones, Welsh cakes and a full English breakfast – it is the multipurpose dining tool that you have dreamt of. Its adjustable thermostat has 6 settings that allow to fine-tune the grill to various temperature settings, making sure your food cook just how you like it. The cooking surface is non-stick, meaning you can cook with minimal to no oil and any fat or grease which may emanate from your food is channeled into the drip tray.
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Features and Specifications

Large grilling surface area: The Large, non-stick Andrew James Teppanyaki Grill allows you to cook a variety of vegetables, fish, meats and more to perfection.
Minimal oil required: Little to no oil is needed and any grease is easily removed through the removable drip tray - healthy and fancy eating has never been this easy!
Eight absolutely free spatulas: This allows the entire family to join the cooking. It is thus perfect for just spending time together or for dinner parties.
Fully adjustable thermostat: This enables you to cook your meal to just how you like it – Making it perfect for steak fans!
2000 Watts with large cooking area.


Extremely affordable therefore an excellent choice for anyone on a very limited budget!


This electric grill brings the Japanese Cuisine style to your home. It is used worldwide by chefs and domestic cooks alike, all thanks to its large cooking area that allows a variety of ingredients to be cooked simultaneously. We would greatly recommend it for grilling lovers who have an interest in different cuisines.
  • Easy to assemble and a great deal for camping
  • Has a fully adjustable thermostat allowing to cook the way you like
  • Easy to clean and easy to use
  • Can cook a variety of dishes from fish, meat, vegetables etc.
  • Good quality and prompt delivery
  • Case of the thermostats not functioning have been reported

5. George Foreman GRP1060B

The GRP1060B grill allows you to cook all your favourite and tasty foods in a healthier style, and within a split second of the otherwise normal cooking time. With this electric grill, grilling can be done from both the top and bottom simultaneously. It cooks food twice as fast, while the unwanted grease and fat is transferred away into the detachable drip tray provided, for more healthier and tastier bites. This being one of the family grills readily available, the GRP1060B can cook up to 4 servings at any given time. This is a more energy efficient way of cooking food compared to an oven grill or even an oven. Cooking food from the bottom and top simultaneously means that the time spent cooking is more than halved.
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Features and Specifications

Cooks up to four portions: This grill can cook up to 4 portions of food.
It drains away excess grease and fat: This grill works by channeling grease and fat away from your food as cooking continues, collecting it in a separate detachable drip tray.
It has a floating hinge: This means your grill will close around various types of foods not putting into consideration the thickness.
The handy 'ready to cook' indicator: This will light up when your grill has reached optimum grilling temperature.
Multifunctional and fully flexible: This electric grill allows you to grill vegetables, fish and meat or maybe use it as a sandwich toaster/Panini press; the options are limitless.


It is quite affordable and worth the investment.


This multifunctional and fully flexible grill allow you to reap the benefits for the investment made. This grill enables you to cook all your delicacies and tasty foods in a healthier style but in a split second of the otherwise normal cooking time saving your valuable time.
  • Very easy to use and cooks well in minimal time
  • The non-stick plate makes it easy to clean
  • It drains away excessive grease and fat
  • It is multifunctional and fully flexible with many options
  • It has a ‘ready to cook’ indicator that illumines when the grill reaches optimum grilling temperature
  • It is smaller hence may not serve a large group of people
  • It may make a strange loud cracking sound when maintaining its temperature
  • Cleaning can be a little bit harsh as the plates are not detachable

6. Cuisinart Griddle and Grill

It can be used anytime to prepare various dishes. Ability to cook large many portions of food and give excellent results for every dish. Can be opened on both sides to create more cooking space. With this product, a big number of people to cook for should no longer worry you. This is because it’s possible to use both plates for cooking. This is an incredible feature which is lacking with most electric grills in the market today. It makes this product stand out amongst its competitors.
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Features and Specifications

Comes with a scraping tool for cleaning.
It has removable cooking plates which makes cooking easier.
It has non-stick cooking surfaces which ensures that food is less greasy by extracting as much fat as possible from the food as well as retaining its natural flavor.
It is fixed with a floating hinge which covers food evenly while cooking.
It heats up faster and has a variable temperature control to give the best results for cooking different types of foods.
Has a removable drip tray where the oil, fats and juices from the food trickles into.
It has reversible plates.
It is made of stainless steel with a brushed finish which makes it appealing to the eye.
It weighs 4.5kg
Has a wattage of 1600w and is silver in color.


It's in the mid-price range and there for affordable by many.


The product versatility and ability to cook a large amount of food are some of the qualities that are so desirable about the product. It is suitable for individual cooking, entertaining guests, travelling and family cooking as well.
  • It can cook different types of foods at the same time
  • The removable cooking plates ensure that cleaning the grill and griddle is easy
  • It has a temperature control mechanism that makes it easy to adjust the correct temperatures for different foods being cooked
  • It has an adjustable grill height
  • Spits fat on the working surface, which risks burning the user

7. George Foreman 22460

This grill is manufactured by George Foreman, a manufacturer with more than 13 years in the grilling industry during which the company has sold more than 100 million grills. It’s spacious, non-stick grilling plate allows one to prepare up to 15 portions of veggies, meat, or fish in just one round.

15 portion capacity is a huge plus, but the one thing you will really love about this electric grill is that you can mount and use it in the outdoor as a freestanding unit or place in on your countertop for great grilling experience. This makes George Forman 22460 suitable for caravanning, patios, apartments, and any other place where propane or charcoal can’t be used. The unit is as easy to maintain as it is to set up and use.
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Features and Specifications

It drains away the excess fat and grease.
Adjustable Temperature Control that allows you to set the unit to the exact temperature you need; high for crispy meat and lower for haloumi or fish.
15+ Servings – It is a tailgate time! The 1500 square centimeter of hot grilling surface allows you to prepare over 15 servings of sausages, fish, vegetable skewers, and steaks in a single round.
Collapsible stands which makes the unit super cool for both indoor/outdoor grilling, and easy to pack and carry around.
George Tough Non-stick Coating – There is a lot to admire about this non-stick coating; it is easy to clean, durable and eliminates the need for oil and butter.
Outdoor/indoor Removable Stand – Do not let the weather restrain you from the splendor of grilling.
Approved for apartments – You will love this electric grill just as much as your landlord will!


This product is quite pricey but with its wonderful features and versatility, it gives real value for money.


This is an electric grill worth spending on due to its versatility and ease of use. It’s suitable for travelers, outdoor picnics, parties as well as large gatherings for outdoor use. In short, if you are out looking to purchase just one grill for different cooking needs, this grill is the winning bid. It’s suitable for people who do their weekly meal prep once a week, due to its capability to cook different and big amounts of foods in one round. Lastly, it’s also good for regular indoor grilling. For tasty and healthy grilled meal lovers, this is the ideal product to purchase.
  • It is easy to assemble and readily portable
  • It is approved for apartments
  • It is easy to clean with a larger grilling surface area
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Easy to clean, since parts are removable
  • Setup instruction and temperature gauge are poor

8. Char Broil X200

If you are out looking for a grilling powerhouse, Char Broil X200 is the go anywhere grill with a latching lid and rugged construction that roasts virtually anything. It's made in the USA with a compact size, quality design and strong construction. It is therefore perfect for balconies, patios and deck. It comes with stainless steel grates and burners that don’t mind being out in the harsh weather. It’s fitted with the iconic TRU-infrared cooking system that’s popular for grilling large portions of food using less fuel, preventing flare-ups, and delivering 50% better result than other grills in its class.You can make 8 to 12 hamburgers every time making this grill a great cookware for get-togethers and small parties. The unit can be assembled easily in a few minutes.
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Features and Specifications

Electric Cooking System TRU-Infrared: enables you to evenly cook your food with less flare-ups thus juicier food, every time. It yields 50% better results using 30% less fuel.
Strong, durable, stainless steel burners that are made to last.
High quality stainless-steel grate that is easy to clean.
Electronic igniter – the unit lights up with just push of a button.
2-year warranty on all parts.
Portable gas cylinder.
External temperature gauge that allows you to monitor how things are going on the inside from outside.


Pricey but worth the investment considering the benefits that come with it.


The versatility of this product and the innumerable uses make it a priceless possession in the house. The grill is easily portable and thus we would greatly recommend it for both indoor and outdoor functions to take the grilling experience to the next level. It has also been designed to be convenient and sturdy, such that you can set up the grill when on the beach, camping or tailgating hence worth investing.
  • Wonderful quality and awesome look
  • 2-year warranty on all parts including the burner
  • Offers great grilling results, 50% better using 30% less fuel
  • It’s portable
  • The temperature does not reach the maximum gauge

9. George Foreman GRP472P

This is absolutely a product you can always plug in for healthy convenient meal. Being small-in-size, it’s easy to handle and you can even do the grilling at the balcony. You will love that this electric grill is not just for grilling but it can also cook other types of food such as sandwiches, pizza or even panini. For those who love snacking, George Foreman GRP472P is a must have. This electric grill removes up to 42% of fat and grease from food, thanks to its ability to compress food between the cooking plates and the angled cooking surface. The drip tray is big enough to accommodate large amounts of oil and grease. At the end of the day, you can plug in this grill for less greasy and more tasty food.
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Features and Specifications

It weighs only 3.9kg
Its black in color and made of plastic casing which adds to its aesthetic value.
The grill height is adjustable to accommodate different food thickness.
It has a wattage of 1250 watts.
Has a push-button that gives one control while cooking.
It has non-stick plates that are dishwasher safe and easy to clean at the same time.
It has a cooking capacity of 5 portions at once.


It’s pricey but it’s worth the cost.


It is fast, efficient and promotes conservation of energy. It’s also portable and can be used for cooking other foods such as pizza and sandwiches. Its versatility gives value for money. It is suitable for individual cooking, family meals, and fast-food cooking and grilling. For people who travel often, this can be very handy in preparing quick bites.
  • It can be multifunctional, doubling as a sandwich toaster or as a panini press
  • It is light and small-in-size
  • The non-stick cooking plates are removable which makes them easy to clean
  • The grill plates heat up very fast
  • The drip tray and pressing mechanism ensure that fat is extracted from the food
  • It has floating hinges which allow for pizza cooking
  • It has a lesser wattage which doesn’t need heavy amounts of power
  •  Small cooking surface

10. James Martin by Wahl ZX833

James Martin electric grill is one of the most versatile electric grill in the market. Apart from the regular meat chunks, this unit can also be used to cook foods such as eggs, fish, sausage, pizza, chicken, vegetables and fried vegetables. This means that you can cook a complete meal on this product using different ingredients and cooking methods at the same time.
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Features and Specifications

It is fitted with a thermostat for easy temperature control while cooking.
The product is fitted with a drip tray where fats, oil and juices from the food being cooked trickles down to.
It has a grill plate of 1500 watts with ribbed design and made of non- stick material
It has a variable temperature control for different meals.
It has a pilot light for power-on indication.
It comes with a recipe guide by James Martin.
It weighs 2.9kgs and is black in color.


It is affordable hence can even be used by students and any other middle-income earner. It offers great service as well.


This is a great product to buy due to its versatility, ease of use and portability as well. It is affordable and gives value for the money. It is suitable for individual cooking, family fast foods, meal prepping and travel.

Evaluation Criteria

There are thousands of electric grills out there and selecting the best depends on your preference along several key metrics. With that said, we used several criteria to evaluate electric grills and choose the 10 best.

These include:

  1. Size
  2. Heat
  3. Energy Consumption
  4. Ease of Use
  5. Consumer Reviews


When searching for the best option, one of the key considerations is the size of the grill. We determined that an average unit should have about 80 sq. inches cooking surface and often prepares four hamburgers at a go. This kind of grill is sufficient for small families, but you shouldn’t host a cookout with it. Larger units often feature about 120 sq. inches and makes about 8 hamburgers at a go. We found out that they were the best for a larger family. Some electric grills have over 250 sq inches, which is sufficient for preparing meals for family and friends gathering.

The exact measurement of these products varies depending on the model. The exact length, width, and height are usually listed on the unit’s package. When evaluating the best unit for your need, consider the number of people you will be cooking for at a go.


The heat was the other criteria that we used to rank these BBQs. The majority of these products heat up to 350-degree F. We found out that this heat is sufficient to cook almost any kind of food. Furthermore, some units have level and temperature controls that hit over 400-degree Fahrenheit. There are other grills that reach temperatures of 600-degree F. The optimal amount of heat will solely depend on the type of food you will be cooking.

Energy Consumption

Since electric grills use a heating element to heat their cooking area, energy consumption is one of the key factors in evaluating the electric grills. Generally, an electric unit will use more power than a charcoal or gas model.
With that said, manufacturers have invested in more efficient products. We found that small units use less energy than their bigger colleagues. Furthermore, some of these models have listed their wattage rating on the package. In short, the higher the wattage, the more energy your unit will use.

Ease of Use

This was the last factor that we looked at. Some units are basic and easy in their operation that they simply plug and play. Definitely, you aren’t playing with an electric grill. What we mean is that once you plug it in, it’s on and ready to cook.
Some models offer additional control that might make them easy to use. For instance, some units had options for low, medium, and high-temperature level as well as on/off control. Again, the choice will depend on who will be operating the unit. It also good to go for units with non-stick and removable cooking surface that is also angled to drain away grease and oil.

Consumer Reviews

There is no better way of telling how good an electric grill is than asking someone who has used it in the past. That said, we skimmed through online review sites and consumer forums to determine what people are saying about specific grills.


Q. Do electric grill prepare meats like traditional propane or charcoal grills?

Electric unit won’t barbeque your meat like a traditional model. It might leave grill marks on your steak and there are tricks to impart smoke-flavoring to enjoy a delicious meal. The trick is to frequently cook on your electric product (eventually, you will get there).

Q. My electric grill doesn’t grill like my charcoal brazier. Am I doing something the wrong way?

Just like propane and charcoal grills have differences, so do electric units. There are people who cannot do without electric grills while others don’t like them. However, your results will improve over time as you master the techniques of preparing meals on these grills.

Q. The manager of my apartment has rules banning charcoal/gas grills, saying that we should only use electric ones. Why is that?

Your manager is trying to minimise the fire risk. In addition, your local laws might have forbidden the use of open-flame BBQs on porches and balconies of multiple-unit residence. Electric grills are much safer than their propane or charcoal counterparts.

Q. Someone told me that electric grills might also flare like charcoal or gas grills. Is it true?

If you prepare fatty meats, the melting juices and fat might drip from your meat and collect on the reflector pan. If this surface gets hot enough, the fat and juices might flare-up but this rare with the grill we have listed in this article.

Q. I bought an electric grill because I am worried about CO2 emissions/climate change. Does it make any difference?

Your electric grill by itself doesn’t produce CO2 like the charcoal model. However, there might be CO2 from the power you have connected it to. Luckily, there are alternative power sources that you should try such as wind-power, nuclear power, and hydroelectric power.