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Best Chopsticks Reviewed and Tested

Best Chopsticks Reviewed and Tested

Around 5000 Years ago, somewhere in China decided that it was a good idea to use wooden sticks to eat and made it the Chinese preferred conveyance at the time of cooking.

Where they first appeared is still a mystery, but what we do know is that it was Confucius himself who began to spread the use of these eating utensils.

When Chinese chefs realized that cutting the wood on smaller pieces would help them save fuel, as they burn faster, they also removed the necessity of having knives at the table, a costume that went against Confucius’ non-violent teachings. He has been said to have stated that, “An noble and respectable man stays well away from both the kitchen and slaughterhouse.

He also does not permit knives on his table.”

In just 500 years, the use of chopsticks had already spread to Vietnam, Japan and Korea. In japan they were first used exclusively as religious ceremonial tools and were made of a single piece of bamboo joined at the top which resembled a pair of tweezers.

A curious fact about chopsticks is that in ancient Chinese, royal dynasties would use silver chopsticks as it was believed that silver would turn black in reaction to come in contact with poisoned food. Now we know that silver can get black coming in touch with rotten eggs, onions, garlic and many more.

So, it can turn black without the need of your food being poisoned.

We decided to review the best chopsticks online because, why not? Chinese, Japanese and Asian food in general is getting more and more popular and having a nice set of chopsticks at home can save you in more than one occasion.

10 Best Chopsticks


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