10 Healthy and Quick Every Day Snack Recipes

10 Healthy and Quick Every Day Snack Recipes 10 Healthy and Quick Every Day Snack Recipes janeskitchenmiracles.com

Eating healthy is a challenge! It might sound hard to be believed but it is true. The issue here does not stand for the lack of desire to eat healthy, but in the lifestyle, we are leading today. Getting up to be ready for work at 8 a clock in the morning, it means no time to consume e proper natural and healthy morning meal. What about lunch? Can any of us consume a real lunch meal? Probably for the majority of us, this is totally impossible. Our lunch is mostly is pizza or fast- food, or worse than that – just a bag of chips. So, what are our chances of consuming a healthy snack dinner recipe?

A lot of research and questionnaires have been conducted as far as healthy eating habits are concerned and the most common results are negative. By analyzing the kind of impact it may have on our health, we have tried to go deeper and understand what would be the reason behind this.

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Snack dependency
  • Practical

We already explained the effects of timing in terms of healthy snacks recipes. But what about knowledge?

What does it stand for?

It is quite simple – Eating healthy snack recipes has a large connotation amongst today society and people believe that these healthy snack recipes are complex and have highly elaborated formulas.

This means that they do not ever consider the possibility of starting to apply them to their daily diet.salad-300x300

What about the snack dependency?

This element is connected to the delicious taste that the industrially processed foods and meals have. Many of us find the process of eating these kinds of meals as highly relaxing and calming experiences, thus we do not want to cut off from this habit. It can become a real addiction.

Eating industrially or processed food is being considered practical. No need to cook or to wash dishes.

It seems we are striving to save time and efforts which can result in the conclusion that we consider eating as a process to be done and not enjoyed.

But, what about our body?A healthy snack recipe will keep you away from unnecessary fats: Chicken meat, fresh cucumber and tomatoes is all that it takes.

Snacking can make or break you, so why no choose a healthier version while still satisfying your sweet tooth. The latest reports from medicine groups are informing that behind a number of maladies and sickness unhealthy food is to be found guilty. We are “furnishing” our bodies with unnatural ingredients that are found in the industrially processed foods. It is now time to switch from this lifestyle. Once we start to eat healthier, we will avoid a number of possible health issues in the future.

We have gathered and investigated upon a different number of possible healthy snack recipes and have already listed: 10 Healthy and Quick Every Day Snack Recipes.

  1. eggs-300x300Smoothies? Yes! Can be such a delicious snack also full with vitamins and minerals. And if you thought that smoothies do not taste good as they are often a mix of weird veggies and fruits, you are so wrong. Yes, smoothies is all about blending vitamin-rich fruits or veggies, however you can always sweeten up things by adding some chocolate sauce to it. Right?!
  2. What about eggs! All the studies around the culinary area show off the beneficial properties that eggs hold. We’re proposing a delicious combination of asparagus and boiled eggs. No fat, no sugars. Nothing else but healthy nutritional values that will make one’s day full of energy and freshness. This meal can be considered the appropriate lunch even for those individuals with a tough agenda. Boiled eggs and asparagus can be carried away easily.
  3. You know what they say about potatoes in different cultures? They are vegetables and bread at the same time. Taking this into consideration, a healthy snack recipe based on potatoes would be a really energetic meal. Potatoes can be put into the oven with different herbs like garlic, turmeric or ginger and would result in a very tasty dish – low on calories and a highly delicious snack
  4. What about yoghurt? We have come across a great number of consistent research and reports that provide the probiotic enrichment of naturally achieved yoghurt. Our society is facing a lot of problems in terms of intestinal disorders and yoghurt can act as an outstanding solution. Yoghurt can be combined in different ways and still become a really healthy snack recipe that tastes great.yogurt-300x300
  5. Burgers are one of the most addictive fast- food dishes, but not highly recommended when considering it as a healthy snack recipe. Anyway, we can suggest how to prepare a burger as a healthy recipe. It requires nothing but natural ingredients such as chickpea, garlic, parsley, sunflower oil, fresh tomato salsa, red onion and green salad leaves. At the end, there will be a fully delicious and healthy burger on you plate to be consumed and get energized.
  6. Popcorn sounds like a nice and it is healthier version. It provides a natural gluten free dish that has a considerable amount of fibers to maintain your daily schedule for some hours. Popcorn can be easily prepared since they are already provided in sacks at every market. They can be cooked in a microwave as per the instructions and after that, we can just introduce cinnamon or salt as per our taste.
  7. Apples and cinnamon cashew. All it takes is resting the cashew nuts in boiling water for a couple of minutes to get soft. Take them off and add coconut oil and cinnamon. They are blended together to provide a moisture and then can be served with apples. Tasty and healthy! No fats, no sugars!apple-cinnamon
  8. Peanut butter. This butter is considered highly beneficial and can be combined with a lot of things and would still provide a healthy snack recipe.
  9. Chocolate milk is highly recommended when all we need is a source of energy. 1 cup of milk mixed with a black chocolate piece of a bar can be easily prepared and consumed anytime.
  10. Beaten egg. What a marvelous taste in just but a couple of minutes. All these recipe needs is an egg and a teaspoon of sugar. After beating the egg you just add the sugar and you can enjoy the tasty healthy snack recipe.