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What to Serve with Spinach Artichoke Dip: 15 Perfect Sides

What to Serve with Spinach Artichoke Dip: 15 Perfect Sides

Ah, the spinach artichoke dip; by far, my favorite hot dish ever on the weekend or at get-togethers!

No doubt, the rich creaminess of this European-inspired and all-American popular snack is your favorite too.

Spinach artichoke is the perfect balance of hearty spinach, marinated artichoke hearts, and a collection of melting cheeses—how can you resist!

When it comes time to eat it in front of the TV, finding a side dish for spinach artichoke dip can be challenging. 

My quick guide will help you figure that issue out, though.

Together, I take you through 15 of the best sides that pair well with spinach artichoke so you can offer a mouth-watering delight to your guests.

So, what to serve with spinach artichoke dip?

What Goes With Spinach Artichoke Dip?

Let’s solve your dilemma of what to make with spinach artichoke dip by offering you 15 of the best-pairing and most delicious sides.

1. Crunchy Sweet Potato Chips


Baked sweet potato chips are my number one choice because not only is this a healthy side dish, but it’s also pretty easy to make.


Those of you who like quick, simple recipes, or are in a rush to serve a side dish for spinach artichoke dip, will love this snack!

This side dish gives your dip that kick it needs! 

2. Salty Tortilla Chips


Another great carb option to pair with spinach artichoke dip is salty, crunchy tortilla chips.

Similar to my first choice, you can either throw these in the oven after drizzling them with olive oil, or you can use your air fryer for healthier cooking.

Here’s the kicker, though:

If you have less of a sweet tooth and more of a savory one (like me) you won’t regret this pairing!

3. Sesame-drizzled Toasted Celery Sticks


What to make with spinach artichoke dip? How about a healthy, crunchy snack like toasted celery sticks?

While I may not be a big fan of eating veggies, I did fall in love with this recipe.

Here’s why:

For starters, this New York-inspired side dish is dripping with soy sauce, sesame oil, and tasty Japanese furikake.

As you pair it with the creaminess of the spinach artichoke dip, you’ll be in for an energy-boosting meal that’ll leave you feeling full.

4. Crispy Zucchini Chips


Know that chips go well with spinach artichoke dip but fear the calories? I’ve got your back! 

Three words:

Crispy zucchini chips. 

Cover your zucchini slices with tasty bread crumbs, drizzle them in olive oil, enrich their flavor with some herbs, and voila!

Want to go the extra mile?

Sprinkle your zucchini chips with some of the cheeses you used in the spinach artichoke dip, bringing the entire meal together!

5. Fluffy Naan Bread

Naan Bread dish

What makes Naan bread a great side dish for spinach artichoke dip you ask?


The garlic richness present in Naan bread complements the sour cream and minced garlic found in the dip.

This is actually one of my favorite breads to eat in a sauce or dip!

Not only that, but the fluffy, almost pancake-like texture of Naan bread, will fill up your stomach in no time!

Feeling creative?

Throw in some roasted raisins or peanuts to add either a sweet or savory profile that’ll further complement your main dish.

6. Sweet Honey-Glazed Carrots


What goes with spinach artichoke dip better than some sweet, honey-glazed carrots? Nothing!

Spinach and carrots have always been timely friends.

Ever tried Italian Wedding soup? Or a spinach-filled quinoa pilaf with carrots?

spinach filled quinoa pilaf with carrots

The point is:

The meals above are delicious for a reason, and that’s because they pair carrots and spinach together.

So, why not do the same with your spinach artichoke dip?

7. Tasty Southern Firecrackers


Southern firecrackers are one of the best spinach artichoke dip sides.


Well, first of all, you don’t need me telling you that crispy crackers go well with any dip, whether it’s served cold or hot.

Secondly, the recipe for Southern firecrackers uses buttermilk ranch dressing in the mixture—a flavor that further enhances the aroma of spinach artichoke.

I also added creamy jalapenos to my spinach artichoke then, and that added more spice to the meal.

8. Classic Waffle Potato Fries

Who doesn’t like the spiral design and oily deliciousness of waffle potato fries? Not me!

This meal will do well by you, and the people you have over, during the cold seasons and holiday parties.

Make sure to choose the right selection of spices, such as onion powder, paprika, and salt to bring out the crunchiness of your fries.

You can also make them as cheesy as the spinach artichoke dip.

Sprinkle your waffle fries with parmesan, cheddar, or mozzarella for a cheese-filled delight.

9. Special Fried Cheese Varieties

Mmm, fried cheese and spinach artichoke; can you think of another meal that’s more perfect?

Getting creative with cheese is a wonderful thrill in the kitchen.

You have three ways to go:

Cheese sticks, deep-fried cheese lumpia, and for a really unique side dish, fried cheese crusts.

The cheesy crusts, especially, are incredibly versatile! 

What I did was make tacos from the crusts and fill them up with spinach artichoke dip.

Trust me, those medium-sized, cream-filled, cheese wonder tacos were something else!

10. Puffy Greek Pita Bread


Nothing beats homemade pita bread, especially when each loaf comes out puffed and fluffy!

This recipe is for you bakers out there or those who’d like to experiment with flour and see what they come up with.

Authentic pita bread might be hard to achieve on the first try, but with practice, you’ll get the hang of it!

When you dip this delicious crab into your cold spinach artichoke dip, your taste buds will thank you.

It’s a simple meal and you can’t go wrong with this pairing.

11. Cheesy Potato Bites


This side dish for spinach artichoke dip is incredible for two reasons.


It’s super easy to recreate and won’t take longer than an hour.


This recipe is catered for when you’re feeling snacky and want to quickly bite into some warm potatoes.

You can have fun with this dish if you want, and mix up the kinds of cheeses you use.

The end result, either way, is a warm meal that goes down easily and leaves you full.

12. Marinated Vegetable Plate


My fellow vegetarians, vegans, and those with allergies gather around for this absolute delight of a side dish.

Feeling lazy and want to whip out a quick side for your spinach artichoke dip? This recipe is for you!

Marinate your favorite collection of vegetables in a savory, citrusy solution then grill them in olive oil.

Dip the vegetables in your spinach artichoke, as if they were breadsticks, and get ready for a crunchy, salty taste like no other.

13. Soft Baked Pretzels


Want to go a step further from bread and bake pretzels instead?

This recipe for soft-baked pretzels is my favorite so far.


It’s quite simple to follow and doesn’t complicate the whole process.

I decided to throw some sesame and flaxseed on top just to enrich the pretzel’s flavor.

As I’ve said, pairing spinach artichoke with a carb can never go wrong, and this hearty meal proves that.

14. Raw French Crudité

Raw French Crudite

Feeling fancy? Why not take the time to put together a French platter of raw vegetables, otherwise known as crudité?

The great thing about this is:

You don’t have to cook anything! You can even buy the veggies chopped and ready to serve from your local grocery store too.

Follow this recipe to simply learn how to organize your ingredients in a way that’ll encourage your guests to dip in.

15. Crispy Crostini Slices

Crostini Slices recipe

While the other bread options I mentioned were fluffy, that texture isn’t for everyone.

In case you’re more of a crispy fan like me, you’ll fall in love with Italian Crostini bread.

Traditionally served toasted and hot, Crostini slices make for the perfect, crunchy carb to bite into.

Spread some spinach artichoke dip on top and you’re in for a wonderfully delicious meal.

You can also try topping on bruschetta bread for the same delicious effect!

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, my quick, simple guide helped you figure out the dilemma of what to serve with spinach artichoke dip!

My choices are all trial and tested, so you can rest easy knowing that you and your guests are in for a delicious, homemade, hearty snack.

From healthy side dishes to crunchy chips, everyone gets a chance to enjoy your mouth-watering spinach artichoke dip!

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What to Serve with Spinach Artichoke Dip: 15 Tasty Sides

Ideas and recipes to make with spinach artichoke dip


  • Sweet Potato Chips
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Sesame Celery Sticks
  • Zucchini Chips
  • Naan Bread
  • Honey-Glazed Carrots
  • Firecrackers
  • Waffle Potato Fries
  • Fried Cheese Varieties
  • Puffy Pita Bread
  • Cheesy Potato Bites
  • Marinated Veggies
  • Baked Pretzels
  • Crudité
  • Crostini Slices


  • Choose your desired spinach artichoke dip side dish recipe.
  • Gather and organize needed ingredients.
  • Create a tasty spinach artichoke dip side recipe to complete your meal!

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