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15 Leftover Tuna Steak Recipes That Melt in Your Mouth

15 Leftover Tuna Steak Recipes That Melt in Your Mouth

The clock is always ticking for a tuna steak.

In no time, ahi tuna perishes at room temperature and gradually loses quality even in the freezer.

You might be thinking that it’ll go bad anyway, so why not immediately throw it away?

Hold on.

There’s still hope for the leftover tuna steak in soups, casseroles, sandwiches, and more.

With all those varieties on a meal plan, I wouldn’t mind eating tuna steak several days in a row.

So, let me transfer those hearty dishes to your meal plan:

In this article, I’ll share my favorite twists on typical leftover tuna steak recipes. I’ll also elaborate on how to handle leftover tuna so that it’s safe to consume.

1. Ahi Tuna Tacos with Chunky Pineapple Salsa


The original recipe uses “thaw and serve” packaged seared tuna, so you can use your leftover tuna steak straight from the fridge, 

Now, all you’ll need to do is to assemble your tacos. This meal can be made even faster with store-bought tacos.

What’s the best thing about this dish?

The layers of texture. Picture the crunchy lettuce, the buttery avocado sauce, and the crispy tacos for a mouth-watering dream. 

On a sunny day, things can only get better with the added chunky pineapple salsa.

2. Tuna Steak Sushi Stacks


Keep the summer aesthetic and carry on the avocado to this leftover tuna steak lunch.

Those sushi stacks are a cute twist on the original Asian staple. I would be proud to serve those in a summer gathering.

Wondering how to nail that neat stack look?

It’s best to layer the ingredients in a measuring cup. I also find cookie cutters do the job well. 

Besides, try not to forget pressing the layers down before removing the cup. Otherwise, they won’t hold well.

3. Blackened Leftover Tuna Steak Bites and Aioli Dip


What do bites look like?

Definitely, there isn’t much needed preparation for this recipe, except for the cut. 

It won’t work well with sliced tuna. You need tuna cubes to pierce the toothpick and dip.

Other than that, all you need to do is to coat the tuna cubes with blackening seasoning before reheating them in the pan. 

Your bites will probably turn out more well-done than you like, but the aioli sauce will sure make for an unforgettable taste.

4. Tuna Steak Noodle Casserole

If you’re turned off by canned tuna casseroles, this recipe will change your mind.

Here’s the deal:

This tuna steak casserole is made from scratch with restaurant-quality ingredients.

Its rich creaminess is complemented by a generous portion of mushrooms. 

The trick here is to let the mushrooms caramelize for 2-3 minutes before stirring.

You’ll know this leftover tuna steak dinner is worth its preparation time when you finally layer the breadcrumb topping and serve.

5. Leftover Tuna Steak Carpaccio


One serving of this leftover tuna appetizer won’t suffice because its rich dressing is addictive.

The subtle balance between sour ingredients and olive oil is spiced up with ginger, garlic, and chives.

To prepare the dressing, season the balsamic vinegar, mustard, and olive oil. The final lemon spritz along with water chestnuts and wasabi further add to the glamour of this dish.

On a side note, make sure your tuna slices come out very thin by pounding them between two layers of plastic wrap.

6. Tuna Steak Hawaiian Poke Bowl


A tuna dish can only get better when it’s two in one.

Raw plus marinated.

The ceviche (marinated fish) derives its succulence from soy sauce and vinegar. Take care to marinate the tuna for no more than 20 minutes.

Otherwise, the tuna can get rubbery because of the acid.

You can serve the tuna poke bowl over rice for a main course or enjoy it as a cool appetizer with fresh cucumbers.

7. Spicy Tuna Steak with Fried Rice 

Spicy Tuna Steak

Rice is the world’s most popular grain and, most importantly, it’s my personal favorite.

Its chewiness is all I need besides a succulent tuna steak.

If you’re already bored of typical sushi rice, go for vegetable fried rice.

Stir fry some carrots, peas, chili, and onions. Season with Mexican or Indian spices and garnish with fresh cilantro. 

Serve with sliced fresh avocados to cool down the hot flavors. 

8. Seared Tuna with Roasted Broccoli and Soba Noodles 


Again with “thaw and serve” fish, this dish is one the quickest leftover tuna steak dinners for family gatherings during holidays.

Even more, there’s no need to prepare a sauce. The dish is overpowered by its garlic and peppercorn rub flavors.

Simple yet sophisticated, the nutty Japanese soba noodles are dressed with sesame soy sauce.

This elegant dish won’t fall short of the classic turkey and gravy when it comes to impressing your guests.

9. Tuna Tartare in Crispy Wonton Cups


This leftover tuna steak appetizer is served in wonton cups for an attractive presentation.

Besides, the wonton cups make it easier for the guests to take it on the go while enjoying your event.

You’ll have to keep the fish as cold as possible, so keep it in the refrigerator till all ingredients are ready.

Among many tuna flavors, the hot jalapeno and ginger seasoning has a tasty tang that sets this leftover dish apart.

10. Ahi Tuna Burgers with Spicy Sriracha Mayo

Why not turn those leftover tuna slices into pretty patties?

I wouldn’t use a food processor to grind the tuna because the original texture gets lost.

That’s why I prefer those burgers using diced ahi tuna.

Don’t worry, the burger still holds well because of the eggs and breadcrumbs.

Now for the sauce:

You can use spicy sriracha mayo to heighten that appetizing Asian-American duet.

11. Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice


This tuna steak dish can be served as a main dish or an appetizer. 

Once a TickTok trend, crispy rice has been adapted to suit various home cooks’ tastes.

The key here is to nail the rice to a perfect crisp. If you go for deep frying, take the bites off the heat before they become too crunchy.

Top the tuna rice portions with hot mayo, spring onions, and jalapeno to level up the spice.

Try not to skip the spring onions because they’re a major player in the dish.

12. Avocado Tuna Salad in Blood Orange Cups


Love sweet and sour?

Here’s a recipe for an edible work of art. Not only do the orange peel cups look outstanding, but they also hint at the unexpected mix of flavors.

Who thought lime vinaigrettes and Asian flavors go well together?

Here’s the proof:

This recipe entices the taste buds with orange juice, lemon juice, wasabi, soy sauce, and tabasco sauce.

I needn’t say that it tastes as great as it sounds.

13. Spanish Basque Tuna Stew with Peppers and Potatoes (Marmitako) 


If you’re looking for something more rustic than the typical Asian dishes, this tuna soup is worth the admiration.

Native to the Basque region, the soup has the soothing warmth we all look for in the winter.

You won’t have to worry about how to heat the leftover tuna because it’ll beautifully warm up in the broth.

By the time it thickens, everybody at home will be drawn to the smell of this stew.

14. Spanish Tuna Sauté with Olives


Here’s another authentic recipe if you’re still bored with the typical Asian flavors.

From Spain comes this original tuna steak saute with Mediterranean olive vibes.

With whole olives, olive oil, and thyme this dish is a true deep dive into Spanish cuisine.

Chop everything, including the tuna, to reduce the cooking time on busy days.

15. Leftover Tuna Steak Nicoise Salad

Tuna Steak Nicoise Salad dish

The Nicoise salad is a global tuna staple, but you can still play it differently.

Here’s where creativity makes a difference:

You can keep it all fresh and cold with tomatoes, pickled olive, and arugula.

Alternatively, you can take a warmer approach and saute some green beans, potatoes, and carrots. 

Heat the tuna steak in the same pan to get a touch of the saute’s seasoning – or try some other tasty tuna steak seasonings.

If you’re a veggie-lover, why not make the best of both worlds and serve fresh beside sauteed?

Don’t forget the boiled egg slices for added texture.

How to Store Leftover Tuna Steak?

The most critical tip for leftover tuna is to refrigerate it within two hours.

Even more, if your room temperature is above 90°F, you’ll have to refrigerate it in less than an hour.

If the tuna isn’t refrigerated within the mentioned time limit, you’ll have to dispose of it instantly.

Once refrigerated, your timer is set for three to four days before it’s unhealthy to consume.

Here’s how to extend the tuna shelf life:

The only way to halt that bacteria growth is to stick it in the freezer. 

Even then, your clock will be ticking because tuna loses quality after three months although it would be safe to consume.

Ideally, you should eat leftover tuna cold on salads or appetizers.

Now, here’s how to reheat the leftover tuna:

If you prefer warm tuna, your best option is to slice it and add it to hot sauces or soups.

You can still reheat the tuna, but it won’t taste like the first cooked version. 

To ensure quick heating without drying up, cut into small pieces and saute in a nonstick pan over medium heat.

leftover tuna steak recipes hdr

15 Leftover Tuna Steak Recipes That Melt in Your Mouth

Ideas and recipes to cook with leftover tuna steak


  • Ahi Tuna Tacos
  • Sushi Stacks
  • Aioli Dip
  • Noodle Casserole
  • Carpaccio
  • Poke Bowl
  • Fried Rice
  • Roasted Broccoli and Soba Noodles
  • Wonton Cups
  • Spicy Sriracha Mayo
  • Crispy Rice
  • Avocado Tuna Salad
  • Basque Tuna Stew
  • Tuna Sauté
  • Nicoise Salad


  • Choose your desired leftover tuna steak recipe.
  • Gather and organize needed ingredients.
  • Create a tasty leftover tuna steak recipe to complete your meal!


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