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What to Serve with Salmon Patties: 15 Go-to Side Dish Ideas

What to Serve with Salmon Patties: 15 Go-to Side Dish Ideas

Salmon patties are cheap and easy to make. The basic recipe is only 5 ingredients, but it makes for a delicious treat.

Because you’re able to use canned salmon, this is a relatively inexpensive seafood dish.

Made with just salmon, bread crumbs, and an egg to hold it together, they offer the chance to taste the salmon but with an interesting texture for your palate.

Your family version may also have other spices, diced vegetables, and more to the salmon patties to change the flavor.

The subtle taste of the basic salmon patties makes them the ideal entrée.


Finding the right side is easy since the taste of salmon is already amazing, anything you add to it can only make it better.

Salmon is one of the best things you can eat. In fact, many doctors and diets recommend that you eat lots of fatty fish, like salmon or tuna steaks, for heart health and cholesterol control.

So often, the only choice we give ourselves are grilled salmon fillets.

Salmon patties give you a new way to eat this superfood and the best side dishes will make it a complete meal.

Salmon patties are versatile enough to be eaten with a fork, put into a burger bun, and even used as a grilled topping for many salads and more.

When we look at what to serve with salmon patties, we’ll take a look at complimentary flavors and textures, plus those options you never though were possible but work wonderfully.

What to Eat with Salmon Patties: Let the Games Begin

Here’s our list of our favorite sides with salmon patties. You’re sure to find something great.

1. Arugula Salad

This salad with the main ingredient of arugula is a delicious and tasty side dish. Arugula has its own natural spiciness that makes a perfect subtle compliment to salmon patties.

Adding to the arugula, spinach, corn, and tomatoes create a pop of natural flavors that are delicious.

Once you add lime juice and cumin, you have a Mexican-influenced salad that adds an international flair to your salmon patties.

The lime juice and olive oil create a delicious vinaigrette that make the salad perfect.

If you’re looking to add a green freshness to your homemade salmon patties, this is the ideal choice.

arugula salad

Brooklyn Farm Girl, Pamela, delivers this awesomeness for us to enjoy.

2. Tropical Fruit Salad

Pineapple, orange, pomegranate, kiwis (kiwis are great in recipes!) – This is a great fruit salad collection that pairs well with any kind of seafood.

The tropical tastes, juiciness, and freshness are a great contrast to the richness of the salmon patties.

Pomegranate arils not only add a healthy sweetness, but the arils themselves are fiber rich and add texture to the dish.

The addition of lime or lemon juice, as well as honey and poppy seeds, brings the dish together and creates a salad out of a simple bunch of fruit.

You can, of course, add any fruit you have lying around. Even apples and grapefruit can add new textures and flavors to your salad.

The optional addition of mint leaves can brighten the fruit salad, giving it an herbaceousness that will give the entire dinner a new profile.

fruit salad

Sara, from Dinner at the Zoo, saved some fruit from the animals for this recipe.

3. Cabbage-Cucumber Salad

Greens, all mixed together, create a crunchy, fresh side to your salmon patties.

Cabbage in its natural state is often neglected, but a smaller, younger cabbage is a sweet and tasty choice.

When you include the cucumber, you get a clean taste that will pair nicely with salmon.

The vinaigrette from apple cider, white vinegar and olive oil create a simple, delicious salad dressing.

The addition of the onion for spice and aroma, plus the sweet peas, like tiny drops of sweetness, build the flavors of the salad.

The nicest part of this salad is that it’s as simple as the salmon patties. A few wholesome, simple ingredients and you have a great meal.

cabbage cucumber salad

Check out Natasha’s Kitchen to see how she puts this awesome little salad together.

4. Mango Strawberry Salsa

Sweet, spicy, aromatic, complex – the perfect salsa to go with your salmon patties.

This is a salsa that has everything you need. Strawberries for a little tangy sweetness. Mangoes give you a tropical flavor. And blackberry flavors give you a touch of tartness.

The jalapeno gives it just the right amount of heat to let you know you’re eating a salsa.

That, with the red onion and cilantro, create a wonderful Mexican style salsa that’s great with any seafood dish.

The honey delivers a sweetness that brings the whole side dish together.

When served with salmon patties, it brings out the richness of the salmon.

This is a simple, clean way to add to your dish.

mango strawberry salsa

Chingah at Damn Delicious delivers us this tastiness.

5. Spicy Quick Pickled Broccoli

This is a simple broccoli salad that will add crunch and green to your salmon patties.

The freshness of the broccoli is one of nature’s wonders.

This is a quick pickle that will give your dish a zing while maintaining the healthfulness of fresh vegetables.

The vinegar adds a pop to the plate that will pair well with the smooth, richness of the salmon patties.

If you’ve never done a quick pickle before, this is a great recipe to start with.

Quick pickles are one of the best ways to add a bit of acidity to your meals.

The best part is that since it’s just a quick pickle, the vegetables keep their crispness.

The taste of the sesame oil and a touch of chili paste create a full spice and earthy taste that you will balance well the taste of your salmon patties.

pickled broccoli is what to serve with salmon patties

This is a great recipe from Valentina at Cooking on the Weekends.

6. Baba Ganoush with Pita Wedges

Baba ganoush. So fun to say and even more fun to eat.

Made from roasted eggplant, baba ganoush is a great addition to your salmon patties.

The earthiness brings out the seafood flavor of the salmon.

Add some toasted pita points for dipping and you’ve got yourself a great meal.

The simple flavors, eggplant, garlic, and tahini, are perfect complements to the simple flavors in your salmon patties.

You can even spread the baba ganoush on the patties like a condiment and create a new set of flavors.

Most of us don’t get to eat baba ganoush unless we’re in an Indian restaurant, but this recipe is so simple, you’ll be making it every time you make salmon patties.

This video is the perfect guide to amazing baba ganoush.

How to Make Oven Roasted Baba Ganoush | The Stay At Home Chef

7. Succotash

Sufferin’ Succotash!

Unless you grew up in the South, there’s a good chance that all you know of succotash was this exclamation from Sylvester the Cat.

In reality, this is an American classic that’s delicious, healthy, and the perfect side dish for your salmon patties.

The fresh vegetables, lightly cooked, are perfect for your dinner.

This is a quick, economical side that only takes minutes to make.

All the different vegetables add a giant splash of color to the plate.

Try making this succotash recipe. It’s easy and fun.


On Saving Dessert, Tricia has put together a great recipe!

8. Cajun Corn & Potatoes

Try this side dish – shrimp, corn on the cob, andouille sausage, and potatoes.

These little shrimp boil foil packs are a great side to your salmon patties. In fact, your guests will love opening the foil pack next to your delicious entrée.

One thing that you might consider is to remove the andouille sausage before serving dinner.

This is a strong, spicy sausage that might overwhelm the subtle taste of the salmon and shrimp.

The sausage can be set aside and eaten later or included with dinner if that’s your preference.

Together, these two items make a great seafood meal with a bunch of outstanding, classic flavors.

Make these shrimp boil foil packs with your salmon patties and you’ve got a beach party on a plate.

When you’re looking for what to serve with salmon patties, this is it!

Tiffany at Creme de la Crumb makes this recipe easy to follow.

9. Classic Potato Salad

Really, what’s more classic than potato salad with your salmon patties?

The outstanding and homey taste of potato salad will pair perfectly with the yummy salmon patties that bring their own classic taste.

This is a side dish that won’t overwhelm your entrée. It’s also a taste that will only get better sitting in the refrigerator overnight.

You can vary this recipe by using red potatoes, adding onion, or even throwing in a bit of curry powder.

The choice is yours. This is such a classic recipe that it will take any variation you want to give it.

Be sure to save us some, because we love potato salad.

classic potato salad

The Diary of a Real Housewife by Jennie is a great place to find this and other recipes.

10. Outstanding Avocado Soup

Yes, avocado soup. The richness of the avocado is an interesting and fun way to complement your salmon patties.

Of course, an avocado goes great with seafood.  Salmon patties are so simple that this dish is perfect and wonderful.

The addition of garlic and onion give the avocado soup a pop of spice that will make your guests say, “Ooo!”

Most interesting for people is the idea that this is a warm soup. You might expect avocado soup to be cold, but this is served hot and delicious.

If you’re looking for a way to warm up in the winter, serve avocado soup while the snow flies and see your friends smile.

avocado soup

Kirbie of Kirbie’s Cravings makes this one of our favorites.

11. Corn Chowder

Earlier, we had succotash and potato salad as classic side dishes. Here comes another American classic: corn chowder.

This is what other hearty soups hope to be. There are lots of veggies, including carrots, celery, onions, potatoes, and, of course, corn.

The spices added to the dish are fun and exciting, giving the whole chowder an autumnal taste that will pair ideally with your salmon patties.

Together, they are Pacific Northwest harvest celebration on a plate!

Oh, and by the way, bacon! Yup. We finally found a place to put bacon on the plate. Is everything better with bacon?

Yes. It’s really true. Everything’s better with bacon.

Take the time to make this amazing chowder and give your guests a full belly with nothing but the best, tastiest, and most wholesome ingredients.

corn chowder to eat with salmon patties

Crockpot Corn Chowder is a great choice the way that Holly from Centsless Meals makes it.

12. Turmeric Lemon Rice

No More Boring Rice…

Three great tastes that taste great together: basmati rice, turmeric, and lemon.

This turmeric lemon rice recipe will help you make sure that you never make plain rice again.

The garlic and onion make this more than just rice; it’s a complete side dish that will add a huge and playful set of flavors to your salmon patties.

Sure, you can use almost any long grain rice, but the fragrant richness of basmati is perfect with this dish.

Serve this rice piping hot and the fragrance of the turmeric and lemon with permeate the room and the meal.

With the salt in the dish, taste it before you salt it.

The lemon gives everything a bit of a salty taste, so you might end up over-salting the dish if you’re not careful.

Try rice that’s way beyond regular rice! Go a step even further and try some sauces for rice.

Brita from Food with Feeling presents this great and simple recipe!

13. Tabbouleh

Tabouli. Tabouleh. A Gift from the Middle East

No matter how you spell it, it’s one of the world’s greatest gifts.

Many great things have come from the Middle East and this might be the greatest!

Bulgur. Lemon. Mint. Green onions. There are more great flavors in this dish than in almost any other dish you can think of.

Fresh tabbouleh is, well, fresh. The brightness of the mint makes your salmon patties come to life.

Set this on the table with the entrée and your guests will be impressed.

This is one of those dishes that seems much harder to make than it really is. In fact, in some parts of the world, this is simply dinner.

You can learn to make it too.

The folks at Aashpazi make it easy to learn this classic dish.

Tabbouleh Recipe (Salad)

14. Shrimp Lo Mein

Yeah! More Seafood

Lo mein noodles are awesome. These Chinese-style egg noodles are toothsome and delish!

Add to that a great Asian sauce, some vegetables, and shrimp and you’ve got a side dish that will wow everyone in the room.

These savory noodles add so much to your meal.

Put a small pile of noodles and stir-fry on a plate next to your salmon patties and drive the whole meal to the Far East.

There are lots of variations. This is a recipe that can be endlessly changed to match your tastes and even what’s in your pantry.

No shrimp? Use beef.

No beef? Fried tofu is great.

Use your imagination and let your palate guide you.

Amanda, at Striped Spatula, has created a great recipe to start from.

15. Penne Pesto – Italian Deliciousness

Penne pesto is amazing. The fresh basil taste will add a whole new taste to your dish. The penne is the ideal vehicle for your pesto sauce.

This dish can have all the additions that are included here or you can simply use some store bought pesto and noodles.

That’s what makes this type of pesto dish wonderful; it can be as simple as two store bought items or you can add lots of items to it.

Try this for a new taste contrast: Serve the pasta cold instead of hot. That can make a huge difference.

This recipe uses gluten-free pasta (which is not bad at all), but you can use any pasta you want.

Healthy and delicious? Karen at Healthy Gluten-free Family will make you a convert.

What to Serve with Salmon Patties: Some Fun Variations

Salmon is versatile. Just like with smoked salmon, there are lots of ways to vary salmon patties and the side dishes that go with them.

Making a few small changes to the salmon patty recipe can change the whole meal and also what you choose to pair with them:

  • Trade chives for onions
  • Use Italian flavored bread crumbs or rye instead of plain breadcrumbs
  • Add spices like curry powder or oregano to the mix before cooking

Making salmon patties with sides

Bonus Ideas

Of course, there’s a world of extra side dishes that you can make as well.

Homemade Bread

Home-baked bread such as with your bread maker is always a great side dish for everything.

Sauteed Vegetables

Simple sauteed vegetables, perhaps with a bit of garlic, can be a very nice side dish.

Steak Kabobs

Create a little surf and turf with steak and vegetables on skewers. Beef, peppers, and onion are all you really need.

In the end, you can’t choose wrong here. Any of these side dishes is that answer to the question: “What to serve with salmon patties?”

Bon appétit!

salmon patties side recipes

What to Serve with Salmon Patties

Ideas and side dish recipes to eat with Salmon Patties
Course: Side Dish


  • Arugula Salad
  • Fruit Salad
  • Baba Ganoush
  • Pickled Broccoli
  • Mango Strawberry Salsa
  • Succotash
  • Cajun Corn & Potatoes
  • Potato Salad
  • Cabbage-Cucumber Salad
  • Avocado Soup
  • Corn Chowder
  • Turmeric Lemon Rice
  • Tabbouleh 
  • Shrimp Lo Mein
  • Penne Pesto


  • Choose your desired Salmon Patties side dish recipe.
  • Gather and organize needed ingredients.
  • Create a tasty Salmon Patties side to complete your meal!

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