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21 Blissful Blackberry Flavor Pairings

21 Blissful Blackberry Flavor Pairings

Adding flavors to blackberries can be a big game-changer, taking this wonderful berry to a whole new level.

Blackberries are known for their distinctive sweet and tart flavor, but combining them with other ingredients can help to enhance their natural taste.

By pairing flavors with blackberries, you can create a more balanced flavor profile and even bring out new flavors in the fruit that you might not have tasted otherwise.

Pairing blackberries with sweet flavors like vanilla or honey can help to amplify their natural sweetness.

In contrast, pairing them with savory flavors like balsamic vinegar or thyme can help to balance out their tartness.

Ultimately, adding flavors to blackberries can be fun.

It’s a great way to elevate the taste of dishes, and create unique flavor combinations that leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

Flavors That Go with Blackberry

Blackberries are a delicious and versatile fruit that can be used in a wide variety of dishes and drinks.

They have a sweet and slightly tart flavor, and pair well with a huuuge range of other flavors.

Below, we’ll explore 21 blackberry flavor pairings that are sure to tantalize your taste buds (and your tummy!).

  1. Lemon

Blackberries and lemon are a classic flavor pairing, and for good reason.

The tartness of the lemon complements the sweetness of the blackberries, resulting in a deliciously balanced flavor.

You can use this pairing in a variety of dishes, from lemon blackberry bars to blackberry lemonade.

  1. Basil

Basil is an herb that pairs well with a variety of fruits, including blackberries.

These two make a fresh and aromatic option that’s ideal for summer dishes.

The herbal and slightly peppery flavor of basil enhances the sweetness and tartness of blackberries, creating a delicious blend that you can include in salads, sauces, and cocktails.

Try using blackberries and basil in your next salad or as a topping for grilled chicken on a warm night.

  1. Ginger

We just love ginger and blackberries and how they bring a zesty and warming touch to many fall or winter recipes.

Ginger is spicy and slightly sweet, which dances well with the sweetness that blackberries bring.

You’ll see this blend in many a pie, cake and cocktail recipes.

Go for this in your baked goods, such as blackberry ginger scones or gingerbread with blackberry compote.

  1. Vanilla

The warm, comforting taste of vanilla couldn’t be a better mate for our berry star.

Sweet and floral is the name of the game, and is welcomed in dishes anytime of the year.

We adore this combo in creamy desserts, such as blackberry vanilla ice cream or blackberry cheesecake.

  1. Mint

Mint adds a refreshing, cool take to the sweetness of blackberries.

You can’t go wrong with marrying these two ingredients together in drinks, such as blackberry mojitos or blackberry mint lemonade.

  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon’s warm, spicy flavor truly creates something special with our sweet blackberries. 

I remember making blackberry cinnamon rolls for an early-morning gathering.

Needless to say, we almost forgot what the meeting was actually for. The meeting participants still remember those tasty rolls many years later!

This pairing is particularly good in baked goods, such as blackberry cinnamon rolls or blackberry crumble pie.

  1. Honey

Oh honey, my honey. You’re one sweet ingredient, can you honestly work with a sweet berry?

You bet!

Especially with blackberries that aren’t quite ripe and are more tart than sweet.

So grab your honey bear bottle and pour it on for breakfast dishes, such as blackberry honey oatmeal, blackberry honey pancakes or even a hearty salad.

  1. Almonds

Almonds add a nutty, slightly sweet flavor to any fruit. Blackberries are no exception!

You can’t go wrong partnering these up in a berry almond cake or blackberry almond muffins.

  1. Rosemary

Who doesn’t like sweet n’ savory mixes?

We sure do, and when we combine rosemary with fresh blackberries, we’re playing a whole new game.

Check out the glazed pork tenderloin linked above and you’ll see why!

  1. Orange

Orange’s sweet, citrusy flavor is a great match for the tartness side of blackberries.

Where things really shine is in drinks, such as blackberry orange sangria, mojito (we love this one!) or blackberry orange juice.

  1. Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar brings forth a sweet, tangy flavor to any food it’s cooked with.

Try this with tasty recipes like balsamic glazed salmon or blackberry balsamic chicken.

  1. Thyme

Thyme’s slightly savory, herbal flavor is unmistakable in any dish.

And what’s not to love about it?

You’ll love it even more once you discover a dish like blackberry thyme glazed pork chops.

  1. Coconut

Coconut has a unique spectrum of sweetness and nuttiness that is a remarkable partner with blackberries.

My grandmother knew this and regularly use it in her Sunday dinner desserts, such as blackberry coconut cream pie or blackberry coconut sorbet.

  1. Cardamom

This irresistible pairing makes a unique and aromatic flavor that any palate will appreciate in sweet and savory dishes.

The warm and spicy presence of cardamom complements the sweet and tart flavors of blackberries, creating a fragrant blend you can use for cakes, jams, and curries.

In baked goods, blackberry cardamom coffee or ricotta cake and blackberry cardamom muffins will keep you coming back for more!

  1. Lavender

This lavender and blackberry scones recipe is a perfect combination of floral and fruity flavors that are sure to impress your taste buds.

The scones are light, fluffy, and buttery, with bursts of juicy blackberries and hints of fragrant lavender.

Serve them warm with a dollop of whipped cream for a delightful breakfast or afternoon tea treat.

  1. Dark Chocolate

blackberry and dark chocolate flavor pairing

Dark chocolate’s rich, slightly bitter flavor is a great match for the sweetness of blackberries.

These two make a heavenly create a coupling that’s both indulgent and sophisticated.

The bitter sweetness of chocolate perfectly balances the tartness of blackberries, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that’s great for desserts, snacks, and drinks.

These are particularly good in desserts, such as blackberry chocolate truffles, blackberry chocolate cake, as a topping for chocolate brownies, or just eaten side-by-side for a dessert snack!

  1. Chili Pepper

The bold heat of chili pepper and the sweet tartness of blackberries may seem like an unlikely pair, but they actually complement each other quite well.

The kick from the chili pepper enhances the fruitiness of blackberries, creating a unique and exciting flavor that’s exquisite for sauces, marinades, and cocktails.

You’ll want to bring these together in savory dishes, such as blackberry chili glazed chicken or blackberry chili salsa.

  1. Peach

Peach and blackberry is a classic marriage that’s perfect for summer desserts and drinks.

The juicy sweetness of peaches balances the tartness of blackberries, creating a harmonious and refreshing blend of flavors that’s excellent for cobblers, pies, sorbets, and cocktails.

We love this tandem in desserts, such as sorbets, cocktails and cobblers, crisps, and crumbles.

  1. Lime

Lime and blackberry together is both zesty and refreshing. It’s perfect for summer drinks and desserts.

The tangy acidity of lime enhances the tartness of blackberries, creating a bright and flavorful blend that’s super for cocktails, sorbets, and pies.

Blackberry lime margarita anyone?

  1. Sage

Sage is definitely one of the more unexpected blackberry flavor pairings.

Together, they make an earthy and aromatic flavor pairing that’s phenomenal for savory dishes.

The woody and slightly bitter flavor of sage enhances everything you already get from raw blackberries.

This creates a delicious blend that’s just right for sauces, marinades, roasted meats and yes again treats like these cookies!

  1. Red Wine

Oh, you can’t deny how red wine and blackberry together create a luxurious and decadent result that’s terrific for elegant desserts and drinks.

The deep richness of red wine complements so undeniably well, creating a lovely blend you’ll love in cakes, tarts, and cocktails.

blackberry flavor pairings

21 Blissful Blackberry Flavor Pairings

Discover the best blackberry flavor pairings from sweet to savory dishes. Plus recipe ideas that will take your culinary creations to the next level.


  • Lemon
  • Basil
  • Ginger
  • Vanilla
  • Mint
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • Almonds
  • Rosemary
  • Orange
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Thyme
  • Coconut
  • Cardamom
  • Lavender
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Chili Pepper
  • Peach
  • Lime
  • Sage
  • Red Wine


  • Choose your desired blackberry flavor pairing ingredient.
  • Gather and organize other needed ingredients and cooking supplies.
  • Create a tasty blueberry dish and enjoy!

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