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Best Brownie Toppings: 17 Ways to Next Level Brownies

Best Brownie Toppings: 17 Ways to Next Level Brownies

During a potluck, I was in charge of bringing dessert.

So, I thought, everyone loves brownies, it’s a no-brainer.

I remember one of my friends telling me that everyone is really stepping up for this potluck. 

While I initially panicked, I decided to step it up with my topping game.

So, I resorted to creating tiramisu-topped brownies.

Thankfully, I received no shortage of compliments that potluck day.

The bottom line is that, sure, brownies taste great and all, but toppings can make all the difference.

You can keep it simple and add a drizzle of chocolate syrup or incorporate complex flavors with a fruity addition.

Having said that, stick around to learn more about the best brownie toppings that’ll take your brownies to the next level.

17 Amazing Brownie Toppings

Whether you’re looking for brownie sundae toppings or brownie bite toppings, we’ve got you covered in our long list of sweet options.

You’ll find a range of choices such as brownie toppings with marshmallows.

You may even find some decorative brownie toppings for those holiday-themed days.

1. Mocha Frosting


Mocha and brownies? Yes, please.

The only thing an indulgent brownie needs after baking is a light creamy frosting to top it off.

If you’re a fan of coffee, then this topping is a must-try.

The best part is that it’s relatively easy to create.

Start with a whipped butter and chocolate base.

Add in some powdered sugar, and the main ingredient, coffee concentrate.

Fluff out this mixture by pouring a little milk or cream.

You’ll be left with a decadent frosting as your brownie bar topping.

2. Orange Topping


Chocolate fruit lovers unite!

We found the best topping to satiate your scrumptious taste.

Now, you may love the sweetness of brownies, but a certain tanginess may be missing.

That’s where the oranges will come in.

Bake your brownies with an orange twist and top them off with a few slices of the fruit and you’ll have some unique-tasting sweets on your hands.

You can incorporate the fruity addition by adding orange juice to your brownie batter.

3. Cherry Cheesecake Topping


If drizzles of syrup don’t cut it for your brownie topping, then you may want to try out this rich-tasting option.

We’re talking about a cherry cheesecake topping – that’s not just for cheesecake toppers!

The love I have for cheesecake is unmatched, making this recipe one of my all-time favorites.

All you need to create this topping is cream cheese, eggs, and sugar.

Once you apply this white layer, you can then add the cherry pie filling to the top layer.

Lastly, you just need to bake it off and you can sink your teeth into this hearty dessert with your loved ones.

4. Nut Toppings


Whether you enjoy the earthy flavor or extra crunch in your bite, a nut topping for your brownies is the way to go.

The good news is that you can choose between a rich variety of nuts such as pecan, almonds, hazelnuts, and almonds.

Be sure to sprinkle the crushed nuts on your brownies before baking to keep the nuts intact.

The fudgy texture mixed with the crispy nuttiness is incredibly delicious and a must-try for all nut lovers.

You also get a kick of protein.

5. Mint Chocolate Topping


The mint chocolate chip flavor may have people divided.

Nevertheless, if you’re one of the few true fans of this exquisite taste, then this topping is made for you.

You can enjoy this topping by mixing a butter base with sugar, milk, mint extract, and green food coloring for the mint frosting.

Next, spread the topping all over the baked brownies and set them aside in the fridge to cool.

You can then prepare your chocolate sauce topping by melting some chocolate chips along with butter.

Finally, pour this liquidy goodness over the light green layer then allow it to cool.

6. Chocolate Coconut Topping


If you’re looking for some brownies that’ll truly stand out in flavor, then a coconut topping may just be your answer.

The fruity dessert topping will add a light, creamy, and milk-tasting touch to your dense brownies.

To make it, add a tin of condensed milk to shredded coconut and spread it all over the brownies. 

Add a second layer of chocolate ganache and top it off with some coconut shavings.

You’ll end up with a tasty treat that’ll become your family’s next favorite dessert meal.

7. Sundae Topping


Ice cream and brownies are a classic couple in the dessert category.

To take this classic duo to the next level, why not make it a sundae brownie?

Sundae Topping

The first layer in your sundae brownie topping includes a thick layer of ice cream, which needs to be chilled before moving on to the next topping.

Once your ice cream has hardened, it’s time for the fun stuff.

Start by spraying your whipped cream, add some sprinkles, a drizzle of chocolate, or caramel sauce, and of course, you can’t forget the cherry on top.

8. Salted Caramel Pretzel Topping


For all you salted caramel fans out there, this topping choice will hit the sweet spot.

To create this culinary masterpiece, you’ll need salted caramel baking chips and heavy whipping cream.

Once you melt, mix, and spread this mixture all over your brownies, you can add your pretzels and a healthy drizzle of chocolate syrup.

You can make the latter by melting chocolate chips and canola oil together.

This heavy dessert is fit for all occasions, especially when the cozy holidays roll around.

9. Tiramisu Topping


Can’t decide between tiramisu and brownies?

Why not combine it into one hearty dessert?

This sweet invention involves placing a layer of coffee-soaked ladyfingers on top of your unbaked brownies.

Next add another layer of thick mascarpone cheese spread.

You can optionally swirl in some extra brownie batter on top for an aesthetic marble effect.

Finally, bake the coffee-flavored dish.

Your friends will be talking about this two-for-one dessert for days.

10. Marshmallow-Topped Brownies


This marshmallow-topped brownie dish will make you feel like you’re sitting by a campfire exchanging stories.

To create this s’mores-like dessert, top your baked brownies with lots of marshmallows and let them melt in the oven.

While they do so, prepare a layer of crispiness by melting together some peanut butter, butter, and chocolate chips.

Then, sprinkle in Rice Krispies and nuts, mix it all together, and add it on top of the white fluffy layer.

To upgrade, you can drizzle salted caramel or chocolate syrup.

11. Strawberry Topping


If you’re not all about that sugar overload and want to opt for a lighter and more reasonable topping, then you can’t go wrong with strawberries.

Strawberries and chocolate will always be a good pairing, especially in your brownie dessert.

You can simply cut a few slices, adorn your brownies with them, and top it off with a chocolate syrup drizzle.

Strawberry Topping

These slices will also work great with small brownie bites.

This is also one of the best decorative brownie topping ideas.

It’s elegant and effortlessly tasteful, making it perfect for a catering dish.

12. Cookie Dough Topping


Pair your fudgy brownies with a soft cookie dough frosting for the ultimate dessert combo.

To make this frosting, you’ll want to mix your butter base with sugar, flour, milk, vanilla extract, and last but not least, the mini chocolate chips.

This recipe is a guaranteed people-pleaser.

If my picky-eating husband can’t get enough of this cookie dough brownie, then you’ll be sure to impress the whole crowd.

13. Chocolate Frosting Topping

If you want to stick with a classic frosting option, then chocolate frosting is as traditional as it gets.

Luckily, the ingredients are also likely at your disposal since you’ll need butter, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, hot water, and a dash of salt.

The result is a multipurpose chocolate frosting perfect for any baked goods you make, especially your tasty brownies.

The best part about this is that you can keep the frosting stored in your fridge for about a week for later use.

14. Pomegranate Brownie Topping

Pomegranate Brownie Topping

Pomegranates may seem like an odd pick, but trust me on this.

The tart flavor of the seeds works amazingly well with the sugariness of brownies.

Once you have your brownie batter ready, just sprinkle a generous serving of pomegranate seeds and bake it.

The warmed pomegranate will create a jammy texture that works well with the brownie’s chewiness.

You can add fresh pomegranates on top of the brownies as well for a crunchier bite.

Plus, I’d suggest adding a light dust of powdered sugar for a decorative element.

15. Ice Cream Topping

Ice Cream Topping

Sometimes, you may not want to go through the several steps of making a topping and spreading it.

Instead, you can just scoop out some ice cream, add a light chocolate drizzle, and call it a day. 

It’ll still taste delectable without all that effort.

It gets better: with a dense dessert like brownies, a light ice cream scoop will help balance the flavors and textures out.

16. Berry Toppings

Berry Toppings

Sticking to the fruit theme, we also suggest topping your brownies with a healthy dose of blueberries and raspberries.

Not only do the flavors work well together, but the toppings also add a contrasting pop of color making your brownies look Instagram-worthy.

To add this topping, you can first pipe in a dollop of chocolate frosting and stick two to three berries in each brownie cut.

17. Candy Toppings

Candy Toppings

If you’re looking to add more color to your brownie slices, then sprinkling some candy in there will be sure to do the trick.

The best thing about this topping is that it’s highly versatile.

You can use multiple kinds of candy. 

It can even be holiday themed.

For instance, on Halloween, you can add candy corn and for Christmas, you can add Christmas-themed candy.

Brownie Toppings: Healthy vs. Indulgent

Whether you’re dieting or looking to satiate your sweet tooth, brownies can cater to both needs.


Although the classic brownie recipe doesn’t supplement much nutritious content, some healthy recipes do.

One of which includes one made out of zucchini.

Now, in terms of topping, you can keep up with the healthy theme and add nutrition-packed fruits.

You can choose between strawberries, berries, pomegranates, and even pineapples.


If a diet is the last thing on your mind, then a decadent topping is always the answer.

You can choose from a myriad of good brownie toppings like marshmallows, peanut butter, chocolate frosting, and more.

Brownie toppings with cream cheese are also an indulgent choice worth splurging your calories on.

Brownie Toppings to Enhance Your Brownie’s Flavor

Toppings are a great way to boost your brownie’s flavor profile.

As a dense block of chocolate, you can add several topping choices that pair exceptionally well with your brownie.

Let’s dig into some options below.


Fruits and chocolate have always made for a perfect food pairing.

The acidic taste of the fruits neutralizes the excessive sweetness of brownies.

You can use fruits like kiwi, oranges, cherries, raspberries, and more to achieve this harmonic balance of flavors.

These fruits work well as brownie toppings after baking as well.


On top of adding a crunchy texture to your delicious brownies, nuts are also prized in chocolate recipes for their unique taste.

Each kind of nut brings a new flavor to your brownie.

Cashews, for example, bring a certain sweetness and richness.

Meanwhile, walnuts offer a more bitter taste to offset the brownie’s sugariness.


While you can add extracts to your brownies, you can also add them to your toppings.

This ingredient is the most versatile.

You can create a frosting with a butter base, milk, and sugar.

Then, add any sort of extract you like to bring out a certain flavor such as mint, banana, and vanilla.

The options are endless.


I’m sure after reading all about brownie toppings your sweet tooth is in ready mode.

That being said, these topping options will be sure to take your brownies to the next level.

brownie toppings hdr

Best Brownie Toppings: 17 Ways to Next Level Brownies

Toppings ideas and recipes to top brownies


  • Mocha Frosting
  • Orange Topping
  • Cherry Cheesecake Topping
  • Nut Toppings
  • Mint Chocolate Topping
  • Chocolate Coconut Topping
  • Sundae Topping
  • Salted Caramel Pretzel Topping
  • Tiramisu Topping
  • Marshmallow-Topped Brownies
  • Strawberry Topping
  • Cookie Dough Topping
  • Chocolate Frosting Topping
  • Pomegranate Brownie Topping
  • Ice Cream Topping
  • Berry Toppings
  • Candy Toppings


  • Choose your desired toppings.
  • Gather and organize needed ingredients.
  • Create tasty toppings and enjoy your brownie!

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