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17 Leftover Spaghetti Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

17 Leftover Spaghetti Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

So your eyes were more significant than your belly when you emptied that pasta box into a pot of boiling water.

It happens. We get it.

Yesterday’s noodles are something found in the vast majority of refrigerators around the world.

Many people say that next day spaghetti tastes better… but how much fun is it really to eat the same dish two days in a row?

Luckily, we’re full of ideas about what to do with leftover spaghetti.

We’ll talk about some super creative, amazingly delicious, leftover spaghetti recipes.

Some of these meals are major crowd-pleasers, and you can turn your leftover spaghetti into a dinner party favorite.

Others are more simple and easy to whip up on those evenings where you just need to feed some tiny, picky mouths.

Leftover Spaghetti Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

After reading about these, you’ll be cooking extra pasta on purpose!

1. Leftover Spaghetti Pizza

Anyone who’s ever been to a late-night pizza shop knows the power of spaghetti pizza.

This recipe doesn’t have the crust that you may cherish, but it’s a no-fuss, super simple, and amazingly good use for your leftover noodles.

All you have to do is:

Stick your cold or room temperature pasta, stir in one egg, panko bread crumbs, and ample mozzarella.

Finish it off with a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.

Pack your mixture into a non-stick pan, cook on medium for two minutes. Stick some cheese on top and broil it for a hot minute and presto!

Not only is this impressively tasty, but it’s also fun to make!

spaghetti pizza

2. Pasta Fritters

You can use any type of leftover pasta for these bites of goodness. No way you’ll have leftovers after you whip these up!

If you somehow manage to have more fritters- don’t panic!

They freeze well, and when you want to reheat them, just pop them in the oven.

All you need besides leftover pasta for this one is two eggs, grated cheese, olive oil, and a touch of salt and pepper.

The leftover pasta is perfect, especially if it’s been in the fridge overnight, it’ll help these fritters stick together.

pasta fritters

Nagi from is spot on with these bite-sized Italian delights.

3. Leftover Spaghetti Frittata

Spaghetti frittata, a kitchen classic from Naples

Our favorite thing about this tasty meal is that it’s nice and crispy on the bottom and the top because you cook it on the stovetop until it’s golden brown.

This recipe can be made with sauceless leftover noodles or spaghetti with bolognese, marinara, or any other sauce.

You can eat this as a packed lunch or picnic because it’s delicious cold, and you don’t even need utensils!

spaghetti frittata

We’re transported to our nonna’s kitchen in Napoli with Mama C’s incredible recipe.

4. Spicy Peanut Pasta Salad

Turn leftover spaghetti into a refreshing (vegan) meal with an Asian twist! This dish will give your leftovers a new life.

The salad is healthy and chock-full of crisp veggies.

The sweet and umami flavors of this will be welcomed by your tastebuds the day after an acidic and rich Italian meal.

You can even make it a bit spicy if you enjoy Sriracha like us.

peanut pasta salad

We’re definitely adding this Food Meanderings recipe to our Spring & Summer menu.

5. Simple Spaghetti Sandwiches

Wondering what to do with leftover spaghetti meat sauce?

Do as you would with anything to enhance it- throw it between two slices of buttery garlic toast with some spaghetti!

This dish transported us through time straight to the family dinner-table 20 years ago.

As our Mom is asking us not to play with our food, we’re wondering if she knows that we’re a genius that’s just invented something that will change the world!

The spaghetti sandwich.

Meaty, cheesy, noodly, and garlicky.

We can’t think of anything better.

spaghetti sandwiches

6. Easy Spaghetti Pie

With this go-to spaghetti pie, you can throw together any ingredients that you have on hand.

Add in some seasoned ground turkey or beet or mushrooms for a meat-free dinner.

Our favorite ingredient that we won’t sacrifice is the ricotta.

This pie is thick, sturdy, and cheesy.

When we say that this pie is easy, we’re not kidding. You can throw this crowd-pleaser straight in the oven before serving.

leftover spaghetti pie

7. Crispy Leftover Pasta

This may be one of our favorite leftover spaghetti recipes.

All you need is some of yesterday’s spaghetti (or whatever noodles you have), a little olive oil, and a non-stick pan.

Once you taste this, you’ll be finding yourself cooking extra pasta on purpose.

You might go so crazy over this that you’ll go home, make some pasta, and fry it up right away, but it’s not the same as the noodles and sauce need time to marry.

If you like the outer texture of crispy lasagna, this will definitely interest you.

crispy leftover pasta

Christina’s Cucina’s crispy leftover pasta tastes like the perfect toasted corner of a lasagna (insert heart-eye emoji here).

8. Taco Spaghetti

This is another excellent way to switch up the flavor profile of your leftover spaghetti.

This southwestern taco spaghetti is delicious and ever-so kid-friendly.

Add some beans and some spices for a yummy and straightforward casserole!

In this video, you can follow Jennie step by step as she throws together this reader’s favorite.

Of course, you can skip the part where she boils fresh pasta.

Taco Spaghetti | The Diary of a Real Housewife

9. Leftover Spaghetti Bolognese Nests

We all have that one picky eater in the family. They refuse to eat leftovers.

With this recipe, you can trick them into thinking you’ve made a fresh gourmet meal.

For as beautiful and tasty as the final product is, these nests are surprisingly simple.

All you need is cupcake or muffin tins, your leftover pasta (with sauce), and some grated Parmigiano.

leftover spaghetti bolognese nests

Ciara from My Fussy Eater has this cute and simple idea that is the perfect way to add some fun to your leftover spaghetti.

10. Spaghetti and Eggs

This dish is simple and reminds us of a fantastic mix between Israeli Shakshuka and an Italian dinner.

All you need for this is a cast iron or another oven-proof pan, some leftover spaghetti, eggs, and some extra cheese (it never hurts).

Make some beds in the pasta for the eggs, and toss it in the broiler until the whites are cooked.

spaghetti with egg

11. Leftover Spaghetti Stuffed Eggplant

The leftover stuffed eggplant is a brilliant and delicious idea.

Not only are these genuinely delicious, but they’re also super aesthetically pleasing and will look great on any dinner table or party tray.

This recipe takes a little bit of time and care since you’ll want to make sure the eggplant flesh is nicely cooked.

It’s best to add some pieces of fresh mozzarella and basil to the top for the best flavor and texture combination.

spaghetti stuffed eggplant

Well, Alidia from My Little Italian Kitchen has convinced us to whip up an extra batch of spaghetti the day before our next dinner party.

12. Spaghetti and Meatball Soup

Imagine the perfect combination.

Creamy tomato soup with meatballs inside, and thin spaghetti noodles that you can slurp with satisfaction.

This soup is the last, but certainly not least recipe for leftover pasta that we’ll mention.

We promise:

After you try this, you’ll never look at spaghetti and meatballs without thinking about it again.

It’s creamy, cozy, and the perfect winter-time meal. It doesn’t matter that the pasta is leftover, the texture will be perfect no matter how cooked it gets.

spaghetti with meatball soup

What to Do with Leftover Spaghetti: There’s Even More Mileage in This Dish!

In this section, we’ll cover some of the essentials that will help you tie your leftover spaghetti reboot dinner all together.

For a great list of combos for your original meal, see our list of spaghetti sides.

Pairing Italian Food and Wine

What gives your leftover spaghetti it’s flavor is the sauce, which has had some time to soak into the pasta.

When it comes to choosing your wine, focus on the type of sauce that you’re using.

Tomato-based pasta is high in acidity; they need a wine with equal or higher acidity to match them. If not, the pasta will be too overpowering.

Complex and layered wines like Cabernet Sauvignon are loved for their acidic yet savory character.

wine with leftover spaghetti Go with a vino with a high-tannin profile for any tomato-based sauce.

Pinot noir is lighter in structure, but it’s earthy and fragrant body compliments tomato and basil based spaghetti.

Merlot and Sangiovese also go well with meat sauce.

Not a fan of red?

Riesling, Chardonnay, and Sangiovese tend to have light, melony, and tart flavors. White wines pair best with cream or butter-based sauce such as alfredo, pesto, or blush sauce.

Appetizer Ideas

One of the best parts of any Italian meal is the selection of appetizers.

If you’ve got a hungry crowd to please, whip up a few starters.

Hot summer months?

For a refreshing, consider throwing together a simple bruschetta and your favorite toppings and serve it with crackers or toasted bread.

If you have no time, you can always stick a loaf of bread, a ball of fresh mozzarella, crisp tomatoes, olive tapenade or pesto, and some plates.

Let your guests throw together the Italian aperitivo as they please.

With a glass of wine and a plate full of goodness, they’re bound to be pleased.

How to Reheat Leftover Spaghetti

Now we know that reheating leftover spaghetti by throwing it in a pan is the perfect post-Italian night snack.

It’s crispy and delicious.

If you want, you can also shock your spaghetti in boiling water.

Stick it inside a casserole dish with added ingredients and a sauce of your choice to prevent the noodles from drying up.

reheating spaghetti leftovers

If you’re short on time, you can always stick a bowl of leftover spaghetti in the microwave and zap it for thirty seconds.

If you add some butter and parmesan cheese, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how satisfying the noodles are.

There you have it!

Next time you make pasta, you’ll be throwing in a little extra to make tomorrow night’s dinner a breeze!

If you ate all of your pasta, but you still have some gravy, just whip up some new pasta or even some bread. When you need to know what to do with leftover spaghetti sauce, the ideas are equally as limitless.

Now you’ll always know what to do with leftover spaghetti noodles.

With this list, we have you covered whether you’re looking to switch up the ethnic cuisine or get creative with your second Italian night.

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