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20 Gyro Toppings for a Ready Appetite

20 Gyro Toppings for a Ready Appetite

When you order a gyro, you might be tempted just to pick up the first thing on the menu and go with it. But don’t! 

There are so many ways to customize your gyro that choosing what to put on one can almost feel overwhelming.

That’s what this piece is all about! I’ll give you some ideas for the best gyro toppings to add to your next gyro order.

And don’t worry if you’re not into lamb or beef— These gyro toppings ideas are great for chicken gyro as well!

What to Put on Gyros

The possibilities for what goes on in your gyro are endless.

So, if you want to take your gyro game to the next level —and don’t we all?

Here’s a list of condiments and toppings that’ll make your stomach happy:

1. Tzatziki Sauce With a Mint Twist

If you’re looking for a true gyros experience, you need Tzatziki sauce.

However, if you’re looking for something a little different… well, why not try something new? Adding mint brings it that little extra something!

It’s a really simple recipe, too—just combine Greek yogurt with cucumber, garlic, mint, and lemon juice.

Et bon appétit!

2. Sauteed Scallions with Garlic


This is the best way to enjoy scallions: sauteed in olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper. The secret ingredient? 

A little bit of garlic to brighten up the flavor.

If you’re making gyros, they’re even better when you add them to your meat before serving.

This way, they get all tender and caramelized, which makes them even more delicious than they already are!

3. Feta Cheese with Cherry Tomatoes


Feta cheese and cherry tomatoes are a classic combination that works well in almost any dish. And your gyro is no exception!

The two ingredients work together to create a taste that’s as fresh and light as it’s satisfying, with a slight tang and just a hint of sweetness.

It’s the perfect balance of savory, salty, and sweet.

And when you add in some fragrant herbs like rosemary or thyme, you end up with an incredible sandwich that’ll leave you coming back for more.

4. Different Types of Lettuce

Types of Lettuce

If you’re going to eat a gyro sandwich, you might as well go all out. 

I mean, what’s the point of eating a gyro if there isn’t a little bit of lettuce that’s crisp and cold?

The answer: there isn’t one.

So here’s how you can get the most out of your gyro sandwich: add romaine’s heart or iceberg lettuce!

Romaine’s hearts are crunchy yet tender, with a mild flavor that balances well with the salty meat and sauce.

As for iceberg lettuce, it adds texture and crunchiness without overpowering your palate with flavor. 

5. Tahini Sauce


Tahini sauce is a great choice for a gyro sandwich, especially if you’re using the yogurt-based tzatziki sauce as your base.

Tahini, which is a sesame seed paste, has a thick and creamy consistency that’ll help hold your sandwich together.

It’s often used in Middle Eastern cooking and is commonly paired with lamb or chicken.

6. Greek Fries

When you’re craving something salty and crispy, what do you turn to? French fries! But what if we told you there’s an even better option? Greek fries.

These seasoned fries are the perfect addition to a gyro sandwich.

They add a lot of flavor and texture that you wouldn’t get from regular fries. It’s like having a little bit of potato heaven in your mouth!

If you’re looking for something to satisfy your craving for potatoes and the taste of a grilled meat sandwich, then this is definitely the way to go!

7. Hummus


Do you know what’s better than a gyro sandwich? A gyro sandwich that has hummus in it.

The combination of flavors and textures is just perfect. 

The tzatziki sauce is cool, creamy, and tangy; the meat is warm and savory; the veggies are crunchy, and the hummus adds a sweet creaminess to the mix. 

It’s got everything going on! And if you’re like me, you’ll want to eat these all day long.

8. Sauteed Spinach and Mushrooms


When you top a gyro sandwich with sauteed spinach and mushrooms, you get a delicious way to add some veggies to your diet.

The combination of the hearty gyro meat, creamy tzatziki sauce, and fresh spinach and mushrooms will fill you up without weighing you down

So if you’re looking for a quick meal that’s both healthy and delicious, this is it!

9. Avocado Dipping Sauce

Avocado Dipping Sauce

This avocado dipping sauce is the perfect complement to your gyro sandwiches.

It’s creamy and delicious, and it has a fresh kick to it that makes it a really fun way to kick up the flavors of your gyro sandwiches. 

You can use this sauce on so many different things: tacos, grilled chicken, or even just a plain old salad! 

It’s super versatile and easy to make, so you’ll definitely want to keep this recipe on hand for when you need something quick and tasty in no time flat.

10. Kalamata Olives 

Kalamata Olives

Kalamata Olives are one of the most widely enjoyed and popular olives in the world.

These olives have a rich, buttery flavor that’s unlike any other olive. 

They’re also relatively easy to find, as they are sold at nearly all grocery stores across the United States.

Kalamata olives go well with many different foods, especially those with Mediterranean influences, such as gyros and hummus. 

11. Dill Pickles

Dill Pickles

Have you ever tried dill pickles on a gyro sandwich? It’s an amazing combination.

The tartness of the dill pickles cuts through the rich lamb and beef, while the oil from the pickles adds a little extra fat to balance out the meat.

The vinegar in the pickles also helps to cleanse the palate so that you can enjoy every bite.

If you’ve never tried this amazing combination, I highly recommend giving it a try!

12. Greek Fried Zucchini Chips


When you’re looking for a snack that’s both filling and healthy, Greek fried zucchini chips are the way to go. 

These crispy, crunchy treats are delicious on their own or served with a side of hummus. 

They’re also great with a gyro sandwich—just imagine how good they’d taste with some tzatziki sauce!

When you’re trying to eat healthily but still want something savory and satisfying, these crispy treats will do the trick. 

You can even serve them as an appetizer or perfect little gyros side dish at your next party or family gathering.

Your guests will love them!

13. Grilled Eggplant


When it comes to grilled eggplant, I can’t get enough!

I love everything about it: the texture, the taste, and the way it tastes even better when you grill it. It’s just so good. 

But what makes this particular recipe special is that it’s so versatile—you can use it in gyros, sandwiches, or even salads!

It’s hard to believe how much flavor comes out of one simple ingredient (and yes, I’m talking about eggplant). 

Plus, this recipe really lets that flavor shine through by using just a few simple ingredients like parsley and garlic for added flavor!

The Best Gyro Toppings: Healthy Edition!

Now that you have a delicious gyro, it’s time to make it even better by adding a truly healthy topping.

A healthy topping is any topping that provides nutrients without adding loads of calories or oils.

Here are some of my favorites:



Arugula is a leafy green that is often used for garnishing salads, but it can also be used in other dishes.

The leaves are dark green and have a sharp, peppery flavor.

You can definitely use it to dress up your gyro sandwiches, but you should know that arugula has a pretty strong flavor.

So, don’t use too much of it!


Chickpeas are a great source of protein, which means they’re perfect for anyone who wants to get stronger and stay healthy.

But did you know that chickpeas taste great in a gyro sandwich?

If you haven’t tried them yet, I highly recommend them! 

You can even add a spoonful of lemon juice for some extra flavor!

Cucumber Slices

Cucumber Slices

To the average person, the combination of cucumber and gyro meat in a sandwich is not an appetizing idea. It’s just too weird.

But I’m here to tell you that it’s actually quite delicious. 

I think it has something to do with the way the crunchy cucumber slices contrast with the soft meat—it’s like a cool summer treat in your mouth!

Green Onions

Now I know I’ve mentioned onions before, but here’s the deal: go for green onions!

Most people make their gyros with red onions, but green onions just have a more delicate, nuanced flavor.

They’re less sharp and pungent, so they’ll only add to your sandwich rather than overpowering it. 

And the color is just gorgeous! If you’re looking for a way to turn your meal into something really special, this is it.

You can use them in place of red onions in most recipes, actually!

Just chop up a bunch of green onions and throw them into whatever you’re cooking.

They’re especially good with chicken.

Roma Tomatoes 

Tomatoes are a little bit like salt in a recipe: they can add some much-needed flavor to a dish, but only if you use them in the right way.

If you’re using tomatoes in a gyro, you should definitely use a different type than what you might typically put on your salad or eat with hummus.

The best kind of tomato for gyros, in my opinion, is the “Roma” tomato—it’s meaty, sweet, and pretty much perfect for mixing into your gyro meat.

They also have fewer seeds than other types of tomatoes, which means less mess when you’re trying to eat one while on the go!

Bell Peppers


Adding peppers to a gyro sandwich is the best, and I don’t know why anyone would leave them out!

Peppers are a delicious, healthy addition to any gyro sandwich.

They provide a kick of flavor and crunchy texture, and they’re also packed full of vitamins and nutrients like vitamin C and potassium. 

If you’re looking for something fresh and new, try adding a few slices of sweet bell pepper to your next gyro!

Feta Cheese

Feta Cheese

The feta cheese in a gyro sandwich (see recipe) is like the cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich. 

It’s what makes the meal special and unique, but it also provides a nice balance of flavor and texture to the other ingredients.

Feta is a soft cheese that has a salty taste with a hint of sourness.

It’s made from sheep or goat’s milk and is usually eaten fresh.

When you’re making gyros at home, you can add feta as much as you like—it goes well with ground beef and lamb as well as chicken.

You don’t have to use just one type of cheese either—you can combine feta with other soft cheeses like mozzarella or cheddar for even more flavor!


That’s it for our guide to what goes on a gyro!

Gyros are delicious, but they’re even better when you put the right toppings on them. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the best gyro toppings and that you can now confidently order (or make!) your favorite Greek sandwich with confidence.

Bonus points if you use this article to impress your friends at your next dinner party!

gyro toppings hdr

20 Gyro Toppings for a Ready Appetite

Ideas and recipes to cook with gyro toppings


  • Tzatziki Sauce
  • Sauteed Scallions
  • Feta Cheese
  • Lettuces
  • Tahini Sauce
  • Greek Fries
  • Hummus
  • Sauteed Spinach
  • Avocado Dipping Sauce
  • Kalamata Olives
  • Dill Pickles
  • Greek Fried Zucchini Chip
  • Grilled Eggplant
  • Arugula
  • Chickpeas
  • Cucumber Slices
  • Green Onions
  • Roma Tomatoes
  • Bell Peppers


  • Choose your desired gyro toppings.
  • Gather and organize needed ingredients.
  • Create a tasty gyro toppings to complete your meal!

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