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15 Thin Sliced Pork Recipes for Quick and Delicious Dinners

15 Thin Sliced Pork Recipes for Quick and Delicious Dinners

Not in the mood to cook those thick, bone-in pork chops?

Thinly sliced pork is an amazing asset in your kitchen, when you know how to use it.

These slices can help you churn out an amazing restaurant-style dinner at the speed of light!

Ok, maybe not THAT fast.

But you will have tasty meals on your table in about 30 minutes, which works well for a busy weeknight.

Yet, all of these thin sliced pork recipes are so delicious, you can easily serve them up to guests for a dinner party.

Or turn them into a romantic meal for two when the kids are out.

And even if the kids are at home, these thin sliced pork recipes are so good, they won’t utter a single complaint!

Here Are 15 Thin Sliced Pork Recipes!

If you’re tired of the same old pork recipes, try these delicious recipes that everyone will ask you to make again and again!

1. Pork Piccata

Pork Piccata dish

Thin sliced pork is as easy to cook as chicken.

In fact, it is an excellent alternative in the kitchen. 

Case in point: pork piccata!

These thin slices of pork crisp up easily with a nice flour coating.

Then you make the sauce with white wine, capers, and lemon juice for an incredible meal.

Make some pasta to go with that sauce for a dinner that rivals takeout from your favorite Italian restaurant!

2. Japanese Style Pork Stir Fry

Pork Stir Fry recipe

Feeling the urge for something a bit more exotic?

You can use thin sliced pork to make a Japanese-style pork stir fry.

Marinating the pork first works best to give it a tender texture.

Then make a sauce with soy sauce, sesame oil, and garlic.

Throw in your favorite veggies and use those thick Japanese noodles too.

Or pile it onto a steaming bowl of white rice.

Garnish with toasted sesame seeds and enjoy!

3. Thin Pork Chops with Honey Mustard Sauce


Looking for a sliced pork recipe that’s saucier than the others?

With this honey mustard sauce smothered on top, you’ll want to smother your whole plate.

The sauce is made from heavy cream, honey, and Dijon mustard, all on the stovetop.

The pork simmers to perfection in this, and if you serve it with mashed potatoes or steamed rice with some green veggies on the side, it is going to be a hit.

Craft Beering has this amazing recipe for you!

4. Honey Garlic Pork Chops


We all need a simple and tasty recipe that requires minimal ingredients and cooking time.

That’s why we’re sharing this honey garlic pork chops recipe!

You get tender and juicy pork chops in a spectacular honey garlic sauce.

Adding a hint of crushed red pepper gives it a spicy note that is just perfect, though it is entirely optional.

You’ll be hooked on this sauce when you pour it over rice.

Dance Around the Kitchen has the full recipe details!

5. Korean Bulgogi Pork

Korean Bulgogi Pork recipe

Traditional Korean bulgogi is made with thinly sliced beef. 

But it can still be made with thin sliced pork loin too.

The key is making the marinade with garlic, pear, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, brown sugar, and red chili flakes. 

Once it has marinated, you cook the pork over high heat, letting it char slightly for an exquisite taste.

With rice or noodles, you’ll absolutely love this Korean dish.

Don’t forget the kimchi to serve on the side too!

6. Mongolian Pork

Mongolian Pork recipe

Resist the urge to order Chinese takeout and make Mongolian pork with one of the best thin sliced pork loin recipes! 

It’s ready in less than 30 minutes too, and all you need are a few pantry staples.

You’ll toss your thin slices of pork with cornstarch, and char over high heat.

Then you’ll move the pork from the skillet and add garlic and ginger followed by soy sauce, dark brown sugar, and water. 

When it boils, add the pork back in for a few seconds, then serve over rice with green onions as a garnish.

7. Thin-Sliced Pork Belly Stir Fry Recipe

Pork Belly Stir Fry Recipe

If you have pork belly, put it to good use with a spicy stir fry!

Use a wok or a deep skillet and get it nice and hot.

Then you can add the slices of pork belly, letting that fat help make things delicious.

Once cooked through, add minced garlic and sliced chilis. 

This spicy dish is a quick one that goes great with some egg drop soup for a cooling contrast in flavors!

8. Pork Schnitzel

Pork Schnitzel recipe

Set up your own Oktoberfest any time of year with a pork schnitzel dinner!

It all starts with thinly sliced pork that you can pound even thinner.

Coat them with flour and seasonings, egg, and breadcrumbs, then fry in hot oil.

They take only a few minutes per side and are just perfect with sauerkraut or German potato salad!

9. Slow Cooker Ranch Pork Chops


This easy and delicious thin pork dinner will be ready when you get home from work.

And the best part is that the ranch sauce makes even the kids eat every last bite.

You’ll add the pork to your slow cooker and pour in a mixture of cream soups, cream cheese, ranch dressing seasoning, and white wine.

The slow cooker takes care of it from there and you can serve it on top of mashed potatoes, buttered noodles, or rice.

If you can’t finish them all, you can easily make new meals from any leftover pork chops!

10. Pork Marsala


If you’re a fan of chicken marsala, you can do the same thing with pork!

That indulgent mushroom and marsala sauce is amazing, especially when you pair it with mashed potatoes or noodles.

It is elegant enough to serve company yet it takes less than 30 minutes to make.

So even if someone calls and says they’re stopping by, you’ll have this impressive meal on the table in no time without breaking a sweat.

Get all the details you need for the recipe from First Home Love Life!

11. Lemon Rosemary Pork Scallopini


But wait…what if you hate mushrooms?

If you’re in need of a dish everyone will love, even the mushroom haters, try this lemon rosemary pork scallopini.

Just a few simple ingredients and a short amount of time result in a dish that everyone will swear you had catered.

You dredge the pork in a flour coating, then brown it in butter with lemon and rosemary.

It’s absolutely delicious and utterly elegant, a perfect holiday dish or dinner for entertaining friends and family.

You’ll find all the details you need from Jordan’s Easy Entertaining

12. Pork Chops in Creamy Mushroom Garlic Sauce

Pork Chops dish

And we’re back to mushrooms, because they do pair so well with pork.

If you have thin slices of pork, they will simply sing and melt in your mouth in a creamy garlic and mushroom sauce. 

Coat your pork with paprika, garlic powder, salt, and pepper, then sear them for a couple minutes per side.

Move the pork and stir fry your mushrooms.

Add Italian seasoning, parsley, and garlic, followed by broth and cream.

The rich sauce is addictive, and perfect for serving with rice or pasta.

You could also make it even healthier with cauliflower rice or zoodles!

13. Pork Milanese


For a family-friendly dish, go with an Italian classic that is sadly overlooked.

Pork Milanese is made with thin slices of pork.

You will coat these slices with grated parmesan and breadcrumbs.

Then the pork is pan fried to a golden crisp.

It’s a little similar to a schnitzel but completely different.

Serve it with a big garden salad and some pasta to make your meal complete.

Family Spice shows you how it’s done!

14. Moo Shu Pork

Moo Shu Pork dish

There’s a reason why moo shu pork is so popular at every Chinese restaurant.

It’s absolutely delicious!

And it’s easy to make too!

You’ll make an egg omelet and set it aside.

Then you’ll cook your thin pork slices until it is browned.

After that, you add cabbage, mushrooms, garlic, and ginger. 

You’ll combine everything and then make a sauce with soy sauce, sesame oil, honey, hoisin sauce, cornstarch, and water. 

When it’s all done, serve it with hoisin sauce and flour tortillas just like in the restaurants!

15. Spicy Honey Lime Pork


And finally, give them dinner with a big kick of flavor.

Spicy honey lime pork has a sauce that you’ll adore.

Made with ketchup, sriracha, lime juice, honey, parsley, salt, and pepper, it gives your pork a sticky, spicy, sweet, and zesty taste.

These bake in the oven, making it an easy meal you can make at any time.

Now that you’ve got all these sliced pork recipes, you’ll be crafting epic meals in no time.

More than just thinly sliced prosciutto appetizers, these recipes make short work of elegant dinners that everyone will love, whether it’s just your family gathered around the table or a group of guests!

thin sliced pork recipes hdr

15 Thin Sliced Pork Recipes for Quick and Delicious Dinners

Ideas and recipes that use thin sliced pork


  • Pork Piccata
  • Japanese Pork Stir Fry
  • Thin Honey Mustard Pork Chops
  • Honey Garlic Pork Chops
  • Korean Bulgogi Pork
  • Mongolian Pork
  • Thin Sliced Pork Belly Stir Fry
  • Pork Schnitzel
  • Slow Cooker Ranch Pork Chops
  • Pork Marsala
  • Lemon Rosemary Pork Scallopini
  • Chops in Mushroom Garlic Sauce
  • Pork Milanese
  • Moo Shu Pork
  • Spicy Honey Lime


  • Choose your desired thin sliced pork recipe.
  • Gather and organize needed ingredients.
  • Create a tasty thin sliced pork recipe and complete your meal!

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