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Dessert Recipes with Corn Flakes: 21 Loveable Options

Dessert Recipes with Corn Flakes: 21 Loveable Options

Let’s face it, a lot of dessert recipes out there are challenging to make.

They take time, ingredients are expensive, and most aren’t fail-proof.

However, some recipes are actually easy and use a key ingredient that you’ll find in pretty much every pantry: corn flakes.

Corn flakes are a common breakfast staple in many households, but their use doesn’t end at the breakfast table.

Because of their non-overpowering flavor, they blend well with any other ingredient, from chocolate to caramel.

Plus, they add a lot of texture.

In fact, the extra crunch can help you make some delicious dessert recipes with corn flakes.

With this list, I hope you find your next go-to dessert!

1. Chocolate Chip Corn Flakes Cookies

To kick off our corn flake dessert recipes, let’s check out these chocolate chip corn flakes cookies.

If you’re a big fan of cookies with textures, you’ll absolutely love these.

That’s not all.

In addition to their divine texture, the neutral taste of corn flakes pairs naturally with the sweetness of the chocolate.

This combination creates a unique variation of your classic choco chip cookies.

You can even sprinkle flaky sea salt on top after baking to intensify the chocolatey goodness.

2. Peanut Butter Corn Flake Crunch Bars

If you’re more of a peanut butter fan like I am, this recipe is for you.

You’ll only need three ingredients: corn flakes, peanut butter, and maple syrup.

That said, any syrup will do the trick.

Here’s a pro tip:

For extra gooey bars, you can add a tablespoon (or two) more of your syrup.

Just make sure to melt your peanut butter with your syrup.

This way, it’s easier to combine it with the flakes.

3. Chocolate Corn Flake Cookies

chocolate corn flake cookies

Maybe you’re tired of using a spoon to eat your cereal and want to mix things up a little.

This recipe turns your usual cereals into scrumptious dessert balls.

So get ready to ditch those spoons and bowls.

How’s that possible?

Well, you’ll melt your chocolate and use it to shape and bind your corn flakes balls.

Then, you can pop them in the freezer for a few hours before serving.

You can also use chocolate-flavored corn flakes to double the chocolatey goodness.

4. No Bake Cinnamon Cereal Bars

These bars are quick, easy, inexpensive, and an absolute hit with kids as a quick snack or an after-meal dessert.

This also makes for a perfect holiday gift for friends, family, and neighbors just because of how easy they are to make.

It gets better:

You can mix it up by using different add-ins like nuts, chocolate chips, and flavored marshmallows.

5. Christmas Corn Flake Wreaths

Are you feeling a little festive? Here’s a Christmas treat for you.

These Christmas wreaths are an adorable and delicious way to add some holiday sparkle to your dessert menu this winter.

The best part?

This recipe doubles as a fun craft activity you can enjoy with your kids.

So, let creativity reign over, and design the wreaths however you’d like—red M&Ms are a popular choice!

6. Banana and Corn Flakes Layered Pudding

The pudding in this recipe is heavenly, light, and fluffy.

With corn flakes as the crust, the treat packs a delectable crunch.

The recipe uses pineapples and bananas, but you can use any fruit you’d like, such as cherries and strawberries.

You can also add crushed corn flakes on top of the whipped cream for extra points in the presentation!

7. Gluten-free Chewy Chip Bars

If you’re looking for desserts made with gluten-free corn flakes, look no further than this recipe.

There’s one tiny catch.

You’ll need to use your oven for this one, but I promise you, it will be worth it.

I’m absolutely in love with how deliciously gooey and chewy these bars are!

That said, this recipe calls for semi-sweet chocolate chips.

So, expect this dessert to be on the less sweet side.

8. Gooey Corn Flake Crispies

This recipe is similar to soft and gooey rice krispie treats but made better and crunchier with corn flakes.

I always find myself making a second batch of these goodies just because one is never enough.

What’s the appeal?

Well, you only need four ingredients: marshmallows, salted butter, vanilla, and, of course, corn flakes.

So, it’s one of the easiest corn flakes desserts to make.

9. Mais Con Yelo Dessert with Corn Flakes

mais con yelo dessert with cornflakes

Mais con Yelo is a classic Filipino dessert perfect for those hot summer days.

It literally translates to corn with ice!

Ever since I laid my eyes (and taste buds) on this iced corn dessert, it has been a hot summer day staple.

Corn flakes are added on top of the flan or corn for extra crunch in every bite!

10. Peanut Butter Corn Flake S’mores Bars

This easy recipe takes the best parts of s’mores and adds a crunchy texture to make a scrumptious corn flakes dessert.

Between the decadent chocolate, smooth peanut butter, gooey marshmallows, and crispy corn flakes, what’s not to love?

You can bring these as a packed dessert for camping trips if you still want s’mores but have to skip the usual bonfire activity.

11. Chocolate Afghan Biscuits

This Afghan biscuit recipe marries crunchy corn flakes with smooth and velvety chocolate icing to make the perfect dessert.

It’s a classic New Zealand baked treat that’s bound to make your mouth water.

Here’s yet another fun fact:

They’re also known as Milk Chocolate Roughs in some places.

If you’re looking for an extra kick, add walnuts or more corn flakes on top of the icing for added texture, flavor, and flair.

12. Caramel Crunch Brownies

This recipe takes brownies to a whole different level, and I’m a hundred percent here for it.

In a nutshell:

This recipe combines moist brownies with crunchy cornflakes drenched in gooey caramel as the brownie topping.

All in all, these desserts with corn flakes can be perfect for people with an insatiable sweet tooth.

Add that to the fact that they’re incredibly simple to make!

13. Crunchy French Toast

Crunchy French toast is another addition to our easy dessert recipes with corn flakes.

You might be wondering: can French toast and corn flakes—two breakfast staples—really make a dessert?

Well, yes. This recipe will show you how to transform your classic French toast into a crispy and crunchy good time.

It’s super simple:

Use corn flakes for the French toast crust.

14. Coconut Energy Balls Dessert with Corn Flakes

bowl of coconut energy balls dessert

Turn your boring old corn flake cereal into a fun, energizing dessert or snack with this recipe.

Make small balls with corn flakes mixed with melted marshmallows and butter.

Next, you can roll them around coconut flakes for extra flavor.

But there’s one minor issue.

When making the corn flake balls, you’ll have to be careful not to crush them so they can retain their crunch.

15. Frosted Flakes Cluster Cookies

All you need are five minutes and three ingredients to make these cluster cookie desserts made with corn flakes.

How’s that?

Well, using specifically Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes minimizes the need for sugar because they are already sweetened.

You’ll still need melted chocolate chips and peanut butter.

Then, you can combine all your ingredients in a bowl.

You can either lay the mixture on a pan for a conventional flat cookie or mold them into balls before popping them in the freezer.

16. Coconut Corn Flake Macaroons

To add some flair to our dessert ideas with corn flakes, we just have to mention these coconut corn flakes macaroons.

We know that macaroons by themselves already have their fair share of texture from the coconut bits and flakes.

In this recipe, it seems that too much is never enough.

Adding corn flakes to macaroons before baking boosts the texture and taste.

It does require a bit more elbow grease compared to the other desserts on the list.

Hear me out, though.

Once you get a taste of these macaroons, I promise you won’t mind the grind.

17. Jam Tart Dessert with Corn Flakes

Picture this:

Strawberry jam and sweetened corn flakes on a bed of buttery shortcrust pastry.

That’s exactly what this recipe will help you make.

So, it’s pretty much an old-school cafeteria dessert recipe with a modern twist.

An important tip is to blind-bake the pastry first before adding the jam filling and corn flakes topping.

Then, you can bake for another 10 minutes before cooling and serving.

While this recipe gives you instructions to make your own crust, you can definitely opt to use store-bought pastry.

18. Fried Ice Cream with Toasted Corn Flakes

Are you ready for rich vanilla ice cream on a toasted cinnamon corn flake crust with silky, golden honey right on top?

It’s true:

This dessert tastes as heavenly as it sounds!

So, if you’re looking for classic frozen dessert recipes with corn flakes to try, this might be just the thing for you.

19. Crispy Flaky Butterfinger Treats

Another irresistible addition to our dessert recipes using corn flakes are these Crispy Flaky Butterfinger Treats.

This treat delivers on the promises in its name: crispy, flaky, and buttery!

You’ll need butter, large marshmallows, chocolate chips, corn flakes, and this dessert’s star, Butterfinger candy bars.

I know what you’re thinking:

It’s too sweet.

Well, you can use semi-sweet chocolate chips since the Butterfingers and marshmallows are already plenty sugary.

20. Peanut Butter M&M Corn Flake Cookies

Did you think I was done with all the corn flake desserts with peanut butter?

Well, you thought wrong.

These delightful no-bake cookies combine your creamy peanut butter of choice with light corn syrup, sugar, corn flakes, and M&Ms.

You can even put a twist on this fun dessert by trying out other flavors like white chocolate, pumpkin spice latte, and caramel!

21. Corn Flakes Bar with Nuts

plate of corn flakes bars with nuts

Last but not least on our list are these corn flakes bars with nuts.

These lie more on the healthier side of things.

Let me explain.

This recipe uses real nuts. So you can customize the toppings for a nutritional boost.

Personally, I prefer dark chocolate with pistachios for many dessert recipes with corn flakes.

After all, pistachios add more fiber with a sweet earthy flavor, while corn flakes offer that extra crunch and sweet, salty taste.

cornflake cookies on a plate

Dessert Recipes with Corn Flakes: 21 Loveable Options

Ideas and recipes that use corn flakes.


  • Chocolate Chip Corn Flakes Cookies
  • Peanut Butter Corn Flake Crunch Bars
  • Chocolate Corn Flake Cookies
  • No Bake Cinnamon Cereal Bars
  • Christmas Corn Flake Wreaths
  • Banana and Corn Flakes Layered Pudding
  • Gluten-free Chewy Chip Bars
  • Gooey Corn Flake Crispies
  • Mais Con Yelo Dessert with Corn Flakes
  • Peanut Butter Corn Flake S’mores Bars
  • Chocolate Afghan Biscuits
  • Caramel Crunch Brownies
  • Crunchy French Toast
  • Coconut Energy Balls Dessert with Corn Flakes
  • Frosted Flakes Cluster Cookies
  • Coconut Corn Flake Macaroons
  • Jam Tart Dessert with Corn Flakes
  • Fried Ice Cream with Toasted Corn Flakes
  • Crispy Flaky Butterfinger Treats
  • Peanut Butter M&M Corn Flake Cookies
  • Corn Flakes Bar with Nuts


  • Choose your desired corn flakes dessert recipe.
  • Gather and organize needed ingredients.
  • Create a tasty corn flakes dessert recipe and enjoy!

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