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Best Gas Range and Oven Reviews

Best Gas Range and Oven Reviews

There are many gas ranges on the market that provide the features and efficiency you need for a positive cooking experience. 

These machines are all relatively easy to use, with many emphasizing how well they’ll look in your kitchen as much as the controls and capabilities they provide.

There’s no denying that the modern gas range offers you plenty of features for convenience, cooking control and efficient use.

But are all these features really necessary?

The best gas range models offer niceties like glass touch-pad controls (instead of the regular manual knobs) and WiFi connectivity to operate the appliance with your phone.

Best gas range and oven reviews

If you choose a range with “extras” you’re sure to see these reflected in the purchase price as well as maintenance costs down the road.

There are certainly features you do want and that provide you good value for the money.

Aspects like ranges made from heavy duty materials, such as stainless steel and porcelain and models that make cooking surfaces easier to keep clean.

At the heart of it all, you really just need a stove top that’s quick to heat pans and food along with the best gas oven that can cook your food evenly in a decent amount of time.

In the following sections we’ll cover gas range reviews, including stove top and oven types, best brands, gas range brands to avoid and which features you need most.

You’ll be armed and ready to choose your ideal model and get to cooking in no time!

Types of Gas Ranges Reviewed

Gas ranges have a variety of models and styles –  But there are four standard types you can buy, with each including a traditional stove top and an oven with modern features.

You need this information to know which gas range style is right for your kitchen. These range types are not actually all created equal and can require different installation methods. Who knew, right?

We’ll start with the most popular type sold today:

Freestanding Gas Ranges:

Freestanding gas range model

This is the most common style of range in American households. A freestanding gas range is easily recognized by its finished outer side walls.

What you see is a finished design of the unit completed around both sides, i.e. smooth and shiny surfaces. This lets it stand alone either between cabinets or at the end of a counter section in your kitchen.

If you have a basic kitchen or at least one that wasn’t custom built at some point this is the type you need if you’re replacing an old model.

Sometimes they’ll come with feet giving the range an even more stand-alone appearance.

Most freestanding ranges have a backguard where the typical design places the standard oven and burner control knobs on this back piece. More modern models move the controls up front but house the digital read-outs on the back.

You’ll like a freestanding type gas range because you don’t have to build your kitchen cabinets and counter top to accommodate it.  A freestanding range simply slips in between your cabinets, usually a standard space of 30-inches to 32-inches, with larger spaces up to 36 inches.

This type of gas range is generally less expensive, but the flip-side is they are harder to keep clean. This is because food spillage and other debris tend to fall down in between the appliance and the counter top.

Slide-In Gas Ranges:

Best slide-in gas range

This type is more sleek looking than their free-standing counterparts. This is due to the snug fitting they require when installing into your kitchen.

With a slide-in gas range, you’re getting what amounts to a built-in look because the front control panel of the range extends its width to rest against the front plane of your counter top once it’s pushed in.

The side edges of the stove top platform also sit precisely to the edge of your counters. In fact, some of the best slide in gas range models are designed with a lip to overhang onto your counter for a truly finished appearance.

Best of all, no spills or dirt falling between the cracks. Without the gaps, it just doesn’t happen!

Finished top of slide-in gas range

To further this polished placement, slide-in ranges put the burner and oven controls out front, leaving the back flat which allows your range cook top to marry tightly against the back splash on your back wall.

Because of this design the gas range must have cabinets built and positioned accordingly on each side of the unit. This can be a costly upgrade, but if you’re remodeling your kitchen, you can spec to this and take advantage of the enhanced look.

These gas ranges tend to cost a little more than the more common free-standing ranges. You’re paying for its beauty though as most low-to-medium end models come with the comparable features and performance. More higher-end models are available for a the slide-in gas range type.

In summary, these look great, are easy to keep clean but do require a form-fitted kitchen to accept them.

Front-Control Gas Ranges:

Front-control gas range


If you want the built-in look of the slide-in gas range but don’t want to remodel your kitchen, then a front-control gas range is for you.

These are basically free-standing gas ranges with both the control knobs and display panel built onto the front of the appliance. This is actually pretty nice!

What else is nice, is you don’t have to pay as much in general for this kind of an upgrade when you buy a new gas range.

Now what gets confusing here is that slide-in ranges are indeed “front-control” but you can also have free-standing gas ranges with front-controls as we’re talking about here.

You just have to be careful since front control and slide-in types are used interchangeably. But since they require two different kinds of installations, this is actually not accurate.

You don’t want to make the big mistake of buying a “front-control” slide-in for the look, only to realize that it won’t fit in your kitchen. You’ll have a bit of a nightmare on your hands!

Bottom line is that this type is a great replacement for your old freestanding range in your home. It’s the most convenient approach to upgrading your kitchen to a modern look without doing any construction.

In summary, these types place the controls in front with a clean look in back (to reveal your backsplash) but have the form-factor of the classic free-standing range.

Drop-In Gas Ranges:

Less common, but no-doubt a popular desire for some homeowners is the drop-in gas range.

The big requirement with these ranges is they demand a prepared base and front cabinet panel at the bottom that matches your kitchen.

These give you the most integrated look of any of the types as they sit comfortably within your cabinets.

Aside from required custom construction, these types don’t come with a cookware storage drawer at the bottom like other types.

They are also not very popular in retail outlets and have limited choices when it comes to selecting a model for what it can do.

In other words, these usually have to be special ordered from select brands but they do look pretty nifty if you want the appliances in your kitchen to be less present and tucked away.

Gas Range Upgrades

As mentioned above, you can splurge for those features that boost the performance and capabilities of your gas range.

Narrowing down which bells and whistles are most useful to you can be difficult when poring over gas range reviews. Let’s take a look at a few important ones to help you decide.

We’ll start with some of the biggies first…the components that impact the price the most!

Double Oven Gas Ranges:

Double oven gas range

The only way to beat the convenience of a gas range oven is to get one with two ovens! Enter: The double-oven gas range.

It’s two ovens in one in your gas range – A small oven usually on top for smaller meals or side dishes. Then a large lower oven for when you’re cooking bigger meals or entertaining dinner parties.

The greatest advantage of the smaller oven is it’s small space heats up more quickly. This means faster pre-heating and food on the table sooner.

Together, a double oven gas range gives you the flexibility to prepare multiple dishes at the same time with completely separate temperature zones.

Ranges with double ovens usually come with nicer features such as better self-cleaning performance and better designed convection systems.

Best Double Oven Gas Range:

If you’re thinking two ovens in the same unit is the way to go, you definitely need to check out the GE 6.8 cu. ft. Double Oven Gas Range (See Model #JGB860SEJSS for more info). 

This spacious freestanding model has a convection oven on the bottom, five edge-to-edge burners (including a griddle) for pot and pan size flexibility, and is priced in fairly in the mid-range.

For the slide-in option, the GE Profile 6.7 cu. ft. Slide-In Smart Double Oven Gas Range (See Model #PGS960SELSS) is an elite choice. As mentioned above, this is one of those double-oven models that comes with some perks, such as multi-ring burners for super fast heating, WiFi for remote operation, a reversible griddle and an oven temperature probe to monitor food more easily.

Convection Oven Gas Ranges:

Range with convection element

You’ve heard the term but you may not know exactly what a convection oven is how it can be built into the one under your range.

Simply put, a convection oven is one with a fan inside. This fan blows across a heating element and distributes hot air evenly around your oven.

What’s the advantage?

In doing so, this process for heating provides consistent heat on all three racks of your oven.

As hot air circulates around the entire cooking space, the heat directly around your food is the same as the rest of the oven. Some traditional ovens may have a hard time attaining this.

The big benefits here are that your food cooks more efficiently and well, faster in some cases. It’s drying effect makes foods you want crispy, extra crispy.

For you, this means no worrying about rotating pans. You know, where you have to put on your heavy oven mitt and quickly (but carefully) open the oven door to turn your scorching hot casserole dish.

Your oven doesn’t have to be quite as hot either with convection cooking. This is because the heat is being force directed to your food instead of conduction or intense radiant heat doing all of the work.

While convection oven ranges can speed up cooking for less dense foods, you’ll want to pay attention not to overcook or overbake your dishes. Good models come with features to help avoid this, especially when you’re moving from a conventional oven.

Not all convection oven ranges are created equal however. Some have one fan, others multiple. Some fans are covered while others direct heat.

Our suggested model is the GE 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Oven (Check out Model #JGB700SEJSS). It’s an affordable unit at its price and can perform just as good as models that run twice the money.

This is a convection option that brings you the features you’d want in a new range, such as effective self-cleaning, thickly insulated door, and five burners with edge-to-edge cooking for a cleaner stove top.


Best dual fuel gas range


What is a dual fuel range? This is a range with two different power sources for cooking: Gas on the cook top and electricity for the oven.

For some, this is the best of both worlds because in general the best gas stove will give you nice uniform cooking flames for more controlled heating. (Of course, a gas flame will waste some of its energy so it’s not as fast to bring food up to temperature or to boil water compared to an electric coil.

Gas ovens can struggle with longer cooking times and getting food evenly heated when contrasted with electric ovens. That said, for some, using electric at all on a range (unless it’s an induction cook top) is far from their first choice.

What you get with dual fuel is more controlled stove top cooking for your pots and pans. Then in the oven, you have the benefits of electricity, which offers a more predictable cooking temperature.

Now, in most cases a 100% gas range will work great for you. If you’re a baking fanatic, then dual fuel might be a choice worth considering.

Duel-fuel ranges do come with a higher sticker price. So, you just have to ask yourself if you’re going to do a lot of baking and making fancy desserts, then the more precise cooking you get with electric ovens may be your calling.

If you want to go for it, we absolutely love the KitchenAid 6.4 cu. ft. Downdraft Slide-In Dual Fuel Range (See Model #KSDG950ESS). The gas stove is convertible to use either natural gas or propane. It’s pricey, but you also get a true convection oven, downdraft ventilation and a steam rack for enhanced cooking via added moisture.

Best Gas Range Brands

Best gas range brands reviewed

When you’re looking for a gas range to match both your needs and desires, it’s definitely worth comparing the major gas range brands. Learning which maker is the most trusted and what gas range brands to avoid is a great first step in your buying journey.

This will help you in understanding what makes good models good, helping you distill which manufacturer offers the best features like easy-to-use controls and display panels, efficient heating capabilities and style considerations.

However, it is not an easy task to choose the perfect gas range, that’s why we have taken our time to research and uncover just what makes these brands great.

We’ve assembled comprehensive data using basic specs, sales and maintenance history. Plus, hands-on experience and user input factors in to our choices for the best gas range by style and brand while considering a model’s performance and reliability records.

If there’s one thing to know it’s that different brands excel depending on their price ranges – some brands have great cook tops that boil water quickly and are easy to clean, while others produce ranges with magnificent ovens with convection heating and helpful preset cooking modes.

It’s what makes choosing a gas range so hard…yet the reward at the end is that you really can find the right model for you.

Here’s how…

Remember, if you’re upgrading or replacing, it’s best to stick to what you already have in your kitchen. For example, sticking with a free-standing type.

More importantly, choose a model that ties directly to what and how you cook – are you just a simple weekend cook, or are you a day-to-day aspiring home chef?

As with most kitchen appliances, the price range is broad; like $350-$10,000 broad! Set your budget at the start and stick to it. Each gas range brand offers a good model at any price point.

Let’s take a look at the top brands and models for each style now.

Best Free-standing Gas Range Brands

This is the most popular range type that you see in many standard kitchen layouts. It’s most likely the style you have if you’re swapping out an old one.

While it doesn’t give you that “built-in” look along your counter line and backsplash, all major brands design these with a sleek and modern appearance. You have a choice for where to locate your controls, either on the top-rear panel or up front at easy reach.

The top traditional brands for free-standing units include: Whirlpool, GE, KitchenAid, and Samsung.

But the hands down brand winner for this category is GE. They offer an entire line of quality models for free-standing units–from base units to double-oven, feature rich cooking machines.

GE BrandOur favorite? You simply can’t beat the GE 30 in. 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range (See Model #JGBS66REKSS for more info).

This one for sure is top value for the money. It just works great, simply put. It has the features you really need such as sealed burners for less mess and a large included griddle. The oven is very spacious and about as easy to clean as they come. It’s five color options will ensure a great match into your kitchen


Best Slide-in Gas Range Brands

If you desire an ultra streamlined look in your kitchen, then a slide-in model is for you. Of course, you may need to outfit your kitchen counters and cabinets to accommodate this form factor.

If you do, you’ll have many brand choices to choose from. While there aren’t nearly as many selections in this gas range category, you can find plenty of brands putting their best foot forward such as: LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Bosch, KitchenAid and GE.

The brand that takes the cake here with the best-selling and hugely popular model is Samsung. This is the best slide in gas range based on its quality, performance and value for what you get all in one machine.

Best Samsung gas rangeThe ever-popular Samsung 5.8 cu. ft. Slide-In Gas Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Oven (See Model #NX58H9500WS to see why) is the kind of appliance you could just stare at all day for its beauty. It has an abundance of customizable features with an extremely versatile set of burners and an enormous convection oven.


Best Front-control Gas Range Brands

Ok, here we go! The built-in look without changing up your kitchen or spending the extra money on a slide-in. Nice.

In fact, up until recent years if you wanted both your gas oven control knobs and display panel on the front you were pretty limited when it came to freestanding models. Today, you have “front-control” gas ranges that fit perfectly in your 30-inch cutout in your kitchen.

The best gas range brands for this nifty style are Kenmore, Samsung, GE, and Frigidaire.

Frigidaire brandIf you want a “wow” appearance, high quality and immense value you definitely want to consider our pick, the Frigidaire 5.0 cu. ft. Single Oven Gas Range with Self-Cleaning Oven (See Model #FFGH3054US to learn more).

This beauty packs a lot value due to its large self-cleaning oven, high BTU burners for faster cooking, and corner-to-corner grates for more convenient gas stove cooking.

Best Free-Standing Gas Ranges 2020

Here’s our top picks for the most popular style gas range.

# Model OVEN SIZE/BURNERS Pros Price
1. GE JGBS66REKSSBest gas range (free-standing) 5.0 cu. ft. Oven
5 Burners
  • PowerBoil for quick boiling
  • Multi-adjustable oven racks
  • Auto shut-off feature for safety
2. Whirlpool WFG320M0BS

Our second choice for best gas range (free-standing)

5.1 cu. ft. Oven
4 Burners
  • SpeedHeat™ burners for high heat
  • Includes AccuSimmer® burner for precise temps
  • Extra large oven window
3. Samsung NX58H5600SSGas range reviews 3 5.8 cu. ft. Oven
5 Burners
  • Has removable center griddle
  • Sealed burners stay clean
  • Convection oven
4. KitchenAid KFGD500ESSFourth choice for best freestanding gas range 6.0 cu. ft. Oven
5 Burners
  • Sleek, professional design
  • Versatile burners (5,000-17,000 BTUs)
  • Double-oven with true convection
5. Frigidaire FFGF3052TSPick number 5 gas range (free-standing) 4.2 cu. ft. Oven
5 Burners
  • Center oval burner with griddle
  • Continuous grates for easy cooking
  • Broil and Serve drawer for quick toasting/browning

Factors to Consider When Buying a Gas Range

There are many gas ranges on the market that provide you with beneficial features that can make your cooking experience faster and easier.

Many convection ovens are expensive because this feature uses a fan to help air flow and distribute the heat to provide an even and quick cook or bake.

Other features, such as self-cleaning, should not be something that you necessarily need to pay extra for.

The self-cleaning function should be used for a quick clean, but should not be used as your main cleaning need because it does not physically clean everything as well as when you manually clean your oven.

Other features that your gas range has should solely be based upon your own needs.

Overall, there are many candidates that are a great appliance to have in your kitchen.

When seeking a new range, always remember to keep in mind the size of your oven, the size of the space your range is going to fill, and how easy it is to use.

What to Think about Before You Buy

There are many things that you should consider before purchasing a gas range.

What size will suit your kitchen? What type of range will be easy to install in my kitchen? What capacity should you choose? What features should I look for in a range?

Below you will find the most common things you should consider before deciding on a gas range.


There are many different sized ranges on the market. Make sure you measure the space you will be placing your new oven before purchasing one.

Many electric and gas ranges you will find are 30 inches wide, however, pro-style ranges can be as wide as 36 inches or more.


There are two types of ranges on the market: freestanding and slide in.

Freestanding ranges are generally the most popular type of range and are the easiest to install.

You will mostly find the control panel on the back panel, located above the cooktop.

A slide-in range features a custom built-in look and is easy to slide in-between cabinets.

You will mostly find the controls for this oven on the range front.

There is also no back panel, which stages your backsplash.


This is probably one of the most important aspects of purchasing an oven because you have to take into consideration how often you cook, as well as how often you entertain.

If you entertain guests a lot, then you will want to purchase an oven that offers a lot of space.

Oven space can measure from two cubic feet to four cubic feet.

10 Best Gas Ranges


The GE Stainless Steel Gas Slide is a great stove for your kitchen.

It features many control functions such as convection baking and roasting, a preheat signal that is audible, a self-cleaning cycle, and an automatic recipe converter.

You will also find that it comes with a Sabbath Mode feature which is perfect for those who practice Judaism during which they cannot cook during the Sabbath.

This range contains a double oven, which the upper oven has a capacity of 2.5 cubic feet and the lower has a capacity of 4.3 cubic feet.

The stainless steel oven also features a dual broil function in the upper oven.


  • Double ovens
  • Electronic ignition system
  • Self-cleaning cycle
  • Sealed cooktop burners
  • Glass touch controls
  • Limited one year parts warranty
  • Limited one year labor warranty
  • ADA Compliant


This range is perfect for those large gathering and entertaining events. You can cook a turkey in one oven while baking pies and other sweets in the other.

The convection oven also allows for you to enjoy a quicker and more even baking experience. Overall, this range is an ideal fit for your home.


  • Two ovens
  • Safety features
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Electronic ignition system
  • Convection
  • One year parts and labor warranty


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to clean burners

2. Thor Kitchen HRG3080U

The Professional Style Gas Range is a very handy oven to have in your kitchen, although it does not feature two ovens, it does have a capacity of 4.2 cubic feet.

It is made from durable and sturdy stainless steel while also featuring cooking grates that are made from cast iron. The electronic ignition also comes with an automatic re-ignition safety feature.

This range is also easy and quick to clean. You will also find that this oven comes with an extra-large window that features two halogen oven lights so you can easily see you food.


  • Stainless steel range
  • Simple to clean
  • 22,000 BTU convection oven
  • Electronic ignition
  • Automatic re-ignition
  • Oven window is extra large
  • Cooking grates made from cast iron
  • Two year limited warranty on parts and labor
  • ADA Compliant


Overall, it is an ideal stove to have in your kitchen. The oven is very roomy, making it easy for you to cook multiple foods and desserts at one time.

It also provides safety features that are very beneficial to you, especially if you have little children running around the house.

You also do not have to keep opening the oven door to see our food because the oven has two halogen lights and an extra-large window to see through.


  • Simple to clean
  • Halogen lights
  • Stainless steel
  • Two year parts and labor warranty


  • Expensive
  • One oven

3. GE CGS985SETSS Cafe 30

The GE Café Gas Range is a durable and versatile oven to have in your kitchen.

It has many features which include an automatic oven shutoff, self-cleaning, timed baking, a digital numeric entry, clock and timer, and convection baking and roasting.

This range also features a certified Sabbath mode for those who cannot cook during the Sabbath.

The convection oven has a capacity of 5.4 cubic feet and a baking drawer with a capacity of 1.0 cubic feet. You will also find that this range includes many safety features.


  • Convection oven
  • Five sealed burners
  • Electric ignition
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Variable cleaning times
  • Baking drawer
  • Fourteen specialized oven control features
  • Stainless steel


This is an ideal range for your kitchen, especially if you have small children running around in your home because it provides many safety features.

One such safety feature is the control lock that keeps from children playing with the temperature of the oven. This is also a convection oven that features convection baking and roasting.

The oven is a very spacious 5.4 cubic feet, which means you can fit many different dishes for cooking simultaneously. It is the perfect range for those who entertain guests frequently.


  • Baking drawer
  • Electronic ignition
  • Sealed burners
  • Convection oven


  • Expensive

4. LG LDG4315ST 30

The LG Double Oven Gas Range features two ovens; the top oven has a capacity of 2.6 cubic feet while the lower oven has a capacity of 4.3 cubic feet.

This range features six cooking modes that include delay bake, delay cook, pizza, bake, broil, and warm.

It has two different rack positions and features a glass touch oven control.

With an overall oven capacity of 6.9 cubic feet, you can also choose the fast broiling option with the 18,500 BTU burner.

This oven also includes ProBake convection.


  • Stress-free cleaning
  • Double oven
  • Stainless steel
  • Glass touch oven control
  • Two rack positions
  • Automatic safety shutoff
  • Six cooking modes
  • One year parts and labor warranty


Overall, this is a perfect candidate for a new stove. Its ovens feature many beneficial controls that allow you more versatility in the kitchen.

However, if you have small children in your home, the burner knobs can be a safety concern because of how sensitive they are to touch.


  • Convection
  • Stress-free cleaning
  • Fast broiling
  • Two ovens
  • One year parts and labor warranty


  • Expensive
  • Burner knobs are sensitive; possible safety risk if small children are in the home

5. Thor Kitchen HRG3618U


  • Six burners
  • High powered convection burner
  • Stainless steel
  • Two interior halogen lights
  • Oven window- double paned glass
  • Blue porcelain interior
  • Two year parts and labor warranty


This is a great oven to have in your kitchen. It includes a spacious oven to you are able to make more dishes and capable of entertaining guests.

This range is expensive; however, it is a great, durable, and reliable appliance to have.


  • Stainless steel
  • Porcelain interior
  • 5.2 cubic feet capacity
  • Six burners
  • Two year warranty on parts and labor


  • Expensive

6. Bosch HGI8054UC 800 30

The Bosch 800 Series Gas Slide in Range is an oven worth admiration in your kitchen. It features nine different cooking modes and a convection oven.

This range also has a temperature converter. It is easy to operate with a touch control and is made entirely of stainless steel.

It only contains one oven that has a capacity of 4.6 cubic feet. The door to the oven also features an extra-large window for you to keep an eye on your food. It is also Star-K certified.


  • Stainless steel
  • Sealed burners
  • Metal knobs
  • Touch control
  • Nine cooking modes
  • Convection oven; standard
  • One oven light
  • Oven door window
  • Star K Certification


The Bosch Gas Slide is an exceptional oven to have in your home because it is capable of meeting all of your standards.

Even though it only features one oven, you can still fit many dishes to cook at once.

You may not be able to roast a turkey while baking pies at a different temperature, but it is still a worthy range to have in your kitchen.


  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel
  • Nine different cooking modes
  • Star-K certification


  • Expensive
  • Some reports of the oven not working

7. Frigidaire FFGF3053LS 30

The Frigidaire 30” Stainless Steel comes with four sealed burners, a storage drawer, low simmer as well as quick coil burner, advanced control.

The large capacity oven allows you to cook more food at once. The ready-select controls allow you to easily control your cooking temperature.

The sealed gas burners allow for an easy cleanup and the storage drawer provides more room for you to store your cookware.

The convection oven includes an even baking technology and generates 18,000 BTU while baking. The Vari-Broil System generates 13,500 BTU while broiling.

The range measures 47 ¾” x 28-13/32” x 30” (H x D x W), and has many features such as a two standard rack configuration with six positions and an extra-large oven window.

Convection Oven

The convection oven provides even heat distribution while baking and broiling.

It is approximately 5.0 cu. ft. to provide a larger capacity in order to cook more dishes at once.

A one touch self clean feature enables your oven to clean itself in two, three, or four hour cycles.

The oven also has a delay cleaning function, which allows you to set a time for it to start cleaning itself.


The cooktop features upswept/sealed burners with cast iron grates.

The left front and rear burner each produce 9,500 BTU, while the front right burner generates 14,000 BTU, and the right rear burner creates 5,000 BTU.

The cooktop includes a quick boil feature which boils water faster using 14,000 BTU. There is also a low simmer burner which is perfect for cooking delicate foods and sauces.


  • Four adjustable leveling legs
  • Freestanding
  • Upswept/seabed burners
  • Black matte cast-iron grates
  • Self clean
  • Timed cook option
  • Timed shut off
  • Timer
  • Even baking technology
  • Vari-Broil system
  • Extra-large viewing window
  • Stainless Steel


This Fridgidaire model is affordable, considering the price of other convection ovens.


This is a great oven that includes may beneficial and heavy-duty features at an affordable price.


  • Affordable
  • Self Cleaning
  • Cast iron grates
  • Timed cooking option
  • Even bake
  • Sealed burners
  • Extra-large viewing window
  • Vari-broil system
  • Low simmer burner


  • Not a dual oven
  • Does not include griddle

8. Kucht KRG3618U 36

The Samsung Gas Range has a sleek, contemporary design that offers many features. This range includes five sealed burners and features True Convection.

The convection oven is also self-cleaning and includes a temperature probe in order to test the temperature of your foods before you take them out.

This range also comes with a warming drawer so you can keep already cooked food in, while waiting for other food to get done or waiting for your guests.

The 5.8 cubic foot oven capability gives you room to cook more dishes simultaneously.


  • Cast iron cooking grates
  • Black porcelain top
  • Stainless steel panels
  • Blue porcelain interior
  • Extra-large view window
  • Electronic ignition
  • Automatic re-ignition
  • Convection
  • Broil pan included
  • Two halogen interior lights


The Samsung Gas Range is a great kitchen appliance to have in your kitchen. It provides a spacious oven capacity to allow you to cook more foods at once.

The warming drawer gives you the ability to keep your already cooked food warm.


  • Convection
  • Self-cleaning
  • Warming drawer
  • Five sealed burners


  • Expensive
  • Self-cleaning cycle has been known to cause control display to stop working

9. Frigidaire FGGF3035RF

This Frigidaire Gas Range is an inexpensive stove that performs just like a convection oven, providing quicker and more even baking.

The stovetop comes with a griddle. This range is made from smudge resistant stainless steel and has five sealed burners.

The convection oven comes with an extra-large window that enables you to look at your cooking food without having to frequently open the oven door.

The Frigidaire Gas Range also has an oven capacity of 5 cubic feet and includes a self-cleaning cycle.


  • Stainless steel
  • Convection oven
  • Smudge resistant
  • Griddle for stove top
  • Five sealed burners
  • Self-cleaning cycle
  • Extra-large window
  • One year warranty


Overall, the Frigidaire Gas Range is an ideal choice for your kitchen.

If you are searching for a range that is inexpensive, that has a convection oven, and provides basic functions, then this range would be a perfect choice for you.

Even though it is relatively cheaper than the top models, it can still compete with them and all of the features other ranges provide!


  • Inexpensive
  • Stainless steel
  • Five sealed burners
  • Self-cleaning
  • Convection oven
  • One year warranty


  • One oven

10. Premier BLK100WP ADA

The Premier 36” Cordless Battery Spark Gas Range is a very exclusive freestanding appliance that is perfect for families of any size.

You will find that the Premier range has a traditional look. This single oven range features an oven capacity of 3.9 cu. ft.

There are four cooktop burners, including a four inch porcelain back guard.

The oven burner generates 17,000 BTU and includes a roll-out, drop door broiler with smokeless two piece porcelain pan and tray.

The Premier 36” Gas Range includes a side storage compartment, has a battery-generated spark ignition (8 “AA” batteries), leg levelers, and an anti-tip bracket.

This range offers a lifetime warranty on top burners, is ADA compliant, and is CSA Design certified.

Premier Oven

This oven size is 15’ x 18” x 25” (H x D x W), with a capacity of 3.9 cu. ft. The oven burner for natural or L.P. gas generates 17,000 BTU.


  • 36” range
  • Battery-generated spark ignition
  • Four cooktop burners (9,100 BTU)
  • 17,000 BTU oven burner
  • Four inch porcelain back guard
  • Lift top
  • Slide storage compartment
  • Fully insulated oven
  • Leg levelers
  • Anti-tip bracket


This is a traditional range that includes basic features and is at a very affordable price.


This is an old-fashioned type oven that provides simple features. This oven does not provide all the extra pizazz that other convection ovens on the market have.

However, this is a very useful range if you are on a tight budget.


  • Affordable
  • Traditional style
  • Roll out drop door broiler
  • Anti-tip bracket
  • Sabbath mode
  • Two oven racks
  • Four inch porcelain back guard


  • Not a convection oven
  • Does not have five burners
  • Does not include griddle
  • Does not provide self-cleaning
  • Does not include a digital temperature display


Features that you should consider include:

Sealed Burners

Helps protect burners from getting clogged when spills occur from boiling over thicker liquids or after using soap to clean them.

This is a nice feature as it not only helps keep your cook top clean, it helps protect your igniter and lowers the risk of shorting out your cook top wiring.

Despite these benefits, there is one drawback that may be important to you. That is, sealed burners will take a bit longer to heat up your pans. This comes down to the direction of the flames in sealed burners vs open burners.

This video shows a good demonstration of how this works:

Seeing is Believing

Double-Ring Burners

This feature is exactly what it sounds like. Two burner rings in one burner – one wide outer ring, and one smaller central ring.

Dual-ring burners raise you to professional level cooking as they allow you much greater control and versatility when cooking with pots, pans and skillets. In other words, you can go from flash-frying to slow cooking on the same cook top.

You get extreme heat with two burner rings, ideal for hot temperatures needed for searing and stir frying such as with a quality wok.

You also get better heat distribution for your pans, which is great for proper simmering and melting techniques without the risk of unwanted scorching.

Gas range with double ring burners

Dual-ring cook top on gas range

Center Griddle

One extra feature that the best gas stoves provide is a convenient center griddle, which can be placed directly on top of your burner grates.

This is non-stick coated griddle, giving you a much larger cooking surface perfect for foods like pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, or bacon if don’t already have a separate bacon cooker.

Think of it as your extra-large frying pan or skillet that’s at the ready, right on your gas range.

Gas range center griddle

Non-stick griddle option on LG gas range

Double Ovens

This feature allows you to cook something like a turkey in one and your pies in the other.

However, your best double oven gas range will feature a smaller top oven with a larger bottom oven, although, you can find ones that have the same sized ovens.

You will also find that these ovens mostly come with a convection feature in the lower oven, although it is possible to find them included in both.

The only downside to this feature is that you will not have a storage drawer.


Ranges that offer this feature generally run around mid- to higher priced.

These ranges use one or more fans that circulate hot air in the oven, which reduces your cooking time.

Control Lockout

This feature allows you to disable the oven controls. This feature is recommended if the electric control panel is located on the front of the range.

You will also find this a very beneficial feature if you have small children in your home.

Gas oven lockout safety feature


An oven that features self-cleaning can become a very beneficial asset to you as it cleans your oven by itself.

Variable Broil

This feature offers changeable settings for food that requires slower or faster cooking.

baking pizza in gas oven

Helpful Tips for Using Your Gas Oven

Gas ovens are known to be more energy efficient as well as cost efficient because they use fuel instead of electricity. These ranges are also known to cook more evenly.

However, you can also have problems with browning, crisping, and are known to have more humidity.

Gas ranges, especially older ones are also known for having “hot spots.”

Below you will find a list of helpful tips for you to try while using your gas range.

Baking goods in gas oven


When you are looking to bake a dessert, it is always best to allow your gas oven to preheat for at least five minutes before you start baking.

If you do not preheat your oven, then you can experience longer cooking times than that is directed on a recipe.

Do not obstruct the heating element located on the bottom of the oven

While you are using your oven to cook or bake food, you will want to make sure that you do not block the heat that is coming from the element on the bottom of the oven.

If you crowd your oven, this can cause your food to not cook properly.

If you find that your food constantly burns on the bottom rack, you can place aluminum foil on the oven rack.

This will cause your food to experience less burning.

Avoid using dark cookware

A gas oven radiates an intense heat. If you are experiencing food that has a burnt bottom while the middle and top is still uncooked, then you should closely examine your cookware.

This is mostly seen while using dark cookware. The reason your food is extremely disproportionately cooked is because darker cookware retains heat and increases cooking time.

A better option for cookware is glass or lighter colored cookware because they can greatly decrease the possibility of burning the bottom of your food.

Using glass baking dish in gas oven

However, if all you have are dark cookware, then there are a few things you can try.

First, you can try moving the oven racks up a notch. This will help prevent your food from burning by placing a little more distance between it and the heat.

Another tip you can try is to lower the oven’s temperature by 25 degrees.

You can keep it at the temperature throughout the whole cooking time (this will cause for a longer wait), or you can have your food cook at the specified temperature and then lower it by 25 degrees for the last half of its cooking time.

Using trays to brown your food

If you are experiencing a longer wait time for your food to brown, don’t fret; many people experience this.

This is due to gas ovens creating moisture. If you find that you need your food to quickly brown, you can try a few tricks. This can be an issue even with the best gas range.

You can place the cookware with your food on the top rack or take another tray and place it directly above the food you are cooking.

This works because the heat that is being emitted from the bottom heating element will rebound off of the tray.

Another trick you can try is by using the broiler.

However, if you do the latter of these, you should pay close attention to your food since the broiler cooks you food at high temperatures, food can become scorched in a matter of seconds.

Evenly cook foods by using a pizza stone

Pizza stones are known for keeping heat in extremely well, as well as releasing it externally at a particularly uniform and stable degree.

Instead of cooking your food directly on the pizza stone however, you should place the stone on the bottom rack, while baking your food above it. This gives your food a more even cook.


What is a BTU?

A BTU (British Thermal Unit), is the standard energy measurement.

The volume of thermal energy necessary to increase the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit defines each BTU.

In order to properly identify the BTU power of an appliance, you first need to analyze its fuel depletion per hour and then multiply by the fuel’s BTU valve.

What if the burners work but the oven does not?

If the burners work but the oven is not, you should:

Be certain that the oven controls are properly set to either broil or bake.

Examine the oven knobs to be certain they are in the appropriate position.

This is especially true if your gas oven uses knobs to control the oven.

If you recently removed the knobs to be cleaned, you will need to make sure they were placed back on correctly.

With ranges that have the self-cleaning function, you need to make sure that the oven is unlocked.

Gas Ovens (Excluding Dual Ranges):

On new gas range systems, you should be certain that the main gas regulator on the range is positioned to the ON position.

The on/off lever on the regulator may not be obvious, so you may need to have your range serviced if this is the problem.

If this is the issue, the oven will not work but the burners will.

You may need to examine the oven’s igniter.

In order to check this, you will need to switch the oven to the ON position, open the oven’s door, and watch for a red glow.

Unfortunately, if you do not see this glow in your oven, your range may have malfunctioned.

This means that it will need to be serviced.

Using a gas oven with blue walls inside

What if the temperature is inaccurate?

In order to prevent the probability of electrical shock, make sure you unplug your appliance before trying any of these tips.

If the oven’s temperature seems to be inaccurate, you should examine:

Be certain that your oven is placed to the accurate temperature and is preheated.

An oven is required to be preheated before use.

This will create a substantial alteration in foods outcome if you neglect to preheat your oven before use.

It is also important to note that it is not uncommon for a substantial alteration in time or culinary performance to transpire when switching to a pristine oven.

In this case, it is important that you keep an eye on the recipe calculations and temperatures cautiously while also using your Cooking Guide that is located in the manufacturer’s owner’s manual for optimum results.

The range’s thermostat might require adjusting.

You may need to adjust the oven thermostat if you feel that the oven does not amount to your own cooking preference.

To properly adjust your oven thermostat, you should consult your manual.

There is a section that will give you step-by-step directions on how to regulate your oven’s thermostat.

Keep in mind cookware and placement can factor in temperature accuracy.

Cookware can have a negative effect with baking results. For instance, darker pans are known to hold heat.

This can cause some foods that you are baking to overcook or burn, even at normal temperatures.

To prevent this, you can decrease the oven temperature by 25 degrees.

Pan placement can also affect the way your oven heats.

Cooking food on gas cook top

In order to guarantee appropriate air and heat circulation, validate that there is at least an inch between your pans as well as the adjacent and back walls.

Always check your rack position also, because this is also important to accurate baking.

If you place your pans closely next to each other or too far away from the heat, you will find that your food will be overcooked or under cooked.

Make sure the heat circulation is not obstructed.

If you use aluminum foil on the range rack, make sure you do not cover the whole shelf because this will obstruct the heat circulation in your oven.

You should also always allow at least one inch around the sides and rear of the range rack for adequate heat circulation.

Ensure that your oven’s heat is not being lost.

Repeatedly opening your oven’s door while it is baking will increase cooking times.

Accidentally placing oven shelves in rearward can prevent the range’s door fastening appropriately.

Also ensure that the oven gaskets do not have any openings or gashes.

If these tips did not help, then you will need to call your manufacturer to have your appliance serviced.

gas oven leak

What do I do if my oven seems to be cooking too slowly? Too fast?

If your oven seems to be cooking your food slowly or too fast, then you should check your oven’s thermostat to make sure it does not need to be corrected.

In this case, you should consult your owner’s manual before going all in on this endeavor.

First, make one adjustment to your oven’s thermostat.

Be sure to test your oven out a few times before making a second correction, if this is necessary.

My gas range burners are making a clicking noise. What should I do?

It is a common occurrence to hear a clicking noise when your burners are being ignited.

If the burners are continually making a clicking noise, make sure you check these things:

If you have completely shut your burners off but still hear a clicking noise, you will want to make sure that the knobs have not popped out, making it appear that the burners are off when really they are still on.

The burner’s igniters have been known to make a clicking noise occasionally if moisture has come into contact with them, especially from cleaning.

If this is the case, then you should allow your appliance time to dry before you use it.

Is a digital display better than a manual (knob) control?

This is solely based on your own preference.

If you enjoy technology or if your kitchen has a contemporary design, then go for a digital display; however, if you like the traditional style, then stick with the manual (knob) control.

There are ranges that also provide both a digital display as well as a knob control. This control system gives you the best of both worlds.

Example of the best gas stove top with four burners

What are the benefits of using the best gas range over an electric?

There are many benefits that come along with using a gas range.

First, you are able to control the flame visually and more quickly.

Another popular reason for using a gas range is the even heating benefits.

Even though these are great advantages, there are more to be found that many people enjoy, such as its compatibility with any and all cookware.

Many people find that the gas burners are extremely useful when it comes to the electricity going out.

Electric ranges are not able to work during blackouts.

Another advantage that you will find is that you can experience lower utility costs. These type of gas ranges can cost anywhere from $400 – $5,300.

How do you compare gas ranges and their cooking proficiency?

Whenever you are searching for a gas range, you need to look at the BTU (British Thermal Units).

The standard output for most gas stoves usually range from 5,000 BTU and 12,500 BTU.

For the most proficient experience, always choose gas ranges that provide a higher BTU output.

Is natural gas the only fuel source that can be used with gas ranges?

The short answer to this question is no. Even though natural gas is the most popular fuel source for gas ranges, you have other options.

Rural areas generally do not have access to natural gas, so they have to use propane or LP.

However, if you need to use propane or LP gas as a fuel source, you will need to also buy a conversion kit for it to function appropriately.

Gas Range Reviews in Conclusion

Sleek new gas range in kitchen

This guide provides you with a wealth of information regarding the best gas ranges on the market currently, as well as what to look for before you consider purchasing one, frequently asked questions, and tips to consider while using your gas oven.

There are many things worth considering before you make a purchase regarding features, oven capacity, BTUs, and so much more.

Remember, you should always look for gas ranges that provide higher BTUs for a more efficient cooking rate.

Another thing for you to consider before purchasing a gas range is a convection oven.

These ovens are not necessarily required for roasting or baking your foods, however, they are very useful because they circulate the heat in your oven more efficiently and can cook some foods quicker and more evenly in most cases.

If you are experiencing some problems with your gas oven, you should consult our FAQs section as well as take a look at our tips section for cooking and baking in your oven.

There is a lot of information you can find that will help you use your oven more efficiently.

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on our links.

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