Best Woks Reviewed

Looking for the best way to make your next Asian meal? For the easiest and most authentic cookware, you need to get yourself a wok.

Woks are a traditional cooking utensil that has been used for centuries to make delicious and flavorful dishes across East and SouthEast Asia.

While you probably won’t be tossing your food above a giant fire pit as they do at street fairs and restaurants, purchasing a wok will get you one step closer to creating the perfect Chow Mein.

Traditionally, woks were designed to be cooked over large fire pits. But, as most of us live in the U.S., we will be cooking over electric, gas or induction stoves.

Luckily, even the best woks have been westernized and are now available for our kitchen needs.

Woks can be made of different materials, come in all sizes, need different accessories, and have different care requirements so it can be hard to know what suits your needs the best.

As with any cookware, there are many options available. Read on to find out all you need to know about woks to make the best purchase for your kitchen.

Types of Woks

What material your wok is made of will define your cooking experience. Woks are a great asset to your kitchen and will widen your cooking horizons.

Carbon Steel Wok

best carbon steel wok

This is the most common wok that is used by both novices and professionals. Its light weight makes it the ideal material for tossing and easy maneuvering.

If you are after a more traditional-style wok, this is definitely the one to aim for. Also, they are induction ready, whether or not that is the stove you have.

Stainless Steel Wok

best stainless steel wok

These are often used as the carbon steel alternative. We recommend seasoning the stainless steel wok properly to avoid any food sticking to the bottom.

Stainless steel woks tend to be heavier with a longer heat-up time as the material is a poor heat conductor.

If not maintained properly, the material can warp, damaging the wok before you can get your money’s worth.

That said, stainless steel cookware has many advantages such as the ability to garner more flavor, last longer, and offer safer cooking to name a few.

Copper Wok

copper woks

As copper in itself is not safe for cooking due to the harmful chemicals it omits upon contact with food, these woks are lined with a stainless steel interior.

As mentioned previously, the wok will need proper seasoning to avoid any food sticking to the bottom.

While the shiny copper exterior can be a nice aesthetic touch to your kitchen, without maintenance it’s going to start looking rusty and turn a greenish color.

Aluminum Wok

aluminum wok

Aluminum also has a shiny and clean look to it and these woks are nontoxic and scratch-resistant. The material is great for searing and browning. However, they tend to stick faster than other pans.

Non-Stick Wok

woks types non-stick

If you are accustomed to using non-stick pans in your kitchen, this might be an option for you.

Non-stick pans tend to be easier to clean and require less oil for the food, yet the material is more delicate.

If maintained properly, it avoids any sticking of foods, especially chicken and beef.

Electric Wok

woks types electric

There’s always an electric version available when it comes to cookware (electric skillet, anyone?), and woks aren’t any different. For anyone that has limited cooking space or that wants a portable wok, the electric wok is the type for you.

Rather than having to use a stovetop, you can simply plug it in anywhere you go and get cooking.

Our Picks for the Best Woks


1. Cuisinart 726-38H

Woks have become must have today in every kitchen and make meal preparation times as versatile and enjoyable as eating the tasty meal which follows afterwards. As a result, choosing the right one which will make your cooking experiences extra special is really important. And that is why we have selected an item provided by renowned kitchenware provider Cuisinart to be reviewed. We invite you to take a look at what makes this wok an excellent choice for your home.

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Stainless steel with encapsulated aluminum core

This feature means that you get to experience improved cooking results with the wok. It also ensures that it is the ideal choice for making delicate dishes due to the fact that it will retain and distribute heat efficiently.

14 inch diameter

This is important for ensuring you can cook your stir fries to perfection, by quickly heating your ingredients and stirring them rapidly as required.

Features and Specifications

• Manufacturer: Cuisinart

• Product Dimensions: 14.3 x 21.5 x 5.5 inches

• Weight: 1 pound

• Colour: Silver

Additional features: See-through glass cover

If you are interested in a wok which will maintain its silvery gleam while being really easy to use, at an affordable price, this item is worth considering. Particularly since it comes with a number of useful features such as its stay-cool riveted handle and opposite helper handle which make it really safe and convenient to use.

Decision Time

Stainless steel is an excellent choice for cookware due to the wide range of benefits it provides. The fact that this wok has also been made from encapsulated aluminum is also an added bonus. In addition to its suitably wide circumference, it also has a heat contact area of over 7 inches which makes it an ideal option for creating your favorite stir fries. These features and its competitive price make this wok a great choice for your cookware collection.

 Oven safe to 550 degrees F.

 Limited lifetime warranty.

Stainless steel with encapsulated aluminum core.


 Possibility of contents sticking to surface.

2. Joyce Chen 21-9972

There are occasions when you prefer trying your hand at creating your favorite stir fries rather than entrusting the task to your neighborhood takeaway. And thanks to the Carbon Steel Wok Set, 4-Piece brought to you by Joyce Chen, you will find all you need to create memorable dishes for your friends and family. Additional information on what makes this set an excellent choice can be found below.

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Birch-wood handles

The use of this material for the main handle and the helper handle eliminate the risk of overheating since it will remain cool. The presence of both handles also enhances the safety of the item since the risk of its contents getting spilled is significantly reduced.

1-1/2 mm gauge carbon steel

This material which has been used to create the pan itself is extremely beneficial due to its enhanced durability and heat distribution capacities.

Features and Specifications

• Manufacturer: Joyce Chen

• Product Dimensions: 23.2 x 14 x 5.6 inches

• Weight: 5.7 pounds

• Colour: Black and Light Brown


This 4 piece set is just what you need to get off to a flying start with your stir fries right away. And when it comes to the issue of price the fact that it falls within the same price range as other single frying pans is simply amazing, making it a great purchase.

Decision Time

Joyce Chen’s Carbon Steel Wok Set, 4-Piece is an excellent offering which ticks all the right boxes for anyone who wishes to create their favorite dishes at home. Particularly in terms of functionality and safety making it certainly worth considering.

 12-inch bamboo spatula.

 Recipe booklet.

 Excellent heat distribution thanks to cast iron for the wok.


Must be seasoned before use to ensure durability.

3. Cooks Standard NC-00233

Few items are as handy as those which combine versatility and durability to provide us with a pleasant experience of cooking our favorite dishes. Brought to you by the cookware manufacturer Cooks Standard, this wok is one item which promises to deliver on these qualities while providing several others too. We have provided the most important features of this item to enable you decide whether it is capable of doing so or not.

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Stainless steel and Aluminum Alloy

Even heat distribution is an essential part of creating tasty, well cooked dishes. This feature which is responsible for the presence of this quality in cookware is proof of the manufacturer’s dedication to providing their customer base with the culinary experience they deserve.

Stay-Cool Handles with Air-Flow Technology

Another key feature of this wok includes the v- designed riveted handles which ensure that they remain firmly attached to the wok and maintain an even temperature. As a result, this pan is extra safe to handle and can be comfortably raised when full.

Features and Specifications

• Manufacturer: Cooks Standard

• Product Dimensions: 23 x 13.5 x 5 inches

• Weight: 8 pounds

• Colour: Silver


This wok is slightly below the average price for a single cookware unit. It comes with a 5 inch base, and is sufficiently wide enough to use for a variety of frying and cooking techniques while its cover also comes in handy for trapping the steam of its contents when necessary. As a result, it is worth it for anyone who is interested in a versatile frying pan.

Decision Time

Cooks Standard has provided a product which is both safe to use and capable of even heat distribution. It is also suitable for dishwasher and oven use making it perfectly suitable for your kitchen. And best of all it comes at a really competitive price. All these qualities make it an excellent choice of cookware if you are interested in a reliable, inexpensive item.

 Oven safe to 500 degrees F.

 Riveted V designed handles.

 Enhanced distribution of heat due to the stainless steel and aluminum core used in its manufacture.



4. TeChef APW30

Few woks come with a unique design and a guarantee of meeting all your requirements for your dream frying pan. Which is one thing that makes the TeChef – Art Pan 12″ Wok / Stir-Fry Pan stand out among the others. Featuring an elegant aubergine colour and a design unlike any other, this item promises to deliver what no other wok can at a really competitive price. We have outlined its key features to enable you to decide if it is capable of doing just that.

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Induction-Ready Heavy-Base

This item comes with a heavy base and thin walls ensuring effective heat distribution so that its contents cook evenly. It is also suitable for any cooktop and may be used for induction cooking making it quite versatile in terms of cooking options.

Durable 5-layered nonstick surface with heavy-gauge aluminum

The manufacturer TeChef also prides itself on its uniquely designed surface which consists of five layers as opposed to 3 layers usually provided by most manufacturers. In addition to making the pan suitable for cooking healthier options with less oil, it is also free from PFOA and meets the safety standards of French, British and American regulatory bodies.

Features and Specifications

• Manufacturer: TeChef

• Product Dimensions: 19.9 x 12 x 3.1 inches

• Weight: 3 pounds

• Colour: Aubergine


The TeChef – Art Pan 12″ Wok / Stir-Fry Pan comes with a wide range of features which will ensure an optimal cooking experience at a less than average price. Its functionality and competitive cost certainly make it excellent value for money.

Decision Time

This wok which features a unique aubergine colour and style has been made with every safety measure from its PFOA free Teflon layers to its cadmium and lead free aluminum base and sides. It can also be used for healthier reduced fat cooking. All these qualities in addition to its cost make it an ideal choice of cookware for your kitchen.

Compliance with French, British and American safety standards.

Teflon PFOA free coating.

 Lead and cadmium free.

Even distribution of heat due to the aluminum used in its manufacture.



5. Rachael Ray 87644

Meyer aims to provide you with the perfect option for recreating your favorite Asian dishes with this pan. And in order to ensure you make the choice which is just right for you, we have provided its most important features below.

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Hard Anodized Aluminum Material

Thanks to this material used in the wok’s manufacture, you can be certain of even heat distribution which is a key factor in reducing the possibility of burning and making dishes which are filled with flavor. It is also PFOA free ensuring it is safe to use.

Handles Made of Silicon and Stainless Steel

The handles on the body of the wok and its glass lid are an added safety bonus and significantly minimize the risk of any spills while lifting the item during its use.

Features and Specifications

• Manufacturer: Meyer

• Weight: 3.6 pounds

• Colour: Grey and blue


This charming frying pan provided by Meyer is rather competitively priced. As a result, it is worth considering since it is not only versatile, but is also safe to use, making it an ideal option for an inexpensive wok.

Decision Time

Whether you possess a Rachel Ray cookware collection or simply wish to purchase a functional, competitively priced wok, there is no doubt that this item is an excellent choice which is likely to become a treasured part of your kitchen experiences. And it is all thanks to its excellent heat conduction properties and also its wide base which make it suitable for creating a wide range of dishes.

PFOA free surface.

Anodized aluminum body for even heat distribution.

Silicon covered handles.

Glass cover to preserve steam where required.



Factors to Consider When Buying a Wok

Like any investment in a new cookware pot or pan there a few things to consider before you bring home your brand new wok. After figuring out what type you are after, the next step is to take the following factors into consideration.

The Bottom

wok factors to consider bottom

There are two bottoms that woks can have; round, and flat. Which bottom you choose will mostly depend on the stove that you will be cooking on.

  • Flat bottom woks are the best-suited option for electric stoves for balance and stability.
  • Rounded bottoms are more traditional and the most common style. They are ideal for gas stoves and provide a more even distribution of heat.

The Size 

When it comes to woks, size matters. Using a small wok to whip up a giant feast just isn’t feasible.

You want to avoid overcrowding and for the food to cook evenly without steaming. Woks can range from 10” all the way to 26” in size.

Obviously, the larger ones are typically used at restaurants and by chefs who are accustomed to such large cookware.

The right size for you will depend on how much food you are looking to cook, the depth, and your stovetop.

The Weight

One of the great aspects of cooking with a wok is that your food can be easily tossed. But getting those nice tosses in will be difficult if you can’t even lift the pan without being out of breath.

The wok needs to be maneuverable yet made of strong and durable material.


Yes, there are even more features to be considered before making your purchase! We know this might seem overwhelming but they are important to avoid any post-buying regrets.

While woks are rather simple to use, there are a few elements that need to be taken into account. That way you can be sure you are buying the best product for your kitchen.

With a Lid or Without?

Not all woks will come with lids, however, having one can make simmering and overall cooking much easier.

It can speed up the cooking time and help create different cooking styles, depending on what recipe you are following.

An extra tip is to make sure the lid is made of transparent material, that way you can keep an eye on your food!

The Handle type

There are two handle types available on woks:

A Long handle

This handle-style is most common for flat-bottomed woks. Similar to a skillet, woks can come with a long wooden or metal handle that makes it easier to move and tilt as needed.

Additionally, woks can also come with an additional “helper” handle on the opposite side for more support.

Two Handles

Traditional woks tend to have two handles. One on each side of the wok, the small metal or wooden handles are typically seen on round-bottomed woks.


Depending on the brand and style of wok that you are buying, they can come with a bonus wok spatula, a lid, or other helpful accessories.

You can generally use any spatula or stirring instrument you have on simple meals, however, for more complex dishes that could cause food to stick to the bottom, you need to think about the type wok spatula you want to use.

Wok Ring

wok ring features

If you have decided to go with a round-bottomed wok, a wok ring might be a good purchase. It keeps your wok balanced and in place, especially over flat cooking surfaces.

Your stovetop will also define the type of wok ring you will need to purchase.

A Little Background

The literal translation of “wok” in Cantonese is “cooking pot”, however, it has different names for it in different Asian languages.

It is believed that the wok originated in China and the reason for it being used in so many other Asian countries is thanks to traveling monks.

Because of the cookware’s easy portability and versatility, it quickly became a kitchen staple across East and SouthEast Asia.

Tips for Making Your New Wok Last Longer

Season a wok

Now, we’ve mentioned seasoning a few times but at this stage, and you might be wondering what it is and how to do it.

Seasoning a wok means removing the preservative oils that build up every time you cook.

It prevents rust and corrosion to your wok. Clean your wok fully, dry it completely, then treat the pan with a seasoning oil of your choice.

Best Seasoning Oils

The following oils are recommended for seasoning as they have a high smoking point. This means that they can be used at very high temperatures and won’t burn.

  • Peanut oil
  • Canola oil
  • Grape Seed oil
  • Sunflower oil

It is difficult to give a one-size-fits-all answer because the seasoning method will depend on the type of wok you have purchased and your stove.

Therefore, you will need to read the instructions on the box to get the seasoning instructions for your particular wok.

However, we don’t want to leave you in suspense and have provided you with a video that explains different ways to season your woks and pans:

How to Season Pans and Woks

Cooking with a Wok

As you would have noticed, woks have more to them than meets the eye. To make sure you are using your new cookware right, we have provided you with some cooking tips:

  • Make sure the pan is hot before adding your oil
  • It’s a wok, so don’t use too much oil
  • Keep the wok hot at all times while you are cooking
  • Stir-fry your proteins first and drain any excess oils and fats

cook with a wok

You want to make sure that your wok is hot at all times but if you notice that it starts to get too hot, cool it down with some broth, water, or even rice wine!

Best Wok Brands

wok brand joyce joyce chen products

Joyce Chen Products

Joyce Chen came to America in 1949 where she eventually opened up a Chinese restaurant and upon realizing that the Asian cookware available did not meet her standards, she invented her own.

The beauty of Joyce Chen Products is that they not only specialize in cookware but also utensils, cookbooks, sauces, food, and even contemporary Asian tableware.

This brand has made Eastern cookware suitable for Western kitchens and produces high-quality products that can provide an authentic Asian cooking experience.

Offering between 25 years to lifetime warranty on their woks, Joyce Chen Products guarantees customers great products.


In the market for over 25 years, as the name suggests, Ecolution is eco-friendly.

With their motto “Cook Well, Do Good”, their products are made durable as well as non-toxic, and safe for both the environment and their customers’ health.

Ecolution offers clients a limited lifetime warranty as long as the product’s damage isn’t aesthetic or from misuse and ware.

FAQs about Woks

Why do I need a wok?

While you can absolutely cook all kinds of oriental meals in a regular pan, if you are looking to include them more at home, then buying a wok is a great investment.

Some benefits of using a wok are;

  • More even heat distribution
  • They require less oil (making the food healthier!)
  • You can toss the food more easily

What kind of food can I make with a wok?

wok faq kind of food

The beauty of a wok is its versatility. It can be used for stir-frying, poaching, braising, stewing, steaming, pan-frying, deep-frying, searing, smoking, roasting nuts and even for making soups.

Your options are endless!

What size should my wok be?

Choosing your wok size depends on how many people you are feeding and/or how much leftover food you want.

Between 12” and 14” is a good size to feed up to four people or to have enough for lunch tomorrow.

Anything above this will most likely just take up too much space on both your stovetop and when it comes to storage.

What wok handles are best?

wok faq best handle

Most woks made for western kitchens come with the single handle unless you buy an electric one, in which case two handles are more common.

We recommend the single skillet-style with the helper handle for maximum movement but with that extra bit of support when carrying the wok from one place to another (especially when it’s full of food!).

Can I use a wok in the oven?

Yes and no. If there are no wooden or plastic handles, then you are more than welcome to put the wok in the oven and get cooking.

But be sure of the handle’s material before attempting to put it in the oven to avoid any accidents.

What material should my wok be made from?

The most common type of wok used by chefs is made of carbon steel as it combines even heating and quick cooking.

Meanwhile, other materials such as copper are high-heat conductors and often won’t cook your food evenly.

How do I clean my wok properly?

wok faq how to clean

To get the most out of your wok, it goes without saying that maintenance is key.

  • Make sure you season it before your first use and every so often to get the most out of it.
  • Get in the habit of cleaning your wok immediately after use and make sure to use hot water.
  • Avoid using abrasive sponges as they damage the protective layers that are built up on a wok.
  • Rather than leaving it to air dry, we recommend drying it off with a soft kitchen towel to preserve the protective layers we already mentioned.

Get to Wok!

We hope that you now have a broader understanding of the different types and best woks available along with which style would best suit your needs.

Whether it is a gas-stove, aluminum, or a small wok, having one in your kitchen is essential for whipping up the ultimate stir fry. Now get out there and buy yourself a wok.