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How to Reheat Chicken Pot Pie for a Crispy Outside and Steamy Inside

How to Reheat Chicken Pot Pie for a Crispy Outside and Steamy Inside

Buttery, creamy, perfect, and hearty. There are a lot of words that can be used to describe chicken pot pie, but cold is not one of them.

As anyone who has ever bought a frozen ready-made pie for dinner knows, reheating this dish can end up a soggy mess.

We’ve been there:

You want the end product to be tender and flaky. When you tap on the outer crust, you should be greeted with a steaming hot creamy, chunky filling.

The trouble with reheating chicken pot pie is that just like a shepherd’s pie, once the inside is hot enough, the crust loses the perfect texture and can end up turning into mush.

So what can you do?

In this article, we’re going to cover all of the possibilities for reheating this comfort food favorite.

We will go over the benefits of each method, and how to ensure a delicious piping hot final-product.

There are many ways to reheat pot pie while keeping the perfectly crisp outer layer while fully saucy inside.

Some of these methods are more full-proof than others. The best really depends on the time and materials that you have available.

Reheating Chicken Pot Pie: Is Chicken Pot Pie Even Reheatable?

reheating chicken pot pie

Of course!

Is there anything better than a freshly baked pie?

Not in our book:

The best is a pastry stuffed with gravy, potatoes, chicken, peas, corn, and carrots. It whispers sweet nothings to us.

The inside is gooey and stewie, while the outside is crisp and golden.

We would be surprised if your family left any crumbs in the pie dish after you put this meal on the table.

If you have some leftovers, do not panic.

You can reheat a chicken pot pie and enjoy the goodness for the next few days to come.

As you probably know, some of the best pot pies come frozen and ready to be heated.

When it comes to reheating chicken pot pie, the question is – low and slow or high heat?

A temperature that is too high could lead to a dry pie, but cooking at low temperatures means it will take longer.

We don’t want to wait for hours to reheat leftovers.

The good thing is, there is a happy medium.

Even luckier, there are many ways to reach this ideal balance! It is the contrast of crust to filling that makes the perfect pie.

With these methods, you don’t have to sacrifice that sacred texture juxtaposition.

Busy day?

Only have a few minutes to warm up dinner?

Zap leftover chicken pot pie in the microwave. Start there and bake the warmed pie in the oven for a crisp finish.

No microwave? Utilize your skillet for a bottom-up reheat!

If you’re choosing a stovetop method or a microwave, you might want to consider slicing it up for faster, more thorough cooking.

If you choose the classic method of reheating in a convection oven, you will want to cover the edges of the crust with aluminum foil (of course, not in the microwave), and turn it halfway through the process to ensure even heating.

Whichever way you choose, you’ll be thankful you have one more day of this delicious meat pie.

How to Reheat Chicken Pot Pie in the…


heat up chicken pot pie

So it’s a busy day, but you’re craving comfort in the form of reheating frozen chicken pot pie that’s been sitting in your freezer.

You want it. Why?

Because it’s hearty goodness that can be zapped in no time.

While this method is quick and practical, the final product is not quite as flaky and crisp as we’d like it to be, but some tricks can help make sure the quality flavor stays intact.

So let’s go over how to heat up chicken pot pie in a microwave.

The first step is to cut the pie into slices. You’ll want to throw these in one at a time.

Once it’s on your plate, the inside will be able to be cooked without sacrificing the texture of the crust.

Depending on the power of your microwave, we recommend reheating each slice for 2-3 minutes on high.

If you throw the whole pie in the oven, it will have to be in the microwave for around 15 minutes, and we just feel like that is too long.

In that amount of time, you could have just stuck it in an oven.

Check your equipment:

The time until the chicken pot pie is thoroughly hot will vary depending on the power of your appliance. Don’t cook in a machine below 1100 watts.


Even though we said foil around the edges before, DO NOT put foil in the microwave. We don’t want you to cause any kitchen disasters!

If you choose not to use this appliance for the full reheat, it can still come in handy during the process.

If your pie is frozen, you can preheat it for three minutes before you stick it in the oven to be baked.

This will cut the cook-time, which is helpful when you’re in a bind.

Oven/Toaster oven

This is the best appliance to use to reheat a pot-pie or any pie of that matter.

Let’s go over why and how to reheat chicken pot pie in the oven.

Since an oven uses dry heat, your crust will stay crispy.

The one risk that you run while reheating pot pie is that the top will get overcooked and end up losing moisture.

It could also become too dry, or worse, burnt.

The secret is to preheat your oven to 300 degrees and protect the edges of the crust with foil.

This will protect the parts furthest away from the moist middle from getting dried out.

Since the center of the chicken pot pie contains a juicy filling, the steam generated will keep the center of the crust nice and tender.

It’s a little bit like reheating a quiche; you don’t want a soggy outside, while you aim for a hot and moist interior.

You’ll want this comfort food glory to be baking for at least 30 minutes, depending on how piping hot you like it.

Midway through, if your crust isn’t as golden as you’d like it to be, turn up the heat to 375.

Make sure you’re keeping a close eye though, and check after 10 minutes

Once your belly is rumbling, and the inside of the pie is bubbling, take it out and check to make sure the internal temperature is at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Instant Pot

chicken pot pie and dumplings

These days, Instant Pots are stepping in and taking the job away from microwaves.

They’re so versatile!

While it’s not common knowledge, this appliance is a viable option for reheating leftovers, especially if you don’t have access to a microwave.

The one thing is that your pot pie will transform from a flaky puff into a soft concoction of deliciousness that resembles chicken and dumplings.

Why’s that?

A good Instant Pot either slow heats food or steams it. Either one of these methods won’t be ideal for the integrity of your crust.

There are a few ways to mitigate the mush. The first is to keep your pie wrapped in foil.

Not only will this help keep the crust crispy, but it will also make it easier to lift the container out of the Pot.

If you have roux, vegetables, and chicken separate from the baked crust, reheating using a pressure cooker is easy as could be.

While the filling is brewing up in the Instant Pot, stick the crust in the oven, and put it all together when it’s hot.

It works wonders:

Keeping these two contrasting elements separate is also the best method for reheating chicken pot pie in a skillet.


We know what you’re thinking, but we aren’t crazy. You can reheat pot pie right on your stovetop!

Well, at least some of it.

Heat it on a stovetop. Cut off your portion, plop on a skillet and give it a few minutes and turns.

No need to add any oil, cooking spray, or butter, pie crusts generally have enough fats to be non-stick.

One huge bonus is- the skillet will warm from the bottom up. This way, the crust under the filling keeps from getting soggy while reheating.

It will also dry it out if it was already saturated.

This method will warm the middle, while the top will stay unscorched, yet golden.

It’s also faster.

Direct exposure to heat will warm the food than in the oven, and it will also dry out the pie less.

We are people who reheat pizza on the stovetop. “So we figured, hey! Why not a pie?”

We won’t be the only ones singing the praises for this reheating method, once you give it a try.

This method may get a bit messy, but it’s delicious.

Reheating Chicken Pot Pie Leftovers with Added Ingredients

reheatchicken pot pie with added ingredients

Do you have some family members who like to eat all the carbs while leaving the good stuff in the pie dish?

Or maybe they’re watching their carb intake, and there’s too much crust leftover and not enough filling.

In either case, you’ll want to reheat the chicken pot pie alongside some extra ingredients.

Do you lack ideas? Let us help!

Fill it up!

If you feel like all the pie is now the sauce, vegetables, and bread, you may want to toss in some protein.

Have some leftover meat?

Put it in the pie. If you are adding uncooked poultry, pork, or red meat, make sure that you cook it thoroughly before adding it to the mix.

For a quick addition, chop up some small bits and throw it with some onion, garlic, and spices. Saute on medium to high heat, and throw it in.

If you want to add more filling altogether, you can get creative.

Get some frozen or fresh vegetables like peas, corn, and carrots, and add them in with your sauteed meat and onions.

You’ll want to add in some milk and broth unless you still have a substantial amount of creamy gravy.

While you’re heating up the new filling that you will add to the pie, reheat the leftover crust in the oven.

Once they are both hot, fill up the hollow pie with your new goodness.

If you’re finding yourself in the opposite predicament, too much crust, not enough stuff, that’s an easy one to fix as well!

Trust in the Crust

Have too much filling?

Take it out, and put it in a new side dish! As any leftover crust falls into the moist mixture, it will soften up and turn into a thick dumpling texture.

Make a homemade crust or bake a store-bought pie-crust in the oven so it can get nice and crisp.

In the meantime, heat the veggies, chicken, and sauce in the microwave, skillet, or instant Pot.

Once it’s hot, you can put the filling in a casserole dish and throw the crust on top.


You have a pie that’s good as new.

Check out this fantastic tutorial on how to create artistic designs with pie crust.

How To Make Geometric Pies by lokokitchen

Lazy Girl Pie

This recipe is leftover chicken pot pie smashed between two toasted pieces of bread.

It kind of sounds like a warm chicken salad.

We’re into it.

You can eat this dish as a quick dinner, lunch, or even a snack.

If you’re like us, then pot pie is your favorite food ever! We grew up on it.

Since we’re adults now, we don’t eat this hearty meal every day because it’s fatty and full of carbs (all the things that make it delicious).

The idea of serving leftover pot pie over toast is just brilliant, duh us, why didn’t we think of this? So simple.

While making the crust isn’t that hard, it makes a mess and takes some time.

Plus, if you have hungry scavengers around your home (kids), the crispy crust might be gone before it ever even makes it on top of the leftover filling.

Side of Pie

Reheating chicken pot pie fillings

Are you out of ingredients for the pie crust? Don’t feel like making another roux?

Not enough toast and filling left to fill your hungry belly?

No problem. Turn this into a fabulous accompaniment to any of your favorite dinner recipes.

Heat up the chicken pot pie and throw it on the side of any main course.

The creamy dish has all of the starch of classic sides like mashed potatoes that you are guaranteed to be satisfied with this on your plate.

Repurpose it and use it as a grilled cheese side, or over some baked potatoes, or even as pot roast side dish.

You’ll finish the leftover meal feeling like you just left a fantastic restaurant, or maybe your grandma’s kitchen.

Mmm. Now we’re famished.

And to flip things around, if you’re looking to pair tasty foods with your ample left-overs check out what you can serve with your chicken pot pie.

How to Reheat Chicken Pot Pie: The Verdict

When you’re thinking about taking out the dish from the fridge and reheating chicken pot pie, consider your next step carefully!

If you have the time, it may be best to stick it in the oven.

If you’re short on time, you can still enjoy this comfort food classic piping hot! Stick a slice in the microwave, throw in some toast, or heat it from the bottom-up in a skillet.

Whichever way you choose, it will hit the spot,

Bon appetit!

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