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What to Make with Leftover Smoked Turkey: 13 Tasty Recipes to Make Leftovers Disappear

What to Make with Leftover Smoked Turkey: 13 Tasty Recipes to Make Leftovers Disappear

Your smoked turkey was a hit over the holidays. But after a few days, everyone starts groaning about the prospect of yet another well…sandwich.

We get it. No matter how much you love something, it gets tiresome to keep eating it day in and day out.

Perhaps you chucked the rest of your leftovers into the freezer.

Smart move, for that buys you time to use it up accordingly for some tasty leftover smoked turkey recipes.

But if you’re out of ideas of what to do with that extra meat, you’ll be right back where you started – shoving it into the freezer with high hopes for another day.

What you need is a game plan to turn this delicious and versatile white meat into brand new meals that will bring everyone to the table. 

Thankfully, these 13 recipes will do exactly that without having them turn on their own turkey tail as soon as they see there’s more of the same for dinner.

Give your extra leftovers a makeover and let them shine in these new creations!

Leftover Smoked Turkey Recipes: 13 Ways to Create a Tasty Repurposed Meal

Whether you just smoked a turkey or you’re turkey trottin’ it out of the freezer, you’ll never have the same old thing when you take those fixin’s and make these tasty recipes!

1. Smoked Turkey Quesadillas

Smoked Turkey Quesadillas

Let’s kick this list off with something fun and simple: quesadillas!

All you need are tortillas, cheese, some diced onions and jalapenos.

Chop up the  turkey and spread the ingredients on top of your quesadilla.

Put it all flat in your pan with a lid on top.

When you see the cheese melting, that’s when you swoop in and fold it over with your spatula.

Serve it with your favorite salsa or some guacamole.

That smoky taste of the turkey will only enhance the flavors.

This would be especially delicious with smoked gouda as the cheese!

2. Turkey Tortilla Soup

Turkey Tortilla Soup

On a cold and frosty night, nothing will warm you and your family up better than big bowls filled to the brim with soup, the remake.

This hearty soup can be made in your slow cooker too.

Just use chicken broth as your base and load it up with corn, black beans, chilies, cilantro, and lime.

Don’t forget the tortillas to top it with at the end as well as plenty of cheese.

If you want to make this soup even more nutritious, add zucchini in there.

It blends beautifully and complements the turkey quite well. 

3. Turkey Pot Pie

Another place you’ll find inspiration for a super easy meal that’s right at home is within a pot pie.

Making a pot pie is a smart idea since the creamy sauce inside with all those veggies gives it a fresh new flavor.

Plus, who can resist that flaky pie crust?

No one, that’s who! You’ll absolutely this second dinner when everything is baked up in this new format.

Check out Create Yum who has a great recipe that will help you get this meal on your table tonight!

4. White Turkey Chili

White Turkey Chili

Want something you can throw in your slow cooker and enjoy later?

White turkey chili made with leftover turkey will be the answer to your prayers!

Just like the white chicken chili that meal planners love, all you need to do is swap the chicken for your turkey.

Simmering amid those white beans, corn, and creamy broth, it’s an easy dinner you can make anytime.

Top it with fresh avocado, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime!

5. Cajun Smoked Turkey Pasta

Cajun Smoked Turkey Pasta

Feeling like pasta? Grab your fettucine and get ready to give it a New Orleans twist.

You’ll make it with a creamy alfredo sauce from heavy cream and freshly-grated parmesan.

Then you’ll add that Cajun spice to your recipe and voila!

You’ll have a punchy pasta dish that will have everyone coming back for seconds, and if they have any room left, thirds too!

You can try this one with your leftover tri tip meat as well – oh so good!

6. Smokey BBQ Turkey Pizza

Smokey BBQ Turkey Pizza

With old holiday meat, the perfect solution is to make a BBQ turkey pizza.

Just like the California Pizza Kitchen does with BBQ chicken, all you need to do is add your leftovers.

Make your dough from scratch if you have the time. Or pop by the supermarket and get ready-made dough to cut your prep time in half.

Top the pizza with barbecue sauce, mozzarella and a smoked cheese (cheddar or gouda would be divine), and your turkey.

Garnish with fresh cilantro before serving! 

7. Cobb Salad

cobb salad

Freshen up and use a smoked turkey breast recipe done with a wonderful cobb salad.

It eats like a meal with those hard-boiled eggs, crispy bacon, blue cheese, avocados, tomatoes, and lettuce.

This will be even more filling and give you smokey flavors for a protein-rich meal you can feel good about eating. 

8. Enchiladas Verdes

When the whole family is grumping that they want Mexican food, you can use up your extra meat and give them what they want all at once.

Enchiladas verdes have an amazing green tomatillo sauce on top (that’s the “verdes” part) along with queso fresco.

Most recipes for enchiladas verdes include some kind of meat such as chicken, beef, or pork, though the star of our show is a perfect fit here.

And speaking of pork, if you have leftover pork chops, you can cut them up and use in this recipe as well.

Check out the above recipe to see how to whip this up!

9. Smoked Turkey Pho

Pho is a noodle dish from Vietnam with a flavorful broth that’s both sweet and savory.

And believe it or not, it’s pretty easy to put together.

This makes it a must for a leftover over smoked turkey recipes list.

You just need rice noodles, your leftover meat slices, and then things to top it off.

You can top your pho with things like fresh herbs like cilantro and mint plus a squeeze of lime, hot sauce, fish sauce, sprouts, and chili peppers.

It’s the perfect place to use up your excess turkey.

Melissa’s recipe from Simply Whisked is super-simple to follow and delicious too!

10. Coconut Curry Smoked Turkey

Coconut Curry Smoked Turkey

And yes, leftovers will be an amazing addition in this Asian sensation! Instead of making coconut curry with chicken, use that turkey up.

This will keep you from ordering takeout when you should be making use of what you’ve got.

With garam masala, coriander, tomato paste, chicken stock, coconut milk, and a few other ingredients, you can put a Thai twist on that turkey.

Serve it over steamed white rice for a meal that makes this once “old meat” really shine!

11. Pasta Bake

Feeling like pasta? Take everything you have left and make a pasta bake.

You just need some pasta, your lean meat, cheese (mozzarella and gruyere work great), broth, and veggies like spinach and mushrooms.

Get the pasta ready and then bake this delight together for a meal made of leftovers that everyone will gobble up.

Super Golden Bakes has a wonderful recipe you can use!

12. Smoked Turkey Tacos

Smoked Turkey Tacos

Breathe new life into that old meat by turning it into tacos.

That’s the best part about tacos – that you can fill them with just about any meats (including your leftover smoked brisket)!

Quickly warm the meat with a little taco seasoning in a pan and then serve it with all those taco toppings you love.

Use salsa, guacamole, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, chopped red onions, jalapenos, and whatever you like.

There’s no wrong way to make these special tacos for dinner tonight!

13. Buffalo Cheese Dip

Got relatives visiting that are hinting around for something to eat?

Buffalo dip can go with a lot of things – see our list here!

But if you make smoked turkey cheese dip and they may never leave.

Ok, bad idea if you want someone to get out, but excellent idea for your next gathering.

In fact, why not invite everyone over to watch the Super Bowl and make this smoky, cheesy delight?

All you need to do is mix your leftover smoked meat with Greek yogurt, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, Frank’s Red Hot and some seasonings, top with blue cheese, and bake.

Get the exact recipe from the National Turkey Federation.

Be sure and check out our list of turkey panini recipes – enjoy your smoky flavor in a hot sandwich as well!

So there you go. Use these recipes to turn something that turned mundane from an “Oh no, not this again” to an “OMG can you make this again and again” moment in your home!

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