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15 Leftover Lamb Chop Recipes Perfect for Lazy Days

15 Leftover Lamb Chop Recipes Perfect for Lazy Days

Wondering what to make with your leftover lamb chops?

It’s no secret that storing leftovers is one of the most troubling tasks for a home cook.

Opening the fridge every day with a plate of leftovers staring at you can ruin your time in the kitchen.

While most leftover recipes are effective, they turn out to be monotonous.

But my leftover lamb chop recipes promise variety and flavor.

I can get incredibly lazy in the kitchen sometimes, so it’s safe to say these simple dishes have made my life easier.

Most ideas on the list require minimal prep time and offer quality results.

Because lamb chops are a very basic food item, you have a lot of room to experiment and be creative.

So, my list of the top leftover lamb chop ideas will give you some out-of-the-box ideas to use.

Here are my favorite leftover lamb chop recipes that will make you come back for more:

1. Grilled Leftover Lamb Chops

Grilled Leftover Lamb Chops recipe

Let’s kick off our list with a simple, crowd-favorite recipe you can serve with multiple tasty sides.

This one assumes, you have extra raw meat that you haven’t yet cooked. 

Now, you can take your leftovers and cook them on the grill!

Grilled lamb chops are one of the most versatile dishes you can prepare with leftover chops.

Here’s the deal:

All you need to do is season your lamb chops, let them marinate, and throw them on the grill.

Once the meat grills to your liking, cover it with some foil on a plate and let it sit. 

I also find it easy to sneak some greens into the dish during serving for extra nutrients.

The smoky flavor of the grill will easily mask the green veggies. 

2. Lamb, Mushroom, and Spinach Korma


Everyone likes a saucy korma gravy using their favorite meat. You can make a creamy korma using your leftovers in under an hour.

First, add your onions to a pan and mix in your meat once the former softens. Continue tossing until the meat turns tender, and mix in your korma gravy and mushrooms. 

With a little bit of patience and enhancers like coconut milk and sauce, your dish is ready to serve.

Just add some spinach and lime juice before taking the pan off the stove to balance the flavor palette.

3. Instant One-Pot Lamb Stew

Doing the dishes is my least favorite kitchen chore. If you’re like me, this recipe is perfect for you.

The one-pot lamb stew creates a minimal mess and does not require much prep time. For recipes like these, you only need to throw in your ingredients and wait.

Add your favorite vegetables and seasoning with diced lamb chops, and let the mix stew! 

4. Leftover Lamb Chops with Mustard Sauce


Using the right sauce, even the most mundane dishes can be transformed into works of art.

For this recipe, your leftover lamb chops will not receive a huge makeover.

Instead, your primary focus would be the rich and delicious mustard sauce gravy.

Here, you will make the sauce using white wine and cook your lamb chops in it.

However, if you plan a low-carb diet, you can use chicken broth instead of white wine.

5. Rack of Lamb

Rack of Lamb dish

This next idea is not the quickest on the list.

While it requires only 10–12 minutes of active cooking, the dish has a long waiting period.

So, it is not my first suggestion if you have surprise guests coming in.

However, use this recipe if you want a perfect, wholesome evening with your family over a hearty and nostalgic meal.

You can season your leftovers and roast them well – here’s our fave list of lamb chop seasonings!

Later, the tender and juicy meat will go well with a variety of side dishes to give you as much variety as possible.

Here’s a fun video to follow along: ​​

I swear, this one will instantly be added to your favorites list to enjoy again and again in the future.

6. Linguine with Leftover Lamb Chops

The linguine, or “little tongues,” tastes best with meat and a mild flavor.

Pair this linguine with your leftover lamb chops; you will have everyone asking for seconds.

The recipe calls for different herbs and vegetables, which give the dish an Italian flavor.

While it is better to dice your meat before adding it to the pasta, you can style it to your taste.

7. Coconut Lamb Curry


This curry is the second dish on this list with an Indian touch, paying some homage to the earlier lamb korma.

While the fusion is quite experimental, coconut and lamb go very well with one another.

As you might have guessed, the curry is bursting with flavors from various spices.

Serve it with regular or seasoned rice for a complete meal.

8. Lamb Koftas with Yoghurt Dressing


It is tough to keep my family out of the kitchen when I make this dish.

These lamb koftas use the handiest spices and make for an amazing appetizer.

And it gets better:

You will be using several fresh produce items to create this exotic dish.

If your kids are not too fond of vegetables, this dish is bound to change that.

You can stuff these skewered lamb koftas into warm pita bread with a yogurt dressing and veggies of your choice.

9. Turkish Iskender Kebab Using Leftover Lamb Chop

Turkish Iskender Kebab recipe

Tomatoes, tomatoes, and more tomatoes—that sounds perfect. 

Iskender kebab is arguably the most popular Turkish cuisine and is surprisingly easy to make.

This recipe is my secret weapon for fancy dinner parties.

When craving something different, the delicacy serves those with a more refined palate.

I recommend mixing your lamb meat with ground beef for the best results.

However, the dish remains mouthwatering even without the latter.

10. Lebanese Lamb Rice – From Sonia


If you are wondering:

Do cucumber and lamb meat mix well?

The answer is yes.

Mixing cucumber, mint leaves, and lamb meat together results in one of the most heavenly dishes of all time. 

This Lebanese lamb rice is guaranteed to sweep you off your feet in just one bite. The dish sports a minimalist design with mild but impactful flavors.

11. Lamb Lollipops with Mint Pesto


Another quick and easy appetizer, this lamb lollipop recipe requires only 20 minutes to make.

They’re perfect snacks for game nights and evening get-togethers.

Marinate and sear your lamb lollipops in a hot pan.

Then serve it with a flavorful mint pesto dip. It’s that simple!

And here’s some more lamb chop dipping sauce options to try.

12. Balsamic Brown Sugar Lamb Chops


This is my comfort meat recipe.

Lamb chops glazed with balsamic brown sugar offer a sweet and savory flavor for everyone to appreciate. 

Just garlic, cayenne pepper, brown sugar, and balsamic vinegar are all you need to make a tasty balsamic sauce. 

While some people believe opposite flavor palettes do not blend, this recipe is here to prove otherwise.

13. Cumin Lamb Noodles


I can never tire of these great cumin lamb noodles. 

Hand-pulled noodles and delicate lamb meat bits in spicy chili sauces sound like the perfect meal.

This recipe is also helpful for those working on a low budget.

While one bite will make you want to make the dish every night, it is not an everyday meal.

The spices and oils are ideal for a cheat-day treat.

14. The Lancashire Hotpot


Leaving the traditional Lancashire hotpot off of this list is not an option.

This version of the dish uses carrots. As they cook, they soften and soak up all the flavors in the mix. This makes them a great fit.

Every layer in the pot has a new texture to offer.

The dish is full of surprises, from the tender meat to the crispy potatoes at the bottom.

15. Braised Lamb Shanks


If you could make these lamb shanks at home, you would never need to eat out again.

This recipe will help you bring the exotic taste of top-quality restaurant chains right to your kitchen.

How to Get the Best Results With Leftover Lamb Chops

dinner with Lamb Chops

Before wondering what to do with leftover lamb chops, you must learn how to store them. Lamb meat lasts slightly longer than others if it is raw. 

However, once you cook the lamb chops, the leftovers will only last around 3–4 days. Further, always remember to refrigerate and never leave your food out.

In my personal experience, 35 F is ideal for storing lamb leftovers. You can go a couple of degrees up or down. Although, you must take care not to go over 40 F.

Another precaution you can take before using lamb chop leftovers is heating them. While grilling and roasting recipes do not need it, you should practice heating the meat for the rest.

Frozen foods often carry frozen germs, especially when they are leftovers. Preheating it before you cook is an effective way to avoid falling sick.

Lastly, do not take a chance if your lamb chops look a different color or smell foul. Your health is your priority. Be on the lookout for these symptoms and throw out the spoiled meat.

Follow these simple tips to create the best meals using my leftover lamb chop recipes!

leftover lamb chop recipes hdr

15 Leftover Lamb Chop Recipes Perfect for Lazy Days

ideas and recipes to cook lamb chop


  • Mushroom, and Spinach Korma
  • Leftover Lamb Stew
  • Lamb Chops with Mustard Sauce
  • Linguine with Lamb Chops
  • Coconut Lamb Currry
  • Lamb Koftas
  • Turkish Iskender Kebab
  • Lebanese Lamb Rice
  • Lollipops with Pesto
  • Cumin Lamb Noodles
  • The Lancashire Hotpot
  • Braised Lamb Shanks


  • Choose your desired leftover lamb chops recipe.
  • Gather and organize needed ingredients.
  • Create a tasty leftover lamb chop recipe to complete your meal!

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