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What to Serve with Caviar: Enjoy this Delicacy the Right Way

What to Serve with Caviar: Enjoy this Delicacy the Right Way

“Champagne wishes and caviar dreams.” This was the closing line of every episode of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” with host Robin Leach.

Caviar is a delicacy associated with wealth, luxury, and the good life.

If you’re having a special reception or dinner party, you may want to include caviar on your menu. We’ll show you what to serve with caviar and give you an idea of caviar accompaniments.

We’ll help you understand what to eat with caviar and the best crackers to serve with it. We’ll give you some great pairing ideas.

If you’re a party guest, you’ll want to know how to eat caviar.

We have some tips for you.

Ready for your starring role in Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous?

Here we go!

There are very few dishes that can truly capture the luxury market. One cuisine that is on this list is caviar.

It’s a food that is quite mysterious, and no doubt confusing as well as inspiring.

Questions often abound around this unique food: Where does it come from? What does it taste like? What to serve with caviar? And so much more.

We promise we can help with the confusion. Below is everything you should know about and how to serve caviar.

How to Eat Caviar: What Works Well With This Delicious Treat

Caviar should be served in a glass bowl and with a caviar spoon, both specifically designed for this purpose.


Caviar will react with metal, and it can impart an unpleasant metallic taste to the roe.

This means no silver, no stainless, no metal bowl of any kind.

You can choose a beautiful or simple glass bowl that you’ll fill with ice.

Cubed or crushed ice is fine, but I think crushed ice is prettier. On that bed of ice, you’ll have a smaller glass bowl that holds the caviar.

Crushed ice is also a safer bet since it provides a more secure base for the caviar bowl.

Caviar is expensive enough that you really can’t afford to spill a bit of it.

Serving spoons must not be metal, either.

Keep your heirloom silver away from the caviar.

Instead, choose Mother of Pearl, horn, bone, wood, or even plastic. There are lots of pretty choices out there.

Whether you choose something simple and classic or ornate and fancier, you want lovely pieces worthy of the special occasion.

Look through your serving pieces.

You probably have a few items that will serve the purpose.

Caviar is the roe of Sturgeon from the Caspian Sea. It’s rare, expensive, and something you serve when you want to impress your guests.

Choose the unpasteurized, fresh variety for a better taste.

If you want to see how they harvest it, this video shows you how it’s done.

It’s salted before they pack it, so you can expect it to be salty.

You don’t want to serve it with salty crackers, or you’ll have a salt overload!

Caviar Accompaniments: What to Eat With Caviar to Make it Even More Lavish?

In addition to crackers or bread, you’d serve caviar on, what else should be part of your spread?

What goes with caviar that will enhance your special event?

You want lavish morsels of beautiful, quality food for side dishes. Here’s a look at some high-end suggestions.


In keeping with the seafood theme, shrimp or prawns are a classic choice for a posh get-together.

You can buy them already cleaned, with the tails on or off. If you can get fresh prawns, they’re better than frozen ones.

Cook them by immersing them in boiling water.

They’ll pink up quickly and cook completely in less than three minutes. Serve them cocktail style, like this:

shrimp cocktail with caviar


If you can get fresh oysters, they’d make an excellent addition to your swanky special event. Have your fish-monger shuck them and pick them up right before the party.

Bring a cooler full of ice when you go get the seafood, so they stay perfectly chilled.

It can’t hurt to pick up a couple of extra bags of crushed ice while you’re out, so you don’t run out. Serve them on a bed of ice in their shells, like this:

oysters with caviar

Have a variety of seafood sauces available so guests can dress them as they wish. Good choices include Mignonette, cocktail sauce, lemon juice, or hot sauce.

Assorted Cheeses

Here’s another opportunity to impress your guests!

An assortment of cheeses would be a welcome addition to the buffet table. You don’t want anything too intense, salty, or smelly, but you do want intriguing choices.

If you’re lucky enough to have a great cheese shop in your city, go there and put yourself in their capable hands.

A selection of artisanal cheeses, curated by a cheese expert, and hand-selected with your input can’t be beaten.

The cheese shop will also allow you to taste before buying, which makes a huge difference when selecting the right ones.

Think of how the cheeses you select will look and taste together, in addition to how they will pair with the seafood, other dishes, and wines.

Try to pick an assortment that varies in taste, color, shape, texture, and aroma.

cheeses with caviar

Belgian Endive Filled With Goat Cheese and Walnuts

If you’re ready for some freshness, this crisp hors d’oeuvre has exciting tastes that will complement the rest of the spread.

They’re also easy to hold and eat with one hand.

Endive with caviar

Check out this excellent blog over at Rhubarbarians for more options like this.

Assorted Nuts

Nuts are easy to serve and delicious.

I’d avoid peanuts for this kind of party, but cashews, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, and macadamia nuts would all fit right in.

Cucumber Sandwiches

These tiny sandwiches might seem a little dated, but they endure for a good reason.

I’ve included them because they provide some additional freshness, and they’re easy to eat.

The flavor of the cucumber cuts through an otherwise rich and heavy buffet.

sandwiches with caviar

Sliced Fruit

Thinly sliced and elegantly plated fruit is always a welcome addition to any party tray.

I’d choose crisp apples and pears, for starters.

Give each slice a little lemon-juice bath before plating, so they retain their fresh white color.

Display the sliced fruit in decorative fan shapes, interspersed with whole fresh strawberries and tiny bunches of grapes.

How to Serve Caviar: Finishing Touches to Blow Away Your Guests

Serve caviar with vodka

Caviar truly enhances alcoholic beverages. Ideally, Russian cuisines expect the fish eggs to be served while accompanying a heavy, chilly vodka.

Then, wine or champagne should be left for dessert. Nonetheless, the Europeans fancy wine as well as champagne as an excellent paring to caviar.

To top it all, some wines, as well as sparkling wine, match perfectly with specific caviar types.

Still and Sparkling Wines

So we’ve made some suggestions on what to eat with caviar, but what about the beverages?

What drinks would be the best caviar accompaniments?

Champagne, sparkling wine, blanc de noirs, and sparkling rose would all be ideal choices to serve here.

Dry white wines or roses of your choice would also be fantastic.

I’d stay away from red wines here because they’d be too heavy and would overwhelm the delicate taste of the seafood.


Vodka and caviar are a natural pairing.

When the vodka is ice cold, it brings out the distinctive flavors of the roe and complements it perfectly.

Get a good quality vodka and put it in the freezer to chill before serving. Don’t worry; it won’t freeze.

Chill the glassware, too, for the best results.

Non-alcoholic Beverage Options

Infused waters are easy to make and very refreshing.

I’d select cucumber and lemon, based on this menu. You can add herbs such as mint and rosemary too.

infused water for caviar

Best Crackers for Caviar

The best crackers for caviar are going to be ones that let the roe flavor shine through.

I like Carr’s Table Water Crackers.

They don’t have a distinctive taste but are a great neutral base and are a perfect single-serving size.


Table Water crackers are the best crackers for caviar because they’re unsalted, and will hold up to a little moisture.

They’re fancy enough to serve caviar on, so you’ll get style points too.

If you’re considering another cracker, make sure you taste test first, to make sure they’re not too salty, or too flavorful.

Don’t overshadow the lead ingredient:

The caviar is the star ingredient, and you want a cracker that doesn’t compete.

Another excellent serving option would be thinly sliced baguette rounds.

You could serve them lightly toasted or sliced. The baguette has a complementary flavor, and sliced rounds are a nice size for a one or two-bite nibble.

One more classic option is blini, which is a Russian and Ukrainian pancake traditionally made from wheat or buckwheat flour.

These little pancakes are no bigger than a cracker and are a lovely base for a dollop of creme fraiche and caviar.

When serving, make sure you put enough on each cracker to appear generous but don’t load each hors d’oeuvre up too much.

Assemble the caviar on top of the crackers, baguette, or blini, or even as a topping for bruschetta when serving eggplant caviar. Serve immediately.

There will be some natural moisture within the roe, and you don’t want any risk of sogginess.

caviar topping bread

How to Eat Caviar: Essential Ideas and More

Ok, here’s where it gets real.

You’re at a fancy party. You’re eating caviar.

How do you do it, so you look cultured and refined, and don’t make a mistake?

You’ll likely have a glass of wine or champagne in one hand. You’re standing up, and there may or may not be any place to set your drink.

You’ve got a cracker laden with caviar in your other hand.

Listen to me.

You do not want to put the whole cracker in your mouth in one bite. The point of a delicacy like caviar is to enjoy it and savor it.

Take one bite of the caviar cracker and enjoy it slowly.

Let it envelop your senses.

Enjoy the salty and rich taste of the eggs, the explosion of the beads of roe as they burst in your mouth, the briny scent of the sea.

After a few moments, take your second bite and pop the remainder of the cracker into your mouth.

Savor your second mouthful.

Do a quick and discreet scan of your teeth with your tongue. You don’t want black sturgeon roe stuck between your incisors while you’re meeting fancy party guests.

Go to the restroom for a smile check if you’re unsure.

How to Serve Caviar: Now You Know the Score for This Decadent Classic

Whatever special occasion you have, graduation, engagement party, wedding reception, or special birthday party, serving caviar will make it even more memorable.

We’ve shown you how to serve caviar, and give you an idea of some delicious caviar accompaniments.

Now you know:

We’ve given you ideas on what to eat with caviar and the best crackers for caviar. As a party guest, you now know how to eat caviar with grace and refinement.

You have the answers!

If you were wondering what goes with caviar, we’ve cleared that up for you. You can now host a lovely special event that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams to you!

What Is Caviar?

It’s eggs or roe from the sturgeon fish family. It’s one among many appetizer delicacies that get eaten raw. Some caviar tends to fetch a top-notch price.

The most prized caviar comes from Caspian as well as the black sea. Sadly, due to overfishing, caviar gets produced worldwide.

Fish Roe vs Caviar

All female fish lay eggs for reproduction purposes. Thus, they have roe. However, not all fish roes are fit for human consumption.

Nonetheless, it’s only the sturgeon roe, which gets referred to as caviar that’s eaten.

The sturgeon fish is native to the Caspian and Black seas between Asia and Europe. They are found in the United States’ south Atlantic coast.

The fish can grow to around 3000 pounds and much more.

Popular fish roe like trout, flying fish as well as salmon become used for sushi roll toppings and toast, among others. However, don’t confuse them to be caviar.

There is another fish roe that has almost the same flavor as well as textual properties as caviar. Thus, they can become used as substitutes.

Caviar Varieties

The most expensive caviar originates from Osetra as well as beluga sturgeon varieties.

The beluga caviar is rare, most expensive, as well as the largest of all the caviar. It isn’t in the united states as a result of overfishing as well as governmental regulations. One can find the Kaluga at the stateside. It has the same butter flavor as well as texture.

Osetra is a briny, fresh flavor with a little touch of nutty feeling.

The Sevruga possesses a strong flavor. It often pops as well as snaps while in one’s mouth. The starlet has a similar characteristic to Sevruga.

Caviar Grades

Caviar contains various categories due to size, egg flavor as well as texture. Below are the two significant groups;

Grade one: These are the most expensive. They are large eggs that are entirely intact.

Grade two: This is your less expensive caviar. They are less delicate. They lack a perfectly formed egg.

What Does Caviar Taste Like Really?

The experience of consuming caviar is heavenly. You need to savor the texture as well as the flavor. Caviar is quite salty. However, the saltiness depends on the variety.

The small eggs often burst in one’s mouth, thus releasing a buttery, nutty as well as sweet taste. There are caviars with fishy as well as brinier flavor than most.

Where Can You Buy Caviar?

You can decide to visit a gourmet market to purchase a tightly sealed metal can containing caviar.

Unpasteurized caviars must be refrigerated. You must ensure your online order arrives with packed ice.

You need to choose caviar depending on your budget, plan as well as preference. Always inquire about caviar before getting one.

More tips:

Caviar needs to be served alone while very cold. It should be kept in a non-metallic bowl, which must become nested with a large bowl that has crushed ice.

Do not keep transferring the eggs from their tins as they might break.

You must avoid silver as well as metallic bowls as they could lead to oxidation.

It can add a strong displeasing metallic taste to caviar. Below are some of the most fabulous accompaniments with caviar

Bonus Ideas for Caviar

Here are a couple more ideas before we leave you to your caviar.


Red caviar on pancakes

While caviar works well with plenty of garnishes, one rule is to use garnishes sparingly.

You don’t want to steal the show from the quality flavor that caviar brings to your plate.

The most expensive caviar is usually enjoyed entirely on its own.

However, if you are serving caviar with other foods, additional ingredients such as garnishes can bring out the best flavors of the foods.

Caviar can best be served on blinis. These are mini Russian pancakes that are made using buckwheat.

It’s a mini edible plate that has a mild as well as unconstructive flavor. It creates an ideal combination, primarily after one serves caviar as a canape.

You can add crackers as well as crispbreads to bring out a crunchy taste. You must allow your caviar flavor to take center stage.

There are other natural ingredients such as plain boiled potatoes as well as buttered breaks that work marvelously.

You can add a little caviar to go a little further.


Serve caviar on eggs

Eggs can work exceedingly well with caviar. This can include quail or hen eggs.

One popular option is to add raw onions together with sour cream.

The eggs and onion must be chopped finely and then added on top of the blinis together with the caviar. If raw onions sound a bit strong, you can add spring onions or chives as an excellent substitute.

A squeeze of lemon works exceptionally well with fish dishes.

However, you must keep it far from the caviar. The juice tends to become quite overpowering when combined with the mineral taste.

And while you might add salt to cooked eggs, you should not add salt when serving with caviar because the caviar has such a salty taste on its own.

The traditional Russian, as well as the European method of presenting caviar, is quite different.

It’s due to the tableware as well as beverages that pair this fantastic product. You must know these differences when getting ready for guests.

So, as you go out shopping for caviar on various online sites, including, you can be sure to bring out the delicate aroma.

caviar side recipes

What to Serve with Caviar

Ideas and side dish recipes to eat with Caviar
Course: Side Dish


  • Prawns
  • Oysters
  • Assorted Cheeses
  • Belgian Endive
  • Assorted Nuts
  • Cucumber Sandwiches
  • Sliced Fruit
  • Sparkling Wines
  • Vodka
  • Sparkling Waters
  • Table Crackers


  • Choose your desired Caviar side dish recipe.
  • Gather and organize needed ingredients.
  • Create a tasty Caviar side to complete your meal!

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