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15 Heavy Appetizers to Rock Your Next Gathering

15 Heavy Appetizers to Rock Your Next Gathering

Time to party!

Whether you’re the host with the most or you’re showing up with a dish to share, hearty appetizers are the ones everyone wants.

They eat more like a meal yet are easy for everyone to grab as they please so they can mingle.

For birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, celebrating special events, or simply just because the weather is glorious and you want to celebrate life with friends and family, these heavy apps have your back by pleasing everyone in the crowd!

Put the Party Back Into Your Event with These 15 Heavy Appetizers

Just one warning about these heavy appetizers…

You may soon find yourself hosting more parties because everyone will want to come when you’re serving any of these 15 delicious things.

Pro tip: make a little extra so you get a taste too!

1. Puff Pastry Pizza Rolls

Pastry Pizza Rolls recipe

Puff pastry is one of those easy to grab ingredients from the store that can help you build a filling appetizer.

You can roll it up with pizza sauce, mozzarella, and fresh basil for a fancier take on a pizza roll.

You can also twist it into a bow-like shape if you prefer.

Make different versions too so you’ll have variety. 

Some can have pepperoni while others can have mushrooms and sausage.

The possibilities will blow you away, and everyone will just love this fancier take on pizza for a filling appetizer. 

2. Asian Meatballs

Asian Meatballs dish

Asian meatballs add a more exotic element to any party.

And they’re really filling too.

Made with beef and shiitake mushrooms and covered in a teriyaki sauce, no one will be able to stop eating them.

Here how to do it.

You can put them in your crock pot for a totally easy heavy appetizer that will be a huge hit.

To make them even more filling, serve them with lettuce to wrap them in or with slider buns. 

We keep this on our list of the best Kikkoman teriyaki sauce recipes for good reason.

3. Bacon-Wrapped Figs 

Bacon Wrapped Figs recipe

Next up, this appetizer is one that is both elegant and heavy in nature.

The unlikely combination of bacon and figs is something you’ve got to taste to believe.

Slice a fig open and slide in a clove of garlic.

Then wrap the whole thing up with bacon and bake until crispy.

It’s sweet, salty, gooey and crispy all at once, and a recipe that everyone is going to ask for before they head home. 

4. Soft Pretzel Bites


Want to fill up a crowd? 

Soft pretzel bites are the perfect dunk-able appetizer that will keep hunger away.

They’re like pillows of heaven for the palate to enjoy.

Serve them with mustard and a rich, cheesy sauce and everyone will have just what they need to feel satisfied. 

Best of all, they only take 40 minutes from start to finish!

Jamielyn from I Heart Naptime has the whole recipe for you. 

5. Amazing Avocado Bruschetta 

Avocado Bruschetta recipe

What do you get when you combine avocado toast with bruschetta?

Oh, just about the easiest, most delicious, and heavy appetizer that is perfect for any party, that’s what!

It’s got that satisfying crunch paired with the soft texture of avocado and brilliantly colorful tomatoes.

And with a balsamic drizzle, it’s just an elegant finger food that will keep your guests full and happy!

6. French Dip Sliders

French Dip Sliders dish

Sure, we can see how sandwiches seem boring at a party.


These are French dip sliders.

These are not just sandwiches.

These are adorable, individualized sandwiches stuffed with roast beef and cheese.

And if you serve them with shooters of au jus, you are going to have one hearty handheld party food that is going to disappear in record time!

7. Fried Jalapeño Popper Wontons

Fried Jalapeño Popper Wontons recipe

Jalapeno poppers are such a treat at parties. 

But if you’ve got a crowd or want a fancier style, try using pre-made wonton wrappers from the supermarket.

You’ll mix some softened cream cheese with seasonings, chopped jalapenos, and cheddar, and then fry to crispy deliciousness.

Really want to make these disappear faster?

Put a little bacon in there.

Serve it with a dipping sauce and it’s likely that if you blink, you will miss that they were ever there!

8. Mini Grilled Cheeses

Mini Grilled Cheeses dish

Making mini grilled cheeses will make everyone happy at your party.

Young or old, everyone loves this iconic sandwich.

Served in a miniature format, it lets everyone get a bite of all the tasty food too.

You can’t go wrong with a classic, so make it buttery and cheesy.

Serve it with a shooter of tomato soup if you want to make things fancy.

Or try using arugula, sun-dried tomatoes, and Havarti for a more grown up version.

However you make these, they will absolutely be one of the best appetizers you can make to feed your hungriest guests. 

9. Potato Pave with Bacon and Parmesan


Ready for an appetizer that looks fancy but has enough weight to keep guests from having rumbling tummies?

This wonderful potato app has a crispy outside and a creamy interior.

And bacon!


I don’t think we really need to say much more than that, do we?

Oh yeah, you can get the whole yummy recipe from Tara’s Multicultural Table

10. Snack-Size Cheeseburgers

Snack Size Cheeseburgers recipe

Bite-sized cheeseburgers are a fun and surefire way to please your party guests.

Make these sliders that rival White Castle and assemble with an array of toppings.

Choose your cheeses, add some lettuce, onions, and pickles, and be sure to set out those condiments.

Even better, have a condiment station that goes beyond ketchup and mustard to include aioli, Dijon, chipotle BBQ, and more.

And if you really want your guests to declare you the best ever, add bacon!

11. Tasty Tortilla Rollups

Tasty Tortilla Rollups dish

Now here’s the kind of heavy party food you can roll out (pun intended!) for guests at the drop of a hat.

All you need are those flour tortillas plus the cheeses, meats, veggies, and condiments you want to put on them.

Ideally, an assortment is best so you can make turkey with cranberry and arugula.

Or roast beef with cheddar and horseradish mayo.

Or ham and Swiss with pickled onions and cabbage.

You get the idea.

Roll forth with your party apps!

12. Veggie Potstickers

Veggie Potstickers recipe

So, these will require a little more work on your part, but if you want to make a big impression, it’s the only way to go.

For smaller gatherings and to satisfy your meatless guests, veggie potstickers are a surprisingly filling appetizer.

To speed things up, you can use store-bought wrappers.

Then fill them with shredded carrots, cabbage, celery, onions, and garlic.

Don’t forget soy sauce for dipping!

13. BBQ Chicken Taquitos

BBQ Chicken Taquitos dish

Nothing says “party” like a fusion food.

Making chicken taquitos with a BBQ twist is the perfect example.

Rotisserie chicken makes a fast way to get this party started.

Stuff flour tortillas with the chicken, BBQ sauce, cream cheese, and pepper jack and you’ll have plenty to celebrate!

14. Southwest Baked Eggrolls


Right before a party, the last thing you need to do is make the house smell deep-fried.

And yourself.

It always happens no matter how well you plan to get everything ready, you wind up having to run and change 5 seconds before your first guests knock on the door.

And if you’re frying things, you’ll never have any time to get that stink out of your hair.

Or the air.

So, baking these southwest eggrolls is a brilliant idea.

They’re full of tasty flavors from ground turkey, black beans, and corn.

Feel free to use beef or keep it all veggie here.

But don’t skip the guac!

You’ll find the recipe at Sunday Supper Movement

15. Deviled Potatoes


And finally, let’s combine 2 party classic appetizers in one heavy option with the deviled potato.

What sorcery is this?!?

Why, it’s 2 beloved dishes – deviled eggs and potato salad – merged into one beautiful creation.

Small round potatoes get scooped out and stuffed up with hardboiled eggs, bacon, green onions, jalapeno, and a Dijon-mayo based sauce.

These are a little impossible not to fall madly in love with.

In fact, you’ll find any excuse to make them.

So, we’ll be right over for the party you’re throwing so we can see how your deviled potatoes came out!

Don’t panic, for the whole recipe can be found at James & Everett

When you want to serve party food that fills your guests up (and goes beyond the basic prosciutto appetizers), and doesn’t have them fighting for the last crumbs of chips remaining in the bowls, these 15 heavy starters are just what you need.

Make a few or make them all and your guests will feel like they’ve been treated to a multi-course meal!

heavy appetizers hdr

Heavy Appetizers Recipes

Ideas and recipes for heavy appetizers


  • Puff Pastry Pizza Rolls
  • Asian Meatballs
  • Bacon-Wrapped Figs 
  • Soft Pretzel Bites
  • Amazing Avocado Bruschetta 
  • French Dip Sliders
  • Fried Jalapeño Popper Wontons
  • Mini Grilled Cheeses
  • Potato Pave with Bacon and Parmesan
  • Snack-Size Cheeseburgers
  • Tasty Tortilla Rollups
  • Veggie Potstickers
  • BBQ Chicken Taquitos
  • Southwest Baked Eggrolls
  • Deviled Potatoes


  • Choose your desired heavy appetizers recipe
  • Gather and organize needed ingredients.
  • Create a tasty recipe to complete your meal!

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