Best Patio Cookers Reviewed and Rated

Millions of families across the world enjoy outdoor cooking, mainly because it’s fun and ideal for socializing. Outdoor cooking is also great for breaking the monotony of cooking and serving meals at home, and for reconnecting with old friends. That said, if you are an outdoor enthusiast and you want to have delicious bites as you enjoy your time, one of the items you must have is a great patio cooker. A patio cooker is the best choice for your outdoor kitchen, whether you want it for multi-purpose or single use.

Our Top 3 Picks

Weber 731001
  • Weber 731001
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durable Material
  • Price: See Here
Bayou Classic
  • Bayou Classic
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Portable
  • Price: See Here
Camp Chef Explorer
  • Camp Chef Explorer
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Adjustable
  • Price: See Here

Our outdoors cooking aficionados have done the homework and come up with a list of the top 10 best patio cookers on the market today. Our research and selection of the top 10 best patio cookers was guided by key elements that a good patio cooker should have. These include:

  • Energy output (determines the speed of cooking)
  • Cost
  • Number of burners
  • Versatility (how many needs it can fulfill in the kitchen)
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of assembly
  • Stability and durability
  • Reviews from customers who have used it before

10 Best Patio Cookers

1. Weber 731001

This is an incredible innovation from George Stephen that was specially designed to bring friends and family together for tasty bits. It comes with the best features and it is designed to make your backyard cooking experience amazing and worth looking forward to.

This cooker comes with an in-built thermometer, and this is one of the essential features that are currently lacking in many patio cookers in the market. The thermometer helps in monitoring the temperatures in the cooker to ensure that your cooking results are excellent.
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Features and specifications

fitted with a water pan that is made of porcelain enamel
Its cooking grates are heavy- duty
I726 sq inch cooking space
It comes with a storage cover
Comes with a 10-year warranty that is limited
It has a lid and a bowl
It uses charcoal for fuel
esistant nylon handle
It weighs 68 pounds and is black in color
Imade of steel


This product is expensive but is well worth the price. It can be shipped without charges to various destinations.


No matter how expensive this product is, it is worth buying. You will always desire to slow cook on any day once you try it out.

It is made of durable materials

The inbuilt thermometer makes temperature control easy

It is rust- resistant

The water pan makes smoking easier by providing moisture



It builds up a brown residue at the bullet which is hard to clean

It is heavy

2. Bayou Classic SP10

This is one of the few all round cookers that can be used to cook the toughest foods as well as do simple tasks such as boiling eggs. Though it's only a one burner cooker, it cooks your meals in the shortest time possible, and it can be relied on for backyard parties cooking. Being an all- rounder, it is highly versatile on the types of foods that you can cook using it, as well as the cooking methods that you can use.

This unit comes with a 360-degree windscreen that ensures that cooking is an easy experience even when you are in windy areas. The windscreen also protects the food being cooked from potential contaminants such as pollen, dust and even exposure to excess air.
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Features and Specifications

It has a 14'' cooking area diameter; it can accommodate multiple food servings
It has a welded steel frame that is 13'' tall
One burner measuring 4'' and is made of cast iron
It can hold up to 100-qt stockpot
It has a 10-PSI regulator that is adjustable
It has a 360degree windscreen for maximum protection
It has an output of up to 57,000 BTUs
Its fitted with a spring to secure the air control shutter


This product is very affordable and it delivers great results. It is highly reliable and it can serve you for a long time. Customers who have bought it already express great satisfaction, and so will you.


This is one of the outdoor cookers that are less sophisticated, very affordable and delivers great results.

The 13-inch height provides a low center of gravity for use with large stock pots

It is portable

It needs less assembly upon purchase

It has a PSI regulator and a valve for controlling the intensity of the gas flame


It is only a single burner cooker

3. Camp Chef Explorer 2

This is one of the best cookers that you can have in your home for outdoor cooking. It is a multipurpose propane patio cooker that will allow you to cook a variety of dishes at once, and it comes with a sufficiently large cooking space to cook many food servings to entertain guests and family at a go, without worrying about the cooking results.

The camp chef explorer stove has two burners, meaning it is convenient and it can help in saving time especially when one needs to prepare a variety of foods within limited time. This stove has removable legs that one can disjoint and re-assemble every time that they want to use the cooker in a different location from where it is normally situated.
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Features and Specifications

two burners made of cast-aluminium
3-sided windscreen
Has heat control dials that are fully adjustable
removable legs for portability
29-inch cooking height
It weighs 36lbs


This product is pricey but it delivers value for money. It's a one- time investment which you will never regret buying.


This stove is one of the best in the market. It is a one-time investment and it can serve you for years without disappointment. It is highly portable and can be easily assembled which makes it very easy to use.

The 3-sided windscreen makes cooking easy

It weighs only 36lbs which is light enough for portability

It has temperature control dials

It has a modular cooking system

It uses propane gas that is environmentally fit and doesn't cause pollution


It is not good for low heat simmering

It is only designed for outdoor use

4. Barbour International SQ14

This is a simple patio cooker for people who have outdoor kitchens or love outdoor cooking. Without much striking features, this stove has proven to win customer love and trust over the years that it has been in the market. It is a one-time investment that you can never regret having since you can use it for a variety of purposes. These range from grilling your favorite ribs to steaming and boiling some bites for your family.

It has raised rungs.

These are for the purposes of even distribution of flames and heat while cooking. The intensity of the flame is however regulated to suit the type of the food that is being cooked.
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Features and specifications

It can accommodate any size of stock pot
It has a braided hose and valve regulator which is adjustable
It is 12’’ high
It has a heavy-duty steel frame
It has a large cooking surfaceIt weighs 23 pounds
It has a limited 1-year warranty


This patio burner is very affordable and it delivers high quality cooking results. This is a product that anyone can afford.


You can't talk of simplicity without talking about this burner. This is a patio burner that will serve you for years without complications or the fear of breaking down. It is suitable for individual use, family cooking, camping, picnics, backyard cooking and caravanning.

The heavy-duty steel material makes it hard and sturdy for durability

It has four legs for stability

It is easy to assemble

It uses environmentally friendly fuel

It can accommodate any size of stock pot


It is limited in use

5. Pit Barrel

This is one of the patio cookers that have been designed to revolutionize your cooking experience. It comes with all the accessories needed to perfectly cook meat, regardless of the cooking method that you prefer.

On the competitive side, this product has also been rated the same as other cookers that are more pricey and sophisticated than it. With this level of customer trust, it goes without saying that it is a great product to purchase.
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Features and specifications

8 hooks for hanging your meal like ribs
It comes with a standard grate meant for searing and grilling
2 hanging rods
Icharcoal basket
tool for removing hooks
It weighs 57 pounds
porcelain coated drum that can hold up to 30 gallons


This cooker is pricey but it gives excellent results. It is a worthy investment that doesn't disappoint. The prove of this is its far below the average return rate of other patio cookers in its price range.


This is one of the excellent cookers that you can ever invest in. It is suitable for family meals, backyard parties, individual use, meal prepping and camping.

This product is easy to operate

It cooks fast

It can cook multiple foods

It can be used for different cooking methods


It is a little pricey

6. King Kooker 1618

For those who have good times while taking fried bites, this is the ideal appliance to invest in. It is not only meant for frying but one can also use its aluminum pan to grill or roast any other food or accompaniment.

It comes with a user manual that has a recipe booklet, and for beginners, these are important materials. The user manual is detailed with step by step instructions on how to set up the to make sure everything is placed in its right position.
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Features and specifications

It has a deep fry thermometer
The baskets have heat resistant handles
It has a burner with an output of 54000 BTU
Has four legs
It is 16- inch tall
It has a recessed top for safety
Its CSA design certified
It has a hose and regulator
Has an aluminium pan
It weighs 18.9 pounds


This product is affordable and can be bought by medium income earners. In addition to that, it is on offer and it is shipped for free upon purchase.


It is easy to use and affordable. A good invsetment for those who want to enjoy an outdoor picnic every once in a while

It is made of rust resistant materials

It is light hence can be transported easily

It is easy to clean


It is not sold with a propane tank which comes as an added expense

The baskets become discolored over time

7. Camp Chef Universal

Simple is not always poor. This statement can be proved right by this product. It is one of the simplest yet the best single burner outdoor cookers in the market today. Having it is a sure way to having healthy tasty meals for yourself, family and friends. It has a drum- style burner which makes it stand out. Centralized distribution of heat facilitates well and evenly cooked food. This type of a burner is best for people who love grilling or barbecue.
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Features and specifications

It has one burner
It has a 24’’ cooking height
It has a BTU output of 30000
It has detachable legs
It weighs 17 pounds
Comes with a propane tank and a hose
It has a heat regulator


It is one of the products that you can never regret investing in and the price is ridiculously affordable. Make your outdoor kitchen better by purchasing it.


The simplicity of this product is amazing but its results are exemplary.

It is easy to set up upon purchase

It produces a wind resistant flame

The high cooking height provides a low center of gravity for large stockpots

It has temperature control


It doesn't have a windscreen

It can only cook one type of food at a time

8. Metal Fusion-Import 5012

For lovers of boiled and steamed food, this one is perfect to try. It is one of the few products that can be used as a boiler or a steamer without much complications.

In the current market, it is almost impossible to find a cooker that can be used for frying, smoking, steaming and roasting food as one package, and deliver great result with every meal. This patio cooker does exactly that and for this reason. The cooker is deep, and this makes it ideal to handle maximum food servings at ago, and enough space for boiling and steaming food, and these two are considered the safest and the healthiest cooking methods.
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Features and specifications

It has a flat top for safety
It has a BTU output of 54000
It is CSA design certified
It has a top ring with 15 inch diameter
It comes with a regulator and an LP hose
The ridge pot has a steamer basket and a lid
It is 12-inch high
It weighs 18 pounds
It has a thermometer


This product is one of the most affordable patio cookers in the market today. On top of that, you are assured of high quality cooking results and a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.


Cooking healthy meals starts with having the right equipment. This product is vital in achieving that. It is affordable and it delivers high quality results. Its durability is also something worth going for.

It is durable

It is affordable

It uses environmentally friendly fuel

It is made of rust-resistant materials

It has a lid to ensure that steam is retained in the cooker


It can only be used for steaming and boiling


This burner is one of the fastest and most effective patio cookers there is in the market. It cooks your food under high pressure within a fraction of time and it gives the best cooking results.

This cooker can be trusted to save time and to serve many people at the same time. High energy output is important for speed as well as thorough and even cooking of any type of food.
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Features and specifications

It has a heat dials
It has removable legs
It has a 0-20 PSI hose and regulator
The regulator is CSA design certified
There is an o-ring regulator to avoid gas leakage
It has a clover- style grate
It has 3 burners that are 6-inches apart


This product is expensive but it's worth the money considering that it has 3 burners and its high output. It delivers value for money without disappointments.


With its big cooking surface and high energy output, this is undoubtedly one of the best kitchen equipment that you can add to your home. Though it may be pricey, it is a one- time investment that you will never spend on again.

It can cook several food servings at once

One can use different cooking methods at once

It requires minimum assembly upon purchase

The removable legs ease transportation

It has a temperature dials


One has to use an igniter every time they are using the burner.

10. Patio Smoker Grill BBQ Backyard Firepit

This is a perfect outdoor cooking equipment for people who love enjoying their grilled, smoked and BBQ food bites outside their house on a cool afternoon. It allows you to use the cooking method you love most for individual use or whenever you are
entertaining visitors in your backyard.

The one thing we love about this unit is that it’s versatile. It is one of the patio cookers with which you can cook using more than one cooking methods. With this patio cooker, you can grill, steam, smoke and roast food. It is not only meant for meat but can also be used for any other type of food that can be prepared using the above-mentioned methods.
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Features and specifications

It has 3 cooking plates
It is made of coated metal
Its fitted with a water bowl
Has a coal ash tray
Has 2 side handles
Has a lid that has cross bars and hooks
It has an adjustable air vent
It has 2 sided doors for ventilation
It comes with a user manual
It uses charcoal


This patio cooker is affordable and delivers amazing results. It is one of the appliances that you can never regret having for entertaining friends and family.


The versatility and affordability of this product is something that should make you buy it without a second thought. It is suitable for individual cooking, meal prepping, regular family meals and entertaining guests at the backyard. You will never worry about your many guests and their different menu preferences for food.

It has 3 cooking plates

The 2 doors at the sides ensure that the charcoal burns effectively

The water pan ensures that the food being smoked or steamed is properly cooked

The ash tray ensures that no hot ash escapes


The cooker uses charcoal which is a potential environmental hazard

The product has no temperature control mechanisms

Evaluation Criteria

With so many patio cookers in the market today, it is no easy task to come up with a list of the best products. This is because innovation is taking its course and every manufacturer is on his or her toes to ensure that he or she makes products that can compete in a market whose trends keep on changing. However, we used a criteria based on the following factors to come up with a combination that are good in the world of patio cookers today:

  • Portability
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of assembly
  • Temperature control
  • Output capability
  • Fuel type
  • Customer ratings and reviews


Most of the patio cookers that we reviewed are portable. This is because many people prefer buying an outdoor cooker that can be used both on the pavement of your house, in the backyard and one that you can easily pack and use outside while travelling or having fun in the wild with friends. Portability is one of the most admirable qualities that can be used to gauge the quality of any patio cooker. On the other hand, portability goes hand in hand with weight and detachable parts. For most of the patio cookers that we reviewed, they have detachable legs and they weigh below 70 pounds for easy transportation.


Most of the products that we have in our guide can be used to cook at least using two different methods and can prepare a wide variety of dishes. In fact, some can grill and roast different foods at the same time. Others can be used as grills, fryers and smokers. Versatility is very key when it comes to cutting on costs and saving money and space in your outdoor kitchen. Nobody wants to buy an item that has single use.

Ease of use

One of the things that attract customers to buy a product is the ease of use. Considering that most buy patio cookers for the first time, most of our reviewed products come with a user manual for guidance purposes. A sophisticated cooper may end up posing more harm than good considering that most of them use fuels that can cause harm when handled inappropriately.

Type of fuel

A large percentage of our reviewed products use propane and natural gas for cooking. This is because they don’t cause any pollution and they rarely trigger any type of allergies. Gas can also be transported without the risk of dirtying the carrier. For the reviewed patio cookers that use charcoal, we ensured that they have a charcoal basket to ensure that the hot charcoal does not fall outside the cooker posing the danger of burns. We also ensured that such products are fitted with an ashtray and a grater to sift the charcoal particles from the ash.

Both charcoal, propane and natural gas are cheap fuels which are easily available without straining much.

Temperature control

The ability to control temperatures in any cooking equipment is a sure way to get high quality cooking results. Most of the products that we reviewed have mechanisms of keeping temperatures in control during cooking. For charcoal cookers, they have charcoal baskets that are proportional to the food servings that the cooker can hold. Propane and gas cookers also have heat dials and regulators to ensure that they control the amount of heat and gas that flows during cooking. Controlled temperature makes food to cook evenly.

Output capability

The amount of energy that a cooker can produce determines the length of time that you spend cooking as well as the type of foods that the cooker can handle. All our cookers have at least a 10,000 BTU output to ensure s fast cooking as well as the ability to cook a wide variety of foods.

Customer ratings and reviews

It takes excellence for a product to gain the trust and love of customers. This is something that we highly consider when coming up with a guide. The benchmark for this guide was at least 4.2 stars out of the possible 5 as well as great positive customer reviews. We consider this type of feedback to be the sincerest since it is sourced from interactions with the actual products and not just hearsay.     

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Many people use gas grills to cook on their patio during the summer. After all, summer is the perfect time to entertain outdoors. For your patio, you may have a gas grill. These patio cookers can become very dirty while staying outside and not to mention after using them to cook some of your favorite delicious meals. It is important to make sure that you always properly clean and maintain these cookers in order to keep them working efficiently and in tip top shape for years to come.

Maintaining Your Gas Patio Grill

cleaning a patio cooker

You may be surprised to know that there is not a whole lot that you need to do to keep your grill cleaned and maintained. However, these tips will allow you to receive the longest life from your patio cooker!

Check for Propane Leaks Regularly

Every month, you should run soapy water along the gas line and connections with the propane turned on. With this method, you can detect whether there is a leak. If you see bubbles form while doing this, then it is best to either tighten your connection or just replace the line completely.

Cover Your Grill

It is important that while your grill is not use to keep it covered. There are many brands on the market that make their own covers for various models. However, these will need to be purchased separately. Although these are a separate purchase, they are well worth your money. These covers will protect your grill from the elements as well as keeping it from rusting and becoming any more dirty than it should be.

Regularly Clean Your Grill

With your grill, you should clean it every few months when you happen to grill more frequently. However, it is important to spot clean after each use. To spot clean, simply brush the grates and wipe the exterior of the grill with a cleaning agent like Windex. You may also find that turning your grill on high for approximately fifteen minutes very beneficial because this burns off any dirt that may have collected on the grill. By doing this once a week, you will guarantee that the grime does not build up, which can happen a lot faster than you would think.

Process For Cleaning Your Gas Grill

Many experts agree that a grill needs to only be deep cleaned one to two times a year. However, if you use your grill frequently and all year round, then it is probably best to deep clean it every few months or so. This is because vegetables can drop through the grates, marinades can splash, and the grease from your steaks and burgers will build up very fast.

In order to keep your grill in tip top shape all you will need to keep your grill cleaned is an excellent grill brush, an empty bucket for any debris, another bucket full of warm soapy water, and an old sponge that you plan on throwing away afterward.

Make Sure to Scrub the Grates Really Well with Your Brush

scrub grill grates

Many people will brush the grates on their grills before or after using it. But to truly clean the grates, make sure all of the charred and chunks of meat are off your grates. If you need to, use a little added force for this task. You can also use the metal scraper that comes included on the brush if the chunks are being particularly stubborn. Once you have brushed the top of your grates really well, you will want to take the grates out. Here you will notice that the bottom needs to be scrubbed as well. Make sure and scrub the bottom like you did the top. Once this is done, you will want to set them aside.

Removing and Washing the Burner Protectors

Burner protectors defend the burner mechanisms from grease as well as other material that could ultimately clog them. With grilling and, if they are left uncovered, the elements, you can imagine just how dirty these protectors can get. In many grills, these protectors are very easy to remove to clean.

For cleaning, use the bucket filled with warm soapy water and your old sponge to scrub your burner protectors clean. It should not be too difficult to get any dirt or grime off. When you are finished, your protectors should look shiny.

Wiping Grime from the Burners

Some grills are built so that the burners are easier to remove. If you so happen to have on that allow your burners to be removed easily, then you can simply rinse these burners with your warm soapy water.

However, if it is a difficult task to take your burners out, then you can simply use a damp sponge to wipe them down.  A lot of dirt and grime on your burners can clog them, so it is important to make sure that you clean these regularly.

Make Sure to Remove All the Filth at the Bottom

After cleaning your burners, you will want to go after the plates located underneath next. Normally, these plates are pretty easy to clean off with your grill brush and they pull out. A sponge usually will not do the trick here because this is where all of the grease and gunk ends up. This is also where you will find a layer of char. However, it is mostly important to worry about cleaning off the big chunks of filth on these plates.

When you have finished cleaning this plate, you will find that all that is left is the removable bottom tray. Next you will want to use the scraper on your grill brush to scrape away any chunks on the edges of this tray. With this tray, you may need to use the scraper, your brush, and your sponge in order to completely clean it off. It may not be spotless, but it will be clean enough to enjoy plenty of delicious meals!

Put Your Patio Cooker Back Together

Lastly, you will want to put your grill back together after everything has been thoroughly cleaned. Once you put the tray, plates, burners, burner protectors, and grates back on, you will be ready to enjoy a delicious barbecue meal! A few months later, you grill will be ready for another cleaning.


Q1. Where should I store my cooker?

Most people store their patio cookers just on the pavement or at the garage to protect them from rusting and excess sunlight.

Q2. Do I need a cover for the cooker?

A cover is very necessary for the cooker. Though it is not included in many packages, you can get one from the manufacturer.

Q3. what is the best size of a cooker?

There is no particular benchmark for sizes but it is wise to buy a cooker that suits your needs.

Q4. Can I use my charcoal cooker as a fire pit?

It is not advisable to use a charcoal cooker as a fire pit because many are designed in a way that cannot accommodate extremely high temperatures. In addition to this, firepits require you to use firewood while a typical charcoal cooker can only accommodate a tiny charcoal basket.

Q5. where can I get the spare parts for my cooker?

The best thing to do when you are in need of any spare part is to contact the manufacturer of the product. They provide the correct spare parts.

Q6. what is the use of the thermometer on my cooker?

It is used for monitoring and controlling temperatures inside the cooker to ensure that you achieve great cooking results.

Q7. can the cookers be used inside the house?

No, this is because patio cookers are meant for outdoor use only.

Q8. do all the cookers need assembling upon purchase?

Not all cookers will require assembly once they are bought but most of them do. To ensure that you assemble everything correctly, always ensure that you carefully read and follow the directions i the user guide provided.