Best Cookie Stamps Reviewed

If there is one snack which everyone in the world loves, it will have to be cookies. Particularly since they are versatile and come in so many varieties such as sugar cookies, shortbreads and festive linzer cookies.

Besides, no other snack lets you add your own personal touch to it like they do.

This means you can recreate that special feeling you get when you open a pack of Oreos, digestives or bourbon biscuits right in your home. And it’s all thanks to cookie stamps which will let you do just that in the most creative ways imaginable.

Evaluation Criteria


cookie stamps material

Some of the best cookie stamps on the market are made from either stoneware or from silicone. Both are great and require different methods of transferring your selected design.

Stoneware and silicone cookie stamps provide a nonstick surface to allow for a faster transfer; however, you will find that it is best to dust the stamp with flour before pressing it into your cookie dough.


The cost of your cookie stamp is also something to consider. If you are looking for something made from stoneware, these generally cost more because of the material it is made from and how delicate the material is in order to create a design. Silicone stamps are usually less expensive and are more commonly seen on the market.

However, if you were to choose a custom design, this will cost extra because the manufacturer will need to create the design themselves for your personal use.


Some cookie stamps that you find on the market will claim that they are dishwasher safe, which in all rights they can be. However, if you are not in too much of a rush, then it is highly recommended to wash cookie stamps in warm soapy water. This will ensure the cookie stamp’s durability.


Silicone cookie stamps as well as stoneware options are very resilient. However, they both have their weaknesses as well. Silicone ones are great because they do not break easily; although, it would be wise to hand wash these as they may not be capable of handling the heat from the dishwasher.

A stoneware cookie stamp has the potential of breaking more easily than a silicone stamp. This poses as a problem if you should accidentally drop it because there is the potential of it breaking or cracking.

silicon cookie stamp

Using stamps is generally a simple concept but we have a few tricks to ensure a successfully stamped cookie!

10 Best Cookie Stamps


1. Silicandy

Few activities are as fun and as rewarding as baking at home as a family. Not only do you get to have fun together, but you also get to tuck into heaps and heaps of fresh, warm goodies. Even your entire home gets to smell amazing! Convinced that this is a lost pastime, and determined to restore it at all costs, Silicandy promises to reintroduce this delightful activity with its special products which include its cookie stamp molds for an extra special touch.
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A product which is perfect for your kitchen

The Silicandy molds are not only inert but are also heat resistant. As a result, that makes them ideal for use during the hustle and bustle of baking, particularly when little children are involved.

Features and Specifications

Manufacturer: Silicandy
Product Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 4.5 inches
Weight: 3.5 pounds
Colour: Green
Category: Kitchenware


While not expensive, these baking stamps are certainly more costly than the average price for similar items. However it is worth remembering that they come with FDA approval and are perfectly toxin free making them an excellent choice for decorating your cookies.

Decision Time

If you are interested in fun themes which are perfectly safe for making your favorite cookies during the holidays, these stamp molds are a great choice. The fact that they come with a stainless steel cookie cutter is also an added bonus.
  • A selection of fun themes to choose from
  • Perfect for a wide range of cookies
  • Stackable and easy to store as a result
  • Suitable for dishwasher use



Say it with cookies. That’s right whether making them for family or friends, you can make those cookies extra delightful by adding a fun or a special message thanks to the SUCK UK cookie stamps. Brought to you in a selection of lovely colours, they have just what you need to make your cookies especially memorable.

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Kitchenware which is both non-reactive and safe

Inert non-reactive kitchenware are really handy since they can be used with a variety of ingredients without the risk of reacting as a result of coming into contact with them. That means these cookie stamps are perfectly suitable for any variety of cookies you choose to make since you will not have to worry about any mishaps occurring which may ruin their flavor.

Features and Specifications

Manufacturer: Suck UK
Product Dimensions: 7.2 x 7.2 x 9.3 cm
Weight: 95 g
Colour: Blue
Category: Kitchenware


These baking stamps are slightly more expensive than average. However they have been made with the safety and convenience of the baker in mind. As a result the impressive features they come with such as being nonstick and inert make them a worthwhile purchase.

Decision Time

If you want a fun experience where you will be able to bake any variety of cookies, then purchasing these baking stamps will be a really good idea. Especially since they are also nonstick which means you will be able to go through the process of baking quicker than usual.
  • Inert, prevent microbial growth
  • Perfect for a wide range of cookies
  • Easy to wash
  • Non-stick


3. Birkmnan 340275

Few things are more rewarding than perfectly baked cookies, especially when they come with your own special stamp. In order to get to enjoy that feeling which will bring you special delight, you will certainly need a baking stamp which is worthy of the occasion. Birkmann promises to provide you with just what you need to make each experience worth remembering.
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Detailed designs

These baking stamps are highly detailed with beautiful designs that will add a professional touch to your cookies. In addition to the gingerbread stamp, you can also choose between two other decorative motifs including the Cookie Snowflake and the Merry Christmas Cookie which each come with their own wooden handle to ensure the process is extra easy for you.

Features and Specifications

Manufacturer: Birkmann
Product Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 3.8 inches
Weight: 2.7 ounces
Colour: Red, green
Category: Kitchenware


Considering the fact that these baking stamps must be purchased separately they are slightly more expensive than similar items. However this is offset by the fact that their detail is highly decorative particularly in comparison to other cheaper options.

Decision Time

If you want delightful stamps which will lend a detailed design to your biscuits and make you feel extra proud of your handiwork, these baking stamps are a great idea. The fact that they can easily be removed from their handles to be washed also makes adding them to your kitchenware collection really worthwhile.
  • Detailed design
  • Food-safe silicone surface
  • Easy to wash
  • Multilingual cookie recipe in English,French, German, and Italian
  • Each stamp must be purchased separately
  • Cookie cutter not provided

4. Chef’n Cookie 108-654-100

Special occasions call for special cookies. And thanks to the Chef’n Cookie Cutter and Stamp set, you will be able to create delicious, freshly baked biscuits with a variety of dinosaur patterns to make them even more fun.
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A compact complete cookie stamp set

Unlike several retailers who simply provide one cookie stamp at occasionally costly prices, Chef’n Cookie has provided a set of brightly colored baking stamps which will provide you with the variety you need to create cookies which both adults and children will love. What’s more they also come in a container which makes it easier to store them and which also has a lid which doubles as a cookie cutter ensuring you have all you need to get your baking off to a flying start.

Features and Specifications

Manufacturer: Chef’n Cookie
Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 3.7 x 3.5 inches
Weight: 5.6 ounces
Colour: Yellow, Purple, Violet, Green and Blue
Category: Kitchenware


This set of dinosaur baking stamps is amazing value for money and costs less compared with a number of brands. Its price is also particularly advantageous when its additional features such as its cookie cutter, and container are taken into account.

Decision Time

This stamp is a great choice for making your favorite cookies and adding a touch of fun to them as well. In addition to their great price and the free container and cookie cutter they come with, they are also easy to wash due to being dishwasher safe. These features as well as the varied colours they come in also ensure they will be a great addition to your kitchenware collection.
  • A varied choice of dinosaur patterns
  • Stackable and easy to store
  • Suitable for dishwasher use
  • Cookie cutter provided

Leaves ragged edge

5. Tovolo 81-8083

Kitchenware items which are really easy to use and make your tastiest snacks look fantastic are always welcome in any household. Especially when they are also easy to wash and store too. If you love baking decorated cookies you will love these baking stamps brought to you by Tovolo.
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Kitchenware which is both non-reactive and safe

Inert non-reactive kitchenware are really handy since they can be used with a variety of ingredients without the risk of reacting as a result of coming into contact with them. That means these baking stamps are perfectly suitable for any variety of cookies you choose to make since you will not have to worry about any mishaps occurring which may ruin their flavor.

Features and Specifications

Manufacturer: Tovolo
Product Dimensions: 3 x 3.2 x 4.3 inches
Weight: 8.5 ounces
Colour: Red, Green and Blue
Category: Kitchenware


The Tovolo set represents great value for money and is a great option for anyone interested in baking cookies with appetizing themes. It is worth noting that these baking stamps actually come cheaper than a single baking stamp belonging to a number of other brands making it feel as though you are getting three for the cost of one at a really great price.

Decision Time

These baking stamps are great for baking cookies with familiar and popular themes. What’s more they come in set of three providing you with a selection of choices and are quite cheap, in comparison to other similar items. The fact that they can easily be stored and do not require much space as well as their suitability for dishwasher also add to their appeal.
  • A varied choice of lovable cookie themes
  • Stackable and easy to store
  • Suitable for dishwasher use

A little larger, means less cookies per recipe

6. Purpledink

Bright and colorful kitchenware has a way of making all your baking extra special and really inviting. Which is why it is always a good idea to make sure you have them on hand each time you wish to enjoy a memorable experience with your favorite baked snacks in the company of friends and family. And just in case you were wondering where to begin, purpledink Designs might have just what you need with its Fuschia and Cerulean set which also comes with a free cookie stamp.
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Environmentally friendly products which are perfectly safe

One thing which sets these baking cups and cookies stamp apart is the fact that they are environmentally friendly and have been made using high grade silicon. They are also 100% BPA free, FDA approved and capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 475 degrees Fahrenheit thanks to their advanced heat resistance, ensuring they will make a great addition to your kitchen.

Features and Specifications

Manufacturer: purpledink Designs
Product Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 4.7 inches
Weight: 5 ounces
Colour: Fuschia and Cerulean
Category: Kitchenware


This brightly colored kitchenware set is competitively priced in comparison to other baking stamps. Its relatively low cost, makes it a real bargain particularly when all its beneficial features are taken into consideration.

Decision Time

If you are searching for cupcake molds and a cookie stamp at a great price, you will love this set. Especially since it is not only perfectly safe to use but also versatile and suitable for the modern kitchen. What’s more the baking stamp also comes with its own handle which saves you the extra expense involved in purchasing it separately while the lifetime guarantee provided by the manufacturer is also a welcome bonus.
  • Advanced heat resistance
  • 100% BPA free, FDA approved
  • Suitable for oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher use

Durability issues

7. ScrapCooking 3700392451349

Decorating cookies and even fondant with cute motifs is one way of adding an individual touch to your baking that will make it look extra appetizing in addition to tasting really delicious. Especially when carried out with bold, clear patterns which the ScrapCooking Heart Silicon stamp will be certain to provide. Details on what makes it worth considering in comparison to other baking stamps have been provided below.

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A non-stick silicon baking stamp

Having a baking stamp get stuck in cookie dough and ruining its motif as a result can be exasperating. Especially since it means having to reroll the dough and recut it several times. Thankfully with the ScrapCooking Heart you will be able to get your designs right immediately with a minimum of fuss. And it’s all thanks to the fact that the baking stamp has been made using silicon ensuring it is nonstick and making it the perfect choice for bold, pretty designs for your cookies.

Features and Specifications

Manufacturer: ScrapCooking
Product Dimensions: 3.4 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches
Weight: 2.2 ounces
Colour: Pink
Category: Kitchenware


The stamp is rather more expensive in comparison to baking stamps created by other brands. However, its pattern is more detailed than on average and will create beautiful cookies with a professional touch. It is also nonstick meaning you will be able to create clear patterns. These qualities make it stand out in comparison to other similar products.

Decision Time

If you enjoy having detailed, patterns on your cookies, you will love this cookie stamp which will provide you with the opportunity to bake cookies which have a cute, fun pattern. What’s more the fact that it has been made from silicon also means that you will be able to bake your cookies with a minimum of fuss and have them ready in no time at all.
  • Silicon non-stick
  • Detailed, patterned motif
  • Baking tips booklet included
  • Only one item provided per purchase

8. Birkmann 340350

Decorating items with stamps has been a much loved tradition in many parts of Europe and the United States and a great way of making your cookies look really appetizing. The manufacturer Birkmann promises to provide you with a great baking experience with food safe, nonstick stamps and a design which is really detailed with its Fox Cookie Stamp.

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A food-safe, nonstick cookie stamp

Birkmann’s stamp is not only safe to use with your food but is also non-stick. These two qualities make it an ideal baking stamp for making cookies with bold, delightful designs and being able to do so with ease.

Features and Specifications

Manufacturer: Birkmann
Product Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 3.1 inches
Weight: 2.2 ounces
Colour: Orange
Category: Kitchenware


The stamp is quite costly when compared to other brands. It is also sold as a single item rather than a set, meaning that other patterns have to be purchased separately. However the fact that it is nonstick and therefore really ideal for creating detail patterns on cookies in addition to being food safe, make it purchase worth considering.

Decision Time

If you wish to purchase baking stamps which not only come with beautiful patterns, but are really easy to use, the Birkmann’s Fox Cookie Stamp is a good idea. Its one drawback is the fact that it is slightly costly and is sold as a single item. However its manufacturer’s dedication to producing stamps which produce detailed patterns which stand out and are nonstick, make it an excellent option.
  • Silicon non-stick
  • Detailed, patterned motif
  • Handle provided

Will take you some practice to get the perfect cookie out of it

9. Brown Bag

Some of the most delicious biscuits now enjoyed the world over were created by enterprising confectioners in the British Isles. As a result, there can be no doubt that cookies decorated with emblems reminiscent this delightful region come with an appeal that is all their own. Brown Bag promises to provide you with the opportunity to make your cookies look extra appetizing with its Shamrocks Cookie Stamp which is part of its British Isle Series collection.
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Outstanding quality

Brown Bag’s Shamrocks series which features a delicate and unique design has been made from high fired porcelain and is completely lead free. It is also dishwasher safe and easy to clean as a result. In addition to these delightful features, you will also be able to look forward to a recipe booklet with five lovely recipes to try your new stamp on.

Features and Specifications

Manufacturer: Brown Bag
Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.3 x 4.1 inches
Weight: 10.4 ounces
Colour: Beige
Category: Kitchenware


This is one of the higher priced cookies stamps as opposed to other cheaper models. However it ticks all the boxes in terms of the high quality, safe materials used in its manufacture, its unique design and suitability for dishwasher use.

Decision Time

This baking stamp is ideal for baking fans who wish to enhance their experience of making their favorite cookies with a high quality product.

However it is worth noting that its handle as well as additional baking stamps with different patterns must be purchased separately .
  • High fired porcelain
  • 100% lead free
  • Free recipe book
  • Only one item provided per purchase
  • Handle not provided

10. JBK Pottery 02477

Everyone who loves baking has dreamed of creating the perfect plateful of the most inviting cookies. And there is no better means of making your dream come true than availing yourself of JBK Pottery’s set. We have provided all the information you need on the key features of this product brought to you by a manufacturer which prides itself on its ability to provide you with the most innovative ceramic products, below.

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A wide range of unique designs

This set provides 9 different patterns ensuring you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to creating an appetizing plate of cookies which will have your friends and guests coming back for more. In addition to that, these baking stamps also stand out from other similar items in terms of design due to the fact that they do not require a handle.

Features and Specifications

Manufacturer: JBK Pottery
Product Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 2.5 inches
Weight: 1.1 pounds
Colour: Brown
Category: Kitchenware


This set which contains an impressive number of stamps is reasonably priced and represents great value for money. If you love baking large numbers of patterned cookies with varying designs without having to spend a great deal, you will love the various patterns provided by this set.

Decision Time

This et is quite affordable in comparison to other baking stamps and comes with an impressive nine individual stamps ensuring you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to decorating your cookies. A free recipe is also provided with the set to ensure you get the inspiration you need to create your dream cookies. These features make it a great choice for all fans of baking and great cookies.
  • A wide range of patterns
  • Free recipes with each purchase
  • Must be cleaned by hand

Cookie Stamps Success Tips

Firstly, you should decrease the baking powder or baking soda agent that you use, or abandon it altogether.

Another surefire way to validate success with your cookie stamps is to ensure that there is enough flour in your dough to avoid your cookies from dispersing too much while baking.

 However, your dough shouldn’t become so sticky that you need to put flour on your hands, however, it also should not be dry and crumbly either.

how to bake with cooking stamps

Next, divide the dough and form balls approximately two tablespoons big and roll into round balls using your hands before stamping. Using a rolling pin is an optional step; however it will provide cleaner edges.

Make sure that you generously flour the stamp before using it to press your cookie.

Next, use a cookie sheet which is completely clean in order for the dough can stick to the sheet when the stamp is lifted away from the cookie.

Place your stamped cookies into your oven to bake. Allow the cookies to bake until they are ready but not browned. Let them cool down for a couple of minutes. Do not allow your cookies to completely cool on the cookie sheet or your cookies will be difficult to remove from the pan.

Alternative Tips for the Perfect Stamped Cookies

1. Recipe

Make sure that you are using the appropriate recipe for stamping cookies because not all recipes are created equal! You will find that some cookie recipes will spread too much and will not keep your stamps as well. It is better to ensure that the recipe you do use does not spread.

2. Chilling Your Dough

Placing your cookie dough for a minimum of twenty minutes before stamping and after stamping for approximately an hour before baking, in the refrigerator will aid in setting the stamp design into your cookie.

3. Flouring Your Stamp Before Use

In order to make sure that your stamp does not stick to the dough, ensure that you generously dust your cookie stamp with flour and tap any excess flour off before you stamp your dough.

It is also important to repeat this step in between each stamp. It is also important to note that you must flour your stamp before stamping fondant as well.

4. Appropriate Oven Temperature

It is crucial that your oven is at the appropriate temperature before adding your chilled cookie dough. If you do not make sure this step is completed, you can experience a longer baking times as well as allowing your cookies time to spread.

5. Do Not Roll Your Dough Too Much

cookie dough

It has been found that the less you handle your dough and roll it, the better results your cookies will provide.

It has also been found and worth noting that after your dough has been rolled more than two times, then it is best to place it back in the refrigerator and allow to chill before continuing to place it in the oven.

6. Using Fondant

Additionally, you can obtain great results if you use fondant to cover your cookies. By using fondant, you are able to add color to your cookies!

Alternative Ingredients to Make Healthy Cookies

Everyone enjoys a cookie, but when you are on a diet, you find yourself in temptations way. However, there are ways for you to make a healthier cookie by substituting some of the ingredients!


When you are preparing to make a healthier cookie, you should first substitute butter for margarine. It is a fact that hydrogen and vegetable fats are commonly found in regular margarine merge to shape trans fats, there are types of margarine you can find that are made from vegetable oils that comprise less trans fats than normal butter, margarine, and lard.

Dried Egg Powder

If you are trying to decrease the cholesterol and calorie count that is found in your cookies, then you should consider making your cookies with dried egg powder instead of eggs.

However, when you are inserting dried egg powder to your cookie dough, you will also need to include some liquid so that the powder is the same consistency of regular eggs.

whole egg powder

However, if you find yourself not particularly liking the idea of using egg powder in your cookie dough, then there is also an alternative for that! There are already prepared egg substitutes that you can use in its place. These products usually provide the same flavor and consistency as actual eggs but comprise a fraction of the cholesterol and calories.

However, if you want to stay with using the eggs, then make sure you only use the egg whites in your dough.


Applesauce may seem like an unconventional ingredient for your cookies. However, if you normally use sesame oil, canola oil, or cottonseed oil in your cookies, then applesauce may be an alternative ingredient you may be looking for.

Applesauce has oils which contain loads of saturated fats and can often times have a roust smell. Most kinds of applesauce found are generally fat free and include natural fructose. The fructose in the applesauce also gives your cookies some natural sweetness.

Soy Butter and Sesame Butter

sesame butter

If you enjoy making peanut butter cookies, then you would be excited to know that there is also a healthier alternative that provides a similar taste by using soy butter or sesame butter. Soy and sesame butter contains less calories and less fat than most kinds of peanut butter. Also, by using these alternative butters, you can give a person with peanut allergies the chance to try a peanut butter cookie without putting their health at risk.

Light Cream

Light cream is clearly a healthier choice than using heavy cream for your cookies. If you use light cream in your cookie dough, you will not notice in taste or texture because it acts the same way as heavy cream but contains less calories. You can also substitute skim milk for whole milk without the change affecting the flavor of your cookies!

Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut oil is also a great replacement of butter and fat. While mixing your dough, you can use precisely the same volume of coconut oil as you would butter. This ingredient will also give your cookies a tasty crunch!


Bananas can also be used as a substitute of butter for cookies and other baked goods. But, it is important to remember that bananas have a robust flavor, so it would be best to use this method if you are baking something that you want to have a banana flavor.


Using avocado in your cookies is a great alternative for butter if you are baking with chocolate. The chocolate will conceal the green color. By using pureed avocado, you will be including nutrients to your cookie as well as making them soft and moist.

Raw Honey

raw honey

Natural honey is a great way to naturally sweeten your cookies and other baked goods. You are able to use the same measurement of honey as you would sugar or you can even add a little less. It is also important to note that since honey is a liquid, it will bring plenty of moisture as a result!

Coconut Palm Sugar

Coconut palm sugar is a great substitute of brown sugar and provides a caramel taste as well as color to your baked goods. This ingredient will also give your cookies a hint of coconut taste, so keep this in mind when selecting a sweetener you want to use.



Stevia is a great alternative sweetener, especially if you already happen to be a fan. It is a lot sweeter than regular cane sugar, so it can be used in any recipe that may not need a lot of sugar. You can also use half sugar and half stevia in your recipes. Aside from this alternative, you can also use stevia with honey or stevia with maple syrup!

Chia Seed

Chia seeds can be used as a substitute for eggs, with the exception of that it does not need to be ground. Chia seed has a jellylike texture which makes it an excellent binding agent for baked goods.

Flax Seed

flax seed

Instead of using eggs, you can replace it with flax seed by mixing a tablespoon of ground flax seed with two or three tablespoons of water. This mixture will substitute one egg. After your mixture is combined, simply add it to the batter like you would an egg.


What should I look for when buying them?

When looking for the best cookie stamps, you should look for baking stamps which are not only decorative but made from safe materials. It is also a good idea to purchase products which are easy to clean  (are dishwasher safe) and are provided with as many features as possible, such as handles and cookie cutters.

Should I purchase them individually or in sets?

It depends on your preference and what brand you wish to purchase. However, it is worth noting that buying cookie stamps individually may mean having to purchase a large amount in order to enjoy a great variety which may cost significantly more than purchasing them in sets.

How can I clean my cookie stamp?

It is highly recommended that you wash any cookie stamp by hand in soapy warm water. You can use either a wooden skewer or a toothbrush to get rid of any dough that could have been trapped in the stamp’s design.

Are cookie stamps dishwasher safe?

Not every cookie stamp is. However, it is still highly recommended to wash any cookie stamp by hand in soapy warm water in order to guarantee the durability of your cookie stamp.

Can I customize fonts and designs?

There are many manufacturers that provide customization of any type of cookie stamp that you see. Generally, the fonts and designs that are featured on the manufacturer’s website have chosen that stamp specifically because they stamp very well.

However, if you are looking for something in particular, you are able to contact the manufacturer either through email or by phone in order to discuss various types of fonts or designs. It is important to note that most manufacturers will charge an additional design charge.

What can I customize these?

While you are discussing your customization with the manufacturer, you will be asked what text you wish to customize. It is important that you also check the product page of your selected manufacturer’s website in order to discover how many characters will fit on your cookie stamp.

The stamp did not work well while using it on my cookies. What went wrong?

There are not many secrets around creating the ideal stamped cookie. You can always find different kinds of recipes that hold the stamp imprints better and try other tips and tricks.

However, if you rather your own cookie recipe, you can use stamped fondant to cover your cookies. Either avenue you choose will provide you with extraordinary results!