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What to Serve with Osso Bucco for an Indulgent Northern Italian Extravaganza

What to Serve with Osso Bucco for an Indulgent Northern Italian Extravaganza

With velvety veal shank slowly braised until it practically melts off the bone into a vegetable-infused tomato and white wine sauce, osso bucco is a divinely impressive dish.

Hailing from Milan, it is finished off with classic gremolata, made with garlic, parsley, and lemon zest.

It’s rich and elegant, as ideal for that romantic dinner for two at home as it is for a gathering of family and friends.

And surely while it brims with an air of sophistication, it is incredibly simple to make. Patience for letting it braise is required, and so too are sides to make this meal complete.

But what to serve with osso bucco? Never fear, for these side suggestions, like all of our side suggestions, will help you transport your dining room all the way to Italy!

Sides to Go with Osso Bucco

As your osso bucco braises to perfection, consider whipping up one or all of these 15 side dishes that will make your dinner a smashing success!

1. Restaurant-Style Risotto alla Milanese

In authentic Italian restaurants, you’ll always be served risotto alla Milanese with osso bucco. It would be impossible to start this list of sides for osso bucco without this classic dish.

Quality chicken stock and parmesan cheese are essentials for making this taste like it came straight out of Milan!

Restaurant Style Risotto alla Milanese

2. Savory Herb-Stuffed Tomatoes

While your main dish braises and leaves your kitchen smelling like heaven, fill tomatoes with a mixture of breadcrumbs, garlic, and herbs.

This Tuscan delight is even better topped with cheese for the finish, creating a delightful side dish full of big, bold flavors and plenty of nutrition too.

Savory Herb Stuffed Tomatoes

3. Sweet Summery Panzanella

Every guest will be sure to eat all their salad when you serve a sweet, summery Panzanella with your osso bucco.

It’s made with the sweetest and ripest tomatoes you can find tossed with fresh basil and garlic-toasted bread cubes.

Dressed with olive oil and vinegar, all the juices come together to make this salad a textural and tasty treat for the senses. 

Sweet Summery Panzanella

4. Vibrant Grapefruit and Arugula Salad with Vinaigrette

The sweet yet tart taste of grapefruit bursts forth from arugula to create a classic Italian salad.

It creates a pretty presentation, stunning flavors, and is refreshing for the palate. That’s what makes it a great choice for rich and hearty osso bucco. 

Vibrant Grapefruit and Arugula Salad with Vinaigrette

Chrissie from The Busy Baker has an easy recipe to follow to help you make it. 

5. Balsamic and Basil Pan-Fried Eggplant with Capers

Eggplant takes on a creamy type of texture when you pan-fry it. Add to it briny capers, sweet basil, and just a drizzle of balsamic reduction and you’ve got a luxurious side to pair with your osso bucco.

It’s every bit as dreamy as it sounds, especially for anyone with a fondness for eggplant and capers!

Balsamic and Basil Pan Fried Eggplant with Capers

6. Sweet Sauteed Peas and Prosciutto

Take away some of the stress of making an epicurean feast by serving up a side dish of sweet peas sauteed with prosciutto.

It’s simple and delightful, taking only 15 minutes to make. Choose quality prosciutto and you have little to worry about in making this taste great.

Sweet Sauteed Peas and Prosciutto

Amanda at The Chunky Chef has a fantastic recipe for you!

7. Garden Harvest Tomato Tart

Garden Harvest Tomato Tart

Got a bounty of tomatoes on your kitchen counter?

They’re perfect for Italian meals. Like this garden harvest tomato tart. You can even prep it in advance to make it easier to throw together the night you serve it.

A frozen puff pastry makes for short work for you as you bake this delight together upside down in a skillet. The result is a caramelized flavor on top that turns tomatoes into a decadent side dish treat.

8. Scrumptious Stuffed Artichokes

For a truly impressive side that goes with osso bucco, try scrumptious stuffed artichokes.

These look beautiful, brimming with breadcrumbs and flavored with savory seasonings.

They’ll simmer up on the stove while your main dish braises, releasing the kind of aroma that leads to excessive salivation.

Scrumptious Stuffed Artichokes

Liz from The Lemon Bowl has a great recipe!

9. Perfect Parmigiano and Salami Flatbreads

Savor the evening bite by bite. Let guests nibble these perfect Parmigiano and salami flatbreads with a little wine.

Keep the kids from asking when dinner will be served too.

It’s the best way to please guests young and old alike with the crispy texture of the flatbread as the vessel for melty cheese and rich salami. 

Perfect Parmigiano and Salami Flatbreads

10. Garlicky Mashed Potatoes

If you’re not ready to take on the classic risotto that traditionally goes with osso bucco, consider garlic mashed potatoes.

Roasting the garlic first in your oven renders it to an almost buttery texture, perfect for mashing in with your potatoes to take them to the next level. 

Garlicky Mashed Potatoes

11. Cool and Refreshing Caprese Skewers

Not everything at your osso bucco dinner party needs to be served formal-style.

Case in point, these caprese skewers which are a fun and refreshing way to serve this classic Italian salad.

Mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes are easy to skewer, just don’t forget the fresh basil leaves between them!

Cool and Refreshing Caprese Skewers

12. Creamy Dreamy Polenta

In Northern Italy, polenta is just as common as pasta.

It’s often served with rich meats, such as the case for this osso bucco.

It has a delightfully creamy texture, made from cornmeal with ease. Even if you’re a novice cook, you’ll master polenta in no time.

Creamy Dreamy Polenta

13. Cheesy Cacio e Pepe Pasta

If you want to eat like a real Italian, serve your first course as this cheesy cacio e pepe pasta.

Literally translating to “cheese and pepper spaghetti,” it’s an easy side dish to make that will be well-received with your osso bucco. 

Cheesy Cacio e Pepe Pasta

14. Hearty Italian Wedding Soup 

Brimming with hunks of browned sausage swimming in a rich broth of chicken stock and green vegetables, nothing beats a bowl of hearty Italian wedding soup.

No need to have a celebratory occasion either as one spoonful of this soup will certainly give you a reason to party.

It’s comfort food at its finest, elegant and rustic all at once. Don’t forget to grate fresh Italian cheese on top of each bowl before serving!

Hearty Italian Wedding Soup

15. Crispy Roasted Broccoli Rabe

A popular side at most Italian restaurants, don’t forget to add more green to your table. Roasting broccoli rabe, which you may find labeled as “rapini,” with olive oil gives the ends a crisp texture.

It also brings out the bitterness in the most delightful of ways. With some minced garlic, fresh lemon juice, and crushed red pepper flakes, you can make the flavors even more enjoyable.

Crispy Roasted Broccoli Rabe

Now that you’ve got your osso bucco ready, start making these 15 side dishes to serve with it and make your special Italian meal truly authentic!

ossobuco side recipes

What to Serve with Osso Bucco

Ideas and side dish recipes to eat with Osso Bucco
Course: Side Dish


  • Risotto 
  • Herb-Stuffed Tomatoes
  • Summery Panzanella
  • Salad with Vinaigrette
  • Pan-Fried Eggplant
  • Peas and Prosciutto
  • Tomato Tart
  • Stuffed Artichokes
  • Salami Flatbreads
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Caprese Skewers
  • Polenta
  • Cacio e Pepe Pasta
  • Wedding Soup 
  • Roasted Broccoli Rabe


  • Choose your desired Osso Bucco side dish recipe.
  • Gather and organize needed ingredients.
  • Create a tasty Osso Bucco side to complete your meal!

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