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11 Ragu Alfredo Sauce Recipes for Easy, Rich Flavored Meals

11 Ragu Alfredo Sauce Recipes for Easy, Rich Flavored Meals

Homemade is everyone’s favorite. That’s until you have to craft a five-minute meal before the hungry crowd arrives.

I’d usually go for pasta, as it’s both fancy and quick to make.

But it needs sauce in most cases!

While I’d love to make my Alfredo sauce from scratch, I often get trapped in a race against time. No regrets here; let’s talk quick solutions.

Enter Ragu Alfredo sauce.

This simple jar on store shelves has been a lifesaver for my family for years now. (Along with my Barilla pasta recipes list!)

Turns out it just needs a few simple additions to make a restaurant-style dish.

In this article, I’ll share my favorite Ragu Alfredo sauce recipes that will impress your family every time you’re short on time. 

You might be thankful for having a busy week after all!

11 Easy Ragu Alfredo Sauce Recipes

I’d treat Ragu Alfredo sauce like Nutella; eat it with a spoon straight out of the jar.

Yet, there’s a better future for that creamy pleasure out there.

Here’s a list of my favorite Ragu Alfredo sauce recipes.

1. Pesto Alfredo Sauce with Chicken

Pesto Alfredo Sauce

The American version of Alfredo sauce isn’t so Italian, but pesto sauce definitely is.

This amazing chicken pasta dish is extremely satisfying with its sought-after creamy taste.

What I added to this popular dish is the fresh, green pesto sauce.

Its tanginess gives just the right balance to the rich Alfredo taste.

Even better, you can make more pesto to store for the coming meals. I would personally love to eat pasta with pesto alone on other days.

Short on basil?

No problem. You can get creative with all types of leafy greens. I’d recommend you’d try this peppery arugula pesto.

Here’s the recipe.

2. Ragu Alfredo Sauce Potato Casserole


Looking for a side dish?

No need to buy any fancy ingredients. This potato casserole is all you’ll need for an affordable side that’s up to the level of a Thanksgiving gathering.

You can even store the leftovers and they’ll taste just as great as a cold hashbrown side for breakfast.

Ragu Alfredo sauce is the star of this potato casserole. All you’ll need is half a jar of the sauce for every package of frozen hashbrowns.

To make it juicier, I slightly increased the amount of milk. It came out just as moist as I’d like to be, after baking.

3. Ragu Alfredo Soup


Did anyone mention Thanksgiving?

When the seasons are colder, why not complement the potato casserole with a warm Alfredo soup?

This recipe isn’t all about the hearty chicken and cream. Indeed, I was proud of myself for eating peas in a feast.

Yes, you heard that right!

This soup has peas, carrots, and potatoes. Can this get more healthy?

Well, probably, if you add more veggies, like broccoli. You can even make it vegetarian altogether by using mushroom broth instead of chicken stock.

4. Baked Alfredo Chicken and Rice


Chicken Alfredo pasta is beyond delicious, but it’s so typical.

So, chicken and rice is a variation I’d go for when I’m craving a bit of chewiness in a creamy bite.

What I like about this meal is that it’s baked in the oven, from start to finish. You won’t need to spend any time by the stove.

This is how it works:

Mix the uncooked rice with chicken broth, diced tomatoes, and Ragu Alfredo sauce.

Then, arrange the boneless chicken thighs on top. 

Cover with aluminum foil and put it straight in the oven. That’s it!

Even though this one uses rice, you can augment your meal with some of our fettuccine alfredo sides!

5. Ragu Alfredo Lasagna


There’s something special about lasagna that elevates the typical pasta dough.

I guess the even pasta layers ensure I get the right amount of filling in every bite.

This recipe uses the Cauliflower variant of the Ragu Alfredo sauce.

Unlike the classic version which uses heavy cream, this one uses milk and cauliflower.

The result?

A dish that has much less fat with the same taste and texture. 

Another exciting addition to this recipe is cottage cheese, which I seriously loved when I first tried it.

Let me promise; your family will rave about this lasagna dish like no other.

6. Ragu Alfredo Vegetable Lasagna


Let’s assume you’re bored of meat, why not go for vegetables in lasagna? Don’t worry the taste is just as great, if not better.

This recipe uses oven-ready noodles, so you’ll be able to pull it out in a matter of minutes.

Added to this beauty, there’s a list of healthy vegetables to enjoy between the layers of deliciousness.

The recipe calls for spinach, zucchini, carrots, and squash.

This lasagna is a true piece of art.

7. Easy Chicken Alfredo Dip


Who said that looks don’t matter?

I would say that food is largely about representation.

So, why not use some typical ingredients with a different style?

Instead of making a typical Alfredo chicken casserole, prepare a creamy chicken dip on the side and let everyone use their hands.

Alfredo Dip

You can also add more vegetables or cheese to your liking.

This recipe should be a mom’s favorite because it calls for cooked chicken.

This means you can prepare ahead or use leftover parts.

And just with like Ragu cheese sauce recipes, kids won’t get bored of this too.

They’ll get to choose between bread, carrots, or celery for all the fun dipping.

8. Alfredo Sauce Bread Pizzas


The previous recipe used bread for carbs. This one does the same with a twist.

Bread isn’t just for dipping, it can be elevated to a pizza crust. I always took this shortcut as a child.

More specifically, I would recommend this pizza style for a party as it’s easy to grab and go. 

The garlic flavor is reminiscent of the typical pizza side; the garlic bread.

Added to that, you’ve got the chicken, Alfredo sauce, and parsley that take these goodies to another level – a great way to season any chicken alfredo recipe.

I was extremely impressed by how delicious this turned out to be when it barely took 15 minutes to prepare.

9. Shrimp Alfredo Pasta

Shrimp Alfredo Pasta

I guess that was so much chicken on my list already. 

So, why not switch to seafood?

Behold this shrimp Alfredo pasta meal. Now, this is really what I’d look for at a restaurant.

The chewiness of shrimp with the creaminess of the Ragu Alfredo sauce is a match made in heaven. 

Interestingly, the only seasoning you’ll need is salt and pepper. 

Yet, the pureed roasted red bell pepper is another smart addition. It gives a vibrant paprika flavor.

10. Seafood Alfredo Paella

Seafood Alfredo Paella

Shrimp isn’t all the seafood in the world, right?

This recipe uses both clams and shrimp. I included Alfredo sauce using ragu.

It might surprise you to find cubed chicken here, but let me assure you; it’ll taste like a professional mix.

I also like the rice in this recipe and the tinge of olive oil.

I’ll have to admit though, you’ll need to spend some time by the stove and use several pots.

Yet, when everything is done, you’ll applaud your own mastery.

11. Beef Alfredo Noodles

Beef Alfredo Noodles

Here’s one more protein type on my list: Beef.

Ground beef is an uncommon addition to Alfredo sauce, but it’s as hearty as the chicken version.

Your family will definitely appreciate the creative take on this dish.

Indeed, the egg noodles were something I tried for the first time with this recipe.

I was also fascinated by how the broccoli went well with the beef. 

As for the slight pink color; it comes from the ketchup in the recipe. This adds a subtle sweetness that balances the whole meal.

In any of the above dishes with pasta, you’re bound to have leftovers – so be sure to check out how to best reheat pasta and cream sauce recipes!

There you have it; some of the tastiest ways to use Ragu Alfredo Sauce in recipes for lunch, dinner and every snack time in between.

Time to pop open your jar and enjoy!

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11 Ragu Alfredo Sauce Recipes for Easy, Rich Flavored Meals

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