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Leftover Cod Recipes: 15 Irresistible Ideas

Leftover Cod Recipes: 15 Irresistible Ideas

In the past, I always found myself happy to eat any kind of leftovers. When I had leftover cod, however, my enthusiasm would wane.

Reheating fish, in general, didn’t work for me; all I got was a stinky apartment.

That is, until I learned how to properly heat cod and transform its leftovers into delectable meals.

That was without a doubt game-changing!

What was once bland, sometimes fishy leftovers now make incredibly flavorful dishes.

And the best part?

Most leftover cod recipes don’t take much time or effort to prepare; they’re super quick!

So, stick around because I’m about to show you 15 delicious recipes that’ll have you wishing you had leftover cod.

1. Leftover Cod Shawarma

Cod Shawarma dish

First, I’d like to give a shout-out to the restaurant in Lebanon that introduced me to fish shawarma.

If you’re not familiar, shawarma is one of the Middle East’s best-known street foods.

Before that visit, I was only aware of chicken and beef shawarma. To my surprise, fish was just as tasty as both types of meat.

Let me describe this experience:

My first bite was a harmonious combination of fish filet, lemon zest, tahini, and cilantro.

Each ingredient complemented the other so well that I didn’t even pause to catch my breath between bites.

Naturally, I had to recreate this wrap at home, and the leftover cod went perfectly with the flavors.

2. Spicy Fish Soup


This recipe is for all of you spicy food lovers out there! 

In this soup, tomatoes play a key role in providing the ideal thickness. 

After you’ve added all of the spices to the paste, add the leftover cod and let them cook together for a few minutes. 

Pair this soup with ciabatta or sourdough bread and enjoy the fiery flavor!

3. Teriyaki Cod Noodles 


I admit I’m obsessed with dishes that can be prepared in under 10 minutes. 

So when I find a dish that also has the perfect balance of sweetness and savoriness, I’m all in!

This teriyaki noodles dish with leftover cod is all that and then some.

Plus, it’s incredibly simple to make with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

4. Baked Cod Dip

I like all sorts of dipping, but fish dipping hits different with vegetables and crackers. 

It’s more of a meal than a snack because it’s much richer than regular dipping. So, for a fun, quick afternoon meal, make a dipping out of your baked leftover cod.

5. Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Spring Rolls recipe

I once had a Japanese flatmate; he didn’t enjoy eating out much and preferred to cook his own meals. 

I once saw him using leftover salmon to prepare Vietnamese summer rolls.

I always thought that these rolls should be made using shrimp. 

Until I asked him and he explained that Vietnamese rolls pair perfectly with almost any leftover fish. 

I didn’t hesitate to give them a shot the next time I had leftover cod, and they didn’t disappoint.

For beginners, the rolling part might be a little challenging. So I suggest watching a tutorial video first.

6. Cod Taco Bowl 


That’s a recipe that doesn’t even call for reheating leftover cod. 

Simply toss it in with some grains and vegetables, and you’ve got yourself a refreshing taco bowl. 

Needless to say, if you want to heat your fish, that’s no problem.

But something’s missing; what could it be?

Obviously a dressing!

This bowl will be complete with a zesty yogurt sauce. 

I hope someone at Chipotle is taking notes because this bowl should make it on their menu!

7. Cod Cakes


I always like to make cake pops whenever I have cake scraps.

Similarly, when I have leftover cod, I enjoy making savory treats such as cod cakes. 

Cod goes well with fish cake recipes as it melts in your mouth with the other ingredients and doesn’t have an overpowering fishy flavor. 

That’s why my little niece, who claims she “hates fish,” goes crazy for them. 

You can also make a well-balanced dip with tahini, tartar, or dill yogurt to add an exciting flavor twist to the cakes.

8. Niçoise Salad 


Salad Niçoise is very nutritious and easy to make, so it’s my go-to salad when my healthy side takes over. 

I like to experiment with different meats on it from time to time, and cod leftovers were recently one of them. 

It tasted amazing; the overall flavor of cod, vegetables, and eggs was earthy and hearty, and I loved it.

So, next time you find yourself looking for leftover cod ideas, don’t shy away from this delicious, nutritious salad.

Note all of these ingredients make excellent cod side dishes if you want something healthy and different!

9. Leftover Cod Stew 


A hearty stew is a quick way to use up leftover cod. Begin by making the stew, which you can flavor with some chorizo. 

Then top with leftover cod, allow the juices to soak in for a few minutes before serving, and voila!

You’ve found a cozy winter companion. 

10. Buttery Baked Cod


If you’re a fan of fish baked in butter, you’ll love this recipe! 

It’s like cooking cod a different way when, in reality, you’ll just be reheating leftovers with a few twists. 

After making the buttery sauce with sautéed tomato, you’ll use it to top the cod.

Wrap aluminum foil around the casserole. 

Allow the cod to reheat with its new sauce pal, and now you have a totally different mellow but delicious dish.

11. Leftover Cod Puttanesca


A luscious puttanesca is a great idea for what to make with leftover cod. 

Using cod in this classic Italian spaghetti dish is “Essere la ciliegina sulla torta.”

That’s an Italian expression that means “the icing on the cake.” 

Puttanesca is already bursting with flavors that’ll complement and most likely improve the flavor of the leftover cod.

12. Cod Fritters 

Craving a crunchy fried snack? I think that’s a call for cod fritters!

I swear, whenever I serve cod fritters at a gathering, people eat it like popcorn.

One following the other, no breaks! But, given how tasty those fried goodies are, I can’t blame them. 

Simply mince the leftover cod, coat it with the batter, and fry it.  

To make this dish more like “fish and chips,” I like to serve fried fish sides like fries and dipping sauce next to it. Yum!

13. Sayadieh (Middle Eastern Fish with Rice)


Sayadieh takes white fish filets with rice to a whole new level. 

You think it’s just fish and rice until you taste it and experience a flavor and spice explosion in your mouth.

My tongue was perplexed but overjoyed!

After you’ve finished cooking the rice, top it with the reheated cod, and you’re done.

Small tip:

Add a cinnamon stick to the rice while it’s cooking. It’ll enhance the flavor and aroma of the dish.

14. Creamy Fish Chowder


That’s another soup recipe that goes well with bread.

I start by preparing the soup ingredients, and once the potatoes begin to soften, I add the cut cod leftovers.

I love how all the ingredients in this recipe are very light, and they all contribute to the final creamy consistency that just warms the heart.

15. Miso-Ginger Cod Bowl


Using this energizing salad bowl to wrap up this list of “what to do with leftover cod”!

It’s super healthy as you can add kale and baked sweet potatoes to it. Then, top with your leftover cod and the miso dressing, and this fantastic salad is ready to be devoured.

Best Way to Store and Reheat Cod

Here’s the deal: 

The way you store and reheat any leftover fish is a deciding factor in whether it’ll be edible or not. 

So, let’s go over both processes to ensure you end up with appetizing leftovers:

1. Storing Leftover Cod

You have three to four days to store seafood in your refrigerator before it’s labeled as unsafe to eat. 

However, you can freeze any extra cod if you don’t think you’ll be able to eat it all within the next few days. 

By doing so, cod leftovers can be stored for up to a month or longer. The better the fish packaging, the longer it can be frozen and refrigerated safely.

How do you properly package cooked fish, then?

vacuum seal leftover cod filets

As a general rule, when storing cooked fish, you should keep the air permeability to a minimum to prevent decay.

Clearly, the best way to minimize air in any package is to use vacuum sealers. 

Alternatively, you can keep the leftovers in an airtight container or a tightly sealed bag, such as a Ziplock bag. 

2. Heating Leftover Cod

Reheating in the oven is the ideal technique for warming up leftover cod. 

That way, it’ll reheat evenly and there’ll be no unpleasant fishy odors in your apartment. 

All you have to do is:

1. Preheat the oven to 275°F 

2. Grease your casserole dish or any other ovenware lightly

3. Add a splash of water to the casserole to rehydrate the cod and keep it from drying out

4. Wrap the casserole in aluminum foil

5. Heat for 10 to 15 minutes in the oven, depending on the thickness of the fish

A small piece of advice:

Please avoid microwaving leftover cod or any cooked fish for your sake and anyone else you live with. The smell is simply revolting!

leftover cod recipes hdr

Leftover Cod Recipes: 15 Irresistible Ideas

Ideas and recipes to cook with leftover cod


  • Cod Shawarma
  • Fish Soup
  • Teriyaki Cod Noodles
  • Baked Cod Dip
  • Vietnamese Spring Rolls
  • Fish Taco Bowl
  • Cod Cakes
  • Niçoise Salad
  • Stew
  • Buttery Baked Cod
  • Cod Puttanesca
  • Fritters
  • Sayadieh
  • Fish Chowder
  • Miso-Ginger Bowl


  • Choose your desired leftover cod recipe.
  • Gather and organize needed ingredients.
  • Create a tasty leftover cod recipe to complete your meal!

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