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How to Season Canned Black Beans: 15 Delicious Ways

How to Season Canned Black Beans: 15 Delicious Ways

Black beans are among the most consumed legumes, and when you’re in a hurry, canned black beans can literally save the day. 

But here’s the deal:

Right from the can, a few people would love to munch on black beans, despite how healthy they are

Nevertheless, after reading this incredibly informative article, you’ll have several fantastic ideas to learn how to season canned black beans and make them dazzle everyone. 

These seasoning and flavoring ideas will make your family and friends ask for your special black beans when it’s time to have a meal. 

If this sounds like a dream of yours, then you just need to follow my tips and tricks. 

1. Chicken Broth

Homemade or store-bought chicken broth is packed with flavors that immediately wash away the canned taste from your black beans. 

It’s also a great way to elevate their nutritional value and prepare tasty black beans soup. 

Chicken Broth recipe

You can settle for broth or use this as a base for other seasoning and flavoring ideas to serve a different version of your favorite dish every time. 

Make sure you reduce the broth to extract the best taste and flavor. 

2. Salt and Lemon Pepper

Canned black beans can taste too bland, so adding sea salt and some pepper will make it more tasteful. 

But lemon pepper adds a unique twist because of the tanginess of the lemon, which complements the creamy and earthy flavor of the black beans. 

Salt and Lemon Pepper recipe

You can prepare this mix by baking lemon zest with different peppers and crushing them until you get a fine texture, or you can buy this mix from the store. 

The results are always outstanding. 

3. Onion and Garlic

Onion and Garlic

Because black beans taste so mild, adding garlic and onions always makes them pop with flavors. 

All you have to do is to sauté some finely chopped onions until they’re transparent, and then add some minced garlic. 

Once fragrant, add your canned black beans and stir them together.

Some rosemary will also add a peppery twist. 

Served with some salt, pepper, and chopped parsley, this will be a healthy and tasty side dish to any meat or chicken platter. 

4. Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette

A basic vinaigrette is an excellent flavoring option for canned beans, and you can prepare different versions depending on the type of vinegar you use. 

Garlic will add a little twist to this tasty sauce, while the Dijon mustard will make it creamier and more complex. 

Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette

You can also add some honey and maple syrup for some extra sweetness. 

I personally usually use balsamic vinegar for a sweet and mild taste.

But, sometimes, I would go for white or red wine vinegar to add a bolder flavor. 

5. Pico de Gallo


Pico de Gallo, or fresh salsa, is a great black bean companion. 

With fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro, chili peppers, and lime, salsa will make your black beans a rich and tasty summer lunch that you serve with some tortilla chips. 

Pico de Gallo

I personally find this a great lunch idea on those hot days when you don’t want to waste time in the kitchen. 

And it has all the essential nutrients, so you’ll be serving a healthy meal. 

You can make this a little bit tastier by adding some pickled lemons, especially if you don’t like how limes taste. 

6. Spices Mix with Tomato Paste

Spices Mix with Tomato Paste

If you want to know how to season canned black beans for tacos, this mix will be the right one for you. 

You just combine equal amounts of cumin, chili powder, salt, and pepper, and add some tomato paste to give the canned beans an extra depth, like they’ve been simmering all day. 

The spices help add Mexican flavor to canned beans, but you need to reduce the sauce before adding them to your tacos for a better taste. 

You can also try this mix in a stew, and I guarantee that you won’t regret it. 

7. Pickled Jalapeños

If you feel that you need to add a little edge to your black beans, you can try chopping some pickled jalapeños and mixing them together. 

They have a robust vinegary flavor, and their spiciness pairs beautifully with the earthiness of the black beans. 

Pickled Jalapenos

Just strain your black beans and mix the two ingredients, and you’ll immediately smell the bright aroma. 

You can add this mix to nachos or use it on top of a salad to increase its nutritional value. 

8. Roasted Tomatoes and Bell Peppers


Try the roasted tomatoes and bell peppers mix to learn how to season canned black beans without sauce. 

This will be a great topping for quesadillas and burritos. 

Roasting tomatoes brings out the umami flavor, which beautifully matches the earthy flavor of black beans.

Roasted Tomatoes and Bell Peppers 

Adding roasted bell peppers will add special smokiness to the mix. 

You can easily prepare this mixture by drizzling some olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder on top of your veggies and roasting them for about 20 to 30 minutes, rotating them, so they don’t get burned. 

Once they’re ready and cool, cut them into small pieces and mix them with your black beans for a colorful and delicious plate. 

9. Taco Seasoning and Hot Sauce

You can try mixing taco seasoning with hot sauce if you want to learn how to season canned black beans and corn for a hearty and delicious dish. 

Taco seasoning is made of salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder, in addition to warming spices like oregano, ground cumin, and smoked paprika. 

Some mixes contain dried chili flakes, but I recommend that you skip them if you want to add hot sauce. 

Taco Seasoning and Hot Sauce

Combining black beans and corn with this delicious mix will give you a creamy and spicy result, so you can serve it with toast or tortilla chips. 

I love to add some chopped spring onions to create a colorful treat. 

10. Fried Bacon 

Preparing a tasty dinner dish using nothing but black beans is easy.

But the main star of this particular plate is bacon. 

You need to cut the bacon into small pieces and fry it in some butter. 

The grease from the bacon will be the flavoring you use to change the taste of your black beans. 

I’ve been know to use this to help season canned green beans as well!

Fried Bacon

Once you remove the bacon from the pan, add the black beans and season them with some salt and pepper – see all the steps here

You can also add some vegetables for an extra crunch. 

You can try to add some of your favorite spices, but I usually stick to some dry parsley to avoid masking the deliciousness of the black beans. 

Now, it’s time to bake your black means for a delicious dinner. 

11. Pickled Red Onions

Pickled Red Onions

With a tangy, spicy, and a little sweet taste, pickled onions will be a great flavoring option to pair with canned black beans. 

Different types of onions will give off various taste profiles when pickled, but I personally prefer red onions because they’re sweeter. 

This sweet and savory combo will be a fast yet tasty addition to your black beans. 

All you have to do is add some slices of onions on top of the beans and a little liquid to easily mash them. 

Sprinkle some parsley on top, and season with salt and pepper if needed, although I usually let the onions do all the seasoning. 

12. Lime and Cilantro

If you want to serve black beans as a fresh summer dish, you can definitely try this idea.

It’s fresh, easy, and tasty, so everyone will be fond of this plate that takes a few minutes to prepare. 

After straining your black beans, you need to mix them with the juice of two big lemons or limes.

Lime and Cilantro

Adding some zest will be a plus. 

Cilantro has a bright, citrusy taste which provides more brightness and vibrancy. 

Season this mix with sea salt and black pepper, and it will be ready for lunch or dinner. 

Adding a cup of jasmine rice will transform this dish into a hearty and delicious meal. 

13. Roasted Garlic Butter

Roasted garlic butter is a versatile yet easy flavoring option that you can serve with many ingredients, including black beans. 

You just need to brush a garlic head with some olive oil and let it roast in a preheated oven for about 30 minutes until golden and tender. 

Roasted Garlic Butter

Then, you’ll have to mix the garlic with the butter and season with salt, pepper, and chili flakes. 

Some chopped parsley and rosemary will add some freshness to this butter. 

I love adding parmesan cheese when I serve this butter with my black beans.

A bit of Italian seasoning will also work. 

14. Garlic and Cumin

I consider this my go-to recipe whenever I want to teach someone how to season canned black beans for beans and rice. 

It’s easy and fast, and the flavors blend beautifully to bring out the richness of the black beans. 

It all starts with chopping and sautéing some garlic, although others prefer to add onions first. 

Garlic and Cumin

Seasoning the garlic with salt, pepper, and cumin will fill your kitchen with a tasty southern aroma that is hard to miss. 

Then you should add the rice and broth and cook it as you normally would.

Right before it’s done, add the black beans, and your dish will be ready. 

Some people like to add some pitted olives, but I love to stick to this hearty mix. 

Add some fresh cilantro and some lime juice if needed, and you’ll be good to go. 

15. Pineapple Salsa

With a tasty combination of sweet and spicy, you can serve pineapple salsa to make your black beans taste divine. 

All you have to do is mix some pineapple with chopped red onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and lime juice. 

Don’t forget to season with salt and pepper and some chili flakes for extra heat. 

Pineapple Salsa

Once you add the rinsed black beans, you’ll have an incredibly tasty bright explosion of colors and tastes that everyone will swear by. 

You can learn how to cut the pineapple into small cubes by watching this video. 

How to Season Canned Black Beans

Black beans are creamy, soft, and mild, which means that you can try lots of flavors and seasonings to change how they taste. 

They literally absorb other flavorings, and this changes their taste profile every single time. 

Your meals will never be boring if you get a little edgy and try various seasoning options. 

But learning how to season canned black beans Mexican style is different from coming up with ideas to flavor them for a stew or a salad. 

Luckily, all the spices, sauces, herbs, and veggies I’ll use in this guide are super easy to find, so you won’t struggle to make your black beans taste delicious for the next meal. 

Remember that cooking is a personal experience, so you can definitely mix and match some of my flavoring ideas to create your signature black bean dish. 

Even if you’re not a pro chef, you can learn how to season canned black beans using the ingredients in your kitchen. 

Try a different recipe every day, and pick your favorite one. 

how to season canned black beans hdr

How to Season Canned Black Beans: 15 Delicious Ways

Ideas and recipes to season canned black beans.


  • Chicken Broth
  • Salt and Lemon Pepper
  • Onion and Garlic
  • Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette
  • Pico de Gallo with a Twist
  • Spices Mix with Tomato Paste
  • Pickled Jalapeños
  • Roasted Tomatoes and Bell Peppers
  • Taco Seasoning and Hot Sauce
  • Fried Bacon Flavoring
  • Pickled Red Onions
  • Lime and Cilantro Mix
  • Roasted Garlic Butter
  • Garlic and Cumin Mix
  • Pineapple Salsa with Black Beans


  • Choose your desired canned black beans seasoning recipe.
  • Gather and organize needed ingredients.
  • Create tasty seasonings for canned black beans and enjoy!

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