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Essential Oils for Gallbladder for a Healthier You

Essential Oils for Gallbladder for a Healthier You

Is your gallbladder giving you trouble? Or maybe you no longer have a gallbladder but you’re still suffering from symptoms?

If you haven’t had your gallbladder removed, and you want to keep it, then trying essential oils to assist in relieving your symptoms can be a real win for you.

It can also help relieve leftover symptoms and pain even after you’ve had your gallbladder removed.

Essential oils help to cleanse your gallbladder and liver when it becomes sluggish and overworked.

When a fatty diet is improperly digested, gallstones and other issues can become common.

These gallstones can block the bile ducts and prevent the passage of certain enzymes. These enzymes help you to digest your food and a number of other things.

Luckily there are alternatives you can try if you start early enough to assist your body in clearing the congestion. 

Essential Oils for the Gallbladder

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. The extracted oil contains the plant’s flavor, essence, and unique healing properties.

These essences hold highly concentrated versions of plant properties and can be used for all sorts of physical, mental, emotional, and energetic healing.

My Favorite Essential Oils for Gallbladder Pain

lemon essential oil

Determining which essential oil will help you the most, depends mostly on your goal and the type of issue you are dealing with.

Here are some oils and what they help best with to get you started:

1. Lemon essential oil

It helps to detoxify the liver, stimulate drainage, and release bile.

2. German Chamomile essential oil

It acts to energetically balance and stimulate the liver. It is a strong anti-inflammatory and can help dissolve gallstones.

3. Juniper essential oil

It Is detoxifying and contains chemical constituents that help the liver to process fats more effectively.

4. Sweet fennel essential oil

It is a digestive tonic that can help relieve the digestive pain and gas that is often present with these issues.

5. Tangerine essential oil

It has properties that encourage the digestion of fats and strengthen the liver. It can also be used to detoxify when needed.

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How to Use Essential Oils for Your Gallbladder 

chamomile oil

Although essential oils are basically plant extracts, it’s important to know that they are potent. Essential oils are very strong.

They are strong in a positive way in that they are powerful healing elements and also caution to be taken because there are dangers to using them improperly.

You might consider a problem happening inside your body like this, to be an issue that you would want to consume oils orally for, know that taking oils orally always does more harm than good.

Essential oils are meant to be used topically or aromatically unless under the care of a qualified clinical aromatherapist.

Some people may scratch their heads at these theories because often essential oils are touted to put in your water or to put in a capsule and swallow.

But from a chemistry perspective essential oils are hydrophobic, and hydrophobic means they don’t mix with water.

That also means they don’t mix well with your digestive system that is over 80% water.

How to Apply Essential Oils for the Gallbladder

applying essential oils topically gallbladder

As mentioned, for the best and safest results we are going to apply these oils topically just as you would for tennis elbow, an ailing joint that causes a trigger finger issue or when using essential oils for a sprained ankle.

It’s always a good idea to choose your oils based on your symptoms and to not use more than three oils in one treatment.

Here are some combos that you might find particularly useful:

Rosemary and Lavender. Rosemary helps to reduce the pain, and paired with Lavender serves to keep your mind off of it too.

1. Lemon and Juniper

Lemon essential oil is a powerful detoxifier and when combined with juniper can help the liver process fats much more effectively than alone.

2. Tangerine and Fennel

These two oils work together to encourage the digestive ability of the liver, and to detoxify as needed.

3. Lemon alone

When in doubt reach for lemon alone you’ll learn in the application methods below how to use lemons that are most effective as a stand-alone treatment for gallbladder issues. 

Application Methods

Lemon and Castor Oil Pack

Word of warning, creating a castor oil pack, and using a castor oil pack can get messy. So wear old clothes and use old towels.

Place 1 cup of organic castor oil in a mason jar. Add 20 drops of lemon essential oil and swirl to mix.

Cut up an old towel into a strip that will wrap around your waist. Put the towel into the oil and lemon oil mixture and seal the jar.

Next, shake the jar until the towel is saturated with oil. See it really will get messy.

Next, you’re going to take the towel and place it over the right side of your body just under your rib cage but above your hip, right where your liver is.

applying essential oils

You can use a second clean towel to wrap around your body or some people use Saran wrap for this.

You will secure the towel and leave it there for an hour, to allow the lemon and castor oil to do the work on the liver and gallbladder.

Repeat this process once a week until you were no longer having symptoms. Please know that overall this is a symptom manager, and won’t get rid of the problem permanently. 

In order to heal the gallbladder, you will need to make nutritional changes.

If castor oil is not on hand then using another oil will not work. Instead, just take lemon essential oil and drop it on your belly button and create a circle around your belly button for the best results.

As a second alternative you can also put lemon essential oil, or any of the other essential oils listed above onto the liver area, and use a circular or figure 8 motion to activate the oils in the liver spot.

This is a really effective method to help detoxify the liver and increase the flow of bile through the liver.

It helps to break blockages, to ease symptoms, and overall to detoxify the body.

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Working to understand the way your body digest fats and how what you eat plays a role in your help and wellness will further your ability to heal the gallbladder.

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