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Essential Oils for Broken Capillaries: Soften Those Fine Red Lines with These Recipes

Essential Oils for Broken Capillaries: Soften Those Fine Red Lines with These Recipes

Broken capillaries can occur right on the bridge of your nose and face or in slightly easier to hide areas such as your legs.

No matter where they occur, they can be a source of stress and sometimes even painful.

When treating broken capillaries with essential oils, we will look at both aspects of reducing the blood vessels as well as reducing the pain that can occur.

Capillaries are those tiny little blood vessels and they help the body to exchange blood for the cardiovascular system.

Broken capillaries can be caused by excessive amounts of alcohol, routinely eating foods that are intolerant or allergic to comet consuming too much caffeine.

This causes the capillaries to lose their elasticity and they become very easy to see sometimes even blocked. This can be especially true for fair-skinned people.

Often when we describe capillaries as broken they are just more visible, but sometimes they are actually ruptured which causes a bruise. 

It’s worth noting that I also use EOs to soothe sprained ankles and bruises as well.

Symptoms often show up as fine red lines over fair skin, and can show up as discolored looking marks on skin with more melanin.

Sometimes they appear bluish even they can occur on the face, under the eyes, around the nose, on the legs, on the cheeks, on the breast, and rarely but sometimes even on the back.

Luckily there in a few things that we can do to improve the elasticity of the capillaries that include essential oils.

My Favorite Essential Oils for Broken Capillaries

Essential oils are parts of the plant’s immune system that is extracted using a variety of techniques. Typically distillation or mechanical pressing.

These resulting Essences are highly concentrated and potent healing compounds that can be used for a variety of things.

I use them for ailments inside and outside my body, especially for skin. i.e. they work wonders for the removal of skin tags.

Remember,  when you see this on your skin, the vessels are not usually actually broken. They are either clogged or just more visible due to a variety of lifestyle choices. Don’t worry there are some essential oils to help:

1. Orange essential oil

orange essential oils

It is full of antioxidants like vitamin c. This can aid the healing process for the elasticity in the blood vessels. 

2. Lavender essential oil

It acts to relieve the pain that can be associated with a visible capillary and helps the body to restore elasticity. It can also calm visible redness. 

3. Roman Chamomile essential oil

It helps to calm the inflamed capillary bed and sustain collagen to prevent the broken capillaries associated with premature aging.

4. Peppermint essential oil

peppermint essential oil

It can help stop the spread of the appearance of capillaries when applied topically with a skin safe carrier.

Best Way to Use These EO Treatments

Essential oils are Parts of a plant’s immune system that are taken from several of the same species of plants and pressed into a single bottle this causes their healing properties to be concentrated.

Their strength and their potency are both their clinical value and their weakness. 

When applying essential oils topically it’s important to know that they are potent and so dilution is absolutely necessary.

Often people who are looking to get rid of these symptoms are looking to heal those capillaries on very sensitive areas such as the face.

So it’s going to be important to use a face safe carrier oil in order to dilute thieves essential oils.

For most people, it is recommended to use something like an evening primrose oil or a rosehip seed oil for further benefit reducing the appearance well as to dilute the essential oil and maximize its healing properties. 

You should know that essential oils are hydrophobic, meaning if you experience an unpleasant sensation, or you get it in your eye, water will make that worse.

You will need to use a vegetable-based or plant-based carrier oil like plain old olive oil or coconut oil in order to relieve any pain or issue that you have with essential oils sensation.  

Just in case you find a suggestion elsewhere that you should ingest essential oils for broken capillaries know that that is not accurate and is even dangerous.

The most effective way to use essential oils for this type of issue is absolutely topically. Unlike treating a dry nose with essential oils, where you strictly apply via aromatherapy, topical is best here.

You will get some aromatic benefit because of the nature of where these symptoms occur but topically is going to be your route of choice.

How to Apply Essential Oils for Broken Capillaries

Apply Essential Oils for Broken Capillaries

The fastest and easiest way to get rid of this issue is to cover them up with makeup.

They’re also some conventional methods that can mask them or temporarily remove them such as laser removal and injections.

Sometimes massage can work but generally, massage doesn’t work alone. 

We’re going to take some of those methods that work really really well and conventional medicine to hide the capillaries and enhance them with essential oils.

This is so that they aren’t just hidden, but they also have some of the elasticity returned to the capillaries which allow for healing when these are used long-term.

Application Methods

1. Facial Massage

facial massage with essential oil

Safety first! Make sure you dilute your essential oil and have a nice plant-based oil nearby incase your skin starts to get warm or irritated. 

Place 1 tablespoon of evening primrose or rosehip seed oil into a small glass bowl. Select your oil(s) from above and drop 2-4 drops of the oil of your choice into the bowl.

Essential oils like to be stirred not shaken. Swirl the bowl lightly so that the oils mix. Then dip your fingers tips hand into the oil. Massage the oil into your face and neck (or legs) to help diminish the appearance of the capillaries.

2. Myofascial Facial Massage

Fascial massage is typically used on other areas of the body. But it can help release obstruction and capillaries, especially on the face.

It works best when performed when you first start to notice that you have broken capillaries. 

You can use essential oils to enhance this in the same method that you use for facial massage.

After all, it is very much like a facial massage only using targeted pressure with all of your fingers in a circular motion.

In order to perform this, you’ll simply spread your fingers like you’re grabbing onto something put them on either side of your nostrils all of your fingers except for your thumbs should be touching your face.

You’ll Simply Massage and circular motions, you want to apply pressure but not painful pressure. The pressure should be just strong enough to blanch the skin when you lift the fingers.

Once you massage this area for a count of five, move the fingers slightly down and massage the next area, in the same way, continue massaging until the fingers reach the cheekbones. 

Both of these massage techniques can be applied to similar issues in other areas of the body.

You would use them in the exact same fashion, diluting the oils and using massage to ensure the oils get through the skin to the capillaries.

 Both of these methods will help you to relieve broken capillaries and to reduce their appearance. If you continue to use over time you will also help elasticity to return to the capillaries. 

It’s worth mentioning here that essential oils can also treat bleeding on any area of your skin as well.

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