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Best Pepper Grinders Reviewed and Tested

Best Pepper Grinders Reviewed and Tested

Pepper grinders, also known as pepper mills, have become a conventional necessity in the kitchen in recent years.

Pepper mills have grown in popularity because they are used to provide the freshest taste to your dishes.

However, not all pepper grinders are made equal. There are many features and different types of materials used to construct the mills which can severely limit the grinding mechanisms’ capability.

For instance, many pepper mills on the market currently use a grinding mechanism that is constructed using plastic.

However, this is not sufficient for everyday use. A metal or ceramic material is best suited for everyday use because it is more durable than plastic.

Also, it is important to consider whether you want to use your pepper grinder for just pepper, or if you want to use it for other spices. This will greatly affect your purchase because you will require something that features functionality, versatility, and durability.

Below, you will find a list containing the best pepper grinders currently on the market, what to look for, and frequently asked questions about pepper mills.

There are many features to consider before purchasing a pepper grinder. Below, you will find reviews of the ten best pepper mills currently available.

Criteria for Evaluation

Before you purchase any kind of pepper grinder on the market, there are some features you should inspect. We took into consideration the same features before making our top 10 list.


Make sure the pepper grinder offers the knack to quickly produce plenty of fresh pepper. Manual pepper grinders manage to yield more pepper and is capable of doing so more rapidly.

You may find yourself waiting for nearly a minute or two for a meager half teaspoon with an electric grinder.

Easy Grip

Look for a resilient, easy-to-grip build. Pepper grinders that have a top-heavy design tend to be particularly difficult to hold.

These models also have a tendency to tip over. Non-slip grips and an appropriate display can also reduce the possibility that the pepper mill will slide from your hand and crack.

pepper grinders

A manual pepper grinder is generally easy for anyone to operate.

However, if you have carpal tunnel, arthritis, or any other condition that restricts your ingenuity, an electric grinder that merely involves pushing a button may be better for you.

Easy-Fill Container

Search for a grinder that provides an easy-to-fill container for peppercorns. Unfortunately, a few pepper mills provide little openings that essentially assure peppercorns leaking and falling all over the floor unless a funnel is used.

Make sure that it is a resilient grinding device. When it comes to grinding devices, make sure and avoid anything made of nylon. Nylon wears out faster and restricts the adjustability of the grind. Ceramic is a great option because it lasts longer than nylon, however, steel is an even better choice because it is sturdier.

Mill Quality

The grinder should be capable of yielding reliable grinds. An excellent mill should yield a powdery fine grind without large chunks, whether the mill comes with set grind settings or a dial that regulates from fine to coarse.

pepper grinder mill

Before you start browsing for a pepper grinder with these features in mind, you should also make sure to have the following answers to these questions:

What amount of pepper is required?
While cooking, if you normally add a hefty amount of pepper while cooking, you should look for a mill that is capable of producing freshly ground pepper simply and rapidly. Keep in mind that peppercorns have a tendency to lose their strength over time, so purchasing a high-capacity pepper grinder may not suit you unless you use the grinder all the time.

Do you want it to be easy to clean?
If you are looking for a model that is easy to clean, then do not consider a wooden mill. These mills are porous and can consume oils as well as liquids. Instead, you should consider stainless steel or plastic models because they are easier to clean.

Are you looking to prevent trial and error?
A model that has a pre-set grinding option prevents you from having to play with a knob in order to find the correct knob setting size that you desire.

Are you looking for a contemporary design?
For a fair few home cooks, pepper mills are beyond just a device. For many cooks, they are a centerpiece on a craftily set table or a lively accumulation to a well-organized kitchen.

Pepper mills have conventionally been wooden, heavy as well, and capped with a round ornamental cover, however numerous have been overhauled with an assortment of colors, materials, and designs.

modern pepper grinders

Are you looking for simple functionality?
Electric pepper mills entail little to no manual exertion. This can be especially pleasant if you are juggling in the kitchen. However, if you find yourself not wanting to swap batteries, you should search for a rechargeable model.

Do you like lighting with your grinder?
Electric pepper mills usually come with a small LED light that illuminates your food while the grinder is in operation.

While a fair few connoisseurs voice that this is slightly more than a ploy, it may prevent you from over or under-seasoning your food. This could prove as an advantage if you find yourself feasting by candlelight or if your eyesight is not that great.

Do you desire a pepper mill that can manage salt as well as other spices?
Numerous pepper mills are also capable of grinding other spices. Models that were constructed using an acrylic or ceramic instrument can manage to grind salt.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to remember that mills that are constructed using metal grinding instruments can become damaged if you use them to grind salt.

What’s the Difference between Peppers Colored Green, Red, Black, and White?

It may come as a surprise to discover that green, red, black, and white peppercorns are all the same seed from the same plant in different phases of growth and processing.

Piperine is the active ingredient in pepper, in which a meager twenty parts for each million can be identified. These berries grow on spikes which produce around fifty to sixty berries per spike.

It may also be surprising to know that each peppercorn not only varies in color and size but also differs in taste.

Green Peppercorns

green peppercorn

Originating in India, green peppercorns are exact peppercorns from the Piper nigrium blossoming vine plant. They have been consumed ever since prehistoric times.

Technically, these peppercorns are actually undeveloped black peppercorns. They are generally picked at the same time of ripeness as the black peppercorn; however, they are not allowed to dry.

Green peppercorns are frequently well-preserved in brine or vinegar and provided in pickled form. You can also find them freeze-dried as well as dehydrated, which makes them more palatable. However, if they are in their dried form, they do not last long and will need to be used quickly.

These peppercorns are frequently found in Southeast Asian and Thai recipes. They are known for having a fresher flavor than the black peppercorn.

The green peppercorn is the least overpowering of the peppercorns. You will find that their taste and spiciness are less intense than that of black peppercorns.

Red Peppercorns

red peppercorn

Red peppercorns are allowed to wholly ripen on the vine, which results in this peppercorn turning into a vivid shade of red. Unfortunately, it is very uncommon to find red peppercorns as they are.

This is because they are usually dried to acquire a black exterior. They may also be dried and then stripped of their exterior to be converted into white peppercorns.

Black Peppercorns

black peppercorn

The most regularly used peppercorns; black peppercorns are pulverized and put in grinders and shakers. Black peppercorns are green peppercorns that are cooked in warm water and then allowed to dry in the sun.

These peppercorns are currently the most globally traded spice. They are also the strongest peppercorns in flavor.

Most believe that the black peppercorn is the mature fruit off the vine. However, this is not true because even though they may have reached their full size, they are still not quite ripe yet. The enzymes in the peppercorn berries cause the exterior to become black during the drying process.

Black peppercorns were used by the ancient Egyptians during their mummification practices, while the Romans and ancient Greeks used them as a spice. The black peppercorn was also traded as a form of currency in Southeast Asia.

White Peppercorns

white peppercorn

Technically, white peppercorns are merely the seed of the fruit because they are just black peppercorns that have had their exterior removed.

Essentially, they are mature berries that have been allowed to ripen to their red color before being harvested. After these peppercorns are collected, they are soaked and subsequently scrubbed free of their skin down to their smooth, white interior before finally being dried and bleached by the sun.

White peppercorns are less spicy and have a more earthy taste than black peppercorns. These peppercorns are frequently used in mashed potatoes and white sauces because of their color. They do not stand out visibly as that of black pepper.

Pink Peppercorns

pink peppercorn

It is exciting to prepare meals using pink peppercorns, also known as rose baises. These peppercorns provide an additional spicy, yet fruity taste. Pink peppercorn berries are cultivated predominantly in the Brazilian state of Espirto Santo. Because these peppercorns are not true members of the pepper family, they can result in an allergic response to those with allergies to tree nuts.

They grow on the pink pepper tree, which is in the same family as cashews and mango trees.

Pink peppercorns grow from a small palm tree as green berries in small clusters of white flowers which develop in the fall. They become bright red in color before harvesting. Remember, these peppercorns are not from the pepper family, so if you have an allergy to tree nuts, be cautious!

The reason they are called “peppercorns” comes from their similarity to actual peppercorns in size and shape.

Pepper Health Benefits

By adding a dash of black pepper to any dish, it acts beyond simply improving the flavor to your meal. Black pepper is recognized to provide many advantages to your health while offering an outstanding complexity of taste to a dish.


pepper benefits


types of peppercorn


Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding pepper mills.

Are ceramic pepper mill instruments superior to stainless steel?

Ceramic pepper mills are possibly tougher wearisome and more contented with moist peppercorns. However, certain models with stainless steel instruments were explicitly created for the job of grinding pepper.

Something that truly needs to be considered is comparing each pepper mill brand. These really do differ. Certain ceramic peppers amid the top and have additional benefits such as no shaft, making them easier to refill.

Another thing to consider before answering this question is inspecting the body of the pepper mill as well as the grinding mechanism.

Certain pepper mills are above all others because of the value of the materials and the construction in the mill body.

You also need to study the superiority of the manufacturing method. Ceramic mills are an original machinery and in countless ways really exceedingly respectable and comfortable.

Why are electric pepper grinders popular now?

While there is an abundance of machines that can provide the benefit of fast cooking, for the resolve of producing tastier food, electric salt and pepper mills are currently in trend, exciting many people to purchase these elements to powder their spices and put them for taste in various dishes.

To acquire the best pepper mill, these should have assured benefits that can be delivered to the consumers when they use such products.

electric pepper grinder


How do I clean my pepper mill?

It mostly depends on which type of grinder you purchased. Some allow you to use Windex and a paper towel to clean the exterior. It will remain looking new for years with no more than regular maintenance to limit the grease and grime. It is not recommended to put the grinders in the dishwasher because is no necessity for cleaning the interior of the grinders.

Can I fill it with salt?

Again, this solely depends on what kind of grinder you purchased. It is not recommended if your grinding mechanism is made of stainless steel because salt will corrode it.

What are the advantages of using a ceramic grinder? Stainless steel?

Ceramic mechanisms are more amendable and act more accurately when you correct it. A steel instrument can slice peppercorns more than it does grind them, providing more coarseness in the subsequent ground pepper.

What makes manual pepper grinders different from other grinders?

Manual ones are created with an assortment of crank instruments. Some have genuine handles that you crank while others have handles you squeeze together. The simplest one is a pepper mill made of wood. These consist of a wooden top that you twist that cranks the grinding device inside. However, with these particular grinders, the lids frequently work themselves loose each two to three grinds, causing you to stop to tighten it again.

What are the most frequent causes of pepper mills breaking?

There are quite a few reasons a pepper mill can break, whether it be a defective item or because of the user. However the most frequent reasons (excluding defective items) include:

  • Consumers who grind too aggressively can cause their mills to break prematurely. These mills require a gentle touch. This will definitely allow your mill to last longer.
  • It is imperative that you keep your mill dry. It is also worth noting that you should not use a pepper mill over a steaming pot. You should always grind the pepper into a bowl or plate and then pour your ground spices into your pot.
  • Another cause for your pepper grinder breaking can be due to old peppercorns. This is because as they age and dry, they become harder to grind. This causes most mills to wear out quickly. To prevent your peppercorns from drying out, it is important to store them in precise air-tight containers, so they cannot dry out more than they are meant to be.
  • Another thing to do is to evade those colored peppercorn mixes because whatever makes the light colors, are also extremely hard. A good rule to stay by is to stick with plain black pepper.
  • Lastly, another reason you may find that your pepper mill has broken is due to contaminants. Before loading your grinder, it is important that you pour the peppercorns onto a white or equally light colored, plate and check for small stones or twigs grinder.

What kind of body should I look for in a pepper mill?

The design of the body is something that is completely up to the consumer. The most important thing to take into consideration is how easy it is to refill when regarding the body. Regardless, some pepper mills are intended to create a fashion statement.

Some are very stylish however; essentially contain fewer peppercorns, so they seem to always need to be refilled. If design is a big concern for you, then it is worth noting that pepper mills that include clear or acrylic materials incline to become cloudy over time.

Where can I locate the grinding setting?

A few models have you adjust the grinding instrument inside through a knob at the top, most likely the same knob you use to detach the top for refilling. Some have you adjust the setting by using a screw or wheel that is located at the base of the mill.

Other pepper mills will have the defect that the screw that is used to adjust the grinding device inside always tends to come loose. Others seem to just become tougher and tougher to crank until they one day jam entirely and you end up having to take them apart.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many types of pepper grinders currently available. In order to find the perfect one that also provides the best features that suit your needs, first consult our criteria for evaluation and FAQ sections.

However, you must make sure that before you purchase a pepper mill it is durable and also contains a sturdy grinding mechanism. It is also important that you find one that provides an acceptable capacity based on your needs.

Every pepper mill is constructed differently, whether it is from the materials used or the design. Furthermore, a great pepper grinder is constructed using metal or ceramic materials for the grinding mechanism. These two materials are more durable and will last longer than those that use plastic.

However, whichever one is selected, based on your own individual needs, is completely up to you. Not all pepper grinders will be the best fit for everyone.

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