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Best Ice Makers Reviewed

Best Ice Makers Reviewed

There was once a time when everyone used to have to depend on ice trays to produce pleasantly cold drinks to keep the summer heat away.

Thankfully those days are now a thing of the past, along with memories of running out of ice in spite of cluttered freezers and frequent trips to the supermarket to stock up on it.

Thanks to ice makers, your parties and get-togethers can run much more smoothly due to their extra efficient means of producing ice just how you want it and when you need it.

So how do you decide what ice maker to purchase, what brands are the best and what features to consider?

10 Best Ice Makers

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Q: What are ice makers and why do I need one?

Ice makers are a really convenient appliance which ensure you constantly have a supply of ice cubes for mixing cocktails or drinks whether entertaining or enjoying them on your own.

They are especially useful during parties, picnics and even when camping or going on a cruise. They are also an excellent option for freeing up your fridge from the clutter of ice cube trays.

Q: Can they be used in a bar or restaurant too?

Yes they can. However, most hospitality outlets make use of undercounter appliances since these ice makers are larger, have a greater capacity and also function as freezers unlike portable ice makers, which ensures they are particularly suitable for catering to large groups of people.

Q: What do I need to consider when purchasing an ice maker?

You would need to consider its speed of making ice blocks, its overall output over 24 hours, its usability and its ability to recycle water from melted ice blocks to minimize wastage.

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