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Best Dinnerware Sets Reviewed & Compared

Best Dinnerware Sets Reviewed & Compared

Finding the best dinnerware set to match the needs of your home, family, and budget can easily become overwhelming.

There are so many options in terms of styles, designs, colors, durability, and price points that it may be difficult to know where to begin your search.

You might find yourself ready to update your present dinnerware, or maybe an upcoming occasion requires the purchase of a gift.

Or you’re just starting out and want to furnish your own kitchen set of dishes…

If so, then this Dinnerware Review can help you begin the search to find that perfect set from more formal dinnerware to everyday dishes.

Dinnerware Set Types

Buying a brand new dinnerware set for your dining room can be an exciting and fun experience, but with this, comes a few decisions. 

The first one being, the material your new dining set should be made of.

To assist with this, we have provided you with the most common types available to purchase, and some information on them.

Bone China

Most people have heard of bone china dinnerware. Commonly seen in television as a household’s “fancy” plates, they are known for their elegance and typically classic style.

Generally composed of at least 30% animal bone and porcelain, bone china dinnerware is known for its durability. 

Picking out the perfect bone china dinnerware for your home should be done with a lot of care as it is an expensive investment and you want to make sure that it will fit any occasion you bring them out for.

This material is great for anyone looking for a fancy new dinnerware set but should be avoided by animal-conscious customers.


Made from a lightweight plastic material, melamine is the ideal dinnerware for families with kids. 

If you are looking for a versatile dinnerware set that can be used for all occasions due to the wide range of colors and patterns it can come in, this is the material for you.


Porcelain is also known as “chinaware,” and yes it has a similar name to bone china, except this one is made from a fine particle clay, making it a non-porous and extremely durable. 

Usually recognized for its delicate and formal presentation, this dinnerware set is great for any special occasion. 

This set often comes with light touches of silver, gold, or platinum on the border, adding elegance to any dining room.

We urge anyone who purchases a porcelain set, to avoid using lemon-scented detergents as they are known to damage the material and their delicate borders. 


Earthenware is known for its thick and rustic feel, usually with hand-painted designs.   

This is a casual alternative, great for people with a smaller budget looking for everyday dinnerware.

A drawback to this dinnerware is that it is more susceptible to chipping than other types available on the market.

We also don’t recommend leaving the plates submerged in water as the material can absorb it and reduce its lifespan.


Stoneware is made from fired ceramic and is great for anyone looking for a strong and durable alternative to Earthenware dinnerware. 

The material is more delicate and opaque than porcelain materials and is often used in a casual setting.

Stoneware is heavier than bone china and porcelain, and while it is used as everyday dinnerware, this can be a drawback for people looking for lightweight material. 

Vitrified Glass

Non-porous and durable, this dinnerware set is made from glass that has been fired at a high temperature. 

It is great for anyone with children or any clumsy buyers out there looking for a strong, hard surface that does not chip or break easily.

Known for its opaque unbreakable nature, vitrified glass usually comes in a classic white color that suits any occasion.

10 Best Dinnerware Sets

1. Gibson Soho Lounge

The Gibson Soho Lounge 16-Piece Square Reactive Glaze Dinnerware Set is the perfect set for a busy family!

This Gibson set is available in different color options ranging from primary to pastel colors.

Also available is a striking multicolor set which creates the mood for fun with your place settings. And even one more choice – a clear glass variation.

This is such a fun set, with the contemporary square design and so many color options from which to choose. Regardless of your choice of color, you are sure to find the perfect fit that you will absolutely love.

Features and Specifications

  • 16-Piece Place Setting includes:
  • 4 – Square Dinner Plates: 12.75″
  • 4 – Square Dessert/Bread Plates: 9″
  • 4 – Soup/Salad/Cereal Bowls: 6.25″
  • 4 – Mugs: 12 oz.


This is a gorgeous set for sure, and for the price you really can’t go wrong.

Decision Time

All in all, great look and great price and is simply why this is a number one choice.


  • Stoneware
  • Settings for four
  • Safe for use in dishwasher
  • Microwavable
  • Incredibly durable
  • Available in many color options


  • Colors may vary slightly from featured images

2. Corelle Winter Frost White

If you simply are not sure which color or design to select for your dishware set, always opt for white. And if that is the case, then this is the set for you!

With this Corelle 20-piece Winter Frost White Dinnerware Set, you will be more than happy to incorporate this beautiful classic set into your kitchen.

Resistant to Breaking and Scratching

One of the most irritating aspects of purchasing new dinnerware is coming to terms with the fact, that, eventually some of the pieces of your brand new set will inevitably break at some point. Especially if you have kids!

The good news is that with the help of Corelle, you can be sure that you will continue to use your new set of dishes until you are ready to change designs!

This is due to the unique glass that Corelle uses to produce this set. It is highly durable and resistant to cracks and chips and common breakage that can happen

Features and Specifications

  • 20-Piece Place Setting includes:
  • 4 – Dinner Plates: 10 1/4″
  • 6 – Dessert/Bread Plates: 6 3/4″
  • 6 – Soup/Salad/Cereal Bowls: 18 oz. (with lids)
  • 4 – Stoneware Mugs: 11 oz.


Overall, these seem to be a really great value for the money, making them a steal price-wise.

Decision Time

This set really is a classic beauty. While thin, they have been noted to be extremely durable. The added good news is the fact that they do come with a handy 3-year warranty (breaking & chipping)


  • Shatter Proof
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Space Saving Designs
  • Super Thin and Light
  • Microwavable
  • Safe for use in Dishwasher
  • Backed by a 3 Year Warranty


  • Some sellers may not package well.

3. AmazonBasics Cafe Stripe

If you are in the market for a simple, affordable set of dishes then look no further than the AmazonBasics 16-Piece set

Besides being simply affordable, this set looks stunning in any kitchen or on your dining room table.

It is super lightweight but also incredibly durable and is sure to stand up to everything you put it through.


One unique and beneficial aspect of this set is the fact that it’s actually designed to save and free up extra space in your kitchen.

This is an awesome feature for smaller homes or apartments that require this size set of dishware yet don’t have a lot of storage space for dishes.

Features and Specifications

  • 16-Piece Place Setting includes:
  • 4 – Dinner Plates: 10.5 “
  • 4 – Dessert/Bread Plates: 7.5 “
  • 4 – Soup/Salad/Cereal Bowls: 5.5 “
  • 4 – Mugs: 4”


This set has been noted to chip and break quite easily, which is certainly something to consider.

The price however is strikingly low so, all in all, it appears that you get what you pay for.

That said, it may be inexpensive enough to buy a second set as a back-up for replacement pieces.

Decision Time

This set would be perfect for a single person or couple, empty-nesters or newlyweds, at home or for RV travel. Larger household with families should just keep in mind the fragile aspect of this set.


  • 16-piece set
  • Lightweight
  • Super Durable
  • BPA-free
  • Gorgeous design
  • Microwavable
  • Safe for use in dishwasher
  • Super affordable


  • Gets very hot when heated
  • Chips easily

4. Gibson Casa Estebana

Whether you are planning a formal party or just a casual family night dinner, the Gibson Casa Estebana 16-piece Dinnerware Set is the perfect solution to help you out with all of your entertaining needs and desires.

This set is sure to be the focal point of your kitchen and dining room. With its gorgeous, rustic tiling around the edges of this set, you can be sure to receive many nice compliments on your dishware!

Super Sturdy

The tiled edges of this set appear to help make the Gibson Casa Estebana dinnerware pretty much indestructible. The set looks classic and beautiful in any home.

Yet it is strong and resilient enough to stand up to busy families who may accidentally break and chip dishes on an average occasion.

Features and Specifications

  • 16-pc Place Setting includes:
  • 4 – Dinner Plates: 11”
  • 4 – Dessert/Bread Plates: 8.5”
  • 4 – Soup/Salad/Cereal Bowls: 6”
  • 4 – Mugs: 16 oz


This is a gorgeous and super durable set for the price.

Decision Time

This set looks incredible and offers a perfect, elegant looking place setting.

Some purchasers have reported that the packaging used to ship the new set is less than perfect and items have arrived broken.

The true color may be darker than pictured. Also, due to finishing techniques, differences in color, size, and texture ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike. That’s what makes this set so unique!


  • Super Durable
  • Beautiful Design
  • Great Price
  • Microwavable
  • Safe for use in dishwasher
  • Stoneware
  • Several other colors available
  • A 10” Serving Bowl and a 14×9” square platter is also available in this pattern


  • Colors darker than pictured

5. Corelle Memphis

If you have got the blues and are looking to incorporate them into your kitchen dining set, then look no further beyond this absolutely stunning dinnerware by Corelle.

The Corelle Livingware 16-Piece Dinnerware Set is the perfect solution to liven up your kitchen without the hefty cost of having to remodel!

Made in the USA

Corelle Livingware is a legendary brand that is highly regarded for offering close to unbreakable dishware options. Not only are these dishes insanely durable and hard to break, but they come in brilliant designs and color options as well.

Features and Specifications

  • 16-Pc Place setting includes:
  • 4 – Dinner Plates: 10 1/4″
  • 4 – Dessert/Bread Plates: 6-3/4″
  • 4 – Soup/Salad/Cereal Bowls: 18 oz.
  • 4 – Stoneware Mugs: 11 oz.


The price is right on this good looking and highly durable set.

Decision Time

While there have been some complaints about breakage during regular use, the vast majority of buyers have noted that they held up quite well and were actually pretty durable.

For the price, along with the overall look of this fashionable set, your expectations will definitely be met.


  • Break and scratch resistant
  • Super lightweight
  • Thin design for easy stacking and storage
  • Microwavable
  • Safe for use in the dishwasher
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Great Price


  • Bowls are pretty small and may be too shallow for some

6. Strawberry Street Nova Square Banquet

One of the best features of the Strawberry Street Set is the fact that it is fired twice to ensure its overall strength and durability. And this brand has been noted to be incredibly strong!

This is an incredible set that is perfect for literally any occasion. Not to mention with 45 pieces, you can be sure that you are ready for even a last minute get-together with family and friends!

Incredibly Strong

Available in 5 colors, including cobalt blue and red.

This set has been noted to be super strong and made of heavy porcelain. It is impressively resistant to chipping and has also been noted to have the strength to hold up to a lot of brutal, heavy usage.

This is a great feature if you have a large family with little kids running around!

Features and Specifications

45-Pc Dinnerware Set (6-Pc Place Setting)

6 – Dinner Plates: 10”
6 – Dessert/Bread Plates: 7.3”
6 – Soup/Salad/Cereal Bowls: 7.3”
6 – Sauce Dishes: 4.7”
6 – Cups/Saucers: 9 oz
1 – Serving Bowl: 10” (2.25 qt)
1 – Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
1 – Sugar Bowl/Lid
1 – Milk Creamer
1 – Baker: 9.8” x 2″x4”
1 – Casserole Dish/Lid: 9.8″x2.8”


The price is truly a steal in terms of the number of items included in this set.

This dinnerware is also noted to be extremely durable (although commented to be somewhat heavy). This is most certainly an added bonus in terms of the longevity of the Strawberry Street collection.

Decision Time

This set came with significantly good reviews. The main critical reviews were due to manufacturing imperfections.

However, if you are seeking a set of dishware for a great price, this may be the best option for you.


  • Safe for use in the dishwasher
  • Oven Safe (for temperatures of up to 500 degrees)
  • Microwavable
  • Easy to hand-wash
  • Super strong
  • Great price


  • May arrive flawed
  • Noted to not stack evenly

7. Rachael Ray Cucina Dinnerware

This Rachael Ray Cucina 16-Piece Stoneware Dinnerware set is such a cute, classic design that can only come from the design of the infamous Rachael Ray Collection!

One of the finest features of this gorgeous dish set is that is that it also is available in a number of various color options.

So, regardless as to your kitchen’s color scheme, you are sure to find the perfect match.

Classically Inspired

This dinnerware set provides a unique combination of the old with the modern convenience of functionality.

The Rachael Cucina set is created from the incredible durable stoneware craftsmanship and is topped off with gorgeous earthy tones and a unique glaze that only adds to the rustic vibrations of this set.

Features and Specifications

16-Pc Dinnerware Set

4 – Dinner Plates: 10.5”
4 – Dessert/Bread Plates: 8”
4 – Soup/Salad/Cereal Bowls: 5.5”
4 – Mugs: 12 oz


For a name brand dinnerware set authored by a well known chef and cooking authority, this seems to be a reasonable price/value

Decision Time

Buying this set of dinnerware from Rachel Ray opens up a whole spectrum of choices when purchasing additional pieces from the RR collection.

All in all, this is a great buy. The dishes are gorgeous and provide your kitchen with a super unique, classic antique feel. This pattern is available in a number of color options. Buyers noted the dinnerware to be fairly durable, and fairly priced.


  • Safe for use in the oven (at temperatures of no more than 250 degrees Fahrenheit for no longer than 30 minutes)
  • Safe for use in the microwave and freezer
  • Safe for use in the dishwasher
  • Incredibly durable
  • Backed by a quality assurance promise
  • Very well priced
  • Nicely packaged to ensure safe delivery


  • Glazing has been noted to be a bit flawed
  • Can chip easily

8. Rustic Melamine

This 12-piece Rustic Melamine Dinnerware set is uniquely rustic looking and is the perfect fit for virtually any kitchen from a modern one with a twist to one that is filled with the presence of antiques galore.

No More Shatter

If cleaning up broken bowls and plates is not acceptable as part of your kitchen duties, then this may be the set for you!

Features and Specifications

12 – Pc Dinnerware

4 – Dinner Plates: 10”
4 – Dessert/Bread Plates: 8”
4 – Soup/Salad/Cereal Bowls: 23oz.


This set comes with an attractive price tag, and since it is shatterproof, you can be sure that it will last for many years.

Decision Time

If you’ve never invested in dishes made from melamine, you’ll be in for a treat as you come to love this type of material. Appearance is similar to ceramic but without the negative characteristics intrinsic to ceramic composition.


  • Melamine shatterproof set
  • Safe for use in the dishwasher and freezer
  • Easy to hand wash
  • Fairly priced
  • Great for RV use since it’s lightweight and so durable
  • Choose from several colors, including a multi-color set
  • Additional serving bowls available


  • Not microwavable since it’s made from a type of plastic

9. Pfaltzgraff Trellis White Stoneware

This Pfaltzgraff Trellis White 16-Piece Dinnerware Set boasts a stunning embossed design that also provides you with a gorgeous antique-looking finish.

The set is super sturdy with its reliable stoneware strength and is the perfect fit for any classic kitchen or dining room table.

Durable Stoneware

This Pfaltzgraff set offers an elegant, dainty look and with all the resiliency and durability you would come to expect from a stoneware set.

The color and design is elegant all on its own and is sure to look good in both the breakfast nook as well as a formal occasion in the dining room.

Features and Specifications

  • 16-Pc Dinnerware Set
  • 4 – Dinner plates: 11″
  • 4 – Dessert/Bread Plates: 8″
  • 4 – Soup/Salad/Cereal Bowls: 6″
  • 4 – Mugs: 14 oz.


This falls on the higher end of the price spectrum, but the value seems well worth the money spent on this beautiful stoneware dinner set.

Decision Time

This set is both incredibly durable and extremely good looking. It most certainly comes with a huge thumbs up in terms of price, value and appearance.

Versatility surrounds this dinnerware selection as it is great for everyday use as well as an elegant dinner party. It is an exceptional buy that you can be sure you will enjoy.


  • Crafted from the highest quality stoneware
  • Intricate embossed pattern around edges
  • Gorgeous antique finish
  • Incredibly durable
  • Perfect for both formal and casual place settings
  • Safe for use in dishwasher


  • Possible splitting if used in microwave
  • Silverware may leave markings

10. BonJour 55474

This BonJour Dinnerware Shaded Garden 16-piece Porcelain Dinnerware Set is a fan favorite. If you are unsure about what color or design to invest in, this is a great way to go!

This black floral design of this set just screams elegance but is reserved enough to not look overbearing in a simple kitchen.

Simply Stunning

One of the finest features of this dishware set is the fact that the roses are hand designed from an artist’s renditions. They bring a simple sense of beauty and can add a spark of class to any standard kitchen.

Features and Specifications

  • Dinner Plates: 10.5″ in diameter
  • Salad Plates: 7.5″ in diameter
  • Bowls are 5.5″ tall by 2.5″ deep


This set may seem a bit on the higher end of the pricing, however the positive ratings for this set in terms of its overall value were through the roof and you certainly can’t go wrong with that!

Decision Time

You can’t go wrong with this set. It is beautiful, elegant and incredibly durable. All in all a truly exceptional buy. This set comes at a wonderful price and is noted to be highly durable.

The black and white floral pattern is sure to look incredible in any kitchen and it both elegant for a classy dinner party and casual enough for every day use.


  • Very durable
  • Gorgeous rose design
  • Average price
  • 16 piece place settings
  • Safe for use in microwave
  • They are backed with a quality assurance guarantee
  • Safe to put in freezer and dishwasher


  • Package not very well, have been noted to arrive with broken pieces. Use caution when selecting where you purchase them from online.

Select a Size the Right Way

Take into consideration the dimensions, high/low, and width of your kitchen cabinets. You’ll want to be able to easily store and access all the pieces of your dinnerware.

Also, check your dishwasher internal size, tub and spacing of racks. Take a look at the various cleaning and other cycles available on your dishwasher model.

For example, a china cycle provides a gentler cycle to protect delicate items.

Knowledge of your kitchen cabinet dimensions and dishwasher features may also influence the choice of your new dinnerware purchase

Gibson Home 103609.39RM Zen Buffetware 39 Piece Porcelain Dinnerware Set Service for 6 with Serveware, Square, White

Select a Color and Design for Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle definitely affects your decision when choosing new dinnerware.

It can depend on whether this is your first set of dinnerware as a newly married couple, starting or already have a family, which means children at the kitchen/dining table, or retiring and maybe downsizing,

Buy what you like as to size, shape, or color…plus what fits within your budget that is allotted to a new dishware set.

And ask yourself, do you want matching accessory pieces or would complementary colors/patterns be acceptable.

Just What is Your Lifestyle?

Ask yourself the following lifestyle questions to help you decide what the best physical characteristics are for your perfect new dinnerware set:

Do you like to entertain friends and family?

Do you like to serve and eat your meals on plates, in bowls, etc. with each food item placed in its own dish?

Or do you like to serve buffet style if the occasion calls for it?

Do you do more home style presentations vs formal?

What is your family composition…two working adults, stay at home parent, family constantly on the go?

Do you eat at a table or in front of the TV most of the time?

How about outdoors…would your purchase of dishware be used outside?

Basic White Can Be Great

If you are simply unsure or feeling overwhelmed as to the exact color or design that you want and just can’t determine which is going to be the best fit for your kitchen decor, then just select a simple white porcelain set.

It fits every color and decor and is a classic design that is just a great, simple option.

What’s also nice, is basic white can work as the best everyday dishes you pull out from your cupboard without feeling like you’re using the “good” stuff.

Think a Little Bigger for Place Settings

If you are unsure of the place setting count that you should invest in, think outside the box a little.

You should be sure that you have enough to host a dinner party, at least. If you opt to purchase a 4-piece place setting, then the in-laws will be eating on paper plates when they come to visit!

Let’s  follow up on the concept of hosting a dinner party.

If you are someone who plans on having guests over often throughout the year, you may want to invest in two different dinnerware sets for the sake of convenience and using the “good dishes” for a family holiday.

This way, you can be sure that you have your main dinnerware set for yourself and your family (which is great if you have kids in the house and your dishes may break often), and also your nicer, larger set that you just keep stored until company arrives.

Make a Good Investment

And finally, be sure to invest wisely.

A lot of people who are in the market for a new dishware set will tend to select a nice design, and then look at the bottom line price tag.

While this may seem like the best way to go about choosing a set of dishes, you should always consider the fact that you usually get what you pay for.

Do some research on the brand that you are interested in and read some reviews about the durability of the set.

If you are going to pay less for more, but they break easily, that’s a good indication that may not be the best choice.

Common Dinnerware Features

There are four main features that you should be thinking about once you have decided on the material you want your dinnerware to be made from. 

Shape, size, design, and weight should be taken into consideration to purchase the perfect dinnerware for your kitchen.


dinnerware sets feature shapes

The most common plate shape is circular. However, square, rectangular, and even irregular shapes are available. 

Depending on the table-setting and style that you are after, different shapes will suit different styles.


This might sound like a strange one. But not all dinnerware sizes are going to be a good match. 

The average dinner plate in the U.S. measures around 11” and 12” inches across. Smaller plates for side dishes and desserts fall into the 5″-7″ diameter range.

However, you will need to adjust that number to your dining room. Think about your storage space, the size of your dining table, and if they will fit inside your dishwasher (if you are not going to hand-wash!).   

Color and Patterns

The style and design of your house, and in particular your dining room, will influence the color or pattern you decide on.

The look you are trying to project or the events you will be hosting will also determine what would suit best.


Depending on the material your dinnerware is made of, their weight can vary. 

We recommend avoiding heavy plates such as stoneware to make transportation easier.


Clean Your Dinnerware

The way to clean your dinnerware will depend on the material it is made from. 

Tableware made from bone china, melamine, porcelain, stoneware, earthenware, and vitrified glass tends to be dishwasher safe, so we recommend giving it a quick rinse and letting the machine do the hard work for you.  

However, make sure to read the instructions before you put the dishes in the dishwasher. 

Ensuring proper cleaning will save you from having to clean scuff marks or fixing chips on your dinnerware in the future. 

Make a Good Investment

Everyone has heard the saying, “you get what you pay for.” 

We know that buying dinnerware is often a big investment, and picking the cheaper option tends to be our first inclination. 

But make sure your choice is not only based on the cheapest one but also on the material and what it can bring to your dining experience.    

Pick the Right Dinnerware for Your Dining Room

Having the right dinnerware is important as it adds to your dining experience and can take a meal from casual to formal within minutes. 

No matter what the occasion for buying new dinnerware, be it for your first home, as newlyweds or for a new look, it is important to figure out the style and decor of your dining room and go from there. 

If you are looking for a versatile set, for both formal and casual occasions, a melamine set is often the one to opt for.

Alternatively, having two sets is a handy investment and means you will always have a backup.  

Can I Put My Dinnerware in the Microwave?

For most of the materials we mentioned, except melamine and porcelain sets, there is no issue with heating your food in the microwave. 

This will depend on the materials that your specific dinnerware is made with, and you should always read the instructions before heating any food. 

Best Dinnerware Sets Brands

dinnerware sets brand corelle

Corelle Brands

Corelle Brands are the owners of iconic brands such as; Corelle®, Pyrex®, Corningware®, Snapware®, and Chicago Cutlery®. 

They offer clients a vast range of storage, bakeware, cookware, and cutlery, with different styles and materials, their collections are sure to impress. 

If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your products, their Consumer Care Center will give you store credit within the first 90 days of purchase. 

A full refund minus the original shipping and handling charges will be returned to unsatisfied customers.

dinnerware stes brand gibson


Designed and developed in California, Gibson is one of the leading brands in dinnerware. 

Also selling flatware, cookware, glassware, kitchen tools, tea and coffee accessories as well as other tabletop and housewares products, the Gibson brand provides an excellent service.

They not only have two home-brands, Gibson Elite, and Gibson Home, but they also partner with other well-known brands like Isaac Mizrahi, Sunbeam, and Cravings by Chrissy Teagan to bring you a wide range of options to choose from.

A great fact to point out is their annual community work, donating to various charities, such as the Los Angeles Fire Department and Feeding America, Gibson aims to give back.

FAQs about Dinnerware Sets

What Is the Ideal Set Number?

Depending on how many people you are going to feed, the number will increase or decrease. 

Additionally, if you are the kind of person to host events, small or large, you will need a larger set. 

Have a think about how many people live in the house, how often you host events, how many people tend to eat at your house on any given week. 

The style of the event will also dictate what type of dinnerware you will need, and therefore your costs can also increase. 

While it might seem silly to have extra plates simply sitting in storage, having an extra 2-4 settings are a good idea, so you don’t have to pull out any last-minute paper plates.  

What Type of Dinnerware Do I Need?

This is a decision that only the buyer can make. Material, style, and durability are the three main pillars for picking your dinnerware. 

Of course, budget is a huge factor that will be the foundation on which you can build upon. 

Once you have that basic construct of what you might be after, we recommend thinking about looking at the options we have provided and which meets your criteria. 

Another good thing to think about is how many pieces you want per place setting. Do you want matching mugs? Or matching bowls? How many pieces are you after?

What Is the Most Durable Material?

Porcelain, vitrified glass, and stoneware are the three most durable dinnerware materials available from the ones we have listed.

It’s important to remember that the longevity of your set will depend on the maintenance you give it. 

What Pattern or Design Should I Buy?

Your personal style and lifestyle will guide you to the dinnerware set that will suit you best, that is a guarantee.

But we recommend buying you dinnerware so that it not only reflects your personal style but so that it can match any occasion and hold any meals you prepare.

As we have mentioned before, having two sets of dinnerware is always recommended. This not only makes sure you always have enough plates but also that you can be flexible with the ambiance you are projecting.

No matter which dinnerware suits your lifestyle the most, a crucial deciding factor should be the durability and strength, especially if you have any clumsy people living with you.

How Do I Know What Size Dinnerware Is Best for My Home?

Before settling on your dream dinnerware, take out some measuring tape, and figure out the dimensions of your storage space. 

Keep in mind, the size of your dining table and how many you are planning to feed on a regular basis. If your table is small and only fits four people, avoid any excessively large plates to make sure you all fit.

Additionally, take a peek into your dishwasher and find out its internal size, tub, and spacing of racks and the cleaning styles on offer as this can alter which materials can be put in for washing.

Bon Appetit!

Choosing the right dinnerware set can be daunting with so many options. There are style, shape, material, and maintenance differences that can change the dining experience. 

Go for the best dinnerware set that you know will suit your style and last a long time while staying within your budget.

We hope that after reading this guide, you feel more confident in what you are looking for and what matches in the best for your personal needs.

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