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Best Cotton Candy Machines Reviewed

Best Cotton Candy Machines Reviewed

There aren’t many sweets that make us instantly think about summer, barbecues or garden parties and that is why cotton candy is perhaps one of the most loved sweets in the whole world.

And thanks to the rising availability of cotton candy makers, you too can add a touch of sunshine and magic to your get-togethers or other events, no matter what time of the year it is.

And we have good news for you just in case you were wondering where to begin: We have compiled a list of the best cotton candy machines available today and have listed their main features and price range which you can check out to find out which one suits you best.

The current cotton candy device was devised by a dentist for the 1906 World’s Fair, and it was an instantaneous triumph. Many cotton candy machines dissolve sugar into a liquid fashion, then swirl the liquid in a filter while driving it out of extremely slim holes, making threads.

The worker of the cotton candy machine catches the sticky cotton candy by twirling a cone around the interior of the bowl, capturing the threads of twirled sugar and folding them around the cone in anticipation of an agreeable puffy cloud of cotton candy is prepared to eat.

Numerous colors and flavors for cotton candy are currently offered merely by the addition of food coloring.

Cotton candy machines are capable of making sugar free cotton candy, which is an immense pleasure for those who are on a diet or have diabetes.

10 Best Cotton Candy Machines


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Factors to Consider

Before you start searching for your very own cotton candy machine, it is important to take into account whether this is for home use or commercial use. If it is for your home, then it may be best to search for a straightforward machine that is in a lower cost span.

A variety of the more resilient machines contain suctioned legs to provide additional safety and also features things such as dishwasher safe bowls as well as plastic cones that are reusable.

However, if you are looking for something that is for your business, you will then want to search for a cotton candy machine with a stainless steel head as well as at least a 1.5 horsepower engine.

There are various kinds of cotton candy machines to consider, such as:

Commercial Cotton Candy Machines

These are durable machines that contain strong engines with bulky, multi-quart bowls for effective and speedy process.

Commercial cotton candy machines also come with lock-down features to make it more transportable. Several are created to fit inside a cotton candy cart which aids in exhibiting the cotton candy as well as keeping it at a warm temperature.

Home Cotton Candy Machines

cotton candy home machine

These cotton candy makers are considered more of a novelty to adults and children. These machines only need sugar as well as paper cones.

Children are capable of fostering their own system for turning as they complete their task. Home cotton candy machines are offered in various price ranges and sizes. It is best to consider how often it will be in use before purchasing a home cotton candy maker.

Home and Commercial Machines

There are models which can serve the purpose of both home and commercial. These kinds of cotton candy models are generally resilient as well as compact and inexpensive.

The most beneficial options for these machines are for use in churches, schools, and other organizations that may use their cotton candy maker for fundraisers and other special occasions.

Sugar-Free Machines

One of the newest cotton candy machines is the sugar-free cotton candy maker. This feature gives you the option to buy specifically prepared sugar-free cotton candy mix.

However, there are also cotton candy makers that are available for home use. They will permit you to create cotton candy from sugar-free hard candy.

Care and Maintenance

Cotton candy machines can be very fun; however it is imperative to clean them after each use, especially if you are thinking about storing them away for a prolonged period of time.

For machines that will be used for business purposes, this needs a variety of different kinds of tools as well as some time.

Home cotton candy makers will require a decent wipe-down using a clean cloth as well as hot water. In order to be certain that all spots for the sugar have been reached, consult the manufacturer’s instructions.


cotton candy machine size

Before you begin searching for a cotton candy machine, it is important to keep in mind the size of the aluminum bowl. This will help you determine which size is appropriate for your home or business.

If you are looking to purchase a cotton candy machine for home use, then consider how much you will need to make and how often you plan on using it.

However, if you are considering a cotton candy machine for your business, you will need to consider how many customers you are projecting to sell it to and about how much would need to be produced at that specific time in your location.

Carts and Mobility

If you are looking to open a business while selling cotton candy, then mobility is definitely something worth considering. With carts, you are able to move your machine around at parks, events, fundraisers, and special occasions.

By using this type of mobility, you are increasing your chances for opportunities!

mobile cotton candy machine

How to Make Cotton Candy

In order to start preparing your cotton candy techniques, you will first need to make sure you have these three essential items:

  • Your cotton candy machine (of course)
  • Cone(s)
  • Flavored sugar

To start off your cotton candy endeavor, you will first need to add your flavored sugar to the middle of your cotton candy maker. Then, twist the spinner head to in order to evenly distribute the sugar in the head. Your next step will be to turn the motor switch on as well as the heat switch on.

Lastly, grab the cotton candy that is being produced from the machine with a cone as it comes out. Now you have fresh cotton candy!

cotton candy sugar

Alternatively, you can purchase flavored cotton candy floss sugar by packs that come in an assortment of flavors, such as grape, orange, cherry, pink vanilla, and blue raspberry. You can enjoy each flavor individually or pour all five different flavors to make a combination of flavors for one cone!

Making Cotton Candy from Scratch

However, what if you do not have the equipment mentioned above, besides your cotton candy machine? Then have no fear! Below you will find a list of ingredients that will surely help you to make some of the best cotton candy!

For this recipe, you will need:

  • 4 cups of sugar
  • 1 cup of corn syrup
  • 1 cup of water
  • ¾ teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of raspberry extract (any flavoring of your choice)
  • 2 drops of food coloring (any of your choice)

If you have a cotton candy machine, then you are good to go! Simply pour everything in the middle of your cotton candy maker and twist the spinner head in order to make sure that your sugar is evenly distributed. Then turn the motor switch on as well as the heat switch on.

Lastly, grab the delicious cotton candy that is being produced from the machine with a cone as it comes out!

When it comes to flavor, you do not need to limit yourself to only raspberry extract. You can also try some of your other favorite flavors such as almond extract, vanilla extract, or orange!

No Cotton Candy Machine? Follow This Recipe!

Alternatively, if you do not have a cotton candy machine, you have other ways to make some deliciously fresh homemade cotton candy!

how to make cotton candy at home

Step 1

Over medium heat in a heavy, large saucepan add the four cups of sugar, one cup of corn syrup, one cup of water, and ¾ teaspoon of salt. Next, stir the mixture until the sugar is caramelized.

Once the mixture is melted, discontinue stirring and clip a candy thermometer to the concoction.

Allow the mixture to reach 320 degrees Fahrenheit (160 degrees Celsius). Dispense the melted liquid into a container that is shallow as well as heatproof. Next, include your desired extract and the desired food coloring (optional). Stir your new mixture extremely well.

Step 2

This next part can become a little messy; however it is well worth the time and effort if you enjoy cotton candy. First, it is imperative that you swipe your table, or wherever you choose to work, with some wax parchment. Don’t forget to line the floors in case there are some loose bits of sugar.

Step 3

Take a whisk that you have cut the top off of and dip it into the concoction while holding it over the pot. You should allow the sugar to drip back in to the container for a few seconds by holding your whisk at least a foot above the parchment.

Lastly, make sure that you move the whisk back and forth as each thin strand of sugar falls on the paper. This step is to be repeated a few times until you have a nest of spun sugar.

It is important to note that if you are not using a cotton candy machine then make sure that you have a bowl of cold water nearby because you are working with extremely hot sugar. Use the cold water on any part of the skin where this hot liquid has touched!

If you do not have a cotton candy machine, but intend on making some, you can see from the previous section there are a lot of steps as well as requiring a lot of time. A cotton candy machine for home use is inexpensive and can aid in spending this misplaced time by doing things or being with the ones you love.

cotton candy

While making your favorite cotton candy treat, you do not only need to use a plastic cup or cone to catch that delicious fluff! You can even use lollipop sticks!


What are the preferred safety precautions while using a cotton candy machine?

In order to ensure safety, there should never be direct contact to the equipment by the general public while the machine is being used in service locations.

Another safety precaution to keep in mind is that only skilled workers should control the machine. It is also important to carefully read all of the machine’s instructions before starting the process of the gear.

One way to prevent injury from occurring while working, make sure to never place any body parts or objects near the floss head assembly while the motor is running because the floss head reaches great speeds throughout its procedure. In this case, also be aware that viewers are away from the machine while it is in use.

The manufacturer will not be responsible for any injuries sustained because of failure to follow safety instruction.

In order to ensure your, as well as others, safety you must never make your own modifications to the machine.

Before using one, make sure it is grounded appropriately in order to prevent electrical shock.

It is also important that you do not submerge any part of the machine in water because this can damage the cotton candy maker and prevent it from working effectively.

In order to avert electric shock, always make sure that you have unplugged the machine before cleaning or servicing the equipment.

How much will my cotton candy maker produce?

You will discover that every cotton candy maker is different because the manufacture of cotton candy is solely established on the ability of the worker. Various people have been able to create from anywhere starting at one hundred to even two hundred cones per hour. However, this is solely based upon practice.

How much spun sugar is generally used?

Approximately, one cone can hold up to one ounce of spun cotton candy sugar. An eighteen inch plastic bag can hold up to two ounces. Normally, a person could make from fifty to one hundred bags per hour, depending on the person’s skill.

How many cones can a case of floss sugar create?

Already prepared floss sugar is in a case of six containers weighing 3 ¼ lbs. Each container can produce around sixty cones of spun cotton candy. Therefore, all six already prepared floss sugar containers should create three hundred to three hundred sixty cones.

What is the best practice to use for cleaning a cotton candy maker?

First, for the safety of the operator, you must make sure the cotton candy machine is unplugged in order to prevent electrical shock. Next place your maker in a place where there is no moisture nor moisture is capable of touching the machine. Then wipe down the metal motor portion of the maker.

The aluminum bowl will need to be cleaned extremely well. Be sure that there is no sugar or netting left on the bowl. Lastly, you will want to use hot water and a soft cloth to clean all of the sugar off of the bubble of the machine. You will also want to make certain that you do not scrape the bubble.

What if my machine is not working properly?

In order to properly trouble-shoot your cotton candy maker; there are a few steps you must follow.

First you need to examine the power supply. Even though cotton candy makers are not complex machines, the power supply is capable of burning out while in use.

Another step to try is to run a diagnostics test on your cotton candy maker’s electrical circuits. This is important because something like a wire could have been accidentally been knocked loose during cleaning or rough handling could have caused a connector to break.

Investigate your machine’s motor. The engine of your machine is what takes most of the damage as it powers the whole machine.

It is also important to check that the power switch is working properly. The switch should last a lifetime, but during storage and being moved around a lot can take its toll on the machine.

Lastly, you will also want to make sure and clean the machine’s output heads. This is where the liquid sugar floss comes out and can become clogged with hardened sugar.

Always make sure your machine is appropriately maintained and cleaned in order to keep everything in working order.

What is the price range of cotton candy machines?

The prices of cotton candy makers range from really cheap to really expensive. Factors which affect their price include their brand, features and purpose (commercial or domestic use).

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