Best Commercial Dishwashers Reviewed

Time has come to buy a new dishwasher and you need one that can handle high volumes of dishes, heats up fast, and is easy to load with lightning quick cycles.

You’re looking for the best commercial dishwasher that is built to meet your high demands for rapidly washed and well-cleaned dishes.

You may have a large family or run an organization that serves food on reusable dishes and flatware. Or maybe you run a restaurant or cafe, or you need a dishwasher for your office or work facility that provides a cafeteria.

Your unique situation will help dictate the size, features and capabilities a new dishwasher should have. Keep this in mind as you study the following commercial dishwasher reviews.

Each type, brand and individual model offers these factors and more at different levels. With this mindset, you can narrow down your choices and select the one that works best for you.

So what else should affect your choice? The primary and most obvious factor is the size.

If you live in a big apartment with your family, then you should definitely buy the biggest one, since you have the room for it and you can benefit from the extra load size.

But if you live alone, or in a smaller apartment, than a small sized dishwasher would be the best commercial dishwasher for you, since you have no need for the increased load size.

If you need a dishwasher for your restaurant, then the best commercial dishwashers are the ones that are designed for restaurants and can handle extremely large loads in short amount of time.

This is a general rule of thumb when it comes to any kind of commercial kitchen appliance.

Here is a list of the best commercial dishwashers on the market, and hopefully you will find something that will fit your needs the best.

10 Best Commercial Dishwashers

1. Countertop by SPT

This is small dishwasher, probably the best commercial dishwasher that you can buy for personal use, small offices or small kitchens. With its small height of only, it can fit in any kitchen or office. You can even fit it between countertops or cabinets.

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First thing that makes this dishwasher stick out from all the rest is the ease of installation. If your kitchen has a faucet, and every kitchen has one, then you can definitely install the SPT dishwasher. To start the wash, just turn on the hot water on your faucet, and when done, the dishwasher will beep, and you just need to turn the tap off. The cycles don’t last for long, just around 80 minutes, so your dishes will be clean in no time.

When you open the dishwasher, you’ll notice the shiny interior made from durable quality stainless steel. It can handle temperatures up to 148 degrees Fahrenheit and it will not rust at all and it won’t get damaged easily.


SPT Countertop Dishwasher is really cheap when it comes to the price range of dishwashers.


If you need something that is small and compact that will fit in your small kitchen or a crowded office, SPT’s Dishwasher is definitely the great commercial dishwasher for you.

Stainless steel interior: The interior is made from a high quality stainless steel that won’t rust, nor it will be easily damaged.

Easy installation: It is pretty easy to install. Just plug it in an existing faucet anywhere in your kitchen and you are ready to go. It even comes with a manual. Not that you’ll need it

Compact: SPT’s Dishwasher is really small and compact, it can fit anywhere.


Not a lot of room for dishes: You can fit a reasonable amount of dishes in it, but not a lot.

2. SPT SD-9241SS Commercial Dishwasher

This SPT’s dishwasher is a bit bigger than the previously mentioned compact model. But this one has something else going for it and that is portability.

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Yes, this one has wheels on the bottom, so you can move it around the house or an office whenever you want. It weighs only and it is really easy to move. Its height is only , so you can easily find a place to fit it, even in smaller apartments and offices. As all SPT models, this one is also easy to install. Just plug it in a faucet and that’s it.

This SPT’s dishwasher model has 6 different washing modes: All-in-1, Normal, Heavy, Speed, Light and Rinse. If you have no time to wait out the wash, just put it on Speed mode and it will be done in no time, or if your dishes are not too dirty, you can just put it on Rinse mode and you will save up on water and electricity.


SPT SD-9241SS Energy Star Portable Dishwasher is an affordable dishwasher model, cheaper than a lot of commercial dishwashers.


This might the best dishwasher for you if you want something that’s light, reliable and portable.

3. Fisher Paykel DD24DAX8

This Fisher & Paykel’s dishwasher is a double drawer dishwasher with a modern and elegant style. It’s a good fit for kitchens with a modern, silver or white colour palette. But it’s also small enough to fit in small spaces, so if you have a kitchen that’s designed with traditional colours in mind, then you can safely hide this dishwasher in a cabinet where it’s not gonna cross with your kitchen’s look.

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It features a stainless steel interior that’s rust free and damage resistant. Double drawer design and adjustable racks enable you to pack this dishwasher with a bunch of dishes. This dishwasher is fitted with racks for cutlery and wine glasses and also sliding racks, folding tines and holding clips. And you don’t have to worry about breakage, since it’s perfectly stable and will not move during wash, not even during intense and fast washing modes.

It has a range of 9 washing modes: Rinse, Fast Eco, Fast, Heavy, Heavy Eco, Delicate, Delicate Eco, Normal and Normal Eco.


This Fisher & Paykel’s dishwasher model is cheaper than a lot of dishwashers that share the same quality range.


Judging by all the pros and cons of this dishwasher, this model definitely takes the place as one of the best dishwashers on the market.

Double DishDrawer technology: Double Drawer technology enables the drawers to work independently from each other, so you can have two different wash cycles working in the same time

Multiple wash options: This Fisher & Paykel’s model has 9 washing modes: Rinse, Fast Eco, Fast, Heavy, Heavy Eco, Delicate, Delicate Eco, Normal and Normal Eco.


Confusing interface: A bit difficult to work with, but nothing to serious.


This is an elegant, silver-coloured dishwasher from GE profile. It’s a bit bigger than the other dishwasher on this list, but no taller than any of the standard kitchen elements, so you don’t have to worry about it sticking out or it being too bulky in your kitchen,

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This GE dishwasher model features full stainless steel interior with a lot of room inside. It has a lot of racks that are quite easy to reach. The cleaning part is done by the GE’s advanced washing system with 102 cleaning jets. This will clean any of your dishes without the need for any prior rinsing.
It also features 7 different dishwashing cycles: Auto Sense, Rinse, EcoWash, Express, Light Wash, Heavy Wash and the Normal Wash cycle. Neither of these cycles is particularly loud, so you can leave the dishwasher overnight without having to worry about angry neighbours banging on your door.


This model is a bit pricy, but still affordable.


By looking past the obvious problems of its size and weight, and ny focusing on the most important aspects, which are performance and quality, then this becomes definitely a quality purchase, if not one of the best dishwashers out there.

Multiple washing modes: This model features 7 different washing modes: Auto Sense, Rinse, EcoWash, Express, Light Wash, Heavy Wash and the Normal Wash mode

Advance washing system: Cleaning is done by the advance washing system, featuring 102 cleaning jets.


Size and weight: This GE’s model is a bit too heavy and too big, but you can still fit them into your kitchen without a problem

5. Jet-Tech Systems F-14

Jet-Tech Systems F-14 Stainless Steel 304 is a multi purpose counter top dishwasher. This Jet-Tech dishwasher might not be the best commercial dishwasher for an average user and that’s because it was meant to be used in settings like restaurants, hotels, bars and such. But of course this doesn’t stop you from buying it for you household, it can serve your needs as much as any of the personal dishwashers.

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This model features completely automatic wash cycles, one for washing (at 150ºF) and other for rinsing (185ºF). It also has built-in automatic detergent and rinse-additive dispensers that will provide you with equally good results every time you run your dishes.

The body and the interior are constructed from brushed stainless steel that is resistant to rust and damage. A good addition to this is the proper heat and sound insulation in the tank, so it stays pretty quiet during the wash cycles and won’t emit a lot of heat.


Jet-Tech Systems F-14 Stainless Steel 304 Multi Purpose Counter Top Ware Washer is definitely on the pricier side.


Probably one of the best dishwashers that you can buy for mass use, for restaurants, bars and hotels.

Fully automatic wash cycles: Jet-Tech’s dishwasher feature a fully automatic wash cycles, one for washing and one for rinsing

Stainless steel construction: The body and the interior are constructed from stainless steel which prevents damage and rust

Well insulated: It’s well insulated, it emit a lot of sound or heat.


Doesn’t wash thoroughly: Sometimes requires rinsing before the wash.

6. Insinger RL-30

Insinger RL-30 is an efficient and a powerful dishwasher, best suited for restaurants, hotels, bars, places where you need to wash a lot of dishes in a small amount time. Insinger RL-30 takes a hefty amount of space, but it’s still not too big or bulky to present an eyesore.

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First major feature of the Insinger RL-30 is the efficiency. The people at the Insinger company claim that it can wash around 30 racks of dishes per hour. That’s more than 700 dishes just in one hour. While we are not certain that it can wash that much, one thing that’s for certain is that it definitely can wash a whole lot of dishes in a short period of time. And even with that much dishes, it doesn’t produce a lot of noise, perfect for busy kitchens and bars.

Another peculiar thing about this dishwasher is that it doesn’t consume too much water not too much of electricity. It uses just around of water per rack, and it only requires a 30 amp circuit. You are going to notice the difference at the end of the month, when you receive lower water and electricity bills.


This Insinger’s model is definitely a bit pricy, but nothing extravagant.


Yes, the Insinger RL-30 Automatic Undercounter Dishwasher is bit pricy and a bit bulky, but if you are looking for a purchase for your hotel or a bar, then this is definitely one the best dishwasher for you.

Time efficient: It can wash 30 racks of dishes per hour, which is more than 700 dishes in just 60 minutes.

Silent: It is designed in such a way that it can take a big load of dishes in one cycle and still remain relatively quiet.


Size: This model is a bit bulky since it is designed for professional settings.

7. Midea MDC3203DSS3A

Here’s another simple, easy-to-install, countertop dishwasher. This one is brought to you by Midea. These countertop dishwashers are the best commercial dishwashers for people who live in small apartments, college dormitories, or just have a lack of space in the their kitchens.

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This Midea dishwasher is pretty to install. If you have a faucet, you basically have everything you need. Just connect it to your faucet, turn it on, and start washing those dishes. Not only is it easy to install, it’s also pretty easy to use. It can wash the dishes with the same power as one of those professional kitchen restaurant dishwashers, just with less space inside.

It also features an automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser, reducing the amount work you have to do and saving you time. Another good feature of this dishwasher is that it doesn’t use a lot of water during the wash (only ) and doesn’t produce a lot of sound.


Midea MDC3203DSS3A Countertop Dishwasher is affordable.


This might be the best dishwasher for people that live in small apartments, students housing and such.

Compact: It is small and light and it fit everywhere.

Easy to install: Installation is pretty easy, you just need a faucet and you are good to go.

Less water consumption: Consumes only per cycle.


Not a lot of space: Not a lot of dishes can fit inside.

8. Fisher Paykel DD24DCHTX7

Here’s another double drawer dishwasher model from Fisher & Paykel. This one is a bit different from the last one, but not in any major way. It’s a bit smaller and lighter, but also packed with a lot of new modern features.

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First thing you’ll notice is the increased height of the top drawer, ideal for storing wide, bulky dishes. Two drawers operate individually from each other, so you can have two separate wash cycles at the same time.

This model features 9 wash modes: Rinse, Fast Eco, Fast, Heavy, Heavy Eco, Delicate, Delicate Eco, Normal and Normal Eco. Another useful feature is the Child Lock. With it you can disable all the buttons, and your toddlers won’t be able to break anything or accidentally turn on the dishwasher.


This model is really affordable. You can probably find it cheaper on Amazon, than in retail stores.


Fisher Paykel DD24DCHTX7 is one of the best dishwashers from Fisher & Paykel, certainly a worthy addition to your kitchen.

Multiple wash modes: This model features 9 different wash modes.

Stainless steel interior: Interior is made of quality stainless steel, which is durable and rust resistant

Individually functioning drawers: Drawers function individually from each other


It doesn’t dry the dishes properly: In some cases the dishes will stay wet after the wash

9. Bosch SHP65TL5UC 500

We all heard about Bosch. The name of the company is long time mark of quality to any products that bear the logo of Bosch. This dishwasher model isn’t an exception.
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This model also brings some new and exciting features, like the ExtraShine and AquaStop.

AquaStop is a security feature that prevents the water from spilling on the floor. It detects leaks via sensors in the tub, and automatically shuts down to prevent leakage.

ExtraShine is an option that you can use during your normal wash cycle. It will make your glassware come out extra clean and shiny by raising the temperature of the wash and by drying them for longer.


This Bosch’s model is a bit pricy, but still affordable in term of dishwashers.


The quality of this dishwasher justifies the price. Definitely one the best dishwashers on the market.

Silent: This is one of the quietest dishwashers on the market

Express wash option: It has an express wash option that will wash a load of dishes in around 30 minutes


A bit bulky: It’s a bit bulkier, but not too big

10. Jet-Tech Systems F-18DP

Here’s another product by Jet-Tech Systems.This model is a bit taller, it stands at around . It is best suited for kitchen with taller counters. It is a lot similar to the previous Jet-Tech’s model that we reviewed earlier, but fitted with some additional improvements to its quality.

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This model features a double wall that provides a lot more insulation, which in turn, makes the dishwasher a lot quieter and lessens the heat emissions. This also helps the dishwasher consume a lot less energy, which will become apparent on your energy bill later in the month.

This Jet-Tech’s model also features a safety switch that stops the pump if you accidentally open the dishwasher during the wash.


Jet-Tech Systems F-18DP Stainless Steel 304 Undercounter High Temperature Dishwasher is pricy, but still reasonably priced.


This might not be the best dishwasher on the market, but still makes it one of the best dishwashers that you can buy from Jet-Tech Systems.

Better insulation: Features a double wall that provides insulation. Reduces heat and sound.

Stainless steel interior: Tub is made from quality stainless steel, resistant to rust and damage.

Safety switch: This model has a safety switch that you that prevent leaks if you accidentally open the dishwasher during the wash.


Too tall: A bit too tall and bulky.


Q: What size of a dishwasher should I buy?

A: It depends. If you live in small apartment, then you should buy a smaller dishwasher. If you run a restaurant, then the largest one available should be the best commercial dishwasher for you.

Q: How do I install the dishwasher?

A: Generally, dishwashers differ in the terms of installation. Some require only a faucet, other require additional plumbing. You shouldn’t have a problem if you read the manual carefully,

Q: Are silent dishwashers weaker in performance than normal dishwashers?

A: No, silent dishwashers are as equally good as their louder counterparts. Only thing that’s different is that silent dishwasher have better sound insulation.

Q: Why are countertop dishwashers cheaper than the undercounter models?

A: Countertop dishwashers can’t take as many dishes as the undercounter models. That’s why the best commercial dishwashers for restaurants are the undercounter dishwashers.