Best Pepper Grinders Reviewed and Tested

Pepper grinders were invented around 1842 by Peugeot of France. That’s right, long before the French car manufacturer started building cars they designed and developed the first pepper mills, before their invention, pepper used to be grounded with the help of a mortar and was a very tedious and uncomfortable way to process the pepper corns.

Traditional pepper mills were mostly made of wood and had a very sophisticated metallic mechanism that grounded the corns. Nowadays, you can find great pepper grinders on many different materials like steel, zinc, ceramics and even acrylics.

Our Top 3 Picks

OXO Good Grips
  • OXO Good Grips
  • 5 out of 5
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  • Adjustable Grinders
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Derwent Pepper Grinder
  • Derwent Pepper Grinder
  • 4.6 out of 5
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  • Gourmet Precision
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Levav Pepper Grinder
  • Levav Pepper Grinder
  • 4.2 out of 5
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  • Large Capacity
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The ones made from steel are the most durable as they are crack resistant and are excellent if you intend to put some pressure on your peppermill. Zinc alloys ones, instead, are also a popular choice because they are resistant to corrosion which makes them great for vacation houses or taking them to an awesome barbecue on the beach while the ceramic ones are popular because you can use them to ground several other things like salt and coffee.

If you are looking to buy one, then you have to take in consideration what is it that you want and what are your actual needs, you won’t want to buy a peppermill that will corrode in half a week because you needed and Zinc alloy one for your house at the beach. We also know that there are thousands of different options online for buying and that it might be a bit overwhelming to review all of the different options so you can make a smart choice.

10 Best Pepper Grinders


1. OXO 1140700

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At your kitchen, the dining table or picnic, the OXO Good Grips Salt & Pepper Grinder Set is always in season. It is a beautifully designed unit, the grinders have a soft, non-slip grip for comfortable grinding. Stainless steel accents and clear bodies give the Grinders kitchen-to-table appeal – great for preparing and serving meals. This unit is sold filled with sea salt and black peppercorns.

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Adjustable Grinders

The Grinders are easily adjustable from fine to coarse grind and rest flat when upside down for easy refilling.
Ceramic Grinders
Non-corrosive ceramic grinders won’t absorb flavors or odors, and are positioned at the top of the Grinders so as not to leave a mess on the counter or table.

Features and Specifications

Handsome as well as functional, so it goes from kitchen to dining room with ease
Designed with stainless-steel accents and a clear acrylic body
Has a soft, nonslip grip for comfortable grinding and comes filled with whole peppercorns
Non-corrosive ceramic grinder won’t absorb flavors or odors and is positioned at top so no mess on counters or tables
Easily adjusts from fine to coarse grind; rests flat upside down for easy refilling; has a 4-3/4-ounce capacity

This is a great unit that is extremely well designed and is a nice addition to any kitchen, not only because of its functionality but also because it will work as a great countertop decoration.

Op design prevents making a mess while preparing your meal s or at the table

Multifunctional and can grind more than just salt and pepper, also cumin, coriander or other spices can be easily ground with this unit.


Acrylic casing might be fragile

2. COLE & MASON H59401G

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This COLE & MASON Pepper grinder is another example of excellent design. Made of stainless steel and acrylic body this unit comes packed with several and nice features that will help you season your foods the way you wanted.
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Up to 6 Adjustable Grind Settings to get the coarseness you need.

The Derwent Pepper Mill by COLE & MASON allows you to select between 6 grinding precision levels for fine or coarse granules. The Derwent Salt Mill allows for 3 sizing adjustments.

The ability to select from various sizing options makes seasoning your food supremely efficient without sacrificing great flavor. Do your recipes the way they are, not the way your current pepper mill allows you to.

Gourmet Precision Carbon Steel Mechanism

The Derwent Pepper Mill features a new precision mechanism for professional seasoning and ultimate flavor. Instead of just crushing the peppercorns, the advanced, machine-cut, hardened carbon steel mechanism instead strips them down by their individual layers as it grinds. As the different flavors within these layers are released they mix together to deliver the fully rounded and intense flavor of the peppercorn.

Features and Specifications

Modern and Unique Style: The high-quality clear acrylic pepper mill with a stylish stainless-steel finish will look cool on any kitchen table or counter top.
Adjustable Settings: 6 precise grinding levels offer fine or coarse granules, while a new durable
Top design creates a smooth and even turn to grind your pepper
Keep your favorite ground spices fresh and away from moisture and dust with one of the best peppermill grinders
Easily Refillable: The clear acrylic shaker body highlights the level of your spice and is easy to refill, simply pull up on the pepper grinder top and refill with your choice of peppercorns
Lifetime Mechanism Guarantee: Instead of crushing the peppercorns, the Professional Gourmet Precision Mechanism strips them down by their individual layers as it grinds, releasing maximum flavor

A very nice unit that is worth every penny of its price, a bit over priced if you run on a low budget but in general it is a great choice for any kitchen.

6 Different levels of coarseness

Easy to refill and use

Maintain freshness


Acrylic bodies are fragile

3. Levav 649510

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These beautifully designed units are everything you need if you like minimalistic style. Made of Acrylic and steel. It is a great decoration for countertops. The best part is that you get not one but two grinders at a very low price.
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Large Capacity

The Stainless Steel Pepper Mill and Salt Mill have a large ¾ cup capacity to store enough peppercorns or salt to be ready to use at any time, refilling is super easy, even when you won’t be doing it a lot.

5 Grade Adjustable Ceramic Rotor

Grind your peppercorn and salt to the coarseness you like with its 5 different levels of grinding to ensure that your peppercorn and salt grains match the exact needs of your recipes, bringing out the true flavors of your spices.

Features and specifications

Backed by a No-questions-asked, Levav will replace your product in the unlikely event of a complication. We create premium products and back them up with our warranty.
Maintain the Freshness of your favorite spices with these Firmly Closed salt and pepper mills glass grinders! They contain a sealing lid that fixes perfectly, keeping your ground spices freshly, away from moisture and dust, and free of undesirable residues on your table.
Modern and Unique: Stainless Steel and Glass Salt and Pepper Grinder Set – Simple design with no logos or branding that will look elegant and smart on your table at all times and charm your family and guests.
Perfect for All Types of Salts and Peppercorns, providing you with fresh spices for all your meals! The high-quality adjustable ceramic rotor, with five grinding levels from coarse to fine, will help you grind your spices to perfection.
Measures 7.5″ tall by 2.5″ wide and they have a 3/4 cup capacity to hold your peppercorn, sea salt, kosher salt, Himalayan salt, spices and more. These grinders do not come filled with spices. Fill it with the spice of your choice!

This package of two units it’s actually a great deal, these two grinders cost less than some of the other reviewed pepper mills in this article.

Large capacity for less need to refill the unit constantly

High precision ceramic grinders

Easy to clean


As all acrylics / glass products you must use your hands clean or the c acrylic will start collecting dirt that will stick to it because of the grease and sweat coming from your hands

4. OXO 1188400

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If you always want fresh pepper on you foods, then the good news is that the OXO Good Grips Lewis Pepper Mill is all you’ll ever need. Its ceramic mechanism is proved to outlive metallic grinders for long times and are safe to use for grinding other spices at they will not corrode.
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Turning Arm

One of the best features of this grinder is that it was designed with a long handle in the top which will help you grinding your pepper as it changes the way traditional grinders work, giving you a better grip and a more comfortable way of use.

Filling door.

It comes with a filling door to one side that will help you preventing disasters at the time of refilling. It also features a bottom cap to prevent pepper from escaping to your countertop or table.

Features and Specifications.

Non-slip, specially designed long arm that is easy to grip and turn
Ceramic mechanism adjustable for coarse or fine grind
Clear door shows when to refill and opens wide for filling
Bottom base prevents scape of spices when not in use.

This unit is a very functional unit with the added value that you can use it in more than just grinding pepper. It is also very economic and it’s a good fit for small budgets, yet don’t let its price deceive you, this unit is one of the best sellers.

It’s very easy to operate

Easy to refill

Bottom base to prevent pepper mess on you countertop while not in use

Easy to clean


Long arm makes it more difficult to store

5. Willow & Everett

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These salt and pepper shakers and grinders are designed to give an extra touch of class to your kitchen. Salt and pepper are two of the most used kitchen spices in almost all around the world. Having one grinder is good, but having two allows you to make your recipes and then add freshly ground salt and pepper to your meals.
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Top design

The grinder of the units is located at the top of it, this helps making sure that pepper and salt will only be in your meals when you actually use the grinder instead of slowly scaping and making a mess on your kitchen or counter top.

No question asked guarantee.

If during the first 90 days of your purchase you are not fully satisfied with the unit, then the manufacturer claims that will return your money or send a new unit as a replacement in case yours doesn’t works as described.

Features and Specifications

These salt and pepper shakers feature a modern design and are stylish and elegant enough for kitchen-to-table use!
Unlike other spice grinder sets, this salt and peppermill pair have their grinding mechanism on the top of the grinder, ensuring salt and pepper ends up only on your food
The ceramic grinder is non-corrosive and won’t absorb flavors
A plastic knob on top of each salt and pepper mill allows you to easily adjust from a fine to coarse grind.
Standing about 5 inches tall and holding 3/4 cup of spices, this set is the perfect size to cut down on constant refills without being bulky. When you do have to refill, the clear glass bodies will let you know when it’s time to refill your shakers.
With its brushed stainless steel encasing, glass body and ceramic grinder, this unique duo is a professional, sleek addition to any kitchen, with a stainless steel lid that truly “caps” off this beautiful set.

If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase–NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

If you are looking for convenience, elegance and simplicity all in one then this might be the one for you. Having a pair of shaker/grinders with different spices on it will surely give your kitchen a nice look and will take your cooking experience to a whole new level.

Two units instead of one

Very inexpensive

Top design for mess prevention


Glass is way more fragile than acrylic so you must be very careful on not dropping them

6. OXO 2154200

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This sleek and stylish pepper mill made by OXO easily goes from the kitchen to the dinner table without any fuzz. Just take it to the table and season your food exactly the way you like. The acrylic body and black details give it a very elegant design.
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Clear body

Designed with convenience and comfort in mind, this (as most of the units available nowadays) has a clear body which allows you to see through it and know exactly when you have to refill.

Ceramic Grinder

As we all know, grinders comes in a variety of materials, what makes really great about ceramics is that they won’t corrode, the will live longer than steel grinders and won’t pick up smells or flavors from your different spices.

Features and Specifications

Non-corrosive ceramic grinder won’t absorb flavors or odors
Rotate tab to easily adjust Grinder setting from fine to coarse
Clear acrylic body highlights contents and indicates when it is time to refill
Simply turn Grinder over and unscrew cap to refill. Grinder rests flat when upside down for easy refilling
Comes filled with peppercorns

If you are looking for a practical yet flexible unit then this is a very good option to consider, not only it is an amazing product, it also has a very low price that makes it affordable for almost any budget.

Easy to use, clean and refill

Different coarseness levels


Wont grind large peppercorns

7. Premium Mills!

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If you miss the smell of the freshly ground spices of your mom or grandmother? Do you want to bring your cooking level to a next level or want to give a cooking enthusiast a gift he will actually like? Then you should totally get this pack of grinders, it comes with two beautifully designed grinders.
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This set not only works for salt and pepper it can be used with many different herbs so you can season you r meals with all the spices you like removing the hard work of processing them by hand.

Ceramic Mechanism

Even the body is made of steel and glass, the mechanism is made with ceramics to ensure a long life and high quality spice grinding

Features and Specifications

Adjust the fineness, just turn the black knob on the grinder and here you go with the final seasoning at the table.
Glass jar and ceramic grinding mechanism are non-corrosive, won’t absorb flavors and are easy to clean.
Stainless steel lid keeps the content in the jar fresh. Fresh spices are the best
Mills are safely stored in an elegant red box, more than suitable for a lovely gift.
Each grinder is about 5 inches tall and holds 3/4 cup of spices, ensuring long lasting use without being bulky.
Clear glass jars will let you know when it’s time to refill and won’t embarrass you just in time of your best friend’s visit.
Stainless steel top easily screws off the wide opening, so you can refill easily and with no mess. Grinding mechanisms are on the top, to ensure that pepper and salt ends up only on your food and not all around your table.

This product is a great opportunity, besides the issue with the cap lid, which we only found a couple of negative comments about it, the units are beautifully designed and come packaged in a very nice gift box. A very nice option for gifts or presents.

Easy to clean and refill

Large capacity for longer periods of use without worrying about refilling the unit


The top lid has a somewhat sharp edge that if handled incorrectly could lead to cuts

8. Peugeot 23546

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Again, the cars company present us with a very nice pepper mill. This pepper mill is design with a traditional look but yet it has all you need to grind your peppercorns.

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Two Stage Metallic Grinding System

The 2 Stage grinding mechanism is made of case-hardened steel which is specially treated to keep the teeth razor sharp and protect from corrosion making it great not only for pepper but a for a wide range of herbs and spices. Just put all your spices in a see the magic work.

Patented u’Select grind adjustment

The grinding system adjustment is found at the base of the mill; 6 pre-defined grind settings, or any point in between: powdery-fine to very coarse

Features and Specifications

Mill is 16-inches tall with great capacity
Stage grinding mechanism is made of case-hardened steel
Releases maximum flavor and aroma by first cracking each peppercorn before it is ground
Patented u’Select grind

This peppermill will surely last for a lifetime but its price makes it unaffordable for small budgets. An excellent choice for foodies, cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs.

Is made by the original inventors of the pepper mill

Has a patented mechanism that works great cracking all the corns before grinding


It is one of the highest priced pepper mills

9. Utopia Kitchen UK0083

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With a state of the art design, this pepper mill will give your kitchen a nice and elegant look, bveatifully designed so you can keep it at your counter as a decoration, this unit is extremely valuable and does a really good work grinding those peppercorns and salt.

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Two side mechanism

The two side action mechanism allows you to use the same gadget to grind salt and pepper separately. This being said, you can also create different combinations of spices on each end and have two seasoning options, each one with the spices you like the most.

Features and Specifications

Acrylic body with stainless steel ends are highly durable and easy to fill
Sleek twist mechanism grinds seasoning and filters ground particles out the bottom
Portable size of height 8 ½ inches 21.8 cm, diameter 2 inches 5.2 cm makes it easy to store in kitchen cabinets or bring along to a dinner party
Refill with salt crystals or peppercorns of your choice for custom seasoning

This units is very special, not only is extremely useful and gives you lots of flexibility when cooking. If you have two spices mix you like you can easily grind them on the same unit without having to clean. Also the price of this product is very low and you wouldn’t believe that this actually cost that.

Two different grinders on a single model adds tons of flexibility

Easy to clean

Small storage space to be two grinders in one single unit


Filling compartments wont can’t hold too much spices. The glass compartment is dived to give you the chance to create different spice combinations


Whit this article we hope you found some insight on what product to buy or gave you enough information to continue looking for your own. Happy cooking!