Tips for Creating the Ultimate Country Kitchen

Tips for Creating the Ultimate Country Kitchen Tips for Creating the Ultimate Country Kitchen

Country kitchens have a very homely feel about them, and this is why many people choose this kind of décor for their home.

Country kitchens are more traditional, and they tend to have a welcoming color scheme and some wooden flooring as part of the design. 

If you don’t have much interior design experience, then you might be wondering how you can achieve a country kitchen in your home.

In this article, we are going to give you our top tips for achieving this and making your kitchen the focal point of your home.

Keep reading to hear what some of our top tips for creating the ultimate country kitchen are.

The Color

pastel country kitchen

One of the most important things that you need to consider when creating the ultimate country kitchen is the color scheme.

You need to choose colors that fit into this kind of style so the best place to start is the pastel tones.

You can also go for some nature inspired shades and bolder colors if you fancy something like that.

As long as you make sure that everything in your kitchen from the appliances to the worktops fits in with this color scheme, you should be able to achieve the country kitchen style.

Our top tip for this would be to avoid monochrome color schemes as these aren’t always very welcoming.

While many people choose these color schemes for their kitchen and other rooms in their home, they do so because they look slick and sophisticated – rather than having the country feeling to them. 

The Flooringwooden floor

The ultimate country kitchen needs to steer away from tiles on the ground and needs to involve some wooden flooring.

This adds to the overall country feeling to the kitchen and it can work really well with many different kinds of color schemes.

If you still want to have some tiles, you can add these to the wall for the sink splash back as this can look quite good.

When it comes to choosing the right wooden flooring for your country kitchen, you need to make sure that you are avoiding solid wood flooring.

This does not work well with water and temperature changes as it can expand.

For this kind of floor, we would suggest that you go for an engineered wooden floor that can still have the same effect.

You should be able to find plenty of retailers offering this kind of floor that is suitable for your ultimate country kitchen. 


plaid blanket on table

Our next tip for those who want to achieve the ultimate country kitchen design is to add some patterns.

These can help to add interest and they can really bring the entire theme of the kitchen together.

For patterns, you can add some plaid blankets or go for some tweed which is typical for country kitchens. 

Other patterns which can work well against a rustic backdrop include some florals or some stripes or even some animal prints if you want to make it more of a working farm kitchen.

This should not only be something that you think about for your oven mitts and aprons, you also need to think about bringing the color scheme and the patterns to life with your tableware and cookware.

Color is key here so make sure to consider this.


traditional oven

Country kitchens are all about having a traditional design, so you need to think carefully about the appliances that you have in there.

We suggest that you go for the large American style fridge freezer that is going to be filled with some wonderful country treats.

You should also think about your oven and your hob as this can be something which can work quite well if you are willing to invest some cash.

An AGA cooker has the ability to transform any kitchen into one that has a country style and you will fall in love with it once it is installed.

While not everyone can afford this kind of cooker, it is definitely worth a look if you are planning on replacing your appliances to bring your entire country kitchen theme to life. 

Avoiding Storage

old kitchen utensils

Of course, you will need to have some storage space in your kitchen as you will likely have a lot of things to put away, however, you should consider the concept of the country kitchen.

Many of these kitchens come with everything on display to make the kitchen appear to be more ‘lived in’.

To achieve this, you should consider open shelving on which you can place your bowls, utensils and much more.

Other items that you might want to have on display in your country kitchen include your tea towels and your apron as these can bring the entire theme to life.

Make sure not to pack everything away in your cupboards as this can have the opposite effect on your kitchen design.

Put everything on show and your country kitchen will look so much better – as long as you make it an organized mess.

Final Thoughts

If you want to achieve the perfect country kitchen design in your home, then you should make sure to consider everything that we have discussed in this article.

Think about the color scheme that you are going for – we recommend using pastel colors as these can work quite well.

You should also consider the flooring that you have in there as you will want to make sure that it is fit for purpose in a room that is going to have a fluctuating temperature and moisture levels. 

A country kitchen can be a fantastic addition to your home, as long as you make the right design choices.

Make sure to plan your country kitchen effectively and you should be able to achieve the desired look.

Don’t miss out on having this kind of kitchen in your home and don’t forget to add some seating so that your family can spend lots of time there together!