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What type of tea are you?

What type of tea are you?

Are you an occasional tea lover? Are you deeply submerged in the world of teas? Or are you just entering the amazing world of teas?

Drinking tea is an activity that goes back millenniums and started to spread along several cultures almost at the same time. The best guess is that it started somewhere in the southwest regions of China as a medicinal drink. One of the oldest records of tea drinking is from the third century AD n a medical text written by Hua Tuo. The first encounter of European cultures with tea was in the 16th century when the priests and merchants from Portugal started visiting China.

Then the British introduced tea production and consumption in India to compete with the Chinese monopoly of the tea.

All types of tea, green tea, white tea, yellow tea, black tea and Pu-erh tea are all originated from the same tree, the Camellia Sinensis.

There are more than three thousand varieties of tea, and it is the most consumed beverage in the world after water and can be divided in to five different varieties. But there is a kind of tea for everyone, depending on personality and we assure you, when you know what’s the type of tea that goes better with your personality you’ll just won’t be able to stop drinking it.

Every type of tea has a different process of making

For green tea, the leaves are plucked from the tree when they have partially withered and directly heated to about 200 Celsius degrees before rolling them up and heating them again. White tea is made by plucking and processing the leaves right after they have fully opened in the tree. For the yellow varieties of tea are more rare and expensive than other types of tea, it is made very similar to the green tea but it has an additional step of being steamed after oxidation to give the leaves that yellow color. For last, black tea is produced by over oxidation the tea leaves, it is often a result of white tea and green tea manufacturing processes.

There are other varieties of teas that are called ‘herbal teas’ or ‘herbal blends’ and they come from herbs and spices, and technically are infusions more than tea, as tea is the name reserved for the drinks made from the buds and leaves from the Camellia Sinensis. And there are also a huge variety of blends, Chamomile, Lemon, Peach, Peppermint and many more.

So each type of tea has different traits and characteristics that makes them more adequate for different types of personalities, and therefore they can say a lot about the people who drinks them. Lo let’s see what each tea is about, you’ll surely relate to at least on type!

Black tea

Black tea is the most widely drunk variety of tea in the entire world. It is drunk by millions of people on a daily basis all around the world. This variety of tea is extremely low in caffeine which can help you improve your circulatory system. It also includes fluoride which helps your overall bone and oral health.

It is a mildly stimulating drink, which leaves have been completely oxidized, causing the leaves to darken. It taste is a bit bitter, it is an astringent drink and its popularity is on the rise.

Simple, classical, bold and energizing. That is how this type of tea is. The persons who actually enjoy these type of tea have strong characters like this tea. If you are simple and yet confident of yourself, charming, assertive, emotionally stable; if you know exactly what you want, how you want it and are also centered and down to earth with your goals and expectations then black tea is a solid choice for you and will perfectly match with your personality.

Green tea

Green tea is all about health. This type of tea has gained a great popularity with the steady pas of the years. It has a lot of catechins that make it one of the best promoters of health on the tea world – obviously all kinds of teas are good for your health- and this one is just incredible. By nature, it is a great way to boost your immune system, reduces the levels of cholesterol in your blood, and helps with weight loss. It is a soothing beverage that fills you up with energy.

The green tea is for persons who are extremely conscious about their health. You look for tranquility but at the same time want to feel motivated, joyful and revitalized. You are very center thus minimalistic and are always in great mood that gets contagious to people around you,

Red Tea or Pu Erh teas

Red tea or Pu Erh teas are actually green tea, only that it has been processed in a bit different way, it is closed in a barrel and is inoculated with bacteria proper of the process of fermentation, this gives the tea its color. This tea has cholesterol lowering properties and help reducing the blood pressure. Another interesting fact about this kind of tea is take unlike any other tea in the world, it is something that takes years to make, there are some teas in the market that have been in maturation for over six decades. The value for this tea is greater for longer times of maturation.

It is a mildly stimulating and digestive drink that is preferred after lunch or in the afternoon to regain your levels of energy.

This type of tea is for you if you are a calm and relaxed person that takes it time to plan and prepare. You are very mature and centered yet intense and strong minded. You are fun to be around and you appreciate criticism and guidance as you know that learning about yourself will help you become the better you.

Yellow tea

It is an expensive and rare variety of tea, it process of elaboration is very similar to the making of the green tea but is has an added step, after the leave has been oxidized to right levels, leaves are steamed under damp cloth, this process heathen the leave and gives it is light yellow characteristic color . The have very sweet and fruity aromas.

Its color represents happiness, friendliness, humor, hope. You are a happy person that dreams about big things, your character makes you do the impossible to achieve those dreams, and you surely will. You are capable of overcoming every obstacle you find along the way learning from them andbecom9ng a version of yourself capable of enduring any circumstance.

White tea

Connoisseurs of tea appreciate white tea varieties because of its delicacy and subtle flavors. This tea is the one that takes less processing as the leaves are plucked from the tea bush when they are very young and have recently fully opened. The leaves are not heated or rolled and this whole process gives it a soft noted flavor.

This tea is for you if you are one of those youthful and energetic persons. You like to live every moment to its maximum and thrive for seeing youthful smiles in the faces of people that surrounds you. Yet you are fully mature and have big plans for yourself.


Chamomile tea is actually not from tea plant leaves, amazing right? It is actually made of Chamomile flower. It is good for fighting insomnia and encourages a good night sleep. It’s light flavor, floral aroma and fruity flavor makes it a common choice during tea time all around the world.

This is a tea for those who need a bit of tea in their life, it works as a mood changer. You are one of those persons with extremely busy schedules and that live at a high rhythm that tend to cause anxiety and nervousness? This is a good tea for people with daring and caring personalities.

Iced-Fruity Flavored tea

This is one of the most modern ways to drink tea, and believe it or not, it is a tea, by all the rules. It is prepared with lots of syrup or fruit cubes and a huge amount of ice. No one can actually tell when this way of drinking tea originated, it became really popular in 1870 but there are references from 1969 and even a bit earlier so it is very hard to determine when was it invented.

This tea is a special kind of tea, it goes very well with every type of personality, and in fact is one of the most ordered drinks in the world during summer time. You are a young person and you want to stay young for as long as possible. You like the refreshing feeling of the breeze in the morning and love to go for jog from time to time.

With this, we hope you can find out what kind of tea are you. Once you discover your tea identity and you drink it, may be for the first time, you’ll realize that that’s the tea you should be drinking your entire life. We don’t mean that you can’t enjoy a nice cup of other types of teas, in fact thanks to their many different proprieties, drinking different kind of teas will make you know what kind of tea is best for all kind of situations.

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