How to Transform Your Kitchen without Blowing Your Budget

Updated kitchen How to Transform Your Kitchen without Blowing Your Budget

Everyone desires a designer kitchen but not everyone has the budget to revamp their kitchen space. But what if we say that you can completely transform your kitchen space without spending a fortune?

Whether it’s for personal use or to sell it to a potential buyer, a revamped and remodeled kitchen will definitely increase the value of your house. Here are some effective ways to transform your kitchen while keeping your budget intact.

1. Paint Your Walls

One of the most effective ways to make a gloomy space livelier is to paint it. Choose a new color palette and revamp your kitchen walls by applying a contrasting shade or a neutral palette.

Take it up as a DIY project over the weekend. By doing so, you don’t need to pay a professional. If painting seems like a hassle, you can also go for a printed wallpaper that will instantly transform your kitchen space.

2. Declutter Your Kitchen Space

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to transform a space is to remove clutter. It not only makes the space look bigger but also adds a touch of luxury.

As you know, less is more, which is primarily applicable to interior spaces as well. Follow the concept of minimalism to achieve a clutter-free and luxurious space.

Start by discarding stuff that you barely use. This includes broken appliances, used rag cloths, old utensils, and any other stuff that will be of no use in the future.

At the same time, build more storage space that blends with the décor. For instance, build storage cabinets under the kitchen sink or install hangers from the ceiling.

Downsize your products such as cleaning tools and do not hoard stuff. Do not show more than you have, which is also the golden rule of decluttering.

3. Change Existing Hardware

Even though your kitchen’s hardware is barely visible, it creates a major impact.

Modern hardware material choices include brass, copper, mixed metal, or matte chrome black door handles and sink faucets. It provides a contemporary look and demands little investment.

4. Add a New Countertop

If you are unable to afford a graphite countertop, a prefabricated countertop made of quartz will help you add a touch of luxury to your kitchen without exceeding your budget.

You can also opt for a laminate that is much cheaper than a stone countertop. Since it is easy to install, you don’t need a professional, which ultimately helps you save more money.

5. Install New Curtains or Blinds

Window openings are a boon in utility-heavy spaces such as kitchens and pantries. It is not only useful for ventilation but also adds some playfulness as an element.

By treating your window openings, you can tie the entire space together. One of the simplest and most effective window treatments include the installation of curtains or blinds.

You can either buy venetian blinds online or visit a décor store to pick a set of curtains based on your preference. Pick a specific color palette or choose a curtain based on a particular theme.

6. Change the Lighting

The wrong type of lighting can make a space look dull and boring. While lighting is more functional in a kitchen space, it can be molded to enhance the overall décor too.

The lighting you choose should not only be functional and provide enough visibility for cooking but also complement the space’s interior design.

If your kitchen is divided into separate areas such as the cooking counter and the breakfast or dinner nook, install lights accordingly.

For instance, you will need a brighter light in the cooking area whereas a pendant light is enough to set the mood while eating in the breakfast nook.

7. Accentuate with Accessories

Accessories such as paintings, floating shelves, and crockery can be used to add oomph to your dull kitchen space.

While a mirror is not that functional in a kitchen, it can definitely lighten the mood of this busy area. If you have a big, plain wall in your kitchen, install an interesting painting or a big mirror on it.

Consider using small wooden pegs as accessories to hang the frequently used stuff in your kitchen. This will also help you declutter the space. Install minimal wooden shelves to display your crockery and turn your clutter into a presentation and décor statement.

8. Add More Plants

Not many people know this, but indoor plants make the space much livelier and add a touch of royalty.

It is also believed that the presence of plants in any space enhances the focus and concentration levels in most individuals. Plants not only enhance a space’s décor but also improve air quality.

If you store your garbage inside the kitchen, the presence of plants can help eliminate odor and make the breathing air fresher. Moreover, a pop of green at regular intervals also complements your kitchen’s nude or neutral palette.

9. Upgrade Your Cabinets


Since you are on a tight budget, upgrading your cabinets instead of changing them is a wiser choice. Before you begin treating your kitchen cabinets, make sure that they are in good condition and shape.

For the treatment, begin by replacing the hardware of your cabinets. This includes the doorknobs, handles, and pulls.

Next, sand and restrain the cabinets to level the surface and achieve a smooth finish. This also removes any form of contamination such as oil spills and dull color.

Lastly, finish the treatment by applying a new coat of paint. Stick to the new color palette that you have chosen for your kitchen. A contrasting shade will enhance the overall look of the space.

If you are still confused, paint your cabinets with a bright white color as this shade provides a contemporary look and pairs with almost every theme.

By implementing these tips, you can design the kitchen of your dreams while staying within your spending limit. It is time to revamp your old kitchen and give it a modern look.

Get to work today to impress your friends and family with your impeccable design skills.

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