Kitchen Tools You Should Have To Make Summer Treats

summer cooking tools Kitchen Tools You Should Have To Make Summer Treats

When summer strikes, one of the best ways to combat the heat is making and enjoying refreshing treats.

Ice cream, iced soda, smoothies, and ice crushers are very popular both for kiddos and adults alike.

So, how do you make your own version of summer treats that your family will love?

First, you should have the right tools, and, second, a good recipe collection exclusive to summer treats.

With your creativity and kitchen skills, you can make the best ice-cold drinks and desserts for your family.

Check out these kitchen tools you need to have so you can make delicious treats this summer.

Ice Cream-Making Tools

Ice cream is one of the coolest and not-so-difficult treats to make.

If you’ve got all of the summertime this year, making homemade ice cream is a fun activity.

As you prepare your ice cream-making tools and learn ice cream recipes from magazines or online tutorials, you’ll eventually achieve the perfect texture and body of your favorite commercial ice creams.

Here are the things that should make up your ice cream tool kit:

1. Whisks And Forks

If you like the idea of whipping cream by hand, use a balloon whisk, while a larger whisk can be used to incorporate ingredients.

Forks are used for turning, blending, prodding, and tasting.

2. Sieve

You always have to consider the texture when making homemade ice cream because you want it to be smooth.

Too many blackberries, nuts, or other ingredients can ruin any ice cream recipe.

That’s why you need to spend time pulverizing and sieving for smoother ice cream products.

3. Silicone Spatulas And Spoons

Choose heat-proof silicone spatulas and spoons to stir cream, mix jams, and make sauces at high temperatures. Keep these kitchen tools easily accessible in your work area.

4. Blowtorch

A blowtorch is a great kitchen tool if you want to incorporate caramelization into your ice cream (such as caramelized marshmallows).

5. Spade Spoons

Spade spoons are used to eat ice cream. It has a tapered end, perfect for gelato and hard-bodied ice creams.

6. Ice Cream Machine

Of course, your perfect homemade ice cream won’t be possible without an ice cream machine.

Look for one with an inner beater.

This part ensures even freezing by spinning towards the opposite direction of the outer scraper.

There are many types of ice cream machines such as the following:

  • Electric Frozen Bowl Ice Cream Maker: Before use, you have to place the bowl of the machine in the freezer for a day or two. After this, you can get ready to add the ingredients and turn the machine on. Wait for the homemade ice cream until it’s ready. While it requires patience, an electric ice cream maker is easy to use, is affordable, and is great fun for kids.
  • Compressor Ice Cream Maker: This ice cream maker is expensive but is very easy to use. It produces creamy ice cream, plus it requires no waiting period. It means that you can make your homemade ice cream in less than an hour. Also, this ice cream maker comes with advanced, handy features such as temperature control settings, varying speeds, and the option to keep your ice cream cool after you’re finished making one batch.
  • Ice And Salt Ice Cream Maker: It’s an old-fashioned but reliable way to make homemade ice cream. It resembles a bucket with a crank, but some models are more modern-looking.

Ice Crusher

The ice crusher is also called an ice shaver, a kitchen appliance that is used to create crushed ice.

Small crushers are now available here for household kitchen purposes.

Over-the-counter or household ice crushers usually come with plastic bodies.

Ice crushers have a wide-mouthed opening where you feed the ice blocks. The funnel makes ice feeding easy.

The most important part of an ice crusher is its steel blade and the small container that holds crushed ice.

Check out these good-to-know facts about ice crushers:

  • Mechanism: The idea behind the mechanism of an ice crusher is to break pieces of ice into very tiny bits. Summer beverages such as soft drinks or soda, juices, and cocktails, go very well with crushed ice.
  • Types: The two types of ice crushers are manual and electric — they have different mechanisms but similar advantages. Manual ice crushers provide you full control and avoid jamming due to overload. Also, manual ice crushers have a handle that you can move manually to crush the ice through the blade and the grinder. When using a manual ice crusher, you have to move the handles clockwise to smash the ice. On the other hand, an electric ice crusher saves you time with its plug-and-go mechanism. The container keeps the crushed ice cold and easily accessible for use.
  • Uses: Crushed ice is suitable for a cocktail mixer, allowing you to make a thick and slurry cocktail. Of course, you can also use crushed ice to make summer desserts such as “halo-halo”, a favorite Filipino summer treat. Crushed ice can also be added to milk teas and blended smoothies.


A blender can be your best kitchen friend in the summer; it makes food preparation more convenient and efficient.

It has different uses that can help you create various summer treats such as fruit shakes and smoothies.

There are different types of blenders, including jar blenders and multifunction blenders.

Jar blenders are popular and affordable with various blade designs that are suitable for making fruit shakes.

Multifunction blenders are more expensive but are more versatile.

Immersion or hand blenders have basic pureeing, blending, and mixing features.

You can accessorize these with a special blade design or chopper attachment.

Most hand blenders available today are electric and cordless models.

A standard blender is usually enough for most blending, mixing, pureeing, and stirring tasks, such as making cream soups and baby food.

For making fruit smoothies and frozen drinks to beat the summer heat, choose a blender with an ice-crushing blade with a minimum power of 500 watts.

Ice-crushing blenders come in lower-powered blenders and in full-size models. For grinding or chopping tasks, you’ll need a blender with a chopping blade.

Check out these blender buying tips:

  • Blender Jar Features: Blender jars can be made of plastic (budget-friendly) or glass (more expensive). For best pouring, choose one with a curved pouring spout because a flat design makes pouring a bit difficult to control. Also, choose a durable and stronger stainless steel blade for ice-crushing.
  • Hand Or Immersion Blender Features: Hand blenders offer the convenience of pureeing, mixing, and blending right in a hot pot on the stove or a bowl. They have a smaller blade foot that makes them easy to store in a drawer. A cordless blender feature is perfect for pureeing cooked foods, blending a drink, creaming soups, and many other purposes. Also, some hand blender models have extended functions such as crushing ice to make summer treats and come with chopping accessories.
  • Cool Blender Features: These are some nice features such as a pre-set function for iced or frozen drinks. The reversing blade of a cool blender improves the food flow drawn into the blade. The speed is adjusted as needed for a well-blended smoothie. Remember that a dual-wave action is a good feature for a better blend of content.

Tips When Choosing Kitchen Tools To Make Summer Treats

It’s important to take certain things into consideration when choosing the right kitchen tools for making summer treats.

During hot summer days, these tools will be challenged and regularly used, so you have to consider the quality over the price.

Here are some tips when choosing the best kitchen tools to make ice-cold summer treats:

  • Always Read The Listing: Check the product listing and make sure that the features and benefits indicated are suitable for your needs. You might not really need all the advanced features of expensive kitchen appliances if you’ll only be making simple summer treats.
  • Check Testimonials: Read testimonials of those who have ordered the same product or verified users and find out their experience using the kitchen tool. It’s a good way to know the advantages and drawbacks of a kitchen appliance from the real users themselves.
  • Buy From Reputable Vendors: Only buy from trusted sellers. It’s good to deal with a company that can offer a money-back guarantee as well as a seamless return and refund process if problems arise. Also, look for a safety and certification seal or proof to ensure quality.
  • Learn How To Use It: When buying kitchen tools in a physical store, you can watch sales pitches doing demos to know how the products are used. You can also watch video tutorials and read the labels for proper use. If you’re tech-savvy, you can choose kitchen appliances with advanced features. But, if you prefer simple usage, basic features should be fine enough.

summer treat


Making ice-cold treats to beat the summer heat is made easier with a great selection of kitchen tools available in the market today.

Choose ones that will last and get the job done.

While you can always find affordable options, don’t compromise good quality.

Choose reliable, durable, and easy-to-use ice crusher, blender, and other kitchen tools to make smoothies, ice cream, frozen drinks, and other cool delights even more delightful.