8 Tips for Baking With CBD

8 Tips for Baking With CBD 8 Tips for Baking With CBD janeskitchenmiracles.com

CBD seems to contain a variety of benefits to help both physical and mental ailments.

It’s become incredibly popular over the last few years, and countless individuals are speaking to the powerful benefits of using CBD regularly.

It’s believed that CBD can help to alleviate many symptoms related to physical and mental health including sleep issues, anxiety, depression, memory loss, pain, inflammation, and more.

There’s some research to indicate that CBD could help prevent severe health problems like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer.

If you’re enjoying the many benefits of CBD, you’ve likely tried a few edibles.

It’s great to buy baked goods and candies from online retailers, but there’s nothing quite like the taste of a home cooking.

If you’re ready to start baking with CBD, though, there are a few tricks to the trade.

You don’t want to use the wrong dose, cook out all the CBD, or mess up the consistency of your brownies because you weren’t prepared.

Here are some of the most important things to know about baking with CBD.

1. Choose the Best Products

If there’s one rule you need to remember about baking with CBD, it’s that not all CBD is created equally.

For a great end product, you really need the best CBD you can find within your budget.

Higher quality extraction and oil combination is essential for a clean mix-in.

The best CBD oil for baking will be a broad-spectrum tincture that’s suspended in quality MCT oil.

This is high-quality coconut oil that’s great for baking! You can also cook with CBD isolate powder as long as it’s finely ground and at least 95 percent CBD.

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2. Use the Right Dosage

CBD should always be taken in the right dosage.

Taking too much CBD could result in uncomfortable side effects like dry mouth, dizziness, or nausea.

Too little CBD will result in you feeling no effects of taking CBD.

Remember that when ingested, CBD breaks down during digestion, and only about 20 percent of the CBD you took makes it to your bloodstream.

Compare the dose of CBD you’ll need to what you take with gummies or capsules to get a good idea of how much to take.

And watch your portion control! You’ll want to weigh out what you eat from your baked goods to make sure you’re getting the right amount of CBD with each cookie or brownie.

3. Watch the Heat

Heat can be detrimental to the effectiveness of CBD.

After about 320 degrees Fahrenheit, CBD begins to evaporate.

In order to avoid losing all of your CBD to evaporation, you’ll want to cook your CBD on low heat (300 degrees or less) or try stove-top recipes like no-bake cookies.

Cheesecakes, mousses, and other no-heat goodies can also help you avoid losing too much CBD.

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4. Consider the CBD Carrier

You can’t really substitute oil or powder in a recipe unless you make up the difference in oil.

Oil is a critical component for proper baking consistency, and changing the amount of oil you add, even by one teaspoon, could cause your bake to fail.

Additionally, the fat is instrumental in helping the CBD to fuse properly into what you’re baking.

Fat binds with CBD, helping to activate it and disperse it properly throughout the batter or dough.

Therefore, CBD oil is typically the ideal carrier for baking.

5. Select Ingredients Wisely

Choosing a high-quality CBD oil is the first step in getting your CBD bake just right, but the other ingredients are just as important.

Remember that the use of CBD to treat various ailments is all part of a holistic health plan in which you’re monitoring other factors of health like diet.

Lacing an overly sugary, processed dessert with CBD may not give you your daily CBD dose in the best way possible.

Consider healthier alternatives when baking like agave nectar or honey as sweeteners rather than refined sugars.

Whole wheat flour or almond flour will also add a healthier element that keeps the overly processed ingredients out of the mix.

If you can incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your bakes as well, it will offer far more benefits than a sweet treat laced with sugar.

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6. Start with Something Simple

We all love baking shows on television that involve complex breads, cakes, and more.

Feel free to try those out when you’re baking without CBD, but with this oil as a key ingredient, it’s better to start with something you’re already comfortable making, like cookies or brownies.

These failsafe recipes are much more difficult to mess up than something like a baked cheesecake, for example.

The only difference is that you’ll need cook them on a lower heat and mix extra thoroughly to ensure the CBD is properly dispersed.

Once you get the hang of baking CBD into simple recipes, you’ll be ready for more complex mixtures.

It’s quite fun to alter favorite recipes to include CBD, no matter how complicated they are!

7. Try Sweet and Savory

cannabis infused chocolate cookies

When thinking about what to bake, many people immediately jump to sweets.

It’s a great way to incorporate CBD, since the sweetness will hide the earthy flavor and make it a very enjoyable experience to take your “medicine” daily.

However, there are many savory baking recipes that are also delicious!

For every sweet treat, there’s usually a savory alternative. Rather than making blueberry muffins, make corn muffins.

There’s garlic bread, naan, vegetable strudels, herb pretzels, pizza, onion scones, and so much more.

Depending on the terpenes and flavonoids used in your CBD strain, the earthy flavor could add to the other savory ingredients.

8. Stir More Often

This has been mentioned a couple of times thus far, but it bears repeating: Stirring is essential to a good CBD recipe.

The CBD must be properly dispersed in your mixture for the ultimate effects.

You don’t want one cookie containing 17mg of CBD and another containing just 3mg.

Stirring properly also helps to oxidize the batter, allowing the antioxidant properties of CBD to activate.

It binds better to the fat in the mixture so that the secret ingredient is properly dispersed and can do the most good for the consumer.