The Benefits of Juicing

Looking at the benefits of juicing The Benefits of Juicing

In the past decade or more, we have seen a constant rise of the juicing trend. Even now TV commercials are full of juicing machines or juicing alternatives for everyone from recipe books to special blenders to make your juicing experience a whole different thing.

Yes, juicing is in fact very popular. They all tell you about how it is good and believe it or not, tasty.

Juicing has lots of benefits that can and will improve your health after the first drink. Your overall health will improve, you’ll have more energy, will have a cleaner body and you’ll give yourself more healthy nutrients helping you to live a healthier and longer life.

So let’s start seeing what benefits juicing brings for your body and overall health.

You don’t like veggies

Juice to avoid eating vegatables

One of the biggest benefits of juicing is that it helps people who don’t like veggies get them more consistently in their diets. Fruits and vegetables provide a great amount of different vitamins and minerals that are essential to the well being of our bodies.

In fact, 95% of the vitamins and enzymes our bodies so desperately need are found in fruits and vegetables.

So if you don’t like to eat vegetables, juicing is a great alternative for you to give to your body all those nutrients that are extremely important.

Weight loss

Juicing for weight loss

If you are looking to lose some weight then juicing is a great way to help you do it. Many diets are based on systems that forcefully reduce food intake gradually or to small portions all at once.

These approaches can help with weight loss, but it’s always harder to diet when you think you’ll feel hungry all day long (and you actually do).

Thanks to the huge amounts of nutrients compressed in fruits and vegetables, juicing is a great way to help you lose those extra pounds. As you’ll be ingesting more quality nutrients, you’ll start to feel more “well fed”.

Furthermore, your cravings and overall appetite will decrease, which makes you lose weight in a healthy and faster way.

Overall boost to your energy levels

Juicing for energy

It is no secret that our energy level depends on two main factors: good sleep and good nutrition.

While having a good sleep has restoring effects for our body, our body actually works on the fuel of the nutrients we put in to our bloodstreams when we digest food.

So that’s why it is very important to include all kinds of nutrients in our meals. And juicing is a very good a convenient way to do it.

It is fast and easy to do

When we are trying to eat healthier we start looking for healthy recipes that are also are tasty. There are tons of recipes and usually they  take a ton of time to prepare. That’s one of the other benefits of juicing, it actually takes very little  time.

How long can it take to grab some fruits and veggies and put them in a blender or juicing machine? The answer is less than ten minutes.

Let’s face it, we all are very busy and responsible people that have a lot of things to do in so little time that sometimes we just eat the first thing we find without minding if is the best choice for our nutrition.

By juicing you can always give your body all the nutrients it needs in virtually no time.

Improved health

Juice for Health

It’s hard to count the number of health benefits you can get from juicing. Some fruits can help you fight cardiac disease, others even have positive effects in the prevention of cancer while some help you fight inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Flavonoids and anthocyanins are also abundant in tons of fruits and vegetables, these substances help you to protect yourself from cellular oxidative damage.

While you can take advantage of this with only the juice, the pulp of the fruits are full of fiber, which can be included in the juices or used as cooking ingredients and will improve your digestive system.

Better digestive function

by reducing the amount of solid food you have to digest, your digestive process may become faster.

By using the pulp of the fruit in your juices, you add a daily dose of fiber to your body and as we all know, fiber is great for the digestive process.

If you don’t want to drink the pulp, be always sure to include some form of fiber in your diet.

Enhanced nutrient absorption

The fiber included in the fruits and vegetables is essential for a proper digestive function.

Juicing is basically separating the fiber from the liquid part of the fruits and vegetables.

Removing the fiber from the nutrients helps you to absorb better some phytonutrients and enzymes which will greatly help our bodies.


It has been proven that drinking fruits and vegetables in their most liquid form not only helps on nutrient abortion, it also helps you to remove the toxins that are allocated in your body.


After all these benefits, it’s not difficult to understand how beneficial juicing can be for your health and energy levels. You will be getting the most nutrients from your fruits and vegetables in ways that will help you lose weight and gain more control over your digestive system.

Also the nutrients help you prevent several diseases. Undoubtedly juicing is something that will give you more benefits for your body than any fast food or poorly cooked vegetables.