10 Reasons why Tea is Better than Coffee

10 Reasons why Tea is Better than Coffee 10 Reasons why Tea is Better than Coffee janeskitchenmiracles.com

Tea or coffee, both of them are favorite beverages that millions have used across the world for many generations. But despite being favorite drinks, there is an outstanding advantage that tea has over coffee.

In this post, I am going to share with your some of the advantages that tea has over coffee. Keep on reading below to discover why you need to embrace tea as the better choice for refreshment and health.

Tea is good at fighting unwanted weight


The first advantage that tea, and in particular green tea, has over coffee is that you can use it to shed off excessive weight. According to some of the latest research, it is now established that green tea can facilitate the metabolic processes of your body and hence help with weight loss. In addition, tea is free from all forms of calories that can make you fatter. On the contrary, most of the variations of coffee we have in the market have fattening capabilities.

Tea helps you to enjoy mental tranquility

Another reason why tea is better than coffee is that it is a stress reliever. In the world of today where people are living on the fast lane, you need a beverage that will help you to keep yourself in high spirits. Green tea, one of the most popular types of tea, has anti-depressant capabilities that relieve the symptoms and effects of depression. When you take tea, you are not just taking refreshment; you are also taking a drink that will elate your mood so that you can enjoy psychological health.

Tea is good for your immune system

The third reason why tea is the better option when compared to coffee is that it is good for your immune system. There is nothing as important as your health and once you lose it, you have lost the ability to enjoy every other form of blessing that you may have in your life. That is why for you to enjoy any other kind of wealth you have; you need to have good health, which is your number one wealth.

But how do you keep yourself healthy if your system is compromised? Tea ensures that you don’t just have good health, but you have the ability to maintain that health and ward off any foreign intruder that may attack your body.

Tea helps to build strong and healthy bones


When you take tea, it is like buying a skeletal insurance policy for your bones and in particular, for your old age days. As we age, our bones become weaker and we become vulnerable to conditions such as osteoporosis. If you want to enjoy a strong skeleton in your sunset years, take tea frequently and in moderation, and you will be shockedat the benefits you will reap many years later. Moreover, this benefit of tea is backed by recent clinical trials.

Tea helps to keep your body hydrated and full of fluids

Another advantage of tea over coffee is that it helps in the maintenance of your body’s hydration levels. Our bodies need water to function properly, and tea is one of those ways of filling your body with that water since it is another form of flavored water. Taking tea in the morning and during the day will go a long way in ensuring that you are spared the many pains that your body can suffer when it is dehydrated.

Tea does not discolor your teeth

Tea has an advantage over coffee because it maintains the esthetic value of your teeth. Most of the teas we have in the market are free from all the bacteria that stain your teeth and make them brown. On the other hand, coffee is well known to stain teeth. Additionally, some types of tea that contain antioxidants and natural fluoride that offer your teeth the much-needed protection against cavities. Other teas also have the capability to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath and cavities.

Tea is not complicated


Getting a refreshment does not need to be a hassle. When it comes to coffee, you will have to go through a rigorous process before you can enjoy the best flavor. You are supposed to grind beans, and that means you need to have a grinder and grinders cost money. Additionally, you will be required to have a brewing machine which uses non reusable filters that also cost cash. But if you want to enjoy the best tea flavor, you don’t need to go through any lengthy and tiring preparation. All you need is to boil water and dip in that tea bag and you will enjoy the best of tea. Even other teas that require some little preparation will not be as tiring as coffee.

Superior health benefits

In health matters, tea has superior and more health benefits than coffee. On the other hand, we have adverse side effects associated with the intake of coffee. For example, coffee has many caffeine-related complications and its excessive consumption can lead to heart disease and high blood pressure.

Tea has many health advantages that you will not find in tea. Some of them are: it contains tannins and catechins which can aid in the prevention of heart disease and cancer; tea has lesser amount of caffeine compared to coffee (between 25 and 50 % lower)

Tea boosts your endurance stamina


Another excellent reason why tea is preferable to coffee is that it gives you staying power to keep on going through the whole day. Tea has a certain (safe) amount of caffeine and when taken moderately, it can keep you invigorated for longer. The difference between the caffeine in coffee is that coffee contains higher levels of caffeine and it also has a depressing effect that sucks out your energy hence rendering the stimulating power of caffeine useless. Additionally, the assimilation of caffeine in tea takes place slowly and lasts longer in the body while that of coffee takes place faster and evaporates at the same pace.

Superior antioxidant ability

The last reason why tea is preferred to coffee is that it has immense antioxidizing power.