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The benefits of drinking tea on a daily basis

The benefits of drinking tea on a daily basis

Tea is one of those drinks that are widely used all over the world. It has many beneficial effects and is a good way of refreshing yourself with a nice drink in hot weather. In most Western countries tea is often served to guests regardless of the daytime. While in other parts of the world there are other traditions related to tea. For instance, in England people have a special time for drinking tea, the famous “5 o’clock time”.

Regardless of the season, people consume tea as a tasty beverage. Tea is often served in iced and hot form according to your taste and needs. But it’s not only about how good it tastes; tea is full of healthy benefits. A lot of researches and studies have proved that drinking tea actually improves health, combats various illnesses and relieves from chronic pain.

Last but not least, it is an easy and delicious way to consume enough liquid for your organism on a daily basis. According to the above mentioned studies, tea can be useful for protecting your teeth and even your heart. The studies show that tea benefits also include staying off certain types of cancer.

However, the type of tea you are used to drinking determines the benefits you will have from drinking it. It should be mentioned that all non-herbal teas are made from the Camelia sinensis plant leaves. This type of tea will become green, black or oolong tea depending on the amount of time it’s been processed.

The least processed form of tea is the green one. It contains the highest amount of polyphenols and it is the only sort of tea that contain catechin. Hence, many studies have been developed in relation to green tea usage.

We decided to highlight a few tea benefits and will try to present useful points for you and your famil to start drinking tea on a daily basis. So let’s get started!

Tea is high in antioxidants

Antioxidants are good for preventing the body’s version of rust and therefore help in maintaining youth and protecting us from the damages caused to our skin and organs by the pollution.

Tea contains less caffeine than coffee

There is a widespread opinion that tea is rich with caffeine, whereas it should be stated that herbal blends of tea have no caffeine, while traditional teas contain less than 50% of the amount of caffeine found in coffee. Consequently, you can drink tea without being afraid of the unpleasant effects it may have on your nervous system.

Tea is also able to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke

It is not a secret that there is a lot of literature about tea and its health benefits. A recent study has shown that drinking three cups of green tea reduces the risk of heart attack by 20% and the risk of stroke by 35%. While those people who drink four or five cups of green tea on daily basis have a 32% reduction of heart attack risk. It is also mentioned that the consumption of green tea lowers the level of LDL cholesterol in the organism.

Tea is useful for losing weight

According to various researches, tea has a useful effect for weight loss depending on its large scale consumption. Generally, it is beneficial when consumed in pill form.

Tea is useful for protecting bones

People often suffer from bone loss with aging. They say the consumption of green tea is able to prevent bone loss.

Tea may keep your smile bright

It is eye-catching that unlike other beverages, tea doesn’t erode tooth enamel, and is able to decrease tooth loss. It can also prevent cavities and change the pH in your mouth to make it more neutral and less risky in terms of enamel erosion.

Tea boosts the immune system

The above mentioned studies also stress that tea is able to tune up immune cells and reach their targets quicker than expected.

Tea helps in reducing the chances of various types of cancer

According to specialists, this area of tea benefits needs a little more research. However you better increase the tea consumption, if your family history is inclined to cancer.

Herbal tea is very useful for you digestive system

Herbal teas are antispasmodic and are beneficial for people with irritable bowel syndrome. Moreover, ginger tea calms calm nausea.

Tea is calorie-free

If you don’t drink enough water on a daily basis, then tea is a great alternative for it. It is the perfect beverage when it comes to flavor and versatility. It can be served both hot and cold and you can drink it regardless of the season.

And there is absolutely no need to add anything in your tea. But if you want, you may add a cinnamon stick or some other herbs depending your taste.

Summing up, we should add that tea benefits are endless and you can drink it multiple times a day. It is more pleasant with ice during the summer months even though some people believe that drinking hot tea in summer helps cooling the body temperature. Go figure!

Happy tea drinking!

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