Smoke Hollow Outdoor Leisure Propane Smoker

Smoke Hollow Outdoor Leisure Propane Smoker Review (34168G)

The 34168G Smoke Hollow Outdoor Leisure Propane Smoker is an outdoor unit that uses propane gas to make the smoking process easier for home chefs.

The unit has three adjustable cooking grids that allow you to smoke any type of food; the large cooking chamber and adjustable cooking grids make it easy to smoke foods of all different shapes and sizes.

This unit is perfect for people who want an easy to control smoker that doesn’t need to be watched throughout the cooking process.

The Smoke Hollow lets you smoke fish, ribs, brisket, pork shoulders, beef and poultry in your own backyard; the unit measures 18.5 x 43.5 x 23.25 inches, so won’t have a problem cooking for a large group of people on the unit’s 16 x 14 inch cooking grates.

The solid chrome-plated grates are very sturdy, so you can easily throw a 15 pound turkey on them without worrying about stability; the grates won’t warp or bend when you put some pressure on them.

The Smoke Hollow is packed to the brim with features that make smoking easy; there are multiple temperature levels that allow you to slowly smoke your meat on low heat for days, but it also allows you to turn up the heat to quickly sear or marbleize your food.

The unit is made out of heavy-duty steel, so it can handle long cooking times and high temperatures without any problems.

The unit’s porcelain-coated wood chip box and water pan are specifically designed to resist scorching and burning under extreme heat.

The unit makes use of a magnetic latching mechanism to trap smoke inside of the cooking chamber.

This means that the unit produces a dependable amount of smoke and heat throughout the cooking process; you don’t have to worry about wind and flare ups changing your food’s cooking temperature.

Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-Inch Vertical Popane Gas Smoker

What Are The Units Specifications?

  • Unit measures in at 18.5 x 43.5 23.25 inches
  • Propane gas makes the smoking process easy
  • Ignites with the push of a button
  • Porcelain-coated water and wood-chip pan for durability and easy cleaning
  • Three solid 16 x 14 inch chrome-plated cooking grates; gives you plenty of room to cook
  • Various temperature settings
  • Magnetized door-latching system for a consistent internal temperature
  • Two handles for transportation; unit weighs 47.5 pounds
  • Easy assembly; all included parts are labeled clearly

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What Do Customers Like About The 34168G Smoker?

Maintains Temperature

The unit’s easy ignition button allows you to get this unit fired up in just a couple of seconds, and once the unit hits your desired temperature, its thick steel and magnetized door-latching system guarantee that there won’t be many temperature fluctuations inside of the cooking chamber.

When smoking meat, it’s important to use consistent heat; it increases the quality and taste of your food without drying it out.

The propane gas burners on this unit release consistent heat; it’s not like charcoal where you have to constantly watch for flare ups. When you combine this with the unit’s solid construction, you’ll never have a problem maintaining a consistent cooking temperature.

Roomy Cooking Area

This vertical unit gives you a lot of cooking space, and you can easily smoke just about anything without having to worry about it fitting in the cooking chamber. There are three adjustable cooking grates in the unit, so you can manipulate them to give you enough elbow room to properly smoke your foods.

When you smoke foods in a vertical smoker, you don’t want them right on top of each other; you want air to be able to pass through the unit. This unit gives you enough cooking space to spread out your food, and this produces a high-quality finished product.

Uses Propane

The Smoke Hollow saves you money on fuel costs in the long-run. It’s a propane smoker, so you never have to worry about buying pellets or special types of charcoal for your cooking. You can easily leave the smoker on for a long time without having to worry about refilling your fuel; there’s no tending to a firebox, and there’s no need to fiddle with ashes and grease while you are cooking.

The high-quality gas burner, regulator and hose conserve fuel, so a full tank will last you ages with this unit.

Good Design

The manufacturers of this vertical unit put a lot of time into the unit’s design, and it really shows when you cook your food in it. The burner is placed right under the smoker box, and this creates constant smoke when it is properly loaded with wood chips. You may need to turn the burner up to a high setting get the wood smoking, but once it starts to smoke, you can turn it back down to your desired temperature.

The cooking chamber, doors, hinges and handles on this unit are all solid. The cooking grates are strong and durable. This unit was built to last, and if properly maintained, it should last you for years with heavy use. The unit isn’t too bulky, and it can comfortably fit into patio corners, campers or sheds when it is not in use; it comes with two deluxe handles which make transporting the unit easy.

Easy Assembly

The unit comes with easy to follow instructions for assembly. All the parts have stickers on them, so you can simply match them up to get the unit up and running quickly. The process shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes; just make sure to look at the labels on the parts for easy identification.

Decision Time

The Smoke Hollow 34168G is perfect for people who want authentic barbecue flavor without the hassle of dealing with charcoal or a firebox.

The unit is built out of solid steel, and it maintains the temperature inside of the cooking chamber without any fluctuations. After some painless assembly, you can get the unit up and running almost instantly; you do need to season the unit, but that only makes your food taste better.

The smoker is built well, so you’ll never have to worry about breakage due to shoddy manufacturing.

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