Smart Ways to Organize Your Mugs

smart way to organise your mugs Smart Ways to Organize Your Mugs

Staying on top of keeping your home clutter-free can most certainly prove to be a daunting task. And, while it may seem that you finally have all of your clutter under control, it is often the items that are hidden away that are all too often the things that we tend to overlook; your coffee mugs for instance! If you are looking for better, smarter and far more efficient ways to organize your coffee mugs, you have come to the right place! Read on for some great, useful tips!

Organize Your Mugs

Hang Them

There are ton of really great ways that you can implement hanging your coffee mugs up as a means of organizing them. Simple plastic hooks are a cheap option that you can try to start. The majority of them have a simple to use sticky back that sticks directly to your wall or cabinet and are additionally super easy to remove. Which of course saves damage to your wall or cabinet if you plan on moving or renovating in the future. Or, you can opt to use hooks that screw directly into your wall. These are often better looking as they come in a multitude of various sizes, colors and design options.

Organize Your Mugs

Mug Organizer 

If you can spare the counter space, another great organizing tip is to invest in a counter top mug organizer. They are super cute and incredibly handy! The vast majority of them look almost like trees in the way that you can hang your coffee mugs on the “branches”. Some of them can even can hold up to 6 mug! And, there are even some that have a fruit basket at the bottom which is a double plus in terms of both storage and organization.

Organize Your Mugs

Tier it Up 

There are a ton of super unique tiered shelving units that you can utilize to organize your coffee mugs. If you are seeking to potentially use a tier, be sure to properly measure your cabinets first and foremost (if you will be placing the unit within your cabinets of course). Or, you can seek out a convenient spot right on your kitchen counter top. Bamboo tier shelving units are beautiful, durable and incredibly easy to clean. While metal rack tiers are also incredibly efficient, sturdy and super cost effective.

Clear them Out 

Let’s come to terms with the fact that if we find ourselves actually having to organize our coffee mugs, it may in fact be time to do some serious clutter control and get rid of some of those old mugs! Go through your mugs and toss any that are chipped, broken or overly stained. If there are some in your cabinet that you just can’t remember the last time they were used, it is time for them to go!


 Baskets are a legendary source of organizing. And believe it or not, baskets are also the perfect solution for organizing your mugs as well! Baskets look adorable on counter tops and are great to keep several of your favorite coffee mugs for a quick solution for your on-the-go mornings. And if you need to tuck them away, simply grab the basket and hide them away!

Organize Your Mugs

Rail and S Hooks

Rails and S hooks are quickly becoming all the rage in so many modern kitchens. THey are an incredibly cost-effective solution to store not only your coffee mugs, but also all of your kitchen utensils as well! Not to mention the fact that they are very easy to install and look amazing in any kitchen!

Metal Risers

Metal risers are yet another quick and simple solution to meet all of your coffee mug organizing needs. Metal risers are a unique solution that are perfect for easily organizing all of your coffee mugs (and a ton of other kitchen items like knives or bbq tools!). Super easy to install, metal risers even come in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and colors which ensure that whatever riser you may want is sure to match your kitchen’s’ decor.

Kitchen Rack 

There are so many incredibly cute kitchen racks that are now available and they are perfect for storing your coffee mugs. Kitchen racks are super convenient as they can easily fit in virtually any kitchen space. Most kitchen racks even come with wheels attached at the bottom, which are perfect for being able to maneuver the rack out of your way, if needed. They are also perfect to add and create more space on your counter tops by using the top of the rack to hold larger items such as your coffee pot or even your toaster oven.

Organize Your Mugs

Bread Box 

A bread box is a super common item found in millions of kitchens around the world. But, who says that bread boxes have to be solely for bread? Bread boxes are a very cute, unique way to tuck away your coffee mugs. In fact, the vast majority of bread boxes can hold between 6-8 coffee mugs and you can even arrange them on top, if you have a bread box with a top shelf.


Corner Shelf 

If you do not have the cabinet space available in your kitchen for excess coffee mugs, another super helpful option to organize them accurately is to purchase a small corner cabinet. Small corner cabinets are super affordable and highly effective at storing and organizing all of your coffee mugs in one convenient spot. If you can’t find a corner cabinet that you like or do not have any corner space available, search out a narrow cabinet or a tall cabinet. There are a ton of great options available, be sure to check out your local home store or hardware store to get some good ideas and gain some inspiration.  

Organize Your Mugs

There are a number of highly useful and efficient ways to easily clear up space in your kitchen by way of simply organizing your coffee mugs. Feel free to branch out and use them to decorate your kitchen a bit! For example, if you opt to to the route of purchasing a kitchen rack, top it off with your coffee maker, surround it with your favorite mugs, and perhaps even a cute cream and sugar set: you have the perfect coffee station! Regardless of the organizing solution that you settle on for your own coffee mug needs and desires, you are sure to be happy with the free feeling flow of an organized space!