5 Smart Kitchen Tools That Will Change Your Life

Smart Kitchen Tools 5 Smart Kitchen Tools That Will Change Your Life janeskitchenmiracles.com

Technology is used in almost every part of your life, from checking the weather each morning, reading the news, online banking, staying in touch with friends and everything in between.

So it makes sense to bring the convenience and smarts of technology and connectivity into the kitchen with you! We have compiled our top 5 favorite smart kitchen tools and products.

Meater+Smart Thermometer

Wireless meat thermometer for chicken

We all know how hard it is to tell if you’ve cooked a piece of meat correctly, it’s always under or over and once you’ve cut into it the moisture disappears.

The “Meater” device is being promoted as the first wireless smart meat thermometer. It works with Bluetooth or WiFi connections.

Simply insert it into whatever you’re cooking, from pork and poultry to red meat and fish. Then, enter the meat type, cut and desired finish into the app’s interface on your phone or tablet.MEATER Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

The app will tell you the current temperate compared to the target temperature so you know whether it’s ready or not.

You can even leave the Meater in while you cook and receive alerts on the app along the way. It works in ovens, on stove tops, grills, smokers and other cookers.

An ingenious idea that completely removes the guess work!


Drop Scale with recipe app

Forget baking with every bowl in your house, painstakingly measuring out ingredients before having to combine it all together.

And then the worst scenario…you realize you don’t have enough butter and wonder if it’s worth heading to the store or giving up on your baking dreams.

Well not anymore with Drop!

You select your dish from the app’s recipe book, and the connected scale will allow you to create this in a single mixing bowl by recalculating the weight each time you add an ingredient.

The best part, other than not needing to wash 15 bowls at the end, is that the app will suggest substitutes if you are missing an ingredient (or 4).


Garbage can bar code scannerImage source via: genican.com

You will be less likely to forget those extra few ingredients with this clever cooking product for the kitchen.

One of the few products that you will unbox and push straight into the garbage. Yes, on purpose!

Perching on the lid of your bin, it scans or takes voice recordings to track items as you throw them away.

It keeps track of what you throw out so it can automatically add it to your shopping list.

You’ll never get to the shops and wonder how much of each product you have waiting for you at home.


NEO smart jar

Image via SKE Labs

Even the storage jar has had a technology makeover with Neo Smart Jar, from SKE Labs.

The base has a built in scale that shows you how much of the contents is left, so you know whether you’re running low.

If you only have a small amount left, the Neo will actually suggest recipes so you can use up what’s remaining.

SmartPlate TopView

smartplate topview

Once you have your pantry stocked and your baking streamlined, it might be time to take stock of your current diet.

Well now you can with this smart plate, that tracks calorie intake via three mini cameras and weight sensors.

Technically this means your meal is watching you, but at the same time it’s figuring out what you’re eating and also recommending correct portion sizes.

You will be alerted if you load it up with too much food and you can even use the app to sync with fitness wearables such as MyFitnessPal and Fitbit.

It’s amazing how every single element in your kitchen has been reimagined with the rise of technology.

There is a clear focus on making your life easier, and for that we are more than willing to embrace smart thermometers, plates that watch you eat, talking garbage bins and one bowl baking!