Why You Need the Best Robot Mop for Cleaning Your Kitchen

robot mop in kitchen Why You Need the Best Robot Mop for Cleaning Your Kitchen janeskitchenmiracles.com

Mopping after slaving for hours crafting the perfect meal for your family is something that most of us do not enjoy. However, it is an essential task that we need to do. Imagine if you have a cleaning tool that scrubs your floor for you while you sit back and relax. That’s when a robot mop enters.

Just like with robot vacuums, a robot mop can provide your kitchen with an additional level of cleaning. Furthermore, it is convenient and will make your floor cleaning sessions easier and hassle-free.

While some may not offer deep cleaning, these machines can significantly cut down how often you need to deep clean your space. And although it will not replace your good old handheld mop entirely, a robot mop can take the majority of the job away from your hands.

Is A Robot Mop Worth It?


Investing in a robot mop is worth it. This is especially true if you have small kids or fur babies at home. It’s also for those who want to ensure that their floors are always clean but do not have the time or energy to do it regularly.

A lot of robot mops have a low-profile design. That means they can easily get under your sofa, bed, cabinets, and other low furniture, as well as clean along edges and corners. Some models also feature various mopping modes that give you the option for wet, dry, and damp sweeping.

Nevertheless, these robots are even more effective if you’ll straighten your space up a bit and pick up obstacles lying around. Similar to their vacuum counterparts, small obstacles can get stuck on your robot, which may damage it. Also, your device may get a bit confused if your room is packed with furniture.

Moreover, you have to do some vacuuming and sweeping first just like you would with a traditional mop and bucket. You also need to take care of heavy soiling and big spills since it may be a little challenging for your robot to handle them.

Nonetheless, a robot mop can keep dirt buildup and will save you more time and physical energy. On top of that, most models allow you to schedule mopping sessions whenever you want, and you don’t need to be there to start with its chore.

Benefits Of Owning A Mopping Robot


Scheduled cleaning. You can program your unit to operate on the time or day of the week you prefer. Not all robot mops offer this feature. But those that do are a breeze to set up and program to mop while you’re at the office or taking a nap. That means your kitchen floor will be spick and span when you come home.

Cleaning modes. As mentioned above, plenty of models can dry, wet, and damp sweep. All you have to do is change the appropriate cleaning pad for the job and tweak its setting. This is a great feature if you have hardwood floors or other types of floors susceptible to water accumulation

Spot cleaning. Some mopping robots have a mode where you can direct it to clean a mess or spill in a specific area. So instead of scouring the whole kitchen, your device will only focus on the particular spot you want it to mop.

Mops hard-to-reach areas. A good low-profile unit can easily get underneath furniture. So instead of you going around large furniture with your handheld mop, your robot mop will simply zip right under these and get rid of dust bunnies that have accumulated in there.

Doubleduty as a vacuum. Vacuuming is another tiring chore that most of us hate. Fortunately, you can find a lot of hybrid robots that offer both mopping and vacuuming functions. These multitaskers will not only save you time but your budget as well.

Quiet operation. Many of these cleaning tools will not make as much noise as your conventional vacuum cleaner. Although some are a little louder than other units, it’s like you have a box fan in the room.

What About The Cons?

Price is probably one of the biggest drawbacks of robot mops. A good robot can set you back several hundred dollars.

There are cheaper low-end hybrids that are more affordable in comparison to most vacuums.

However, don’t expect them to provide the same versatility and cleaning ability.

Another worth noting is that you still have to do some manual work since there are still nooks and crannies that your unit will not be able to clean.

On top of that, you need to mop or sweep big spills and floors that are extremely soiled. If not, your robot will just smear the mess around.

Also, your mop may get confused if there is a lot of clutter or obstacles in your kitchen.

Additionally, some units have a small water reservoir. Hence, if you have a large space to clean, you may need to refill it at least two or more times per mopping cycle.

And as high-tech as these machines are, they may sometimes get lost, stuck under your furniture, or tangled in cords or wires.

What To Consider When Shopping For Robot Mops

This category of cleaning gadgets is still developing, with manufacturers experimenting on how they can make their mops even better. For this reason, you can expect the products to have significant differences when it comes to their functionalities and features.

Furthermore, you have plenty of robot mops to choose from, which can overwhelm you. So make sure you have an idea of what you want to get out of the floor mopping robots you are eyeing.

I am using TOP-1 from this list because it has the suction power and capabilities I’m after.

When on the market for a robot mop, you want to consider the following factors to ensure you’d end up with the right one for your needs:

Battery life. Opt for a device with a rechargeable battery that can provide you with at least 90 minutes of cleaning time. Make sure to choose a robot mop that can recharge and resume, as well as return to where it left off after charging if your home is big.

Sensors. If your flooring is a combination of hardwood and carpet, it’s advisable to pick a robot that comes with a sensor that can tell the difference between the two. Some models have a mapping feature that lets you set it to clean specific areas only.

Safe for your floor type. Buy a mopping robot specifically designed for the type of floor you have. Still, all of them are safe for tile and vinyl floors.

Ease of maintenance and setup. For an even more hassle-free cleaning experience, make sure that the setup and upkeep of the robot are easy. These include the replacement of its cleaning pads, emptying its water tank, and scheduled cleaning options.

App integration. This handy feature enables you to locate where your unit is, what it’s doing, and set up cleaning cycles in advance. You’ll be able to access maintenance issues on the app. Also, rather than blocking off a room, you can use it to set up a no-go zone where your robot should not clean.