Summer Fun: 9 Tips on How to Throw a Delicious Outdoor Party

Outdoor party Summer Fun: 9 Tips on How to Throw a Delicious Outdoor Party

1. The Outdoor Party Guests

This is your party and you can cry if you want to. Similarly, you can make other people cry if you want to, too.

Don’t feel bad for not inviting those people who always ruin parties by getting wasted in the first hour or are overly inappropriate with people. This isn’t their show, it’s yours.

More importantly, this outdoor party is something you’re creating for everyone to have a good, relaxing time. If everyone’s on edge trying to avoid Frank, the guy who hugs everyone for an uncomfortable amount of time, your party will suffer.

Finally, you need to enjoy your backyard party as well, you don’t need to be running around playing babysitter.

2. The Entertainment

Outside games

Entertainment is a fickle friend. It can literally make or break your party. For example, hiring a performer who requires everyone’s full attention may be a bad idea, as it creates an agenda.

Your party should be relaxed and easy-going.

A great outdoor party, however, should never be without is a variety of outdoor games, such as Cornhole, Ladder Toss, and Horseshoes. Additionally, although it requires a plethora of participants, getting a solid volleyball game going wouldn’t hurt either!

3. The Drinks and AppetizersBackyard fiesta snacks

The most important need you must satisfy for your outdoor party guests is thirst. You can’t have people having out in the hot sun without water or other beverages! Make sure you have plenty of drink dispensers and liquid to go inside of them!

Outdoor party appetizers main seem like a straightforward riddle to solve, however, there are many things to account for.

For example, depending on the temperature, not every food item will be appropriate. If your backyard party is taking place in extreme heat, keep fresh fruit cool in glass bowls surrounded by ice.

Additionally, don’t forget the outdoor party classics like chips and dip, potato salad, and potato wedges!

However, if you really want to impress your guests, restaurant style appetizers aren’t as complex as you may think. Check out these easy to make restaurant classics!

4. The Main Course

Outdoor pizza

It seems like the outdoor cooking stage is moving from grills to smokers. If you’re jumping on this bandwagon, just make sure you know how to cook your meats and what meats are best in smokers.

However, for a different, yet popular take on an outdoor party main course, try grilling pizza on a stone! It may sound complicated, but learning how to grill pizza isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Additionally, grilled pizza may just make your outdoor party the best of the summer!

5. The Desserts

Al fresco desserts

No good meal lacks an equally delicious dessert.

The dessert of your outdoor party is the final touch of your masterpiece.

Popular summer desserts such as fruit pies and cakes are a solid choice to fall back on. However, on hot summer days, people really appreciate cool treats such as ice cream cones, popsicles, and ice cream bars.

Just remember, if you’re going to have frozen treats on a hot day, make sure your cooler is up for the challenge!

6. The Outdoor Party Decorations


Decorating for your outdoor party is important. Otherwise, it just feels boring. You want people to forget they’re in your back yard.

However, to reinforce the laidback feel, keep your decorations simple, yet on point. Come up with a theme and stick with it.

Popular themes include tropical parties, tea parties, fiestas, “Pinterest” parties, and simple elegance parties. Although, if you think outside of the box and do something completely genuine, it’ll blow your guests away!

7. The Host

Hosting an outdoor party can be a little confusing. As the host, you want to be involved, have fun, maintain some semblance of order, yet keep everything relaxed.

There are about 15 lines you need to draw in the sand to make things work. Or, so you thought.

Realistically, you just need to sit back and relax. Address any problems that come up, but don’t anticipate them and sweat the small stuff.

You need to greet your guests and converse with them, but you don’t need to be everyone’s best friend. Additionally, if you run around stress about every little detail, it’s going to have the same effect on your guests.

Nothing every goes 100% to plan, assuming and trying to ensure it does will only cause you anxiety. Sit back, take a load off!

8. The Music

Outside party dancing

No surprises here, but everybody has different tastes in music. You’re not going to please everyone with what playlist you choose.

However, picking a niche genre such as hardcore metal or rap is definitely not the right way to go. If you’re into Norwegian Death Metal, don’t assume your guests are.

Play current popular music from a variety of genres. A solid choice is always falling back on classics. Create a playlist of classic hits through the ages to make as many people as possible happy.

Don’t go before the 80s, however, you will lose people.

9. The Comfort

Hands down, the most important factor in any successful outdoor party is your guests’ comfort. If people aren’t comfortable, they’ll leave and go somewhere they can be. It’s nothing against you, it’s just human nature.

When you go to a party, you go to relax, not to be stuck standing in the hot sun with no shade eating warm grapes.


Make sure there’s comfortable seating for all of your guests. This means no hard benches without back support and a variety of seats in and out of the sun. It IS an outside event after all.

If your guests have to stand, they’ll likely just start sitting on the ground, which is necessarily a bad thing. However, they should only sit in the grass if they choose to, not because you’ve given them no other option.

Outdoor party seating ideas


The worst part of any outdoor party is mosquitoes. Other nuisances such as bees and flies can also dampen the spirits of your guests.

Make sure you have a plan in place to minimize your bug problem.

Fans, tiki torches, nets, citronella candles, and bug zappers strategically placed can make all the difference.

Temperature Control

Expecting to be 100% cool at an outdoor summer party is a ridiculous assumption. However, if you don’t at least try to keep your guests cool, they will leave.

Depending on the layout of your party, it may be wise to rent some pavilions to provide shade. Alternatively, use any trees or awning of your house to your advantage.

You can also provide fans and misters for people as they arrive. Of course, if you have a pool the problem almost fixes itself for any steamy outdoor party!

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