5 Key Tips for Opening a Successful Coffee Shop

Opening a Successful Coffee Shop 5 Key Tips for Opening a Successful Coffee Shop janeskitchenmiracles.com

Who doesn’t love coffee shops?

A coffee shop is a place for people of all kinds to stop what they’re doing and relax for a moment.

If you’re a writer, entrepreneur, or a web developer, it might also double as your office.

The point is, opening a coffee shop takes more than what it seems.

If you’re going to mean something to people you not only need great coffee, but you have to capture the right ambiance and create an environment where people want to hang out.

Today we’re going to help you do that. Here, you’ll find 4 key tips for starting a great coffee shop.

There are independent coffee shops on every other corner in a lot of big cities, so you’ll have to make yours stand out.

We’re going to help you do it.

How to Open a Great Coffee Shop

A coffee shop is more than its coffee. Where you source and buy your coffee from is important, obviously, but there are other features that are going to bring more customers in.

1. Find a Great Roaster

coffee roaster

Depending on where you live, you’ll be able to find a great coffee roaster pretty quickly.

Take your sweet time here because this part is important.

You have to become a bit of a coffee snob yourself to be able to be the owner of a cafe.

Becoming a snob is going to require a lot of research.

Go to dozens of different coffee roasters and try out their products. Find that one roast that will please all of your customers.

2. Start Promoting

Once you’ve got a brick and mortar, start building anticipation for this new coffee spot that’s going to open up.

If you get people talking about it before it’s open, you can have a lucrative first few weeks and cover those startup costs.

Where does everyone look for new shops and restaurants? The internet, of course! Create social media profiles and a website for your coffee shop, post updates about the process of opening and watch the followers and likes roll in.

3. Build Your Shop

coffee shop opening

Simultaneously, start coming up with a motif for your space.

You’ll, of course, need a commercial espresso machine, a dishwasher, and any baking or cooking equipment (if you plan on selling food). But after that, you can.

Once you get this in order, you can start creating the coffee shop of your dreams.

The atmosphere is the name of the game here. Have a lot of natural light come in and comfortable seating.

You want people to feel like they can spend time here, but avoid putting too much seating in or it’ll feel cramped.

4. Get Awesome Baristasbarista

Great coffee, self-promotion, and ambiance are great, but what will set your cafe apart is the people serving the coffee.

Finding experienced baristas with great customer service skills isn’t going to be easy, so come up with a vetting process that will filter the right candidates through.

A lot of times, a coffee shop owner will bring their baristas along when selecting a  coffee roaster.

Having someone that knows the ins and outs of the coffee roasting process as the person making the coffee can make a world of difference.

Grab Your Coffee Corner

Find your niche and become the next best coffee shop in town.

Follow these tips and inject some of your own personality into your cafe and you’ll start to see coffee lovers from near and far coming to check your spot out.

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